Physical Therapy

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My name is Jay and though I may not be the biggest stud there ever was, I still manage to get myself into enough interesting situations that it keeps me pretty happy with my sex life. I seem to have an unusual sense of timing when it comes to sex and trouble. Now I’ll be truthful, I’m not movie star good looking but I’m not homely either, I manage to get my share. I’m six feet tall, about two hundred and fifteen pounds, with dark hair and dark eyes, dark skin. I’ve never considered myself cute, more of the gentle bear type. This is just as well because the women I am attracted to seem to like that kind of man, strong and kind, handsome but not a pretty boy. My preference in women is all over the map. I like ’em big, small, man I like ’em all. This lack of fussiness has helped me meet many ladies and make them friends. One of these friends is Ann.

Now Ann has recently returned from Guatemala, she is something of a mercenary teacher, a rambling rose, you know, has syllabus will travel. She is actually my sister-in-law, or rather a step sister-in-law. She and my wife are step sister’s but they act more like Siamese twins most of the time. They’re both nuts but are a real blast to have around. For being step sisters they look amazingly a lot alike. They’re both about the same height, around five and a half feet tall with dark hair and dark eyes. They’re both slim, but athletically slim, with near perfect breasts, about a handful. Mary, my wife, has nice, pink, loonie sized nipples. Now knowing how these two feel about each other I haven’t really considered the possibility of getting with Ann and perhaps ruining their relationship, but I’ve definitely fantasized about seeing that body covered in sweat, sliding in ecstasy under me. I’m only a man, a very imaginative man and though I’ve had several fantasies come true, some things are just not worth fucking with.

Well Ann has been in town studying massage therapy, and since I play Varsity Rugby for our University, I’ve been getting quite a few free massages so she can practice on someone with a little muscle mass, most of the students in her class are female. So every Friday I get an hour long massage for free and for the most part it hasn’t been weird, with me sporting major wood or anything, it’s been pretty platonic, well as platonic as I could manage anyway. Sometimes it takes a concerted effort not to really present a tent in my pants when I roll over after she’s done with my back. While I receive my massages she is usually studying from the board in her class room. I work out so I’m fairly familiar with my muscle groups and names so I help her with their pronunciation and how they feel to different techniques. It’s been a beneficial arrangement for both of us so far.

Well, Ann has to give these massages at her school because that’s where the massage tables are. Some of her friends however have tables of their own which fold up for easy transport. I offered to make one for her at no charge to show my appreciation for her gentle therapy. It only took a couple of weekends to build and while she waited she cleared out a room at her place to set up her shop. It had cut flowers, a small waterfall, like the ones you can buy at the drug store, it had incense, scented oils, and soft music. This place could really put you to sleep or at least on a different astral plane. Well it was a Monday when this table was done and Ann didn’t have any classes because of a plumbing problem at her school so I called her and arranged to drop her table off that afternoon. The table fit nicely into the trunk of my car and I picked up a couple of coffees from Tim’s on the way over.

Ann was rearranging her stuff in this newly appointed room when I showed up. She was comfortably dressed in a loose T-shirt, some green hospital scrubs and a pair of birkenstocks, she wore a blue bandanna with a beer logo, like a head band. I carried the table in and showed her how to set it up and put it away, then we took a break and finished our coffees. Once again she offered to pay me for the table but I told her it was a family discount and besides I would rather keep getting massages. With that she tossed her cup in the trash and grabbed my hand and led me into her new room, she was going to give me the honour of being her first client.

I pulled off my shirt and moved to lay down on the table but she stopped me. Since she was a student I only received the massages she had learned in class and she hadn’t studied the legs yet. Well as I was about to lay down she told me she was going to give me the works since she’d studied the lower body the previous week and needed to practice on someone. I said fine and she told me to strip down to my boxers and put a towel around myself and get on the table, then she left the room while bursa escort I got ready. I stripped down, got on the table and covered myself with a sheet then called her to let her know that I was ready. She returned and taped up some of her notes on the wall in front of us.

I had never really felt nervous about our sessions, aside from the first time but then again she had only ever massaged my back, neck, shoulders and face. I didn’t think this would be any different. With the music, the small waterfall, the smell and her soft but firm hands forcing the tension from my back I was almost ready to fall asleep, then she pulled the sheet up and exposed my legs so that only my butt was covered with the sheet. Still I wasn’t all that concerned until she started to massage my feet. This perked me up. For some reason this felt different. Her hands were so soft but so strong as they worked on my calves. She spent a lot of time working deeply into the muscle. When she moved up to my thighs and started to knead my hamstrings area I felt a stirring that up until now I had managed to suppress. Her hands massaged my thighs and every so often she would work close to my butt with her fingers working my adductors and abductors, the outside and inside of my thighs. The music played the water burbled, Ann was breathing heavily from her exertions, and I was fighting with a world class Woody. She mentioned that I seemed a bit tense, so I tried to relax, that’s when I lost the battle with the bulge.

Her tranquility tape switched sides and she told me to roll over. I was hesitant but turned over figuring it would be worse if I didn’t. The sheet was tented from my erection but I kept my eyes closed and tried to pretend that I was oblivious to my condition. Ann was silent for a moment but then she went to work on my shoulders and chest. The boner wouldn’t go away and only seemed to get harder the more I tried to will it away. Ann moved down to my feet and started with my chins trying to inform me about shin splints and their causes. When she moved up to my thighs I held my breath but she went to work like a true professional, I fought to keep myself under control when she worked close to the top of my quadriceps, only inches from my aching hard-on. Ann tried to ease the situation by repeating all the muscles and tendons in the thigh and the injuries that she learned about and how to treat them, I might have been able to will my erection away at that time if she hadn’t turned to reach for the bottle of oil and smacked my cock with the back of her hand. We both froze for what seemed like an eternity then we both cracked up laughing. We laughed so hard we couldn’t hardly breathe. My boner eased up a bit and we felt some relief from the tense massage.

She said that she knew that she would have to face that situation sooner or later and she had been dreading it, not knowing what she would do when the time came. She said she was glad her first time was with me or she might have been too grossed out by a total strangers cock. Her use of the word cock gave me a start but I never let on that I was surprised. Ann was a bit giddy as we talked, her on a stool and me still on the table. As she rambled on in the conversation she let it slip that Mary had mentioned the size of my dick but it had still taken her by surprise. This last bit had slipped out and we both paused for a second both noting that we were in strange territory, both feeling that there was a strange energy in the room.

To break the tension I asked her if she ever did that massage where she walked on a client’s back and massaged the back and legs with her feet and weight. She said she hadn’t but it sounded like fun, saying that this would be the real test of the table. Since I had my boxers on I tossed the sheet to the side and rolled over onto my stomach. Ann climbed up on the table then stood on my back placing her hands on the ceiling to help steady herself. The table held but it was pretty wobbly so we decided to move to the floor. As Ann placed her feet on either side of my back and was getting ready to climb off the table I rolled onto my side and put out my hand to help her down. Well when I turned over, I pushed one of her feet off the side of the table and down she fell, right on top of me. I caught her before she went right over and we fell back onto the table with her on top of me, her arms hugging my head and my arms around her waist. We burst out laughing from the close call and we were about to get up when we both noticed the return of my erection. I froze, Ann stopped moving and I think we could both feel the pulse of my cock between her legs as our minds raced for a way out of this thing that was happening that seemed out of our control.

Ann slowly slid off of me and bursa escort bayan onto the floor, my dick tracing an oily path up her belly as she slid to the floor. My hand was on her waist and her hand patted my stomach as we looked nervously at one another, but neither of us moved. I squeezed her waist, we locked eyes and her hand moved to my boxers, she took my dick in her hand and squeezed it really hard, biting her bottom lip as though she were willing my erection away. I slid my hand down to her ass and grabbed the inside of her thigh pulling her closer to me, she never released my dick. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me and we met in an electric kiss. She reached behind my head and grabbed a handful of hair, I thought this was where she freaked out but she pulled me tight as she worked her tongue deeply into my mouth. With the hand I still had between her legs I brushed her pussy which was hot and soaking through the thin scrubs. I slid the other hand under her T-shirt and cupped one of her firm, braless tits.

Ann managed to pull my cock though the opening of my boxers and was stroking me firmly, every so often raking her nails over my balls. I sat up and pulled her T-shirt over her head and got my first view of her breasts, just as lovely as I had imagined. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked firmly, my tongue rasping over the pencil eraser sized nip. I pulled the string to her scrubs and they fell to the floor leaving her standing with a pair of pink cotton jockeys, I slipped a thumb in the waist band and pulled them from her waist and they landed with the scrubs on the floor leaving her totally nude standing before me. I sat up and pulled her close for another kiss, her lips, so pink, were indescribably soft and moist, she sucked my lower lip into her mouth. I stood up and dropped my boxers to the floor and pulled her close to my body, I was oily and she was sweating, she led me into her bedroom.

Once in her room Ann sat on the edge of her bed and pulled me close so she could remove my boxers. She pulled them down, releasing my erection. I grabbed my dick by the base, offering it to her and she received it warmly in her mouth, sucking long and hard, her tongue caressing my shaft. I ran my hands through her short wavy hair and she fondled my balls, gently raking her nails over my sensitive scrotum. I stepped back and drawing my dick from her protesting lips and eased her down onto the bed. I knelt on the floor and lifted a leg to my shoulder, kissing down the inside of her thigh to the crook of her leg, kissing up the side of her vagina as I eased a finger deeply into her hot womanhood. She arched her back and ran her fingers through my hair, pulling my face to her wanting pussy. I kissed up and down her pussy, forcing her wet lips apart, working my way to the little hood that protected her clitoris. I kissed her clit, slowly sucking the little member into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue, Ann was moaning beautifully now as I stoked her fire. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her crack to her clit in long, slow, wide strokes which made Ann writhe on the bed. I worked my tongue deeply into her sex, trying to reach her G-spot with my tongue. I couldn’t but she seemed to appreciate the effort. I kissed her sex with my full hungry lips working my way to her anus, her sensitive little bud and when I rimmed her she started to fall over the edge. I ran my tongue from her ass to her clit in hard wide strokes up and down, my tongue never leaving her engorged pussy until she started to cum. She grabbed a handful of hair and squeezed her legs tightly around my head as she ground out her orgasm.

I kissed my way up her body until my dick was brushing against her well lubed hole. I worked my dick into her pussy and slid it all the way in, drawing an appreciative sigh from Ann as I entered her to the hilt. I stroked deeply into her, long, hard, slow strokes as I covered her neck with kisses. After a couple of minutes of this I withdrew and got up on my knees, Ann looked at me questioningly. I told her to roll over onto her belly so I could pay some attention to her beautiful ass. She rolled over and I marvelled at the beautiful twin globes that lay before me. I’m an ass man and Ann had a gorgeous ass. It was nice and round, with a slight teardrop shape to it. I kneaded her ass then bent and covered it with kisses, enraptured by the softness of her skin. I moved one of her legs open and bent to ease my dick into her pussy and she told me that it was nice to be the one to be getting the massage for a change. I told her she was going to love this next massage.

Once I was inside her I lifted my leg and drew her two legs together and started driving hard into her pussy, loving the way it felt to be slamming bursa bayan escort into that nice firm ass. My strokes were hard and deep, with my dick hitting the top of her opening on the deepest part of my stroke which caused my dick to swish around in her wildly, like someone wagging their finger around. Ann loved this, everyone I used this on loved it, urging me on not with sighs or squeals but with deep throaty grunts and lots of “Fuck Yeahs!” I picked up speed and after about ten minutes Ann was just groaning loudly, as I took full use of her beautiful ass.

When I pulled out of her she begged me to put it back and not to stop. I told her I was going to do the same thing only form the front. As I entered her the same way as I had from the rear, with her legs together and each of my legs on the outside of hers, I started to drive deeply into her hot clenching vagina. Soon she was moaning loudly again as I steadily and slowly drove my dick hard into her pussy. I was as steady as a metronome and after about five minutes she started to gasp. “Oh my God, Oh my god, I’m gonna cum, Jay I’m gonna cum. Please don’t stop, Jay. Make me cum again. Oh God, Oh God. Here I go Ohhhhhh, fuck yessss.” I drove steadily into her not changing my rhythm in the least, steady as the north wide I blew her away as she went over in what was a spectacular orgasm to watch. She thrashed around moaning and groaning and it looked like she was even crying. I didn’t stop and when it looked like her orgasm was easing up I growled, “It’s my turn.”

I opened her legs with my knees, lifting her legs and draping them over my arms. I reached up and grabbed hold of her arms just above her elbows and told her to brace herself. With that I launched an all out assault on her pussy. I slammed into her hard and fast, my cock almost coming out whenever I pulled back and my balls slamming into her ass with every stroke. I pounded her pussy mercilessly as her steadily rising groan turned into a howl as her sensitive vagina was being steadily pounded good and hard. She told me she was going to pass out and that her toes were tingling and I only pounded harder and faster. I’m not in that bad of shape and I can go for quite a while, especially if I put my mind to it. When I want I can cum in a few strokes or I can go for hours with the right motivation. With the way Ann was reacting to my barrage I knew that no matter what, I wasn’t going to last long, she was in ecstasy and I was loving the way she was responding. I receive so much more pleasure from doing a good job for my lady friends than I do from my own orgasm that I strive to last as long as I can to prolong my pleasure as well as theirs. Someone once said that nice guys finish last, well I’m a real nice guy. Ann was telling me that she couldn’t take any more, that her pussy was getting tired so I would have to hurry up. I wasn’t far away anyhow so I picked up the pace and Ann started to scream, “AAAghhhhhhh!” With that I went over the edge, I pumped so hard into her that I thought I might actually hurt my dick. Ann dug her nails into my shoulder as I came she leaned forward and bit my nipple.

I was spent when I rolled off Ann and flopped onto the cool tangled sheets. All I could say as I gasped for air was, “Water.” Ann had a bottle of water beside her bed and she poured it slowly and lovingly into my mouth, wiping the sweat away from my face with the sheet. She told me that she had never had an orgasm from being fucked before, she had only reached orgasm through oral sex. She told me that when she had heard about me in the sack and what I did for her sister, she was intrigued and now that she had a taste she wasn’t sure she could give it up completely. I told her I loved my wife but I was also not such a good guy because I had a hard time controlling my needs. I never meant to hurt Mary but I needed some variety or I would have to leave her or risk going insane. I told her I loved my wife very much, enough to die for her if need be but I didn’t want to live with her and be a miserable fuck for the rest of my life. Ann said she felt a bit guilty but if I wasn’t going to hurt my wife she would try to do the same. It would really hurt her if she knew but as long as we were willing to live with it she wouldn’t be hurt. It sounded great at the time and now I see that it was actually true. We all still get along great, they still love each other, they’re as crazy as ever and Mary is so happy that Ann finally found some mystery man to give her orgasms. Mary told me about Ann’s problem and about this mystery man and that Ann was a very private person, never kissing and telling but Mary said that she had talked to Ann awhile back about me. Mary had told Ann about our sex life and described for her a few of my special moves that worked for her. Well I guess they worked out. Mary said telling me I should make my own how-to book but I laughed, I had been her first real fuck, the first sober one anyway, so she thought I was a God in the sack, I’m alright but I’m no Sex-God, though I like to let her believe that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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