Original Angels Ch. 23

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


I slept so soundly on Wednesday night. The sun was just peeking through the blinds as I awoke on Thursday morning. Somehow, I was sleeping with Rhonda. I was a little startled at first, but then I remembered how it had happened.

After we had said our good byes to Patty and Ally in front of the hotel, we had cruised through the lounge in the lobby. Dawn and Trish wanted to sit down and have a nightcap and flirt a bit. Trish had caught the eye of a couple who she had seen at the pool that morning and told me she was curious about them. Rhonda and I kissed them goodnight and headed back to the suite.

Back in our room Rhonda and I discussed the possibilities for the next day. She was thinking about spending a few hours at the spa for a facial and a massage. I told her that I could use a massage too and that maybe we should all plan to make appointments in the morning before we checked out and headed home to Sedona. We agreed that it was a good idea. But then I also reminded her that I could give her a good massage right there in our room.

“Why Rob’ she said, ‘that sounds like a wonderful idea! And I bet that you can help relax some of those deep places that most masseuses never touch!’

She leaned into my arms and kissed me. I hugged her closely and we relished the quiet moment alone together. I let my hands drift down to the small of her back and then lower to the cheeks of her ass. I felt her thrust her hips forward and press her pubic bone against my crotch. With my hands holding her butt, I pulled her tightly to me and held her there. We kissed again, passionately.

As our lips parted Rhonda looked into my eyes and said ‘I have a better idea. Let’s get our massages tomorrow and just make love tonight. I’m in the mood for some hot and dirty fucking. And Dawn told me that she really wanted to have some time together with Trish. They won’t be back here for a while and when they do get back, they’ll probably want to go to bed together anyhow.’

I was pleasantly surprised to hear about Dawn wanting Trish like that. The thought excited me. And the prospect of being alone with Rhonda in such a horny state was too good to pass up. I answered her by pressing my mouth against hers and pulling her dress up over her ass and grabbing her bare skin.

Rhonda’s hands were stroking my chest and then her fingers were unbuttoning my shirt. I lifted her off the floor and carried her into the bedroom. I carefully laid her down on the bed and stripped off my shirt as I slithered down her body. The hem of her dress was above her waist and I admired her smooth shaven pussy.

Rhonda spread her legs apart and invited me in. I held her knee and kissed the inside of her thigh as I worked my way upward. When I reached her vaginal region I lightly licked my way around it. Rhonda was rolling her hips and pushing herself towards my roving tongue.

‘Oh Rob! Quit teasing me!’ She reached down and used her fingers to spread her labia open and exposed her clit. ‘Eat my pussy. Suck on my clit. Now!’

I did as she wished. I dove in and alternately nibbled on her clitoris and pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. I pushed so hard it hurt. But I was determined bostancı escort to bring her off. I replaced my tongue with my fingers and used my oral techniques exclusively on her hardening love button. She loved it. My head was bobbing and my neck was jerking just trying to keep my mouth on her pubis. And I had two fingers flipping wildly around in her cunt. Her juices were flowing into the palm of my hand. I was still wearing my pants and it was a good thing, because if I had been naked I probably would have cum on the bed. Instead I was able to focus entirely on making Rhonda cum all over my face and hand. And it worked. She was cumming like a mad woman. And I was thoroughly enjoying it. And best of all when she finished cumming, I was ready and able to help her do it again. And that’s exactly what she wanted!

As she was lying on the bed heaving and sweating I stood up and undid my pants. When I let them drop to the floor and Rhonda saw my stiff dick standing proudly out in front, she opened her legs wide and held her arms open with her hands out to me, begging me to drive it home. In one swift move I was on her, and in her. Her pussy was hot and slick and my penis slid in so smoothly. I withdrew it halfway and then slammed it all the way in again.

‘Oh Rob! Yes! Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. Fuck me till I’m raw!’

Her dirty talk got me going like mad. I felt so powerful and able.

‘Yeah Rhonda. Take it deep inside! Your cunt is so hot!’

We were pounding our pubic bones so hard that I really thought we might break something. In reality we both wound up bruised and sore from the workout. But we drove on. I had already cum about six or seven times that day so I had plenty of lasting power. Rhonda was digging her fingers into my body. I responded by pinching and pulling and twisting her nipples. The pain felt so good!

We rolled over and I let her get on top. She bounced and rode me like a rodeo bull. We must have been fucking for almost a half-hour before I finally lost control and began to spew cum deep inside her. And as if on queue, Rhonda came again too! We came together for over a minute and then she collapsed on top of me. We lay there together for the next few minutes, hugging, kissing and breathing heavily.

‘God! You’re a wild woman.’

‘I know. And I crave wild men. You can fuck me again anytime you want. And don’t worry, I’ll be ready.’

‘I’m thirsty.’ I said. ‘I’ve got to get something to drink. You want something?’

‘Yeah, that sounds good. Something bubbly.’

Rhonda rolled off of me and there was a slurping sound as she released my dick from her warm wet pussy. I got out of bed and walked to the bar. Inside the refrigerator I found a bottle of champagne from breakfast. I poured a glass for Rhonda and opened a bottle of water for myself. I drank the whole bottle and opened a second one to take back to the bedroom. I handed Rhonda the glass and she drank it down without stopping. So I returned to the bar and brought back the bottle. I refilled her glass and she drank half of it.

I looked around at all of our clothes. I picked them up and hung them away in an effort to straighten the room. Rhonda was smiling and watching me and rubbing her pussy as I moved ümraniye escort bayan around the room.

‘Come back here Rob. I want to suck your cock.’

What could I do? I laid down beside her and watched as she took me in her mouth and brought me back to life. As my cock got hard in her mouth, she straddled my head and sat on my face. I started to lick her cunt which was dripping with my cum. In between licks Rhonda told me to lick her asshole. I was glad to oblige. She was sweaty and musky but her aromas only served to get me more excited.

When she had me sufficiently solid, she scooted down and squatted over my dick, placing it at her wet anal opening. I held my dick and guided it into her butt. Slowly I eased my way in and Rhonda sat down onto my pelvis. She stretched her legs out and laid back on my chest.

‘Wow Rob, that feels so good inside me. Can you cum again?’

‘I don’t know. But you’re right, your ass feels great!’

She was moving her hips and my cock was moving but it remained deep inside her butt.

‘Rob can you believe that this is the first time I’ve ever really had a man’s penis in my ass? I’ve always wondered how it would feel. And I like it.’

‘You know Rhonda, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of ass fucking, but I haven’t done it much either. However, I must admit that I did it with Lucinda this morning, and it’s pretty cool to think that I started the day by doing it and now I’m going to finish the day the same way!’

We both laughed.

‘That is if you can still find the strength to cum!’ she challenged me.

I put my hands on her nipples and pinched them and held her as I started to thrust my hips upward and drive myself deeper into her ass.

‘Oh yeah Rob. Do it!’

Together we resumed a pace that got us both worked up. Rhonda diddled her clit and within a couple of minutes we were both on the verge of cumming. And that’s what happened. As Rhonda cried with joy and masturbated herself to completion, I shot my final load of cum up into her bowels. We both moaned and sighed as we drained ourselves for the last time that night.

I finished my water and Rhonda drained the champagne glass and we kissed and hugged as we fell asleep beneath the sheet. We never heard Trish and Dawn when they came in. So waking up with a different partner brought back a sweet dream of the night before.

Trish and Dawn were sleeping spoon style in the next bed. Trish had her arm around Dawn and they both had a look of peacefulness on their faces. Rhonda opened her eyes and smiled at me. We kissed and I held her as we both watched Dawn and Trish.

Trish was the first to wake. She opened her eyes and saw us. Slowly a wide smile spread across her face. Softly she spoke. ‘This room smelled like sex last night when we got back…’

Rhonda and I smiled sheepishly.

‘It was rather inspiring.’ Trish went on. ‘Too bad you two were so worn out. We were making a lot of noise in this bed. Didn’t you hear us at all?’

Rhonda and I exchanged glances.

‘Nope. I guess we were just tired from a long day.’ I grinned.

Dawn stirred and her eyes opened. She caught the gist of our conversation and said to Trish, ‘Oh my! The dead kartal escort have awakened! I can’t believe we didn’t wake them last night!’

‘Oh well,’ Trish replied, ‘their loss. What do you think we should do today? We’re supposed to be back in Sedona tonight.’

‘Rob and I were talking about getting massages at the spa today and laying by the pool.’ Said Rhonda. ‘Do you guys want to join us?’

‘That does sound like a good idea.’ Dawn answered. ‘Do you think they’ll have times available?’

Trish reached for the phone. Within a couple f minutes she had booked appointments for us all. We decided to have breakfast at the poolside café before our massages.

By now we had our morning madness down to a science. We took turns at the sink for tooth brushing and washing up. The girls selected their sexiest bikinis and we headed down to the pool. While sipping coffee, and nibbling on fruit and pastries, we talked and laughed about how much we had enjoyed the past week. From the moment we had decided to go to the club together with their husbands and the girls, through the weekend at the resort, and then our three days here in Paradise Valley. It had all been fantastic. We all agreed that we missed the kids and Dawn and Rhonda would be glad to see their husbands again. They realized that the nudist experience had surely changed their family relationships and that things would probably be different at home from now on.

Trish volunteered that she would be available for questions or counseling if any challenges came up. But she also assured Dawn and Rhonda that Tracy and Teri are so comfortable and well rounded because of the way that she has raised them. We all agreed that was true and expressed our hope that Amy and Tammi would adjust as well. And of course there was concern about Joe and Tom. But Rhonda told us she was OK with how Joe had been over the past few weeks since we had all become friends. Dawn hoped that things would go as well with Tom. We all pledged our support.

When we finished our breakfast we got up and went to the spa. We split up and went off to enjoy our massages. I was pleased with the therapist who had been assigned to me. She gave me a massage that was much like the kind of work that I like to do. Totally relaxing, Swedish style, not too rough, and sensual without being sexual.

We gathered at the pool again when we were finished. It was time for one last swim and exhibition at the poolside. I was so proud to be with three sexy women. It’s hard to describe exactly what it does to one’s ego, but I recommend everyone try it at least once if you can.

The drive home was just as stimulating. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I put the top down on the Jag and the girls all wore their bikinis. The truckers and folks in their vans and SUVs got plenty of peeks as we sailed by them at eighty miles per hour.

We arrived back in Sedona and dropped Rhonda and Dawn at their houses. The girls hadn’t come home from school yet and their husbands were still at work, so they both had some time to themselves at home before their lives returned to normal.

Trish and I arrived home to a similar peace and quiet. We put our things away and made love in the bedroom before settling outside by the pool to wait for Tracy and Teri to return.

Of course they did and our lives go on. We’re so glad to have been able to share our lifestyle and make new friends. We now have a wedding to plan and I’ll continue to share the exciting moments of our lives in future writings.

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