Poppy’s First Home Bed Warming

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My First Home Bed Warming.

Sir told me at breakfast on Friday morning we would be going out for dinner that night with a fellow bank manager he had met on various courses he had been on.

His friend was going to a large bank branch in Leeds on Saturday on another course so was invited to stay at ours.

“He lives our lifestyle Poppy so you may end up at the end of his belt if you are not careful.”

“Yes Sir, I won’t let you down,”

“You will also be his bed warmer for an hour or so this evening, any questions?”

A tingle shuddered through me, “No Sir, not one, I will always do as you wish.”

I kissed him as I cleared the plates and as I pulled away he grabbed my arm and put me over his knee.

I only had a light silk gown on as the house rules were no clothes till after breakfast.

He pushed my gown up, “The belt marks you got from my dad are still visible, did he hurt you love.?

“I got what I deserved Sir.”

Did he hurt me, he sure did, he gave me the last 20 or so with his open-ended belt, it was like a whipping, I was squirming and screaming till he put his big cock into me to sooth me.

I got a spanking off Sir to remind me all day how good I had to be both at the end of his belt and under him in bed.

It must have excited Sir too, as I knelt to thank him he was poking through his shorts bottom.

I pulled them down and licked either side of his legs as a tease and got a slapped face and his cock rammed into my mouth.

I was only sucking 2 minutes and I was back over his knee for a lesson on teasing.

Back on my knees I took him straight ataşehir escort bayan in and down passed gagging point.

I think he really enjoyed the slap; I did, he is so masterful.

He cum in minutes, I cleaned him, cleared the table and went up to shower and put my works uniform on.

When I came out of the shower he was laid on the bed wanking, what was a girl supposed to do.

“Please may this naughty girl ride your big strong cock Sir.”

He nodded and I fucked him like it was for Olympic Gold.

On my way to work on the bus I looked back at my morning and admired my Sirs shagging powers, I woke him with a suck and a wank and he fucked me, I sucked him to a cum after my spanking and rode him to a cum, and all in about an hour.

Work was busy so passed quickly, I took a late lunch and Amy was in the canteen on the same lunch.

“Aren’t you siting down Amy?”

“I would rather stand Miss.”

“Come here, let me see.”

She raised her skirt and I lowered her knickers to her knees, “Wow Amy, at least 20 cane stripes,”

“24 Miss.”

“Tell me what happened.”

“Well, Mum had told her brother I needed putting in place as over the past few weeks I had been cheeky and late home twice.”

“And had you?”

Amy nodded as I rubbed her bottom gently.

“Uncle James came around and told me to get to my room for a hiding I would not forget.

He stripped me naked and spanked me hard first before making me bend double.

I had to count each stroke and if he hit before I said the number then the last one did not count.

So escort kadıköy it should have been 20 but I missed 4.

Then I had to keep down as he went to deal with mum, she got his belt.”

“Did you have to thank him Amy?”

“Yes, sort of, he pushed me on the bed and fucked me from behind and had me raise up so he could pull back on my tits.”

I stopped rubbing her bottom, turned her around, lifted her shirt to see her tiny swollen titties.

Instinct made me lick and suck them in turn and my middle finger fingered her.

“Does that feel a little better?”

She wept and nodded so I took her to a cubicle and fingered her to a cum, then knelt and sucked her to another cum.

I swapped places and let her lower my knickers, I turned to show her my spanked bottom and she licked it.

I turned around and guided her mouth onto my clit, and well after two cums we gave each other a good fingering cum as I sucked her tits.

“I will ask Brian if you can come and stay with us sometime Amy, he will spank you and probably me too, but we will all sleep in the same bed, would you like that?”

“Oh yes please, soon please.”

“We will see, I will ask him at the right time.”

We finished lunch and I kissed her forehead as we both went back to our counters; I notice she still stood up all afternoon.

I was home before Brian so got a few cheese crackers and a slice of fruit cake each to eat, we were not dining till after 8.

Sirs friend, Miles called at 7 and we were introduced.

I took his overnight bag to his room whilst he and Sir had a drink maltepe escort or two and we left about 8.45 for our meal.

It was a lovely night with great food and company and plenty I knew eating to chat to.

We got home at just before midnight, I made a coffee, and brandy for those two and excused myself to bed.

I laid in Miles’s bed and waited for him.

I suppose it was less than an hour when I heard them both coming up and saying goodnight.

Miles came in and pulled my covers back I was on my front but turned over for him.

He patted my pussy and nipped my nipples, this is beginning to sound like a poem, I responded like good girls do.

“Would you like me to shower you Sir?”

He nodded and I undressed him and took him to the shower.

For any girls reading this, here is the lowdown;

25 or 26 – 6′ – Blonde hair to his shoulders – A really worked on 6 pack – Tight tummy and skinny waist, now to the business end, Shaved from tummy button down, – Cute pink hanging ball sack, – 5″ or 6″ slack.

As I washed him it was a 2 handed + cock.

I dried him and he gently spanked me dry as his cock pressed into me.

He carried me onto the bed, laid me down and mounted me.

He was really loving in a business sort of way, with no kissing my lips but he seemed to love my tiny tits.

I have to say I really enjoyed him.

I cleaned him up and he was soon asleep, and I went for round two with Sir, this time doggy style, my fave.

I woke Sir at 7 as normal and he was happy for just a double handed loving wank.

Both had showered, had breakfast and out of the hours by 8.30

I ran a bubble bath and soaked for ages till I heard a shout.

“Are you upstairs Poppy?”

It was Brian’s dad.

“Yes Sir. Won’t be long.”

“It’s ok, I’ll come up.”

Looks like round 4 was about to begin, and it did.

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