One Loving Mother Ch. 03

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“Awe, poor baby,” she coddles. “I’m sorry I ruined your friendship, I was just horny baby, I figured I’m old enough to have who I want… well, I thought I could have who I wanted.”

“It was just wrong for him to even do it, that’s gotta be rule number one, who fucks their friends mom,” he exclaims.

“C’mere, Jesse,” she lays his head on her chest.

He lays there for a moment; until it clicks she was slowly moving his head directly in her cleavage, her nipple brushing his mouth, he stopped himself from sucking on it, pulling away, grabbing his plate, moving to the chair.

“Damn it,” she mutters.

Later that night, he takes a shower, returning to his room to see she placed some of her underwear in with his; he tosses them in the hall, barricades the door, and lies there. He slightly awakens to her trying to push past the chair, turning the knob, begging, pleading for him to let her in; she seems to be talking to someone, or herself.

Two days went by where it seemed the lust was fading- on her part. Although she would throw him glances, she was easier to ignore with clothes on, he could still picture those bare breast, the thought often popped ataşehir escort bayan in his head when she wasn’t wearing a bra. He catches her muttering to herself, sometimes throwing looks his way, and he’s even caught himself doing that. Pleased with another uneventful day, he can rest easy, didn’t even barricade the door.

“I knew you’d come around,” she coos.

“Yeah, it’s the only thing dad did, that I haven’t done yet,” he replies.

He watches her play with his dick with her mouth, licking, kissing, lipping, finally to suck it, he can feel himself just touch the back of her throat as she takes long, slow, twisting bobs.

“You know how to make a man feel good, Gwen,” he sighs.

She runs her tongue the length, all while looking him in the eye, “are you ready to do this now?”

He goes to pull her over him, and she resist.

“Well, c’mon up her and ride this dick,” he orders.

“I rode your dick that night to bring you in to manhood, to get you to put on your dad’s shoes,” she replies.

“I am your man now, Gwen, now get up here,” he orders.

“If you are, then you need to prove it. I’ll ride you good, escort kadıköy once you prove it, you gotta take me first,” she whispers.

He sits up, grabs her arm, pulling her down, forcing her on her back, looks at the excitement, and suspense on her face, jamming himself inside, and starts pounding her hard. Gwen’s moans are music to his ears, she wraps herself around him.

“Shit, Jesse, that’s what I’m talking about,” she screams. “C’mon Jesse!”

“I love it when you say my name,” he purrs.

His eyes snap open, he looks around to discover his room, his door untouched, he climbs out of bed, hard dick swinging, looks in his mother’s room to see her sound asleep, sprawled across the bed. He goes back to his room, lays down.

“Awe damn it,” he whispers hard to himself. “Can I really be feeling this way?”

He tries to masturbate, but all thoughts come back to Gwen, she’s more or less left him alone, hopefully ashamed after fucking Chris, he really can’t wait to start college.

He managed to wake up before she did, deep in Grand Theft Auto, catches her mumbling, he glances back at her bedroom, and spots her cellphone on the kitchen bostancı escort counter. He barely makes out the words as she starts to get up. Gwen walks in the living room, sits next to him as he plays his game.

“I haven’t heard you do that in a while, thought you were cured, sane again,” he asked.

“I could probably use one more dose of meds,” she replies.

“Oh really,” he looks her up and down in her ever so revealing nightie.

“Might not ever be sane again,” she smirks, reaching in his boxers flap.

“I hope not,” he pauses the game.

He sits the controller down, slipping his hands in her nightie, cupping the bottom of her tits, pushing her down on the couch, taking a good sniff of her barely trimmed pussy, kissing her up to her neck, sucking. She reaches behind him to pull her arms from the sleeves, before being ordered to leave it on, they kiss hard, as she slips him from his boxers, gripping his dick firm, guiding it in. He knows she likes it slow, to build up her orgasms, waits for that first one, her legs locking up. Once it subsides, she’s relaxed, he hangs her over the couch, plants it square in her ass, taking no precaution, or forewarning, surprisingly, she loves it, begging for more. He sits back down, pulling her over, tells her to pick a hole and sit, back in her asshole, he sucks her tits, taking a good healthy nut in her.

“Nuhooooo,” he silently cries, waking up the second time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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