Our Family’s Little Secret Ch. 02

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There I was, balls-deep in my aunt, experiencing the first fuck of my life, in my parents’ bed. I had just cum into her and was coming down from an orgasm that eclipsed any of the ones I’d achieved on my own. And then, Dee stopped kissing me and began to glance toward the doorway. “We have company, Jeremy,” she whispered. When I turned my head, I was shocked to find Mom and Dad, stark naked, standing by the side of the bed and looking at me. They’d seen everything!

It was something that I never, never expected to see, not even in my wildest dreams. And they were grinning. They were standing beside the bed, hugging each other. Not only were they were jaybird-naked, but Dad’s cock was getting hard and starting to point upward.

“What a treat watching you two!” Mom said. She was the classic Nordic beauty, an inch taller than my Asian father, with pale skin, blonde hair, and full breasts that hung gracefully from her frame, testament to all the milk she’d had there when she’d been feeding two infants years ago. This was the first time I’d ever seen her stark naked. I hadn’t seen those breasts bared since I was a baby too young to remember; since then, I only saw them covered by the two-piece swimsuits she wore, or by the shirts she sometimes wore without a bra. And now, here they were in all their glory, whiter than the rest of her chest, with long pink nipples that begged to be sucked.

And below those bare breasts, a tanned tummy with a slight paunch and a few stretch marks. And finally, below that, a fair-skinned pussy without a single hair on it. There was a bit of inner labia peeking from her slit, which she was idly playing with, a finger pushing it back and forth. I couldn’t help but stare at it, the second cunt I’d ever seen in the flesh, so prominently displayed in her wide thigh gap. On my own mother!

“What are you guys doing here?” I exclaimed. “You were supposed to be gone all day!”

“False alarm,” Mom said. “It wasn’t labor after all. They sent her back home, so we came back. It looks like we missed something!”

“I just took your son’s cherry, Linda!” my aunt said cheerily.

“It’s about time somebody did,” my dad growled. This was getting too weird for me … my cock still in my aunt’s pussy while my parents were watching and chatting with us. I’d seen my dad naked when we were showering together in the gym, but never with a hard-on. Some part of me, the part that wasn’t mortified, observed how much like mine it looked when it was hard, right down to the curve and the thatch of fine black hair that surrounded it. It was maybe a little thicker than mine, but it seemed to be the same length as mine when it was hard.

And then it got weirder. “How about some sloppy seconds, Gary?” my aunt said.

“Any time, Dee!” Dad said. And my aunt gently pushed me away and opened her legs again, this time to accept my father’s cock. He was fucking his own sister! I couldn’t believe it! And my mother didn’t object in the slightest! Instead, she continued to wank herself as she watched her husband and sister-in-law coupling on the bed.

I was dumbfounded. I rolled off the bed, only to be grabbed by my mother. He pressed her breasts against me … I could feel those long nipples crushed against my chest … and gave me a French kiss, her tongue inside my mouth. Then she hugged me close, her hands on my ass, pressing our crotches together, and just held me there. I hugged her back. My mind was swirling. Like any red-blooded boy who had seen his MILF of a mother in a skimpy bikini, I’d sometimes wondered what fucking her would be like, but that was as far as it went. Now that same mother, stark naked, was grabbing my ass and pressing my limp cock against her cunt and hugging and kissing me with a passion that I never realized she had. And all the while, I was hearing the squeaking of the bed as my father fucked … his sister! His own twin sister! In front of my mother and me! And Mom was hitting on me! What was going on?

And then Dad gave a final lunge, and Dee wrapped her long legs around him, and they came almost simultaneously, as if they knew each other’s patterns of arousal like they knew their own.

And to top it off, my mom dropped to her knees and took my soft cock into her mouth and started sucking on it, licking off the mixture of her sister-in-law’s pussy and my own cum. I think a fuse blew in my head, somewhere about that time. I stopped thinking, I stopped reacting, I stopped panicking. I just let myself go and surrendered to the feeling of my mom’s tongue on the underside of my cock. I started to tremble with the overload.

“I can’t get it hard again, Mom.” I gasped.

“No worries, son,” she said after gently releasing my cock. “We have all day! Let’s get some lunch, folks.” She stood and gave me another crotch-to-crotch hug, and let go.

And then we were all back in the kitchen, with towels on all the chairs. We hadn’t bothered to dress, and I was fascinated to see these two naked women, my mother bostancı escort with her full breasts and my aunt with her smaller ones, two different body forms and hair colors and such, yet both equally beautiful in their nudity. And my own dad was naked, too, his now flaccid cock hanging free, still shining with my aunt’s cum. And my cum, too, I realized with a shock.

As Mom prepared sandwiches for us all, Dad and Dee told me that they’d had an incestuous relationship for years, ever since they were in college. “Hell, we were in the same womb together before we were even born,” he said. “And we knew we’d be as close when we were adults.” And Mom knew full well that the relationship would continue after she and Dad got married. It was just one of those things that everybody took for granted. It was never going to be a true polyamorous relationship, but just a hook-up of convenience.

And when it became apparent that I was getting old enough to have sex, Mom and Dee agreed that they should be the ones to take charge. They’d waited for me to mature, so that I wouldn’t be pressured into being part of anything that I wasn’t ready for. In fact, my parents were rather surprised to find that I had still been a virgin up until that morning.

“So this was all just a plan to get me laid?” I asked.

“Not exactly, dear,” Dee replied. “It just happened that way. I woke up horny, and woke you up, and you were horny, too. And, well, you know the rest. But we knew that the day was coming when we’d have to let you in on our family’s little secret, and were just waiting for the opportunity. It just so happened that the opportunity came this morning, when I found you jerking off, and I took it. I didn’t expect to see your parents back so soon, that’s all.”

She took another bite of her sandwich. “That’s the way it’s always been in this family,” she continued. “If I’m horny, and somebody else is horny, we fuck. That’s all. It’s a natural urge, like hunger or sleep. There’s nothing wrong with satisfying that urge, and it’s even better when there’s somebody we can do it with together.”

“Here’s how it works,” Mom chimed in. “If you’re horny, and somebody else is horny, too, then we fuck. If you’re horny and she isn’t, then you either find somebody else who’s horny, or you take care of it yourself. I know you’ve been masturbating, we all do it. If you’re not horny, and one of us is horny, well…you’re a guy right? It doesn’t take much to get you horny! But if you’re not in the mood for sex, that’s all right, too.”

Then she gave me a level look, the kind she gave when she wanted an answer from you, and the answer had to be an honest one. “So, do you think you can handle this arrangement? You don’t have to play if you don’t want to. But we’re going to keep on doing it, okay?”

“I don’t mind,” I said. “I think it’s cool that you all fuck. I’m just getting used to the idea, though.”

“And another thing,” Dee said. “No jealousy! If Gary is fucking me, it’s not about cutting you out, understand?”

I nodded again.

“Well, then, I want to make a declaration,” Mom said. “From now on, let’s all be naked around each other. No more bathing suits in the pool! I want to see bare tits and bare cocks! Hard cocks, if you’ve got them! Okay?”

Dad and Dee nodded. After some hesitation, I nodded, too.

“And another thing. I haven’t had an orgasm yet today. Guys, can you handle that?”

“I just gave Jeremy a lesson in cunt-sucking and finger-fucking!” Dee told Mom. “I bet if you ask him, he’ll be happy to practice on you!” She blew Mom a kiss, and winked at me.

Dad looked at me. “How about it, son? You know what your aunt feels like inside now, don’t you? Would you like to see what your mom feels like?”

I was speechless. But Mom gave me a flirtatious look and clasped her breasts in her hand, raising them and kneading them and pressing them together. Then she sort of juggled them, so they bounced up and down. Well, when a guy sees something like that, his cock reacts. And, even after three orgasms so far today, so did mine.

“Come on, son,” my mom cooed into my ear. “Let me see what Dee has taught you about finger-fucking and eating a girl.” That was all I needed to hear. I looked at my dad, and he was grinning. And so was Dee.

And that’s how I was finger-fucking my own mother just a few minutes later, on that king-size bed of hers. She was delighted to learn that I knew what a G-spot was, and guided me to where I’d find it in her vagina. I did my best to repeat my earlier performance, licking her bald pubes, lapping up juices that tasted far different from Dee’s, but were delicious just the same. It was fascinating to watch how her long inner lips followed my fingers as I pumped, and how I could see her clit emerge from its hood to signal her arousal. When I started licking that clit, she began to tremble at the onset of a climax.

It wasn’t just me that brought on that climax. Dad and Dee were making ümraniye escort bayan love to Mom’s breasts. Dad produced some baby oil from the nightstand and they oiled her breasts until they glistened. Her nipples, so long and plump, looked even bigger. I learned later that Mom could orgasm from breast and nipple play alone and really didn’t need my attention to her crotch, but she was enjoying the full show just the same. While I attacked my mother’s clit with my tongue, Dad and Dee were each taking one of Mom’s nipples in their mouths and were sucking like crazy and squeezing the base of the nipple as they sucked. Mom had an orgasm that bent my fingers so that they hurt. Damn, her cunt muscles were strong! She screamed like I’d never heard her scream before. And then she was crying, hugging Dad and Dee, and kissing their lips.

So now I’d seen two naked women in the throes of an orgasm. And one of them was my own mother! But not my mother anymore, since I’d never imagined her that way. She was now a lovely woman, a fuckable woman, a woman with lusts that needed to be filled, a woman who was fanning my own lusts into a white heat.

My own cock was ready for Round Four, and Mom knew it. “Come on in, Jeremy,” she said as she spread her legs again. I found that any qualms I ever had about fucking my own mother had evaporated. She guided my cock into her, into the same tunnel that I had come out of as a baby. It felt different from Dee’s. Looser, maybe. Stronger Kegels, though. She winced a little as I plunged my rod into her depths. “Not so fast at first, dear,” I heard her say.

“Your cervix?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s just a little sore from fucking last night. Give me some time, I’ll be okay in a minute! The pain will go away when I’m ready to climax.”

“How about if you’re on top?” I asked. “That way, you can be in control of things, let me in as much or as little as you like.” A thought occurred to me: did Mom guess that I’d learned that from reading porn? Had she known that I liked to see videos of women riding men cow-girl, so I could see how their breasts bounced? Had I forgotten to turn of the browser history on my tablet? Well, it didn’t matter now.

“Such a gentleman! We’ll do that!” So we uncoupled, and I lay on my back as she impaled herself on my rod. As I guessed, she didn’t bottom out at first, but found after a few minutes that she could take my entire length without further discomfort. She bounced up and down, her pale oily breasts bouncing along with her. It was a magnificent sight to see them sway and crash against each other, far more erotic than any video I’d ever seen. I could even hear them slap together.

Meanwhile, Dad and Dee had assumed an identical position beside us, and it was fascinating to see how differently Dee’s boobs bounced from Mom’s. Dee’s weren’t large enough to actually collide with each other, but they could bounce higher on her chest. Dad reached up and grasped her nipples, pinching and twisting them. She seemed to like that, so I started doing that with Mom’s nipples, so long and firm and rubbery. Nipples that I’d suckled as a baby, once upon a time. But how much milk my sister and I had sucked from those beautiful nipples! Now they were things for me to play with, things to arouse this wonderful woman and kick her to a higher level of ecstasy.

I don’t know how I did it, but I lasted a long while, my mom having another couple of orgasms as we played. Dee must have, too, from the shouts I heard. But eventually I had to release my load into Mom, and she gave my cock a final squeeze with her cunt muscles as I unloaded. Then she lowered her sweaty body onto mine, and we kissed as lovers do, not as mothers and sons do. “You’re a fine lover, son!” she whispered as we uncoupled. I rolled off her and we got into a “spoon” position, with her back nestled against my front. Reaching around her, I played with her breasts as we watched my aunt as she rode my dad like a bull rider, leaning back to get maximum pressure on her G-spot as she pinched her clit.

It wasn’t long after that that Dad came, too. He’d gotten his sister off a bunch of times in the meantime, using every trick they’d learned in twenty years of love-making. But his orgasm was plain to see on his face as he emptied his balls into her. She raised her body off his, releasing his still-hard cock, and a dribble of his sperm followed it. Trading places with Dee, Mom took that cock into her mouth and suckled on it as it softened, as Dee straddled me, reached for my head and pressed it against her left breast, where my mouth found her nipple and gently sucked on it. My hand drifted down to her pussy, where I rubbed my dad’s sperm (and maybe some of mine, too) into its folds.

Then we all got out of bed, where two prominent wet spots were testimony to our activities, and hugged. There was no jizz left in me, and no more arousal. Instead, we just grooved on the beauty of each other’s naked bodies. We all knew that clothes could kartal escort be dispensed with when it was just us alone, and that we’d make sure to keep our libidos satisfied that weekend. I even hugged my dad, squeezing his flaccid dick as he squeezed mine. I don’t think I ever felt closer to them.

We all swam in the pool for a while, this time without wearing anything. From Dee’s faint tan lines, I guessed that she’d been doing her swimming and sun-bathing in the nude, and it made wonder what else I didn’t know about her. She’d always been a take-charge woman and, now that I knew how sexually aggressive she was, it figured that she must have had dozens of men by now.

I guess I was getting another erection watching two beautiful naked women in the pool, because Mom said, “C’mon, son. Let’s go back to bed! You’re getting hard again, aren’t you? I want to be on the bottom this time.”

“Hey,” Dee protested. “I want him again, too!”

“Just how many cums do you have left in you, son?” Dad said with a smile. “Why don’t you take him, Dee? I’ve already fucked you twice today, and it would be nice to screw my own wife once in a while.”

“Hell, no!” Mom retorted. “We fuck all the time, and you don’t have the chance to screw your sister very often these days. We’ll fuck later. I want Jeremy now! I want that beautiful cock inside me again! Look, see how hard it is! What’s this?”

“Number five,” I told her.

“Ah, the stamina of youth!” Dad said. “I used to be able to get hard six times a day when I was your age, son. You can fuck your mom again, Jeremy, and I bet you’ll still have another round in the chamber for Dee tonight, after dinner!”

And that’s what we did. This time, it was me standing by the edge of the bed as my cock went in and out of Mom’s pussy, as Dad and Dee sucked on her tits. She actually squirted this time just after I came, sending a gush of fluid out her cunt as soon as my cock slipped out. Dad moved to my place to give Mom oral, lapping up what was left of her stream, as Dee took my wilting cock into her mouth and gave it a last suck.

Then it was time for Dee to take Mom’s place at the edge of the bed, my dad pumping in and out of her as Mom and I tended to her tits. Mom dangled her boobs over Dee’s mouth, so she could suck on them, so they were sucking on each other’s tits. After a while, I moved down Dee’s body to her crotch; I flicked my tongue on her clit, my cheek brushing Dad’s pubic hair as he moved in and out of his sister. I even got bold enough to give the top of his cock a lick each time it was exposed. That was enough to push him over the edge, as he gave a final pump and locked his groin against hers, his face grimacing as he ejaculated into his sister’s cunt for the third time that day.

After we’d all cum, we had another dip in the pool, and then a long dinner, with fresh towels on the chairs. Mom was Mom again, except that now she had no reason or inclination to keep her breasts covered. And Dee was telling us about some of the other men and women she’d fucked, and what she’d liked. Would it surprise you to know that she’d fucked Mom’s brother and brother-in-law? Or even Mom’s father? Or her own father? Not to mention all of their wives as well, although she said she liked cock better than pussy. I tell you, I learned a lot about my godmother that night!

Which led to another question I had, and I had to ask it then. “Mom, Diane’s coming home tomorrow evening. What about her? What are we going to tell her?”

Mom laughed. “You don’t have to worry about Diane! She knows all about us. She’s been fucking your father for a while now. And she’s told me that she wants to fuck you, too. What do you think of that? Would you let her?”

“Well, if she wants to, I’ll do it. I guess brother-sister sex isn’t exactly a new thing in this family!”

By the time we’d finished dinner and watched a movie on the TV, our libidos were rising again. We paired off with Dee and me in the guestroom, with its queen-size bed, and Mom and Dad in their bedroom. I wasn’t able to last very long, but Dee said that I did just fine, and we drowsed off.

When I awoke, it wasn’t Dee beside me. It was Mom, stroking my dick to hardness.

“Where’s Dee?” I asked.

“In our bed, with your Dad’s dick inside her. Now make love to me, son. Nothing special, just slow and gentle.” With that, she lay beside me on her back and spread her legs.

I gave those magnificent breasts a little loving before I forced her legs apart and entered her. We made slow, languorous love, not rushing, not speaking. When I came, emptying my balls into my mother’s womb for the second time in my life, she responded with a little shudder that heralded a small orgasm of her own. I closed my eyes, feeling my mom’s hands stroking my back.

And then a third hand on my ass? Was it Dee?

No, it was Diane!

“You’re home early!” Mom said.

“My last exam was yesterday morning, so I decided to leave right away instead of staying at the dorm another night,” Diane replied. “I wanted to get here by last night, but I was too tired to drive any further, so I stopped at that rest area about fifty miles up the road from here. The sun woke me up, so I started driving again, and here I am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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