Our Shared Bathroom Ch. 06

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[Author’s note: This chapter of the “Our Shared Bathroom” series was, by far, the most difficult to write. But to me, this is the most meaningful chapter yet. I know that you, the reader, may have your own expectations about Mark and Jen’s relationship, and how I should proceed in describing it. This story isn’t as much about sex as it is about love. If you just want a quick story to get you excited, you may or may not find it below. But if you’re looking for something deeper…I hope you enjoy this particular chapter. And yes, there’s more coming.]


Rolling over in my sheets, I grimaced as I heard the piercing sound of my alarm clock going off. I felt like I had only just fallen asleep, but judging by the state of my bed sheets that were all wrapped and tangled around me, I had slept well. Grudgingly, I got up and trudged over to the clock and turned it off.

I had been thinking about something before I must have fallen asleep. I struggled, sorting through the fog in my head to remember what it had been. It seemed very important, but I could not remember what it was. As I stretched, I dismissed the thought as perhaps just part of a dream I had been having.

Sitting down on the edge of my bed for a moment, I realized why I had set my alarm so early. I had to get in to work early to work on an important project. I yawned, then stood and shucked my pajamas off and slipped into my robe. I opened the door to the bathroom that my sister, Jen, and I shared, to see the light off. Jen was awake, as the light coming from under her bedroom door testified. I flipped the lights and fan on and closed my door. I stumbled over to the toilet, raised the seat and noisily emptied my bladder. I was careful to put the seat back down, not wanting to get into that discussion with Jen again.

I moved over to the sink and washed my hands, then began to brush my teeth. I heard a soft knock coming from Jen’s door and grunted a “Come in” with the brush in my mouth.

The door opened and Jen came in. She looked like she had been up for at least a half-hour. She smiled merrily at me and I grunted a hello. She was still in her pajamas, a loose tank top and cotton pants with a girlish kitten pattern. Her hair was a little messy, but it looked like she had brushed it at least a little.

“Morning!” She chirped, then laughed, seeing my face. “Looks like you should go straight back to bed!” She teased.

I bent over to spit and rinsed out my mouth before replying.

“Why are you up already?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I went to bed at nine last night. I had nothing to do since you were out at work late and there was nothing on TV. And I know you had to get up early to go in again, so I wanted to at least see you this morning.”

I grunted again and looked at myself, then at her and raised an eyebrow. “Was it worth it? I don’t think there’s not much worth seeing. I want to go back to bed.”

She laughed at me, then came up and gave me a warm hug. “You look just fine. Now don’t be silly, you have to stay up!”

I sighed. “Maybe I can just go in later.”

Jen frowned at me. “Mark! You have to stay up! You’ve been telling us all week how important your project is.” She giggled and tapped my chest as she said, “Would you stay up if I take a shower with you?”

Seeing my eyes get a little wider she laughed. “Well, go ahead! I’ll be right in!” She said.

Jen went to the sink and began brushing her teeth as I stepped over to the tub, undid my robe and stepped in. A moment later, I felt my senses clearing as the steam rose from the hot water beating on my chest. I heard the shower curtain rustle and turned to see Jen stepping in, fully naked like me. My penis immediately began to stiffen as I saw her bare breasts and short pubic hair. Her nipples had hardened from the cool air outside of the shower and she was quick to step close to me and wrap her arms around me to get warmer.

The water sprayed and splashed over both of us, wetting her hair and causing her to blink as she grinned up at me. The water filled up the cup between her breasts where they were pressed against my ribs and my erection pressed against her pelvis. I bent down and kissed her forehead.

After a moment, she let go of me and stepped back, telling me to go ahead and wash up. I took the shampoo and worked it through my hair, facing the showerhead, and rinsed it off, feeling Jen’s hands running lightly up and down the skin on my back. I then grabbed my soap and began lathering up. She offered to wash my back, so I let the water pour over my chest as she rubbed soap into a washcloth and rubbed the suds all over my neck, back and shoulders.

Feeling her hands slide over me was so relaxing and exciting at the same time. My penis stayed erect the entire time, pointing out into the water that streamed down my body. She put the washcloth down and I felt my sister’s hands go up to my shoulders and begin to massage my tense muscles. I groaned in approval as she squeezed and worked her fingers into bostancı escort bayan my skin. She worked her hands down my back, gently massaging my aching muscles.

Her hands went back up to my shoulders and then stepped forward into me and pressed her body against mine. She sighed happily, holding me tight. She ran her hands over my soapy shoulders, then slid them around to my chest to hold on as she began sensually sliding her breasts across my slick body. She slid them back and forth, covering herself in suds. Her crotch ground against my butt and I could feel her hair rubbing against me. Her hands slid lower and she bent her knees and slid her breasts down my back, then up, then crouched down, sliding her body down mine again.

Jen let go of me and grabbed the washcloth again, staying crouched, and began to rub the cloth up and down my calves and thighs. She covered me in soap, rubbing it in with tenderness. Then she reached up further and ran the cloth over my buttocks. She rubbed each cheek, then slid the cloth between them and massaged my anus with the soapy cloth. Jen then slid the washcloth forward more and cupped my balls, gently massaging the soap over the sensitive flesh. She then set the washcloth aside and asked me to turn around.

The hot water rinsed the soap from my back as I looked down at my sister, kneeling in front of me. Her hair was all wet and tangled, her face beaming with excitement. Suds were all over her body, covering her breasts and shoulders and stomach. She bit her lower lip and moved closer to me so that we were almost touching. My erect dick jutted out towards her chin. She leaned forward and set her chest down on my erection, her soapy breasts surrounding me. I groaned and she looked up at me happily.

Jen looked back down between her breasts as she stuck her butt out and arched her back to slide her chest down. Then, with her hands on my hips, she pushed forward, sliding herself back up. Since her head was in the way for me to see her chest, I looked over her head to see the round curves of her buttocks as she slid her soapy body down and up again on my cock. I reached down and caressed her head with my hands as she slid herself down and up again, then I began to knead the muscles of her shoulders. My erection slid up and down through her fleshy cleavage and I could feel the front of each of her breasts sliding up and down my groin.

I couldn’t help but moan, as this stimulation was more than I could handle this early in the morning. Jen looked up at me, smiling, and continued rubbing her breasts up and down my body, squeezing my penis between them.

Grabbing her shoulders more firmly, I began to take charge and started thrusting my dick against her chest. She giggled and began pulling my hips towards herself to encourage me. I could already feel the fluids starting to run their course between my legs as I pushed against her. My awareness of my surroundings faded as my body focused in on the feelings being generated by the friction of our bodies. I could feel her chin hitting my stomach as I stroked my dick through her breasts, and her arms hugged around my waist tightly.

Finally, the head of my dick grew white-hot and I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Jen squealed as my cum squirted out and sprayed her face. I held her tight to me and bucked, launching rope after rope of white semen at her, sticking to her mouth and eyes, dribbling down all over her chest. My balls tightened and still more cum splashed out in successive pulses.

My grip on her shoulders slowly loosened and I stepped back as she let go of me. Jen’s face was covered in thick ropes of cum. She blinked, trying to clear the glob out of one eye as a glob swung haphazardly from her chin. Her nose and lips had been hit, and a thick spray had clung to one cheek and her forehead. Large droplets of my semen were stuck to her chest and running down her cleavage.

She looked up at me with cum still partially blocking one eye, her mouth open in a surprised grin.

“Oh my gosh!” She exclaimed, laughing. She looked down at her chest, then tried wiping more of my cum off of her face. “I can’t believe you came that much!”

I just grinned at her, watching her try to clean herself off. There was even a nice-sized gob stuck in her hair.

“You know, sometime I’d really like it if you put this where it belongs.” She said, referring to some of the cum in her hand. “We still haven’t done this for real.” I stepped out of the way so she could rinse her face off.

I couldn’t believe her. “Jen, you’re going to make me go crazy.” I told her.

She giggled, stepping back and wiping the water from her face. “Well, we’ve done everything else, but we haven’t been together for real.” She looked straight into my eyes. Reaching out and taking my hands, she said, “I just want to…you know…be with you that way.”

It wasn’t the right time to tease her, but I couldn’t think of any way to reply, so I said, “What do you mean, ‘that way’?”

She ümraniye escort rolled her eyes and gave me bit of a sisterly condescending look. “You know what I mean, Mark. Don’t tease me about it.”

“I’m sorry, you’re right.” I said, sobering up. “You mean that you want us to…become one, I guess. To have sex for real. Right?”

Her eyes glowed with intensity as she said, “Right.” Then, a little bashfully, she said, “I want you inside of me.”

“Well, I was, once.” I said.

“Yeah, for about three seconds!” She teased, lightly slapping my chest.

“And we have done a lot together. I mean, geez. I can’t believe what you and I have done!” I said.

“I know.” Jen said, quietly. She stepped up to me and put her arms around me, putting her head on my shoulder. The water poured down my back as I enjoyed feeling her naked body against mine.

She relaxed her hold on me slightly so she could turn her head toward mine. She looked down at my chest as she said, “It’s just that…it’s special. I know we’ve done a lot of stuff I never even dreamed we would, but it’s different. It’s like just playing a game we both like, or making each other feel good.”

She looked back up into my eyes again.

“But I want us to have sex together. Real sex, like a man and a woman who love each other very much.”

Her eyes actually were getting moist and her voice was a little strained as she continued.

“Because I love you Mark. I love you and I want you, and I want to give you all that I have.”

She embraced me again and I held my hand to the back of her head, tenderly.

“Jen, let me think about it. You know I want it too, okay? I want this with you too. I just need to think about it.” I said, softly.

She nodded, then released me slowly and we smiled at each other. It took her a moment to calm down, but we eventually began finishing the shower we had started.

The rest of the shower was less eventful if you ignore the very sensual part of getting to shower naked with your sister. If I hadn’t already cum a minute ago, seeing her as she stood under the shower and watching the soap bubbles slide down the curves of her butt, I would have seriously considered consummating our relationship right then.

But as it was, I did have to finish up and get to work, so the rest of the shower was just very, very stimulating. She decided to stay in the shower, but hugged me tightly before I stepped out to dry off.

Although it was the best morning a guy could get, it just made the rest of my day at work even more unexciting. I couldn’t wait to get home and see Jen again. But I had a hard time thinking over the sex question.

It really should not have been an issue in my mind, considering that we had technically had sex once, if only for a second, and had done just about everything else in our experimentation. But Jen was asking for more than sex, really. She was asking that we do it out of more than just lust, or fun. She was asking me to have sex with her as though she was my wife. To become one with her, not just by the act, but by a choice.

Something about that gave me pause.

It was a little confusing, really, and I’m afraid that my work that day was pretty poor as my mind was devoted to this issue. I really did love Jen. She was an awesome sister and a great girl. I trusted her like I did no one else. She was beautiful, sexy, fun. I loved being around her. I was proud of everything she was becoming. She was probably the most special person in my life. Why in the world would I hesitate to have sex with her as though she was my wife?

By the end of the day, I had come up with no good answer. I had come up with hundreds of reasons, but none of them really fit how my heart felt about it. I was frustrated, because I didn’t want to just give in and have sex with Jen and have a lingering doubt in my mind. If I did it, I wanted to make love with her honestly.

I left work just as frustrated as when I had entered, and drove home.


When I got home, my mom was just setting the table for dinner and Jen wasn’t home yet. I wearily went up to my room and changed into some jeans and a t-shirt, then laid down on the bed. The room seemed like it was spinning around me as my mind kept going over my worries about Jen and I.

Jen got home and we all had dinner together. Mom and Dad talked most of the time as I couldn’t come up with much to say and Jen was strangely silent as well. She did catch my eye and the look on her face was of someone hopeful. She wanted to know if I had an answer. Seeing that I didn’t, her face became a little more troubled and she seemed to focus more on her mashed potatoes than someone should really need to.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the evening was over and I was back in my room getting ready for bed. I sat down and waited patiently until I heard the soft knock I had been anticipating all day.

Jen came in, wearing her kartal escort loose pajamas and I made room for her to sit on my bed with me.

It was obvious that she was worried and didn’t want to bring it up, but she asked, “So did you think about it today?”

My heart started to ache.

“Yes. All day.”

“And have you decided?” She asked.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. She sighed in frustration and had turned her head away from me.

After a moment of silence, she looked back. Her eyes were filled with tears.

“How could you dare to do all these things with me-” she sobbed, “-and not do this?”

My heart crumpled and I embraced her. She cried silently into my chest.

I cried too; my tears falling into her hair.

Time turned into a hazy fog of sadness.

Things didn’t seem real. It was just she and I, crying together, because we were so in love but so confused.

It took a while, but eventually we both calmed down. She sat up and I pulled over the tissues and we wiped our eyes and cheeks, giggled softly as we blew our noses, and regained our composure.

I sighed heavily. “Jen, you know why.”

She looked in my direction, but kept her eyes downcast.

“I couldn’t love you any more than I do right now, but we both know we can’t build a life together like we were married. I…I couldn’t do that to you. I couldn’t rob you of the joy of meeting someone else that you really love, getting married to him and having kids with him.”

She turned her head away slightly, but was still listening.

I continued. “There’s just something different about it, and I know you know it too. There’s something good about leaving your family and starting a family of your own. And if we did that together, we wouldn’t grow like we should, and we’d be hurting each other in a way.”

She sighed.

“And I just feel like if we stopped fooling around like we have been, and we got serious, we couldn’t break free from each other. I know I wouldn’t be strong enough to. I could never leave you.”

She started to cry again.

Looking down at the crumpled tissue she held in her lap, she muttered a sad, “I know…I know.”

Then she got up, gave me a quick hug, and left my room.

I felt like my heart had just been torn out.


The next several weeks were, well…depressing. Jen and I eventually recovered and were able to continue on. We still joked around a good bit, we still talked, but it was all a little strained. It was like we both didn’t feel like we could be as open with each other as we had been before.

Then, there was the night I heard her come home and go to her room around five in the morning after a date with James. I wanted to throw up. The rest of that week, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Jen would hardly look at me, and when she did, it was like someone who felt like they had completely betrayed you.

The next week, I took Michelle out dancing. I got she and myself very drunk and we spent that night in a motel room. Michelle is blond, but that night all I could see was Jen’s brown hair. And when I got back home the next day, I couldn’t look Jen in the eye, and I could hear her crying in her room late at night.

In fact, I don’t think things could have been more wretched.


It was sometime after midnight, several weeks later. It was raining hard, and peals of thunder would reverberate through the house. I had been lying in bed for an hour, or maybe two, unable to sleep.

All I could think about was Jen. My whole heart was wrapped up in her. It felt like I had been twisted and wrung out like a washrag. I was tired and sad, and so very lonely.

I just couldn’t take it anymore.

This couldn’t go on.

I had thought we were making a wise decision. I thought we were doing what was best for both of us.

But instead, I felt like I was dying.

I could not live like this.

Slowly, I sat up in my bed, then stood and walked to the door leading to the bathroom between our two rooms.

I opened the door.

In front of me, standing in the doorway to her room, her hand still on the knob, was Jen.

There were tears on her cheeks, but she gasped when she saw me and for the first time in a month, there was light in her eyes.

We nearly ran to each other and embraced passionately. We were choking back sobs as we held each other and ran our hands over each other. We kissed, then kept kissing, and our hands wound up around our necks and held our heads closer together as we gasped and sobbed into the other’s lips.

I picked her up around the waist and carried her into my room and we collapsed onto my bed. The rain was crashing on the window, but couldn’t drown out the pounding of our hearts as Jen pulled her top off and worked her pajama bottoms off as I did the same with my shirt and shorts.

She laid back, her eyes longing, and for just a moment, a flash of lightning outlined our nude bodies before the room became dark again and I laid down on my sister.

Her arms clutched at my back and mine wrapped around her body.

My legs went between hers and our chests pressed together.

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