Party Sister

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Big Tits

**All characters engaging in sex are 18 or older**

“You’ve never been to Bourbon Street?” My friend, Dave, asked. Bourbon Street was New Orleans, and it was where a lot of the people on campus went to party and drink. It was also where women loved to flash and show their titties. It was like a party everyday. The best happened during Mardi Gras, but according to what I’ve heard, it’s never not fun on Bourbon Street.

I shook my head. “I only just turned 18.”

“Man, they don’t card there,” Rachel, my sister said. She was a year older than me and started attending this college last year. We were in the same dorm building, though obviously not roommates, and I kinda just hung out with her friends. She had medium length hair and it was brown, like mine. She slapped my thigh. “We’re going tonight.”

“Hell yeah,” Dave said. He and Rachel were close friends. Close enough that I knew that they slept together on a regular basis. However, Dave was always insistent that Rachel was not his girlfriend, and Rachel was insistent that Dave was not her boyfriend. It was an arrangement they had since last year. Being on good terms with my sister’s fuck buddy stopped being awkward faster than you’d think.

“Why tonight?”

“Why not tonight?” Rachel said. “It’s a Friday. It’s the beginning of the semester, so no serious exams. It’s perfect.”

Night came soon enough. A ding on my phone indicated a text message that Rachel and Dave were ready. I got dressed and met them downstairs. Rachel’s top was tight and thin, showing off her moderate breasts. Nipples poking through showed a lack of bra, which wasn’t how she normally dressed. I didn’t how to bring it up without making it more awkward.

We left in Dave’s car and started the trip to New Orleans. The trip would take just about an hour, and we chatted about dumb stuff on the way there. Dave was excited for the booze and tits, and Rachel was excited to take me to see booze and tits. Part of me wondered if Rachel had planned to show her own tits, a thought that excited me. She was my sister, but I wasn’t dead; she was still really fucking hot.

When we got into New Orleans, Rachel helped Dave find a hotel that we’d crash at the end of the night. “Ain’t none of us gonna be in a state to drive back to campus.”

“That seems responsible.”

Dave parked it in the garage and checked in at the lobby. We received our keycards and went outside to walk the rest of the way. Small businesses lined the downtown street and I followed Dave and Rachel as they knew the way. The closer we got to Bourbon Street, the denser the crowd got. The stronger the smell got too.

“What’s that smell?”

“Horse shit and tourist puke,” Dave said. “We’re getting closer.”

We arrived. Cops were on horses watching the partying. Dave said they’re usually never much trouble unless you’re truly an idiot. The street was a lot more well lit than the other streets, and bars lined up the street. Dave bought three drinks that were in a peculiar green container. It was bulbous at the bottom, and had a long skinny neck, and almost resembled a bong. He handed one to Rachel and one to myself, and he kept the other. “These are hand grenades.”

As I held it, I noticed the bulbous bottom was textured like a grenade. I sipped it, and it was delicious, but definitely kartal escort very strong. I couldn’t help but eye the cop as my 18 year old self opening drank liquor. He didn’t seem to give two shits, so neither would I.

“Like it?” asked Dave.

“Hell yeah!”

“Hell yeah!”

As we made our way up the street, we encountered a group of drunk men on a balcony who cheered for Rachel to show her tits. Her red lips curved into a smile and she handed me her hand grenade. Both her hands grabbed the bottom of her top and lifted. Blood rushed to my cock as I feasted my eyes on her gorgeous tits and light pink nipples. They bounced when she shook them back and forth for the pleasure of the men. It was certainly helping my pleasure too. The men threw beads at her and she lowered her top.

“That was fucking hot, Rache.” Dave sipped his drink.

“Thanks Dave.” Rachel reached and took the drink back that I was too stunned to hand over to her. “What did my brother think?”

“I had no idea you would do that.”

“It’s Bourbon Street,” she said. “Everybody does. Feel free to enjoy your sister’s tits. They’re still tits.”

“And what great tits they are,” Dave said.

We finished our hand grenades and got more drinks as we ventured up and down the street. Apparently hand grenades are discounted if you keep the container. We went into a few bars and enjoyed the Jazz music New Orleans is so well known for. Dave, Rachel, and I had a couple shots of whiskey while we chilled and listened to the music. Dave lit up a cigarette on the way out.

I got another hand grenade. I leaned into the straw for a sip, but apparently my sister had gone for a sip at the same time. Our lips touched and I realized just how soft my sister’s lips were. The alcohol in my head clouded my judgement as I enjoyed kissing my sister and held my lips there. I pressed my tongue through, and she let me in. Alcohol must’ve been clouding her judgement too, and we tasted the inside of each other’s mouths.

I extended my hand that was holding the alcohol so it’d be out of our way, and I used my free hand to embrace her. We held each other close and our hands explored each other. My hand grabbed her firm ass through the tight denim pants. Her fingernails raked down my back, and her stiff nipples that I had seen earlier pushed into my chest. My cock became rock hard and pushed against her. She rubbed her crotch on me and I felt her breathing faster.

Finally we broke the kiss and we looked each other in the eye. Neither of us said anything, but she took a sip of my drink.

“So, you just made out with your sister,” Dave said. “How was it?”

“Hot.” I said it without even thinking.

“Bourbon Street can do crazy things.” Rachel gestured to a club. “Let’s go here.”

The three of us entered the club. It wasn’t jazz like the other bar; this one was more modern dance and club music. Dave signaled to go to the bar and we each took a shot of tequila. Rachel took my hand and guided me to the dance floor. “Let’s dance, bro.”

She faced away from me and ground her ass onto my hard dick. There’s no way she didn’t feel my hardness, but she ground against me all the same. I put my hands on her sides and held her closer as she danced more. I swayed with her and let my hands travel up her sides. maltepe escort bayan I felt her ribs through the thin fabric of her shirt. She danced with her arms in the air, so nothing stopped my hands from going all the way up to her shoulders. My fingertips rested on her armpits and touched the curve of her breasts. From earlier, I knew she had no bra, and my heart was racing. In my drunken mind, I wanted to feel more, and in our dance movements, I let my hands slide a little forward to feel the sides of her boobs. They felt so soft to my hands.

“Squeeze them.”


Rachel leaned back and kissed me on the cheek. “Squeeze them. I know you want to.”

Energy shot to my cock and I fully reached and squeezed her tits just like she asked. They felt so soft, but so firm. I rubbed her nipples through the fabric and she let out soft moans. She ground her ass on me more before turning around. For a second, I was upset I wasn’t rubbing her tits anymore, but that sadness passed when Rachel pressed her lips against mine. This time, it was her who pressed her tongue into mine, and I happily let her in. She dry humped my cock, and we continued until the song was over.

Rachel and I found Dave in a dark corner. Rachel kissed him and they started making out. Rachel’s fingers grazed across my hard cock through my pants until her fingers found a belt loop and she pulled me closer. She broke the kiss with Dave to then kiss me. She rubbed my cock over my jeans, and I noticed she was doing the same to Dave. She toyed with my zipper before breaking the kiss. “This is getting pretty heated. Let’s take it to the hotel.”

“I’m down,” Dave said.

We left the club and made our way back to the hotel. The crowd and our drunken state made navigating take a little longer than it should’ve. As we walked, the heat in my cock died down, and I started to think of what we would do once we got to the hotel. Was I really about to fuck my sister? I’d already made out and squeezed her tits. Crossing the line and fucking my sister worried me. We were both so horny and drunk, I was worried she’d say yes. But I was also so horny that I also worried she might say no.

After many wrong turns, we finally made it to the hotel. Dave pulled the keycard from his pocket and read the room number before we got into the elevator. 479. Rachel pushed the button for the 4th floor, and we looked for room 479. The door clicked when Dave slid his card in, and we went into the room.

The second the door closed, Rachel had no hesitation about putting her arms around me and putting her lips against mine. She was a lot rougher now that we were in somewhat public, and it felt like she was going to suck my tongue right out my mouth. Her nimble fingers zipped my jeans open and she reached in to massage my bare skinned cock. The flesh of her hand felt so good on my organ and I squeezed her ass harder.

She broke the kiss to pull my shirt off. I returned the favor and admired her magnificent tits that I had seen earlier. My hands went to her soft flesh without even thinking about it and I leaned in to suck on her nipples. Dave, who was already naked, leaned in to suck the other. Rachel moaned and ran her fingers through our hair as we suckled.

“OK boys. Switch.”

We obeyed without a second thought. escort pendik I felt Dave’s spit on her other nipple, but it didn’t bother me much, because I was still sucking on my sister’s hot tits. I rubbed her crotch through her jeans and her moans grew louder. “Oh fuck. Bro, is that you?”

I could only nod as I kept sucking her tit and massaging her crotch. Rachel gently pushed us away for a second and took her jeans off. I took the opportunity to do the same. All she wore now was a pair of red panties, and my hard cock poked through the fly of my plaid boxers. She beckoned us back, and I kissed and sucked her tits. Her panties were soft to the touch, and I felt more of her pussy through them. The fabric was getting moist and I felt Dave rubbing her ass.

I pulled the fabric to the side and rubbed her bare pussy. It was completely wet and my fingers easily slid over her clit. She let out a shrieking moan and demanding more. “Yes brother, just like that!”

“Hey man,” Dave whispered to me.


“Kiss down to her pussy,” Dave said. “She loves that.”

I kissed the underside of her breast and worked down her belly. Dave had backed away by now as I was at her waist. Rachel begged for more while my hands rubbed her nipples that had been lubricated in our spit. I pulled down her panties and inhaled her intoxicating scent before putting my lips to her pussy. My tongue swirled over her clit. “Oh fuck, bro!”

Rachel could barely keep her balance as I ate her pussy. Muscles in her leg quivered and she held onto my head for balance. I grabbed her juicy ass with both hands and squeezed. “Fuck bro, I need your cock.”

I stood up and we kissed. She licked her own fluids off my lips before turning around. She was bent over, presenting her ass and pussy lips to me. I dropped my boxers down and put the tip against her entrance. Neither of us seemed to care about crossing the line anymore, and I pushed in. She was wet, so I slid in easily. I moaned at her tight warmth and she let out a louder groan. “Fucking love my brother’s cock!”

At first, I went slow. I enjoyed her pussy walls squeezing me, and the view of my sister’s ass as I pushed in. Her moans were muffled and I looked up and saw she was giving Dave a blow job. I fucked her harder and listened to her muffled moans. Her ass jiggled as her body took my force and I spanked her. Muffled screams came from her and she squeezed Dave’s ass.

“She loves that dude,” Dave said. “Spank her harder.”

I raised my hand and slapped her ass as hard as I could. More muffled screams came and her pussy got tighter. Her ass was totally red now and I fucked her as hard as I could. Her walls squeezed rhythmically, and her moans grew louder. Pleasure built higher within my cock until waves of it surged through my entire body. Muffled moans became muffled screams as my sister came with me. She bobbed her head on Dave a few more times, and his body went stiff before cumming into Rachel’s mouth.

My cock shined with both our fluids when I pulled out. Semen dripped from her wet pussy, but we were all too tired and drunk to care. All three of us collapsed onto the bed.

My head throbbed as I opened my eyes. Light shined through the thin hotel curtains. Rachel was draped over my body, and we were both still naked. Dave was spooning her from the back on the other side. Memories of what happened last night seemed almost like a dream, and were it not for Rachel still being naked and on top of me, I might not have believed it.

“Morning, bro,” Rachel whispered in my ear.

“Morning, sis.”

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