Oh My God Ch. 10

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This is final chapter of the story of Kathy and Ian. It will make much more sense if the chapters are read in order. Ian and Kathy meet when she tries to cross the road in the middle of a bicycle race. She is caught by a pack of riders and all of them avoid her except Ian who is trapped by the pack. After they collide Ian takes Kathy to a clinic to get their wounds treated. Then he walks her to her home where their relationship starts to grow.

Chapter 10 – Teaching Ginger

About a week after we returned from our honeymoon, I started out of the bedroom we were using as a den and stopped when I heard a lot of giggling. Giggling and the music Kathy liked to dance to. Instead of barging out of the room I called out, “Kathy can you come here a minute?”

Kathy rushed into the room in nothing but a nightgown and knelt in front of me. “Yes Ian?”

I asked, “Is that Ginger and Lila?”

“Yes sir.”

I grinned, “Well teach her well. Jeff seems like a good guy and they seem like a really nice couple. Could you bring me some iced tea, please.”

She grinned back at me. “Yes sir. … Ian, how did you know? Please tell me.”

“You mean besides all the giggling I just heard and the music? And the way you three were talking at the wedding reception. I haven’t a clue.”

She blushed, “I should know you know the signs. You can read me like a book. We’ll do our very best to teach her. I’ll get your tea right away.” She started to leave and asked one more question, “Ian, Ginger thinks Jeff wants to try anal. Do you know if he does?”

I smiled at her. “Yes pet, he does want to try anal. He told Paul and I at the reception.”

She came back and gave me a kiss. “Thank you Ian.” She left gracefully to get my tea.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Three weeks later, Ginger was as nervous as she could be. Her skin felt too tight and hot. She could barely eat supper as she anticipated giving Jeff a lap dance.

As Jeff ate he watched his wife. She barely ate half her usual portions and was almost twitching she was so nervous. He decided that it must be tonight that she was going to spring her surprise on him.

They finished supper and she started clearing the table. She was a little puzzled when Jeff got up and helped her. Generally he just went to watch TV.

He started to sit down in his chair and then moved to the couch. He wondered if she was really going to give him a lap dance. He was half way thru a “Law and Order” that he’d seen three times before when the music started. What really got his attention was Ginger when she walked in wearing a short, skin tight dress. One that he had never seen before. It looked like Spandex and molded to her every curve. His mouth went dry, he could see her nipples poking thru the thin material.

She walked over to him and said, “Hon, I want to do something will you turn off the TV.”

Jeff’s fingers couldn’t find the off button on the remote fast enough.

Ginger stepped back about three steps and started swaying to the music.

Jeff looked at her closely. He’d never seen her this way. She was obviously nervous but she was also sexy and alluring. He thought she was sexy anyway but there was something special this time. His eyes were riveted to her body as she swiveled and swayed in time to the music. He looked at her face and it was alive with eagerness. She was watching him closely.

Jeff leaned back on the couch and spread his legs apart to give her room to get closer.

Ginger smiled and said, “Jeff, honey, this is for you. Only for you. I love you.” She pulled the one sleeve down over her shoulder as she danced slowly toward him.

Jeff was mesmerized as she pulled the stretchy dress down and exposed her breasts. He didn’t realize how close she was until she kissed him and then stood back up moving away slightly.

Ginger nervously watched her husband as she started to strip. She suddenly realized he was totally focused on her. She got a thrill from being able to entice him this way and her pussy started to get wet. She thought, “Kathy and Lila were right. Stripping for someone you love and who loves you changes everything. You can be free and safe at the same time.”

She stripped the stretchy dress off over her head and danced back to Jeff. She sat in his lap and leaned her head back getting as much body contact as she could, whispering in his ear, “You can touch me honey. Please touch me.” She could feel his hard cock against her ass as she undulated in time to the music.

Jeff slid his hands up her sides and gently cupped her breasts. He kissed her ear and whispered, “Jesus Ginger. This is fabulous. Where did you learn this?”

She whispered back, “Lila and Kathy. They taught me some dance moves.” She pulled away and stripped off her thong panties that were now soaking from her juices, showing off her freshly shaved pussy. Then she knelt between his legs and rubbed her face on Jeff’s crotch.

Jeff gently put his hands on his wife’s head and tuzla escort gave a quiet moan.

Ginger smiled as she unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled down his pants and underwear. When they were around his ankles she sucked his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head.

Jeff moaned, “Jesus Ginger. I’m going to come if you keep that up.”

Ginger was surprised at her reaction. She usually didn’t like giving head but this was different. Jeff was really entranced. Ginger was amazed that she could give him so much pleasure with her mouth. She decided to go ahead and bring him off in her mouth.

Jeff was panting and squirming on the couch as Ginger suckled on him. Finally, he said, “Ginger I’m going to come. I can’t hold it back you’re just too good.”

Ginger pulled back and said, “Come for me honey. Come in my mouth.” Her soft words pushed him over the edge. Jeff started coming seconds after she started sucking again.

Ginger was surprised that the cum didn’t taste bad, mostly it didn’t taste at all it was just a little slimy. She swallowed all of it and started licking his cock and balls clean.

Jeff was in a state of stun. Ginger had sucked him off before but she’d always pulled off and let the cum splash on his stomach. This was the first time she’d ever let him come in her mouth much less swallow it. This thought and her licking and sucking had him getting hard again.

Ginger was amazed at how fast Jeff had bounced back. She remembered what Kathy and Lila had said and she tucked his hardening cock between her breasts and started unbuttoning his shirt as she moved up and down massaging his cock.

Jeff was stunned at this performance. He thought he’d seen some hot lap dances in the clubs but this was far better than anything he had seen. “God Ginger this is so good. You’re so beautiful.”

Ginger smiled to herself as she slid up and licked his nipples. She thought, “Lila and Kathy were so right. Jeff is really getting off on this and so am I! I don’t know when I’ve ever been this horny! I don’t feel degraded Jeff is making me feel good about this. I can trust him totally. Oh God maybe they were right about getting fucked in the ass too… No let’s just finish this before I explode!” By this time Ginger had worked her way up Jeff’s torso and had his face buried between her boobs.

Jeff was in seventh heaven. He was sliding his hands over her ass and down the insides of her legs. Just because he wanted to he started licking between her breasts. Ginger sucked in a big breath and moaned, “God yes. Lick me there.”

Remembering what Lila and Kathy said, Ginger whispered, “Honey hold my hands behind my back. Lift them up if you want me to move up. Pull them down if you want me to move down. Please.”

Jeff’s raging hard-on got even stiffer when he heard this. He gently captured her hands and tried it. It worked! He moved her hands and she moved the way he wanted. He moved her sideways, licking and sucking on her tits. He then moved her hands higher and kissed his way down to her pussy. Jesus she was wet! And she was starting to whine like she was about to come. He reached up and inserted two fingers in her pussy and started gently pumping them in and out while he licked.

Ginger was going out of her mind. She was hotter than she’d ever been! Jeff was totally in control with her hands held behind her. God the girls were right it was liberating to not be in control all the time. When Jeff stuck his fingers up her cunt everything went warm and soft and hazy. Far off she could hear Jeff say, “Come for me Ginger come for me now,” and she did. She came and came and came.

Jeff was amazed at the strength of her orgasm. He pulled his fingers out of her and lowered her arms. Obedient to a fault Ginger slid back down his body. She slid down and suddenly his cock slipped into her pussy.

Ginger gave a sigh and leaned her head forward when she felt Jeff fill her. “Thank you Honey I don’t know how to tell you how wonderful this is.” In leaning forward her hair fell around them and Jeff found himself enclosed with Ginger.

Jeff kissed her earlobe and whispered, “My God Ginger, this is wonderful beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you my love. Thank you for this wondrous gift.”

Ginger whispered back, “I was doing this as a gift for you but I’ve gotten so much from it I feel like it’s a gift from you to me. Oh Jeff, Kathy and Lila told me it could be great but I never imagined! I love you so much.”

They kissed and ground together until they both came again. They sat holding each other for about five minutes when Ginger said, “Let’s see if they were right about the rest of it.”

Jeff said, “The rest of what?”

Ginger slipped off him and got his pants from around his ankles. She stood and led him to the bathroom where they showered together then they went to bed and cuddled.

Jeff held her to him and gently rubbed her back, especially the spot in her lower back that seemed to make tuzla escort bayan her melt. He whispered endearments to her and kissed her often. He softly said, “Wow. Ian and Paul were right.”

Ginger sleepily asked, “Right about what?”

“They guessed at the reception what you Kathy and Lila were talking about. They even told me to shower with you and go to bed and hold you just like this. It’s so special I don’t know how much we missed all these years. Sweetheart that was the most loving and erotic thing I’ve ever experienced. You are so magnificent and sexy and beautiful. I love you.”

Ginger started quietly crying. She sniffed, “I’m so glad you liked it. I was worried that it would turn you off, me acting like a wanton slut. But God it was so good for me too. I felt like I’d been freed from a cage. It just got better and better but nothing was as good as when I was in your lap with my hair around us. That made me feel so loved and safe. Jeff I love you. Only for you will I be able to dance like that.”

Jeff mumbled, “That’s good to know love. And that dress! You look sensational in that dress. It was dynamite. Whatever it cost it was worth every penny.”

They both drifted off to sleep holding each other.


At the reception after Paul’s formal promotion to Captain, Jeff and Ginger walked up to us. They congratulated Paul again.

Ginger hugged Lila and Kathy and said, “You two were so right about dancing. It’s fabulous. It’s brought Jeff and I much closer together. Thank you.”

Jeff turned to Paul and I, “You two were right on about what they were planning. I still don’t know how you could tell from across the lawn.”

Kathy blushed and said, “I can never have any secrets from Ian. He can read me like a book.”

Ginger looked at me and said, “You almost caught us practicing one day, didn’t you?”

I nodded.

She asked, “Why didn’t you just barge out to see what was going on?”

I smiled, “I had a pretty good idea of what was going on. Three of you giggling your heads off and the music playing. I didn’t want to embarrass you and turn you off on the idea. I think these lap dances are about the most wonderful loving things a woman can give to her man. I wouldn’t do anything to deprive you two of the experience. How did it go?”

Ginger blushed but Jeff said, “You hit it right on the head it was the most wonderful loving thing I’ve ever experienced. I think Ginger would agree.”

Ginger nodded and added, “Yes and I got a fantastic sexy dress too.”

Paul pulled Lila into a hug and said, “We’re so happy for you. I’ve noticed that you’ve been a lot more relaxed lately Jeff. That must be Ginger’s doing.”

I hugged Kathy and said, “That goes for us too. Kathy had a great time teaching Ginger.”


In the car on their way home Ginger asked, “Jeff, do you want to do me anally.”

The car swerved momentarily and Jeff stared straight ahead and answered, “Yes, I’d like to try anal but I’d never do it if you didn’t agree. Why do you ask? This is so sudden?”

“Sweetheart, I think you’ve been trying to broach the subject for almost a year now. I’ve been really scared. I’ve heard it hurts.”

“So why now Ginger? What have I done to deserve this? Why the change?”

“Lila and Kathy. They’re why. They both swear that they get incredible orgasms from being fucked in the ass. … Jeff I love you and I want to give all of myself to you. After they were so right about the lap dance I can’t help think that there may be something to anal too. One thing they both said is that you have to prepare me before doing it. I’m not sure what they mean. Maybe you can ask Ian or Paul what they do. I know it’s embarrassing but please think about it. Kathy says Ian is always careful to loosen her up before they actually do it. She also says that giving me an enema reduces the problems of disease.”

“Ginger, you’re more important to me than any embarrassment. Of course I’ll ask. I think I’ll talk to Ian. I really can’t see me talking to my Captain about anal fucking.”

Ginger smiled, “Thanks love. I’ll talk with Kathy and Lila. Maybe I’ll ask them to train me so I get over my jitters. … God I can’t imagine having this conversation six months ago. Now I can’t imagine not having it.”

Jeff pulled carefully into the driveway. “Yeah, it’s quite a change but it’s so much better now. I’ve never felt closer to you than I do now. I love you so much I can’t believe I was drawing away from you. We were drifting apart until you were bold enough to dance for me. Now I feel closer to you than ever. It would have never happened if you hadn’t been strong enough to get Kathy and Lila to teach you how to lap dance.”

Ginger had tears running down her face. She said, “Jeff you don’t know how many times I almost backed out and quit. Ian was right, if he’d popped out of his office that day I’d have quit. I was naked except for a thong and practicing with Lila playing you. Kathy is right escort tuzla Ian is very special. When I started that first dance if you’d so much as frowned at me I’d have run and hid. It would have been over and we’d have missed this closeness we have now.”

“I’m so glad I have such a brave wife. I was stunned when I realized what you were doing for me. For us. Ginger I can only imagine how much courage it took you to dance for me. I’m glad Ian and Paul knew what you girls were talking about at the wedding reception. So I wasn’t totally surprised. Come on lets go take a shower and cuddle.”

Ginger leaned across the seat and gave Jeff a long soft kiss. “Sounds super Hon.”


Kathy and I were laying in bed cuddling when she said, “Ian you are so great. You make me so proud.”

“I’m glad. What did I do to make you proud this time?”

“You talked to Jeff and told him to expect a surprise. I think you even told him it would be a lap dance. You helped get him in the right frame of mind to accept Ginger’s gift. I know she was incredibly nervous. She almost quit a half-a-dozen times while we were practicing. She almost jumped out of her skin that day you had me get tea for you. But you knew what was going on and didn’t interrupt. I’m so proud that my master and husband knows me so well and is so attuned to what’s going on with me…Did you know Ginger also ask us about anal? I think she’s going to let Jeff try it.”

I kissed her. “Well we’d better get ready for some questions. Hadn’t we.”

Kathy was silent for a few minutes. “Why we master?”

I kissed her on the forehead. “Well, me because I can’t see Jeff asking his Captain about ass-fucking techniques. Can you? You because you and Lila did such a good job training Ginger to lap dance, I’m sure she’s going to ask you for help with this too.”

Kathy was quiet again then she started to giggle. “I think you’re probably right my love. I’d better find my small butt plugs.”


About a month later Jeff and Ginger invited us over to a barbecue. We were the first to arrive which seemed a little strange because we hadn’t especially rushed to get there early. Ginger answered the door. She gave me a beer and quickly pushed me out on the patio where Jeff was lighting the fire.

I asked, “Jeff, what’s going on?”

He blushed and looked at me, “What do you mean?”

“I mean there were supposed to be a lot of people here. I’m not famous for showing up early. I repeat what’s going on?”

He blushed even more. “Kathy is right you are sharp. We invited you over early because Ginger wants me to talk to you about anal fucking. Specifically, how do you prepare Kathy before so it doesn’t hurt? I just can’t ask Paul…”

Paul walked up and said, “Can’t ask me what?”

Jeff turned beet red.

I answered, “Apparently, Ginger is interested in letting Jeff do her anally. He was asking me for pointers.”

Paul said, “And you couldn’t ask me Jeff?”

Jeff stuttered, “It’s…it’s not something I’d normally bring up with my boss much less my bosses boss, Captain.”

Paul chuckled, “I can see your point. Well you’ve come to the right man for advice. He helped Lila and I. I’m sure he can help you and Ginger. By the way, how are the lap dances?”

Jeff looked up and smiled, “I don’t see how but they keep getting better and better. Ginger is so uninhibited now and knowing she is doing it just for me sends shivers down my spine and makes my dick as hard as steel. The best is when she has her hair surrounding both of us. I feel so close to her then…and after. Maybe after is best. She washes me and I wash her then we usually go to bed and cuddle. It’s warm and dreamy like the really good feeling you get just before you fall asleep. I get to hold the most precious thing in the world and she holds me and we kiss and cuddle. It’s so good I can’t really describe it.”

I said, “Yeah. I think both Paul and I know what you’re saying.”

In the kitchen the girls were talking when Ginger said, “Lila, Kathy, I need your help.”

Kathy asked, “Is something wrong?”

Lila said, “Jeff isn’t getting tired of lap dances is he?”

Ginger blushed as only a redhead can, “No he is most definitely NOT getting tired of lap dances and neither am I. Jesus I feel so free when I’m dancing for him. He’s always so sweet after. I feel so warm and safe and loved. No I need help with anal. I told Jeff I’d try if he wanted to. I want help from you two to know how to do it right. So it feels good. You know what I mean?”

Both girls nodded. Kathy said, “I’m sure Ian knows. He and Paul are probably giving Jeff some tips right now. The hardest thing is to get over the fear.”

Ginger interrupted, “How do you do that? Get over the fear, I mean. Jeff is so big! How do I take that up my ass.”

Kathy grinned, “This is going to sound stupid but take a good look in the toilet the next time you take a good shit. It’s probably as big as Jeff and It didn’t hurt a bit coming out. If you learn to relax, Jeff won’t hurt going in.”

Ginger stared at her open mouthed. Then she blushed again. “I guess you’re right. I never thought about it that way. So you’ll help me?”

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