Overcoming Fears

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I promised you an even 10 stories, so here will be the 10th. If you enjoy this story please tell me. Like I have repeatedly said, I am not really trying to be an author so don’t waste your time with trying to give me points on being a better one. I understand that the little typos, made from my speech recognition software make it hard to read and understand. One does not need an editor, however. I only need to reread this story carefully. Here is the last story and I hope you enjoy it.


“Careful now, honey,” my mother said, as I leaned over the top of the Christmas tree.

I was trying to put the angel on top of it trying to make it look just perfect. Our family kind of prides itself on having the most perfect looking Christmas tree. A tradition that I think of as somewhat stupid, but I figure, make your mother happy before you leave for college in the spring. After all, she isn’t going to see you or your sister for any extended amount of time for the first time in your lives.

“Is the “dweeb” finally done,” I heard coming from the bedroom.

It was my twin sister yelling out.

Angie, that was her name, and I got along just like any brother and sister do. At times you feel really lucky to be related to them, on others you just can’t stand them. Physically, even though I wouldn’t admit it to her face, she was becoming quite attractive. She had long flowing blonde hair, a soft body, big bright blue eyes, a good-sized round plump bottom, and her best asset was developing just nicely, a pair of D cupped breasts. She was my dad’s little angel and in his eyes could do no wrong, something I despised of her.

On more than one occasion she had caught me looking at her giving her the once over. She became aware of my gaze and started to pose for me, only to turn around, and give me the finger. She would often tease me by rubbing her ass against my crotch, pretending that she did not know what she was doing then reach back and squeeze one of my balls. Many things she would do to me to turn me on then give me the biggest cock shrinker that I ever had in my life.

Angie came out of her bedroom. She wasn’t wearing any shoes and had on only a skintight pair of blue jeans and a T-shirt. The T-shirt looked like it was two times too small for her and from the back, as anyone could plainly see, that there were no bra straps. Meaning that she wore no boob holder. When she moved the jeans looked like they would burst wide open if she moved suddenly, obviously another plan to torture me.

“Good, now he’s done, I can do that real artistry,” she said.

What she meant was, I figured, was the easiest job of all in decorating a Christmas tree, putting on the tinsel. In my way of thinking it should take no brains at all to do. In the way she did it, however, it seems like she was another Leonardo da Vinci. She would one by one place every strand onto the tree separately. So that they caught the light and shone out to their fullest, offsetting the surrounding ornaments.

My sister carefully, meticulously, and singuley placed every piece of tinsel on the tree. Purposely she would stretch way out instead of moving over to place pieces of tinsel, showing me her boob. When she would need to place pieces of tinsel on the bottom of the tree, instead of bending her knees and squatting down, she would bend over at the waist and poke the cheeks of her ass right out at me. This was just driving me nuts. She was going to cause me to have to run into the bathroom and take care of things, and she knew it.

After finishing my sister stood back and asked, “How does it look Mommy.”

“Oh that escort ataşehir looks just wonderful,” putting her arm around her, “I can’t wait for your father to see this. Oh, here he comes now.”

In the house my father came. He put down his briefcase and my mother rushed up to him. She gave him a big kiss on the lips. He kissed her back and reached around her with both hands and grabbed her ass by both cheeks. Angie and I both rolled our eyes at the ceiling.

While I would not admit it out loud or to her face, the tree did look pretty good. She had made a significant improvement in it.

“What do you think of the tree, daddy?” Bouncing up and down, my sister said.

“Oh, that looks wonderful, little girl,” was my father’s response.

Not a thing, nothing. Nothing about what I had done. Not one word about how I went to the lot and picked it out. Brought it home, lugged it into the house and set it up, or how I put all the ornaments, roping, and lights on it, only what she had done. I know it was time consuming and required quite a bit of planning and know-how, but geez.

After that, me, Angie, and my father went into the dining room. My mother went into the kitchen and brought out the supper. It was nothing too fancy. Just a big platter full of hamburgers. She brought out another platter full of hamburger buns, a bowl of beans, and another full of potatoes. When my mother sat down we all dug in.

After eating I pushed myself out from the table and asked to be excused, saying “I’m supposed to meet Tom and Rick over at the pool hall.”

Angie blurted out, “I’m going over to Shelley’s.”

“Now hold on a minute, you two. You’re going to help your mother with the dishes,” my father roared.

“Aww geewhiz, I’m a guy,” I protested.”

“That’s no damn excuse. You know the rules,” he shot back.

Batting her eyes at him, “Aww, do I have to. Can’t Jimmy do it,” Angie begged.

“You can go on, baby girl,” saying softly “now Jimmy, you get in there and help your mother and I don’t want you to leave until all the dishes are put away,” my father demanded.

“That’s just the way it is with her,” I thought to myself, “all she has to do is bat her eyes at my father, and she will get her own way.”

Well, after I help my mother cleared the table and put all the dishes in the dishwasher, she kissed me on the cheek and told me to go on.

Down at the pool hall I met up with Tom and Rick. We didn’t get to play any games of pool, the tables were all busy. We just stood around bull shitting, drinking Cokes, checking out the hot chicks that came in, and stuff.

“I’m kind of worried about how things are going to turn out at college,” I mumbled.

“Hey dude, don’t sweat it,” Rick answered, “my brother goes to the same place you are and he gets along great.”

That sort of settled my nerves for the time being and we went on checking out the hot chicks as they came in. A few of them we even tried to hit on. We were met by excuses though. “I’m busy”, “I got a boyfriend”, and some such shit were the excuses.

When I got home Angie had beaten me there and was already in bed, so were my parents. I turned on the television and watched it for a while before going into my room and hopping in the sack.

I started to take off my clothes, my underwear too. “I usually sleep in the nude, something I have done for the last few years. I think Angie does it too. My parents do it, that’s where I got the idea from.”

Anyway, I lay there in bed on my back with my pole sticking straight up at the ceiling. You see, I got a stiff boner from rubbing it kadıköy escort bayan on a chair as I looked at the hot chicks come into the pool hall. It hadn’t gone down yet. I could hear from my parents bedroom, that was right next to mine, some strange sounds.

The sounds weren’t really strange, just not typical. It was my mother saying – “there, I think I got it stiff enough. Nope, just hold on. Let me get on top. That just lie still. Let me find the right spot. Okay. Okay, now. Now you can rub it. Yes, yes, that’s it. Yes. Yes. Oh God. Right there. Oh I’m going to….” That, combined with the sound of a mattress creaking, the stiff rod I had, and the worry about Brighton University was enough to make me sick to my stomach and unable to sleep.

I tossed, I turned but it was still not able to get to sleep. The constant thought of Brighton University, what would it be like, would I get along, where would I live, would I have friends there, was I smart enough to pass the classes. These questions kept popping into my head. That, and the disturbing image of my parents both having sex was burning into my brain. Also, this thing that had always given me pleasure was standing straight on end causing sleep never to come.

“I got it. I’ll go in and talk to Angie,” I thought, “I’ll ask her if she hears the unnerving sounds emitting from my parents bedroom. Also if she is worried about Brighton University too. Maybe she has a few answers that will settle my nerves.

Walking out of the room all naked didn’t bother me a bit because I knew that Angie had seen me naked many of times, as I did her. I tiptoed trying not to disturb my parents but then is thought, “What the hell! They sure don’t give a fuck if they are keeping me awake. Hearing footsteps out in the hall is probably the last thing from their minds. Having one of their children walk in on them while having sex might be terribly upsetting for them but I knew they were thinking about it now.

After all, I knew my parents had sex, they had to. It’s just that I didn’t want to think or even know about it!

As I walked into my sister’s room, I whispered loudly. “Pssst, Hey Angie, you awake?”

Raising up on her side I could see that Angie did in fact, sleep in the nude.

“Hell, no. Who could sleep with, that, going on? That’s the sickest thing I can think of. It’s a wonder you are not puken,” she said with a grin.

“Oh well, yeah,” mumbling, “I thought I might come in here and get away from it. Being more serious, I asked, are you worried at all about Brighton?”

“Hell no,” was her response, “just don’t worry at all about it. It’s going to be great, believe me. I know several people that go there and they say they are having the time of their lives. I see, that you got something else there that’s causing you not to sleep, she said staring at my appendage sticking out.

“Here, let me help you. This will make sure you get to sleep. I do this for my boyfriend and he has no problem.”

She sprung up out of bed and in the dim light I could make out her heavenly form. She made her way over to the dresser twitching her ass with every step causing my hard on to ache. She reached the dresser and opened the top drawer. After reaching and fumbling around in it a bit she finally pulled out what looked to be a bottle of some sort of lubricating oil.

Angie walked over to me. Standing in front of me she pried open the bottle. She bent down and got on her knees in front of me. Looking up at me and smiling she poured some of the bottle contents on my young manhood. She continued to smile a toothy grin as she rubbed it escort bostancı all over.

I could hardly believe what was happening. Here, this girl that I expected to start yelling and screaming at me to get out of her room was actually doing something like this. What the hell could have caused this 360° turn around in Angie’s behavior? Maybe it was the site of her brother coming into her bedroom with his shaved pole erect. No, that probably wasn’t it. Maybe it was the sound of our parents getting in on. No, I highly doubt that, she said it was the sickest thing that she could think of. Whatever it was, I just did not care.

My sister grabbed a hold of my stiffened rod at the center firmly, not to firm like squeezing the handle of a hammer but like how you would grip the steering wheel of a car. She would run her hand up and down the full-length of my shaft, all the way to the back than all the way to the front, letting her fingers brush over the end.

“Oh God, was her touch so soft. Was her skin so heavenly smooth. I almost came as soon as she first made contact with me. I held myself back however, knowing it would all be over and I wanted to enjoy this as long as possible.

“Damn, was her boyfriend the luckiest man in the world. The thoughts came to me, somehow, somehow, if there was any way. I wished I could not be her brother. That I could be her boyfriend and she could do this to me every night. Oh how happy I would be!”

After about five maybe six minutes of this pure heaven, I could take it no longer. The inevitable was bound to happen. All the muscles in my body seemed to tighten up. My face turned all beat red and my eyes bulged out and I let loose with a blast like I had never done before.

I’m not going to say that it was buckets or about a pint of cum that come out of me or am I going to say that it shot so far out that it hit the back wall. However I will say it did feel great and had a tremendous effect on me. My mind became blank. My body went limp. I collapsed face first onto the floor.

After about 10 seconds I regained consciousness. I raised up onto my knees. I looked up at my sister and she said.

“Well, now I think you’ll be able to get some sleep. Go crawl back to your room.”

Upon hearing that, I done exactly that, not even bothering to stand fully erect. I just crawled out of her room and back to my own like a baby on my hands and knees. When I reached my bed I pulled myself up into it and got under the covers. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was fast asleep.

The next night the same thing happened again. Then the next too, then the next after that. The next, then the next till it became a nightly thing. This kept up until it was mid April. I stared into Angie’s big blue eyes after her making me blast (no longer did these hand jobs have a crippling effect on me but still leave me feeling better than I ever had) and said, “Anj, Anj what are we going to do in a couple days when we go to Brighton?”

My sister, being so clever just looked up at me and smiled. “Silly, that is so simple. All we have to do just room together once we get there. I know, mom and dad are sure going to agree with it. After all, setting them money.”

A big grin come across my face and I bent down and kissed her on the lips. From that point on I don’t remember much, as my mind’s been fuzzy, pulling out of the driveway with Angie beside me, the car all packed as we head for Brighton.


I try to keep it real in most of my stories. I only have hand jobs and tittie fucks going on between mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, and complete strangers. I know that intercourse hardly ever does happen between a brother and sister or two strangers that just met. I know that there are a lot of people that say, my first time was when my mother fucked me she said I was better than my dad. I know this is bullshit though.

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