Pat , Kim Step-Son Visits Pt. 02

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This is the second of hopefully many installments of me sharing our sexual adventures with you.

Please read part 1, if you would like the background for this story.

I hope you enjoy!



The alarm clock went off early on Friday morning. My sleeping husband Pat, grumbled a little as he climbed out of bed and made his way to the bathroom and the shower. I didn’t have to get out of bed yet as I had taken the day off and was not heading to work. As I lay in bed my fingers began to wander over my body, as my mind was spinning. I was playing out scenarios in my mind on how to seduce my step-son Drew.

Drew, have arrived yesterday to attend the wedding of one of his friends and to spend the weekend with Pat and I. I have been fantasying about Drew for the last couple of years and with Pat’s consent I was going to do my best to make my fantasy come true, today.

Pat finished up in the bathroom and was getting dressed for work. I got out of bed and headed for the shower. I took a quick rinse and slipped on my little white silk robe that Pat had given me a few years ago. As I finished up, I could hear that Pat was in the kitchen making coffee so I headed that way. He was about to head out the door when I got to the kitchen. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek, picked up his computer bag, his car keys and left for work.

I poured myself a cup of coffee. I was hungry, so I began washing and cutting up some fruit for a nice light breakfast. I sat down at the kitchen table and starting thumbing through a magazine while I ate my breakfast. I must have gotten more involved than I had imagined because I did not hear Drew make his way into the kitchen.

He startled me, and I jumped up and out of my chair when he said, “good morning.”

“Ohh my, you startled me!”, I gasped.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.”, Drew responded, looking a little sheepish.

Standing in front of Drew, I remembered that I was wearing only my silk robe. The robe is so short that it barely covers my butt and the material is very sheer, almost see through. My nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. I knew the robe was revealing, but I may no effort to close it. There was a gap all the way down the front. A bit of my pussy was showing through the separation at the bottom of the robe and the opening at the top was even wider. I am an exhibitionist, so I made no effort to adjust my robe.

“Drew would you like some coffee or breakfast?”, I asked.

He replied, “Kim, thank you for the offer, but not right now, I was planning to do a few laps in the pool. I like to work out, first thing in the morning.”

It was only then that I noticed he was wearing a swimsuit.

“Please stop calling me Kim, call me Mom and let me at least get you some ice water or juice before you start your workout.”, I said.

“Thank you, MOM!”, Drew replied, a little sarcastically putting a heavy emphasis on the word Mom.

I just giggled and stood to get Drew his drink. As I stood up, I accidentally knocked my magazine off the table.

Without thinking, I turned around and bent over to pick up the magazine that had fallen to the floor. This caused the back of my robe to ride up, displaying most of my naked butt cheeks. I heard Drew take a deep breath and suddenly I realized what I was revealing to him. Drew was being bold staring at my exposed ass and was even bending down a bit to get a better view. I purposely fumbled with the magazine, allowing Drew to get a nice long look at my smooth, firm butt.

When I stood up and turned around, my robe opened a little further. At this point, the gap in front was about three inches wide, so there was much more of my womanhood showing. Realizing that Drew was getting an eyeful, I purposely dropped the magazine. Drew quickly bent down to pick it up and his face was only inches away from my shaved slit. Drew was so intent on staring, I decided to show him a little more and shifted my legs causing the gap in my robe to separate even wider.

He finally stood up and handed me the magazine. Drew is much taller than I am, so bending over even the slightest bit would completely expose my titties to him. I leaned forward to pick-up my coffee cup and place the magazine back on the table. The top of my robe fell away from my chest giving him an unobstructed view of my pink nipples. I took my time placing the magazine just so and picking up the cup, allowing him more of an opportunity to peek down my gaping robe at my bare boobies. From the bulge in his swimsuit, I could tell he appreciated my actions.

Due to my clumsiness, he was treated to an even bigger thrill. As I turned to walk to the refrigerator, I stumbled, forcing me to kneel to catch myself before I fell. As I kneeled, I accidentally stepped on the belt kartal escort bayan to my robe and when I stood up, my robe became undone. The front of my robe opened completely, and my breasts and pussy were totally revealed to Drew. I stood there frozen for a moment as he gazed at my nakedness, then my cell phone rang. I excused myself and answered the phone.

The call was from one of my co-workers who was having an issue and needed my help. Drew must have realized that the call was going to take several minutes and headed out to the pool. I finished up my call and poured the glass of juice that I had promised Drew. I found my sunglasses and headed out to the pool to give it to him.

When I got to the pool deck, Drew was busy swimming laps, so I left his glass of juice on the pool deck. The sun was out, and weather was perfect, the pool looked so inviting. I thought about slipping off my robe and getting into the pool but decided I didn’t want to disrupt Drew’s workout. Instead, I moved to a lounge chair, so I could watch Drew swim and enjoy the sunshine.

It has been a great summer. The weather has been perfect, and I have spent a lot of time working on my all over tan. I love to sunbath by our pool. Our home is on a large lot and we have a wall surrounding the pool, so it is very private. I normally sunbath in the nude. I have only been caught a couple of times by our pool boy, but that is a different story for a different day. I have a nice even tan. Not too dark and obnoxious. Just healthy looking and it looks great with a neon colored bikini.

I was soaking up the sun and enjoying the feeling of the sun’s rays on my skin. I sat up and slipped off my robe and laid back down, now completely naked. It felt great to be naked and out in the sun.

After a few minutes of enjoying the sun, the sound of Drew swimming stopped. From behind my sunglasses I say him stealing looks at me. He had his arms up on the edge of pool deck, resting and catching his breath from his workout, all the while looking at my tits. I closed my eyes and I don’t move an inch. For all he knew I am napping. I heard him moving in the water, changing his spot along the side of the pool.

I knew he was trying to get a better view of my pussy. He stopped moving, still at the edge of the pool, now closer to me. I shifted my position on the lounge chair, opening my legs more. From where he was standing in the pool, I knew he was getting a full view of my pussy lips and my clit. I wondered if he has noticed my nipples have gotten hard?

Drew finally spoke. “You decided to come out and enjoy the sun?”

I replied, “I did, it’s a perfect day for it.”

Drew pushed himself up onto the pool deck. I could see a huge lump in his shorts. I thought to myself, is that his cock?

After a brief pause, Drew said, “Kim, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure thing, go right ahead, but call me Mom.”, I quickly replied.

He laughed, “Right, okay, MOM!”

He continued, “I noticed something. You don’t have any tan lines. Do you always sunbathe in the nude?”

I smiled at him and said, “Well, most of the time I am back here alone, and I like to sunbathe in the nude.” I continued, “I hope that doesn’t bother you or make you feel uncomfortable. I know I am old and your step-mom.”

He shook his head, “First of all, Mom you are not old. Second you look fantastic, in fact you’re hot, all my buddies say you’re a MILF.”

As we talked I sat up in the chair, my breasts in full view of my step-son. There was no doubt he was looking. He hadn’t moved an inch from the side of the pool. I was getting excited; my nipples were rock hard, as big as my thumb. Through my sunglasses I saw one of his hands moving under the water and I knew he was stroking his big cock. This was oh so naughty. This was my step-son. I couldn’t myself, he was making me so horny.

Teasing him I said, “I should probably put on a bikini. Boys aren’t supposed to see their step-Mommies naked.”

He laughed and said, “Don’t worry Mommy, I have seen plenty of naked women.”

Hmm I thought, I spread my legs just enough to where I knew he saw everything he wanted to see.

After a few minutes of him gawking at me, I rolled over on my stomach and called to him. “Drew why don’t you get out of the pool and come over here and join me.” As I said this I motioned to a second lounge chair that was next to where I was sitting.

“While you are up, would you mind bringing the suntan oil from the table to me? I don’t want to get a sunburn.”

“Sure thing,” he said. He got out of the pool, picked up the suntan lotion from the table and walked over to me. He handed me the lotion and sat down next to me on the lounge chair.

I stood and squirted some suntan oil into my hand. I knew escort maltepe he was watching, so I took my time and gave him a show, while I oiled my body. The coconut scent of the oil filled the air as I rubbed the oil on my arms and stomach. I squirted a large amount of oil on my tits, lifting them, messaging them as I worked the oil into my skin. My nipples were rock hard and so was Drew. I continued, moving down to my legs and my thighs, both the inner and outer.

Still standing, I asked Drew, “Would you be a dear and oil my back?”

He stood up, I moved so my back was to him. He started with my shoulders, then my upper back, as he moved down lower on my back he stopped. I told him to not stop and to put some oil on my ass.

He kneaded my ass cheeks and it felt so good. He got within an inch of touching my wet pussy. As he finished, I told him thank you. He sat back down on his lounge. I laid on my stomach, stealing glances at him, his bulge was obvious.

I turned to him and said, “Drew you look uncomfortable.”, pointing to the bulge in his shorts. “You should try sunbathing without shorts. It really feels great.”

My words hung in the air, just for a moment. I heard him take a deep breath. All he said was, “OK.”

He undid the lace tie and pulled his board shorts right off. I tried not to stare but could not help myself. He was on his back and his cock was laying on his thigh. It is huge. At least twice the size of his father’s and as thick as my wrist. It is at least 10 inches of cut, young, hard meat. I kept stealing looks at it.

He is MUCH bigger than I imagined, I was getting so turned on with the thought of that monster filling me up, I had to cool off. I stood, I knew he was watching me. I slowly walked toward the pool. I stepped in and walked down the pool steps. I submersed myself in the cool water and swam around some, not leaving the shallow end.

I saw movement then a big wall of water hit me from the splash he made when he jumped into the pool. When he broke the surface, I laughed and splashed him. He splashed back, and the water fight was on. We were splashing back and forth, and he moved in closer. I moved back but he kept coming closer. He got close enough to grab my arm and I screamed like a school girl. He pulled my arm and then grabbed my waist pulling me in close. I was laughing. My back to his chest. I felt his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I decided to play a little and I ground my butt back, pushing his cock farther between them. He was tickling me now and reached around and grabbed one of my big tits.

I laughed and said, “No fair, No fair, you can’t grab those, my tits are off limits.”

He pulled me tighter and said, “Oh yea.” He reached out and grabbed the other one.

He started pinching and pulling on my nipples. It felt great. I didn’t want him to stop. He gave my fun bags a healthy squeeze then spun me around to face him. He held me close, my tits pressed against his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I could feel his big hard cock between us. My clit and pussy were pressed against it.

I looked at him and said with a smile, “That wasn’t fair, you grabbed my tits.”

He smiled back and said, “Yes I did, and you loved it.”

I continued to smile confirming his statement. I started grinding my pussy into his cock. I leaned forward and kissed him. I rammed my tongue into his mouth and I pulled him tighter to me.

When we broke the kiss, I looked him in the eye and said, “You said some of your buddies thought I am a MILF. Do you think I am a MILF?”

He swallowed hard and said, “You are the hottest woman I have ever seen. Hell yes, you are a MILF.”

I smiled back and said, “Then I am a Mother who you would like to fuck?”

That question hung in the air and he finally said, “More than anything.”

I kissed him on the lips and unwrapped myself from him. I took him by the hand and led him to the steps. We climbed out of the pool and walked to the pool lounges and our towels. I toweled off quickly and then started to dry him. I worked my way down his front until I was kneeling in front of him. I rubbed his big cock with the towel. I threw it onto the ground, still kneeling. His huge cock was right in front of my face. I started to reach for it but stopped.

I looked at him and asked. “Can I touch it?”

He smiled down at me and said, “It’s yours, you can do anything you want with it.”

I smiled back and reached out with both hands and gently wrapped them around his cock. It was very heavy. I lifted it up and gave the big head a kiss. I kissed it again, this time flicking my tongue for a taste. I pressed my lips against the head sucking as much of it as I could into my mouth. I heard him groan. I was able pendik escort to take almost half of him into my mouth and throat. I used both hands on him, working to take as much as I could into my mouth.

I knew he had been aroused for quite a while, so I knew he would not last long. I longed for his taste, his essence going down my throat. I could tell he was enjoying my oral talents. I started to suck and stoke him with urgency. He had his hands on his hips and his eyes were closed.

He said through clenched teeth, ‘Oh God Mommy, I’m cuming, here it comes.”

I felt his glans swell and he stopped thrusting. I pulled back until only the head of his cock was in my mouth. I felt the heat, his cock was boiling. His young seed started shooting out of his cock onto my tongue. I swallowed quickly because I knew more was coming. I stroked his cock with two hands, still only the head in my mouth as he continued to spurt. When he started to slow down I suck more, harder, drawing my cheeks in and flicking his cock head with my tongue. He started to go soft and I let it fall out of my mouth. I did not spill a drop and I smiled up at him.

He said, “Damn, that’s the best blowjob I have ever had.”

I let go of his cock and got up off my knees and laid down on the lounge. I opened my legs and arms reaching out to him.

“Time to eat Mommy’s pussy son.” I say to him.

He dove in and I was surprised to find out he really knew what he is doing. I wondered who taught him to eat pussy like that? He kissed my inner thighs and slowly worked his way to my inner lips. He kissed them, then flicked my opening with his tongue. He worked on me for ten minutes and had not touched my clit once. I was climbing out of my skin. I had to have him on my clit. He finally flicked it with his tongue, once, then two times, then three. He was teasing me, and I grabbed his head and smashed it to my pussy. He sucked my whole clit into his mouth and that sent me over the edge. I started bucking off the cushion. He was nibbling my clit with his teeth. Involuntary spasms were running through me. He sucked on it very hard and rapidly thrumed it with his tongue. I exploded soaking his face and the cushion with my juice. When he felt me slowing down he wisely released my clit because it gets too sensitive. He stood up and wiped his face on a towel. I looked up and saw he was rock hard again.

I reached up to him and said, “Come here baby I need you.”

He came to me carefully, laying on top of me. I wrapped him in my arms and whispered in his ear. “Fuck me, Fuck your Mommy!”

We kissed, and I felt his hard cock pressing into my belly. As we are kissed he was squeezing my tits, pinching the nipples. He re-adjusted his position and his cockhead was very close to my entrance. I opened my legs more and he reached down and rubbed it against my clit.

I smiled and said, “Honey, I have wanted your big cock in me for a long time.”

He was ready and so was I. He moved into position, taking care not to hurt me. He was keeping his weight off me with one hand and guiding his cock with the other. He rubbed the head across my entrance and I sighed. His need was great, he was shaking. He pressed his big cockhead into me and slowly I opened. It felt so big and hot. He pressed forward, and I started to open up more, he had the head of his cock in and it felt wonderful.

After some easy stroking, in and out, he buried his whole cock into me. A perfect fit. I raised his lips to mine and kissed him.

The feeling of Drew’s big cock inside of me was fantastic. He was big, huge, but it was like I was made for him. He began stroking in and out. He reached around with his hands and grabbed my ass, pulling my hips to him. He was adjusting the angle, trying to shove more of his cock into me. He was bottoming out as it was. He was starting to speed up and I sensed his desire would quickly overwhelm him.

He knew he was close and asked, “Mommy, I am going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?”

I said, “No baby, I want you to cum inside of me. I want to feel it. Go ahead and shoot. Fill Mommy with your hot nasty seed.”

When he heard that, somehow his cock swelled up even more and he stopped pumping. I felt a spasm move through it and he erupted. Wave after wave, rope after rope of his cum, from deep within him, hosed down his step-mommy’s pussy. It was his second big cum, but he still managed to fill me up.

After he came, he stayed in me. We both were catching our breath and letting the afterglow wash over us. He began to soften, he rolled off me and his cock came out of my well used pussy with a pop.

As he stood, I reached out and grabbed hold of his cock, he stopped moving. I took his monster dick into my mouth, tasting the wonderful mixture of both of our juices. He groaned with delight. I slowly licked and sucked him clean.

I looked him in the eye and said. “Mommy loved that, Thank You. Maybe you can bring some of your buddies around, the ones who think I’m a Milf. Mommy wants to get all her holes filled at the same time!”

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