Our Family Pt. 06

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Hope walked naked into the front of the shop and started looking through the lingerie hanging on the clothes racks. After picking out several items she returned to the back room and started showing Albert and me what she had chosen. When she held up a matching thong and bra set, I was amazed at how small and sheer the set was, the thong was that small it would barely cover her bald cunt and was that sheer that her cunt would be easily seen through the sheer material. It was the same for the matching bra, so small it would just cover her nipples and let her nipples be easily seen.

Albert chuckled, “You have great taste and expensive tastes in lingerie Hope.”

“You did say that I could choose anything,” giggled Hope holding up a very small yellow bikini.

Albert held out his hand to my daughter and said, “Yes, I did say that if I could fuck you that you could choose anything in the store.”

When Hope took Albert’s hand in hers he pulled her naked body closer to him and turned her around and started groping her ass-cheeks. Hope gasped loudly when she felt Albert’s finger penetrate her ass-hole and start to finger fuck her. When Hope started to whimper and moan, Albert removed his finger and stood up and bent her over the armrest.

I watched on in amusement as Albert drove his hard cock into my daughter’s ass-hole and started to pump his cock in and out of her ass. Overcome with lust and the desire to fuck my daughters face, I stood up and moved in front of her and lifted her head up and pushed my cock into her open mouth and started face fucking her, driving my cock in and out her wet mouth.

Each time I drove my cock into Hope’s mouth, Albert would thrust his cock into her ass, my daughter was being fucked at both ends of her body, she was the meat in a sandwich. I wished I could have lasted longer but when my cock started shooting my hot sticky cum into my daughter’s mouth and down her throat, I just kept my cock buried in her mouth until I had finished cumming.

When I slipped my bostancı escort now limp cock out of her mouth and let go of her head, Hope started moaning loudly as Albert started thrusting his cock into her ass faster and faster. He slammed his cock deep into her ass and held it there as his cock erupted and started filling her ass with his cum, once Albert had finished he pulled his dirty slimy cock from her ass and moved to the front of Hope.

Albert lifted Hope’s head up when she saw Albert’s dirty limp cock she closed her mouth tight and shook her head from side to side. After Albert rubbed his slime covered cock over her mouth several times, Hope reluctantly opened her mouth letting Albert push his cock into her mouth to suck and lick clean.

“That’s a good girl, clean my cock for me,” chuckled Albert.

After Hope had cleaned his dirty cock, it was time for us to leave. As I got dressed Hope threw on her dress and with a shopping bag full of lingerie that she had chosen, she thanked Albert and gave him a kiss.

“I will give you a phone call during the week,” I said after saying goodbye and shaking his hand.

As I drove Hope back home, I asked, “Was it worth it?”

Hope giggled, “Did you see the price of the lingerie I picked out, of course, it was worth it.”

When I pulled up in our driveway, Hope jumped out the car with the shopping bag and rushed inside to show her mother what she had. After walking inside the house and closing the door behind me, I found Hope standing at the bedroom door looking into the bedroom at her brother fucking their mother.

After Jacob had finished fucking his mother, Hope excitedly started showing her mother all the lingerie Albert had let her have.

When Jacob picked up one of the thongs, Hope snatched the thong from her brother’s hand and screamed, “Keep your fucking hands off my new lingerie.”

I’m going to have a coffee, would you like me to make you one?” asked Lisa wiping her cum filled cunt with her finger ümraniye escort bayan and placing her finger in her mouth.

“Yeah, that would be good, actually I could do with something stronger,” I chuckled.

As I poured myself a whiskey, Lisa said, “We have been invited over to Jake and Sara’s place tonight for a party, do you want to go?”

I remembered Sara and Jake from a previous party, Sara had lovely firm C cup breasts with large nipples and a waxed cunt, her husband was a tall muscular man with a lovely eight inch cock, they were both bisexual and were as kinky as Lisa and me, plus they had two grown-up children that they were sexually active with just like us.

“Yes, we should go, do you want to invite Hope and Jacob to come with us?” I chuckled.

“Well it is a swingers party and we did promise to take them to the next party we went too,” giggled Lisa.

After Lisa went to ask Jacob and Hope if they wanted to join us at our friend’s house, Lisa came back into the kitchen laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked my wife.

“They’re fucking each other like rabbits again, and they both want to come with us,” giggled Lisa.

“Well two can play that game,” I chuckled and quickly removed my clothes.

After bending Lisa’s naked body over the table and her large breasts pressed against the table, I drove my cock into her cum filled cunt. Lisa reached over the table and gripped the side of the table as I began pumping my cock in and out of her cunt. Lisa loved being fucked from behind and as I started pounding her cunt the kitchen table started to move across the kitchen floor.

When I had finished adding my cum to our son’s cum that was in his mother’s cunt, I slipped my cock out of my wife and sat down to finish my whiskey it was then that I saw that Hope and Jacob had been watching me fucking their mother.

“Way to go, Dad,” blurted Jacob as he knelt down between his mother’s legs to lick the cum dripping out of her cunt.

Hope giggled kartal escort and came over to me and started fondling my soft cock, she leaned down and licked the drop of cum from the eye of my cock. When I saw Jacob driving his hard cock into his mother’s cum filled cunt, even with my daughter licking and sucking on my soft cock it wouldn’t become hard and I was jealous and wished that I was my son’s age and could recover as fast as him.

I pulled Hope’s mouth from my soft cock and lifted her up and kissed her, Hope passionately kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues wrestled with each other’s tongue, I could taste the cum that was in her mouth. I reached down and cupped her ass-cheeks in my hands and squeezed them.

When we broke our kiss, I asked, “Do you want to come with your mother and me to a party our friend’s Sara and Jake’s place tonight?”

“Isn’t Sara the blonde with the nice breasts and her husband the one with the massive cock,” giggled Hope.

“It’s their son Shawn that has a massive cock, his cock is twice the size of mine,” I blurted.

Hope giggled, “Now I’m definitely coming with you to the party.”

“You mother loves being double teamed by Jake and Shawn,” I chucked.

Lisa heard what I had said and she barked, “Mark, stop telling Hope how much a slut I am.”

Hope giggled, “Mom, Dad doesn’t have to tell us, we already know how much you love having sex.”

“Oh, fuck Jacob, you have given me another orgasm,” screamed Lisa.

Jacob was now slamming his cock into his mother’s cunt, faster than a speeding train, and screamed, “I love fucking you, Mom.”

Hope yelled, “Jacob, what about me, don’t you like fuck me?”

As Jacob slammed his cock deep into his mother’s cunt and kept there as his cock exploded adding more cum to his mother’s cunt, he turned to Hope and laughingly said, “I love fucking my baby sister too.”

Hope blurted, “Stop calling me a baby I’m eighteen.”

“Will you to stop arguing,” barked Lisa, the said, “If we’re going to the party we should shower and get dressed.”

“It seems a waste of time putting clothes on seeing we will be taking them off as soon as we arrive,” I chuckled.

Lisa just shook her head at me as she and Jacob went to the bathroom to shower.

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