Parents Help Me to Discover Myself Ch. 02

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Part Two of Parents help me to discover my sexuality.

Wow…I couldn’t believe this, here I was naked, playing with my penis while at the table doing my homework.

Thank god for 18th birthdays! Daddy now lets me be naked! And I discovered how good it feels to play with myself and have him playing with my penis! God, it felt great to shoot out my first load, then my second, then my third…mmmmm…

I let my penis have a rest as I lick up my cum off my hand when I hear a sound coming behind me…the sound of high heels on our floor. I get up and start to leave! I thought I and daddy were the only ones in the house. Did someone come in and I was so busy playing with my penis that I didn’t hear them? The sounds of her high heels are very close.

“Oh my!” A soft voice squeaks behind me.

“I…I’m sorry…I can explain…” As I turn my head to look behind me. OH MY GOD, she can see me naked! She can see my naked butt!

“Ohhhh…wow…ahh…sorry I didn’t know you were here. Mommy dropped me off when she picked up Mrs. P…”

That would be my mom. Who is this cute girl in a tiny bikini? Such a pretty face, long eyelashes, red cheeks, red glossy lips, blonde hair in a ponytail, those golden hoop earrings with the little hearts dangling from them are so cute. She has small little almost just bumps for boobs covered up by her tiny bikini top and a little bottom as well, all cute neon pink. She even has neon pink platform shoes that she is wearing and I can see her nice cute little toes in the shoes with bright pink toenails. I love the ankle charm bracelet with the little heart and a small key that would fit in some small lock. She’s holding a stuffed beach bag that has her towel and other things. For some reason, she looks familiar. But, I’ve sure I would remember seeing such a cute looking soft well-shaped girl before. But I can’t shake the feeling of lingering familiarity.

“…they said I could go take a swim in the pool and I thought I would be the only one here and so I didn’t put on my usual one piece..”

She is just staring at me and has this cute look on her pretty face. I think she likes me or at least likes looking at me.

“…which was so boring and covered me up and I really wanted to try on this tiny naughty bathing suit since I was going to be all alone and not even mommy would see me and tell me to cover myself up and that I was being a naughty girl and then I saw you and you are all naked and you have a really cute butt and I am all nervous and…”

I cover myself up with my hands over my penis and balls as I turn and face her. I feel all tingly and excited at being all naked in front of her. This is CFNM…I recall that term on my computer search and viewing. I’m all embarrassed about being naked and she’s just so clearly enjoying looking at my naked body though she is also shy about it as well.

“…I really did think I was all alone and I didn’t hear you or see you…though I can see a lot of you now and you are so cute and nice looking and I have never seen a boy naked ever and especially such a nice looking one with such a cute butt and I was kinda thinking that I might even be so daring as to take off my top but you are so much more daring cause you took off everything and oh my…”

She just finally stops talking in her cute soft little voice squeaky kind of voice and she has such big pretty eyes and soft glossy lips that she is biting her lower lip. Again there it is again a lingering hint of familiarity. Yet I am certain I have never seen this adorable little vixen of a girl. “Hi…ahhh…my name is Billy. I live here with my folks. I’m sorry I’m all naked I thought I was going to be alone with my daddy. I wonder where he is? But now you’re here. You are pretty. I’ve never been around a pretty girl like you and never when I have nothing on. I’m sorry about having no clothes…I guess I should go put something on…”

“Hi, Billy. I’m Cee and I’m kind of sort of naked, well not as naked as you but I’ve never worn such a tiny little bathing suit like this when I’m showing so much of me so it is like I feel like I’m all naked in front of you and so you don’t have to get dressed if you don’t want to since it’s your house and kartal escort truth to tell…I really like looking at you this way…” She says the last part in a softer and quieter voice just looking down at her own pretty painted toes in those sexy platform shoes. “I’m sorry that I’m just chattering on…I get this way when I’m embarrassed…”

“Hi Cee. You look so pretty in your almost naked bathing suit. I’m glad you are wearing it. You have a sexy body.” Oh my God! Did I just say that? Now I feel like I’m blushing from head to toe.

“Oh, my…that is so kind of you. Really? Me sexy? Your teasing me. Now, my mom or my sister, they are the ones who have the hot bodies! Not me. They have such nice round big boobs and butts I’m just all flat and everything…”

“Oh but you are so nice and shapely. Really you are. You got me all hot and excited at seeing you, honestly, it’s true. I’m having a hard time covering up my hard on…”

“Oh, my…yes I can see that…ohhhh…such a nice looking…oh, I’m being naughty for looking…but I’ve never seen any boys…thing before and your’s is all so nice…”

“But it’s not really very big. I’ve seen pictures of big ones on my computer and mine is just so small compared to those…

“But to me you’re huge! I’ve never seen any naughty pictures. Mommy doesn’t let me. So kind of almost seeing yours is so exciting…”

“You really like me?”

“Ohh yes! Oh yes!”

Gulp. I’m blushing again. “Ahhh…would you get mad and upset if I kind of moved my hand away. I don’t want to be freak…I’m sorry I said that…that was so bad of me…I should just run and go to my room and leave and…”

“No don’t go. I like you. I like seeing you. Can I tell you a secret and be honest with you if you promise not to tell anyone?”

“I promise! I promise! I won’t tell anyone.”

“I…I like looking at your body. There I said it! And I’m all… you’re getting me…ahh…” She says all shy and quiet and looks down.

“You’re what? You can tell me.”

“I’m…I…well…I…am kind of wet down there all because of you! There I said it.”

“Oh! Wow! Really? Well, I’m all ahh hard because of seeing you. You are so pretty…”

“I make you hard! OH! No one has ever said that. Though I hear it all the time about my mom and sis. Really? Truly?”

“Really…I can prove it…if you want…and if you won’t think me being a nasty sicko…”

“Oh,” Her eyes get big and her mouth opens and then she bites her lower lip again. “You mean like showing me? Letting me see you…more of you…”

“Yes. Is that bad?”

“Is it bad that I want you too?”

“Then we are being bad together.”

“Well, no one else is here?”

“Ah, sort of. My dad is somewhere but I don’t know where. Maybe he went out. I think I heard the door open and shut awhile ago. And I haven’t heard from him so he must not be here. It seems it’s just us two.”

“Then if it is just us then if we are both bad and naughty together…I would show you if you show me…OH! Did I really say that?”

“You did. I really do want to show you and I would love seeing you.”


“Yes. Look see my penis,” I move my hands away and my hard penis springs out all erect. “See that is what you do to me.”

“Oh my! Oh wow! So big! Can I be naughty as well? You won’t think badly of me?”

“Oh no. I won’t.”

“I really want to show you. You make my…welll my…there all hard and pointy…and…oh! I want to be bad!” She reaches up and undoes the tie around her neck and her top comes undone, she hides behind her hands and then she let’s go and shows me here little bumps that are her boobs and she does have all pointy nipples.

“Oh wow!” I can’t help but stare at her soft flat but not flat now all bare naked chest with those diamond hard nipples. “You are just so sexy…”

“Ahhh…you’re just being nice. To make me feel good. I’m just all flat,” She pushes at her little breast to emphasize them.

“No. Yes, they are not big but they are so adorable…like so squeezable or eatable or something…oh…I’m sorry…that didn’t sound nice…I mean…”

“Ahh, you must really like my body, your…man maltepe escort bayan thing is all hard and sticking out and maybe even bigger now that you can see me more naked…I guess you really do like my body.” She blushes. “And thank you for saying that about me…I know you meant it as a compliment.”

“Hey, you came over to go swimming right?”


“So why don’t you go out back and I’ll meet you in the pool. Don’t worry, in case you didn’t know it, our neighbors can’t see into the back yard, which is why we my parents put up a hot tub. I never saw them use it but I could sometimes hear them use it as I fell asleep. So, we can be naked out there like we are and not worry about it.”

“Oh, goodie! Well, I will see you out back shortly.” She turns and I get to see her backside as she swings her hips so sex like as she walks away from me in her sexy high heels. She has such a great butt, so nice and full and round peaking out from under her low cut bikini bottom. She’s not wearing a thong, I guess it is a Brazilian cut. It just shows off her butt really well. It looks so great.

I go off and try to find dad. I can’t find him in the bedroom or anywhere. I guess he went out, though he must have changed his clothes out of his suit and put on something casual since those are laying on the bed. Anyway, he is not here and I and Cee are all by ourselves. I grab a beach towel and some suntan lotion and go out back to the pool and see Cee has laid her towel and her suntan lotion and is about to dive into the pool showing off her sweet ass to me. God, she looks good. Oh, wow…the air feels so nice on my bare skin. Why didn’t I try this sooner? I love walking around all naked outside.

“Come on in! I’ll race you to the other side!”

I dive in and swim over to her. The water feels so nice against my skin we swim together playfully, she would let me get close and then swim away and I would have to chase her in the pool. She would dive under the water and swim all around my almost touching my butt and genitals.

“How about trying your parent’s hot tub?” She asked.

We get out of the pool and walk over to the tub take off its cover and get into the hot water. I turned on the jets and they feel good against my butt. She then snuggles close to me her mostly bare warm body next to my nude body. She wraps her arms around mine and holds me close. I’ve never been held like this by someone other than my mom or dad. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest as my bare body touches hers. I can feel my penis rub up against her body. Her hard pointy nipples touch my hard pointy nipples and it’s like an electric shock running through us both. I open my mouth in surprise and then she leans in and kisses me! Her soft lips touch mine and I can feel it in my balls and my penis. Her tongue comes into my mouth and mine goes into hers. OH MY GOD! My cock twitches with excitement. Her hands run all over my naked back and I find myself doing the same to her. I don’t know how to kiss but she sure does…oh my…I feel her hands on my butt…oh…my.I am so turned on by her…my penis presses against her body and it feels so hot and warm and she presses back against me…our tongues and lips and we finally have to stop to breathe.

“Ohhhhh…wow…you’re wonderful…” I whisper to her.

Her hands are all over me as we tongue kiss again. I am so turned on as she touches my butt and my penis and my balls. I touch her tiny hard nipples. She moans with soft joy as I do. She takes my hand and leads me out of the pool towards the towels.

“Lay down,” she says.

I do so and she leans into me, pressing her mostly naked wet body against mine and we kiss again. Our nipples rub against each other. Then she starts to kiss my neck and keep moving down my body with her lips. She comes to my nipples and kisses them. Oh God, it makes my penis stand straight up!

Then she keeps on kissing me and going down my stomach and makes her way down my belly…oh my god…will she stop? I don’t want her to…

“Can I put some lotion on you?” She asks softly.

“Yessss…please…” I so want her to touch my naked body.

She pours some lotion onto my chest escort pendik and smears it around playfull squeezing my sensitive nipples. Her soft warm hands feel so nice on my skin. She then coyly stops touching my nipples and does my arms, then she comes back and puts more lotion all over my tummy just stopping short of the area above my penis.

“I like that you have very little hair under your arms and none on your chest…”

“Yeah, I just don’t seem to grow much hair. I’ve never had to shave. Not much down there either.”

“Yes. I did notice that. Very nice,” she says as her hands are all over me yet still avoiding whats all hard and twitching between my legs.

She skips over my genitals and does my legs.

“You have nice shapely legs, soft and yet firm…” she whispers as she works her hands up and down them.

Oh God, I want her to touch my penis…please touch me…please…

Finally, she has coated my entire body except for my genitals. I can feel them so hot and flushed hanging there wanting to be touched…she makes her way back up to my face and she bites her red glossy lower lip and I can feel her warm breath on my face and see she opens her mouth and I can see her tongue glide across her lips and then her lips and tongue are on mine and in my mouth. Ohhhh…I never knew kissing can be so hot and such a turn on…my heart pounds and I can feel my chest pressed up against hers as we make out…lips and tongues and desire…we are both so hot and squirmy as we kiss…ohhhhhh…

“Can I touch you?” her soft familiar voice says to me. “Please…can I…”

“Yes…” I whisper back.

“Thank you,” she says as she takes up the lotion and pours it all over my balls and a thin line along my shaft.

Then finally she touches me down there. Just her fingers rubbing in the lotion into my balls. Then she uses her whole hand to work my soft hot balls till they are covered in lotion. Then she touches my penis. OH MY GOD! I moan with such desire and want and need. She teases me with just her fingers working the lotion along my shaft and finally she takes the lotion and pours it over my penis head and then engulfs it with her hand. Ahhhhhh…she begins to hold my hot hard penis in her hand and works magic up and down my shaft…such care…such skill…she is doing me so much better than I had done when I was masturbating earlier…ohhhhhh…

“Oh, God…Cee…Oh, Cee…you…are…so…amazing…I’mmmm…going…to…lose it…”

“Yes…please…can I make you…” she whispers to me as her hands do their magic on my hard slick penis.

“Please…please…yessss…ohhhhh Cee…”

Then she starts to pump me more firmly and rapidly and in a loud moan I ejaculate thick hot cream out of my penis and it squirts all over her hands. She doesn’t stop till I gush again and finally, I am done. Spent. Drained. I watch with utter amazement as she takes her delicate cum coated hand to her mouth and begins to lick off my cum. She daintily licks all of it up and off her hand and then goes down on me and I feel her tongue lapping up any of the my cum that got onto my tummy.

She then moves away from me and lays on her stomach. “Could you put lotion on me?”

I am next to her in a flash…she is so beautiful…such a shapely form…I can’t wait to touch her warm soft flesh.

“Billy how about undoing my bottom…”

I God yes! She has such a great looking soft butt. I am all nervous as I reach over and pull on the bikini strings that keep this on her. I tug it off as she softly sighs and she lifts up her hips.

“Pull it off me…please…” she whispers in that so familiar husky voice.

I do and look at her bare naked ass. Oh my God, she is so sexy!

“Hey? What is that?”

“Do you like my little jewel?” She says as she reaches behind to pull her soft cheeks wider apart to show more of her butt. In her butt is lodged this pink shiny jewel.

“Your mother bought that for me. Do you like it?”

“Huh? What?” I sputter…

Cee rolls over and I see her naked body. Her hard nipples, the desire on her face and then I see it…she has the tiniest, the cutest little nub of a PENIS AND BALLS BETWEEN HER SOFT SHAPELY LEGS!!

“Do you like my penis, son? Would you like to touch it?”

Cee reaches up and pulls on her hair and what the heck…it’s a wig…OH MY GOD…I finally get it…I realize who she is.

“Do you think your daddy looks sexy?”


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