Penny Meets Susan

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Thanks to all the people who have sent feedback to my stories. It certainly gives me the incentive to try to write more. This story involves two real people, but the story is purely a fantasy of a fan that requested I write a story for them. I will continue to post stories on here as they are written, but I am now also posting my stories from here and another site on my own Yahoo Groups page so they are all in one place. Membership is by invite only, so you will have to contact me if you wish to join. Hope you all enjoy this story.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Penny hadn’t known Susan for very long; they met by accident one day at the supermarket when Penny’s car had a flat; her spare was flat, and her mobile phone battery was flat as well. Susan happened to be walking past with her groceries when Penny realized her dilemma.

“Excuse me, do you happen to have a mobile phone I could borrow?” she asked Susan.

The rest is history; Susan lent her the phone so she could call her husband to come and help her. When Penny’s husband arrived soon after, Susan and Penny had already become like old friends. They had introduced themselves, talked about where they live etc., the usual ‘girl’s stuff’ and had felt at home with each other from the word go.

Once Penny’s husband had the flat fixed, they had already arranged to go for a coffee and to get to know each other better. I guess I should describe these two women here. Penny is 34, 5’9″, dark long hair, olive complexion and eyes, a curvy build and very large breast around 36DD. Susan is 25, around 5’5″, long black hair and eyes, and small breasts, around a 34B. Penny is of a mixed Greek and Caucasian race and Susan is Chinese. Never would you believe that two such different women would become good friends so quickly.

After sitting for an hour, drinking coffee and getting to know each other better, Penny looked at her watch and realized she was late, as she had to go to the dressmakers to collect her new dress and then she needed to go and buy some new underwear and other personal items. When she told Susan this, Susan asked if she could go with her, as she was interested in the different styles of underwear on the market these days. Penny was delighted and told her she was welcome. They finished their coffees and left.

When they arrived at the dressmakers, Penny was told she should try her new dress on before leaving to make sure she was totally happy with the finished product. As she took the dress to the changing room at the back of the store, Susan followed and said she would help her with it. At first Penny never gave it a thought, but by the time they got into the change room, she remembered that she was not wearing a bra, she only had on a very tiny G-String, and she had only just met Susan; she started to turn red with embarrassment at the prospect of undressing in front of her; but it was too late to change her mind now.

Susan moved behind Penny and unzipped her dress for her and then slipped the straps down over her shoulders. The room was large enough for the two women, but only just large enough. As Penny turned to get her new dress from the hook on the wall, her large breasts brushed almost into Susan’s face.

“Wow! Your breasts are beautiful!” Susan said as she took in the shape and colors of the breasts presented to her face.

Penny blushed and tried to cover them, but as she still had to try the dress on she had no choice but to keep presenting them to Susan. After what seemed like ages, she slowly stepped out of her dress and stepped into the new one. As she went to pull it up, her foot was on the hem, and as a result she fell forward, and this made her end up with her large breasts landing in Susan’s face.

“Oh Shit! I’m sorry Susan; I did not mean to do that. Are you alright?” she asked with embarrassment.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m used to this happening, I sell ladies wear and things like that and accidents always happen when the girls are changing.” She replied.

“Really? Do you work in a women’s clothing Shop Susan?” she asked.

“No, silly, I sell ladies underwear, sexy night-wear and sex toys by party-plan from home. You should come to my next party, I have plenty of things in your size that would be great on you” Susan laughed.

When Penny got the new dress up she had trouble with the buttons down the front so Susan stepped in and helped. First doing the bottom buttons up just below her breasts, then as she reached her cleavage she moved her hands onto Penny’s breast to ‘re-arrange’ them so they fit snugly into the dress, and then she did the last two buttons in the front. When Penny felt Susan’s hands touch her breasts she felt both shocked and excited at the feel of another woman touching her private parts.

They both stood there for a moment before Susan moved to one side so Penny could get a good look at herself in the full-length mirror on the side wall.

” That looks lovely on you Penny, but you know, I think with the right sort of Bra it would push your beautiful breasts Beylikdüzü escort up and make it look even better on you” Susan declared.

As she said this, Susan cupped Penny’s breasts and pushed them up to demonstrate the effect she meant. Again Penny felt herself blush at the feel of this young woman touching her breasts; but deep down inside her loins, she could feel the start of an all too familiar sensation; her pussy was coming alive! Quickly she decided she needed to change back into her dress and get out of the store, or at least get some space between the two of them.

Susan once again stepped in and helped with the change of clothing, but this time, as she undid the buttons, she let her fingers stay longer then necessary and as Penny felt her small fingers slightly touching her cleavage, she felt her knees begin to waiver. It brought back memories of her college days when she shared a dorm with 3 other women. Back then her and her room-mates would sit together and get drunk and tell stories to each other of their boyfriends, or people they had crushes on. Sometimes they drank too much and they would all fall asleep on the one bed.

As Penny remembered her college days, Susan had dropped to her knees to make sure Penny did not repeat her fumble when she stepped back into her dress. As Susan slowly lifted the dress up towards her waist, she stopped at Penny’s G-String for a moment and pretended to be interested in the design and the brand of the garment.

“Is this a Victoria’s Secret G-String Penny?” she asked as her fingers gently pulled the top string out a little so as to see the label.

“Ummm, sorry, what did you say? Oh! No, it’s not sorry, I got it at K-Mart a few weeks ago” she stuttered out as her mind came back to Earth.

Susan ran her long and slender fingers down along the strings as she made out she was inspecting the garment; all the time Penny was breathing heavily as she felt this young Asian woman’s fingers edge ever so close to her trimmed and shaved pussy; being scared that she would touch her, but at the same time hoping that she would.

Once more her mind returned to her college days and a night when she had passed out, only to awaken around 3 am to find her roommate asleep behind her; with her arms draped over Penny’s shoulder, and her hand resting on her exposed breast. She was shocked at first and was about to run, but then thought that it may be all innocent on her room mates part; maybe she too had passed out, only to dream of being with her boyfriend. She decided it best to do nothing, to just lay still and wait for her friend to move so she could free her body from under the intruding hand.

She slowly rolled onto her back, so as to see if her friend was awake, and also hoping that the slight movement would make her friend move, but instead her friend seemed to move even closer into her. As the minutes ticked past her friend’s hands began to move ever so slightly, up and down her breasts and then over her stomach. Back then in college, Penny’s breasts were not as well developed as now, so maybe her friend did not realize it were a woman she was caressing in her sleep.

“Oh, Tom, I love you so much, please kiss me” he friend mumbled in her sleep.

It was evident that she was dreaming, and did not have any idea of whom she were with, so Penny decided it best not to shatter her dreams. She lay there and accepted all the attention her friend’s hands were giving, and she was shocked to feel herself getting moist between her legs. She could not help herself, her hand slid down between her legs and as she began to lightly touch herself, all the time being careful not too disturb her sleeping friend.

“Tom, please kiss me, I love you. I need you so much Tom,” her friend continued in her dream-induced words.

Feeling even more aroused, just thinking that her body was making another woman horny, she did what she had never before thought of doing; she edged closer and kissed her friend softly on the lips.

“Um, yes Tom please give me more,” her friend urged.

Feeling both horny as well as in a cheeky state, Penny moved her free hand across to her friend and softly touched her breasts. First she just rested her hands there, but soon she felt the urge to do more. Slowly she tweaked her nipples through her loose top, before taking the next daring step, she slid her hand inside of the top and made contact with her bare flesh; she felt so hot, and Penny did not know if she could stop, or even if she wanted to stop.

“Yes Tom, that feels so nice, please fuck me,” the friend continued to moan, ever so soft and lovingly.

Penny was shocked, she did not realize that her friend was not a virgin, she thought, like herself, she was still just in the fooling around stages of her relationship with Tom. Her friends hand started to rub and pull at her body even more; her groin was snuggled into her side and it seemed like she were trying to mount Penny from the side. The more her friend pumped into her side, the hotter she felt deep down inside Beylikdüzü escort her loins.

Soon Penny was getting out of control with her feelings, her hand slipped down between her friends legs and without her consciously knowing what she were doing, she began to stroke her friends love mound.

“Yes, yes, you are making me feel so hot!” the friend spoke.

This in turn just made Penny feel more out of control. Never before had she had any feelings towards members of her own sex, never would she have contemplated doing what she were about to do. She knew she must still be under the influence of the wine she had been drinking only a few short hours ago, but she could not help herself. Her hand gently slipped under the waist of her friends panties, she was about to touch her friends most private of places; and she was doing so willingly. At first she just touched the neatly trimmed hair on the pussy, but the more her friend moaned and asked her (Tom) to go further, the more she did so. Slowly her middle finger began to rub up and down on the moist lips, but then it moved further inside of the lips; she was actually fingering her friend; not only fingering her, but she was quickly bringing her friend to an orgasm!

Soon she felt her friend’s body tighten, her breathing quickened, her moaning became louder, and then she collapsed onto her back and appeared to be sound asleep once more. Penny was surprised and disgusted at what she had just done. When they woke the next morning her friend made a comment on the strange dream she’d had, but Penny pretended that she knew nothing of it, and said that she in fact, had slept soundly. Deep down inside it had awoken a sleeping monster; one that would not surface again until the day she met Susan. Nothing was said again, and Penny forced the image from her mind.

As Susan stood up Penny came back to the present and looked down just as Susan’s face was nearing her large curvy breasts. Secretly she was hoping that Susan would slip, so that her breasts would again be in her face.

She knew what she was thinking was wrong, but her memories of all those years ago; the night that another woman touched her breasts were just too much for her; she secretly wanted to relive those feelings, but she was too scared to take the initiative herself.

“Well, there you go Penny, all dressed again” Susan exclaimed.

“Oh! Yes, thanks Susan, you have been a great help to me” Penny stuttered.

The time had rushed past and Penny knew that she must get home very soon. She again thanked Susan for all her help and said they would have to catch up for coffee and some shopping again real soon. As she turned to go to her car, Susan called back to her.

“Penny, if you are free this Saturday afternoon, a few of my girlfriends are coming around to my place for a Lingerie Party if you are interested in coming” she told her.

At first she did not know what to do or say, but after Susan told her that she would have fun, as well as be able to get some new sexy underwear, she agreed to attend. They swapped phone numbers and agreed to be in touch with each other in a few days to arrange the times. They got into their separate cars and departed for their respective homes.

The drive home for Penny was worrying, not because of traffic or car problem, but rather because her mind was not on the road from the moment she was alone behind the wheel of the car. During the 20-minute drive to her house her mind flashed with thoughts of her college days and the near bi experience that had occurred to her.

Next day Susan rang Penny to see if she were still interested in attending her “Party”; she was, so they agreed to meet for a coffee so Susan could give her the details and location.

“So Susan, you just sell underwear to a group of women do you?” Penny asked.

“Oh No Penny, not JUST underwear, I sell sexy lingerie like Teddy’s, crotchless panties, suspender and garter belt sets, erotic bras and such, and I even have a line of sex toys for the more adventurous women or for those that don’t have a partner to satisfy them” Susan explained.

The look on Penny’s face was priceless, she had thought it was just a ladies underwear thing, but she was now listening as Susan revealed she sold Adult underwear etc., and she was getting a little turned on just by thinking of all the sexy items available.

“I guess then that you get lots of women coming to these parties?” Penny impishly asked.

“Well there are always many that want to come, but I like to keep it simple and only have a few of the girls at a time. It is more intimate that way, and as well, I can give my full attention to their questions and desires” she replied.

Now this last comment had Penny intrigue; what did she mean by “their desires”? Susan went on to explain in more detail about how the party ran, how women choose an item they all seemed to like, and one of the women would then model the item so everyone got to see how it fit and looked. This was when the “sleeping monster” began to Escort Beylikdüzü awaken once again. She was hooked on the idea of seeing all these women parading around in sexy underwear, just so she could secretly get her kicks. She agreed quickly that she would attend and could not wait until Saturday.

When Saturday arrived she showered and got herself mentally prepared for the events that lay ahead of her; she even trimmed and shaved her pubic region in case she had to model an item or two, and she dressed in a light frock and the tiniest of G-Strings she could find in her dresser, but she decided to go without a bra, as her breasts always felt better when they were swinging free. After all, she would be just with a group of women, and they would not care how she dressed.

She arrived at Susan’s house with a bottle of wine and a plate of savories, as everyone had to bring something for them all to share. Susan greeted her at the door with a kiss and a hug. This shook her a little as she was not expecting her to do so, but when she did, she felt a tingle in her groin straight away. Susan took her through to where the other women were already seated, and chatting like old friends.

“Everyone, this is my new friend, Penny. Penny, this is Alice, this is Beth, that’s Dee and this one here is my sister Cath,” Susan introduced everyone.

As Penny took a seat next to Cath she looked around the room and saw to her surprise that all the items on sale, were already displayed. There was a rack with all sorts of nighties, another with panties and bras, and on the table there were a selection of ‘personal’ items that lonely women would all love; but not her, as she had a husband who satisfied her needs quite well, whenever she needed him too.

The party was ready to begin, and slowly the women all began to go over the different items, and they were all commenting on the things they loved, the things they thought one of the others would look nice in, etc. Penny had never seen crotchless panties before so she selected a pair of them, hoping that one of the other women would model them; not because Penny wanted to buy them, but more because deep down she was hoping one of them would display all their hidden secrets to her, so she could secretly indulge in her own little party and see another woman’s pussy.

When everyone was seated again; with their selections in front of themselves, Susan said it was time to decide who would model the first items. After a few moments of debating, Penny was shocked to find she had been voted to go first, as she was the ‘newbie’ of the party. Being scared that she would have to model the panties she selected, she was soon comforted when Beth said she wanted to see how her selection looked; it was a full-length nightie, and it did not look like you could see through it; she accepted it, and Susan showed her to the bedroom she was to use for changing purposes.

Penny returned five minutes later and the girls all asked her to walk around like a catwalk model so they could get a good look at it. She tried to walk the way she had seen so many professional models do it on the TV, she put an extra bounce in her step, twisted to and fro, and even looked like a model the way she placed her hands on her hips, and smiled around the room at each of them in turn. The girls were impressed by her display and began to whistle at her and make ‘almost’ crude remarks, just like a guy would do. Quickly, Alice handed Penny her selection, a half-cup bra and a matching pair of hipster briefs.

“Penny, you did such a great job just then, could you model these for me please?” Alice begged.

Penny was a little timid, but after much cajoling from the others she relented and agreed. When she returned she had them on, but she also had a light coat over the top. After prancing around a few times, she opened the front of the coat to reveal the matching set beneath. The girls all “coo’ed and ahh’ed” when they saw them, and this in turn made Penny feel more relaxed and confident. She removed the top and walked around each of the girls so they could all get a close look at the matching set, but also, so they could get a closer look at her ample breasts protruding from the top of the half-cup bra.

“You’re a natural model Penny!” Dee told her as she gave a soft wolf-whistle.

The others all agreed and egged her ego on.

“Well,” Penny started. “Whose turn is it next to model?”

“It seems everyone likes the way you model the clothes, Penny, so how about some more from you?” asked Susan.

Everyone clapped and agreed as they begged her to keep going. Alice added that she thought Penny just, oozed sex appeal, and even she, the only married heterosexual present, was getting turned on, just watching her prance around the room in underwear. Penny blushed; she agreed to model some more, but she never picked up on the ‘sly’ remark Alice had made about being ‘the only married heterosexual present’.

Next Cath handed her a Teddy and asked her to try it on for them all. She took the garment and went back to the bedroom and changed. It also had a flimsy coat, which she wore. After a few moments parading, she slipped the coat off and continued her show. As she walked past Alice, Alice reached out and placed her hand on the top part of the Teddy.

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