Preparing Trisha Pt. 02

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Note: This story is pure fiction. The driving habits described in this story should not be emulated by anyone at any time, anywhere.


The sound of her heels pacing the wooden floor broke the silence of the elegantly decorated living room. Trisha wondered why her dad was taking forever to shower and dress. She was quite sure he didn’t take as much time when he was getting ready to go out with mom on their dates.

Earlier, when Ian cancelled their date at the eleventh hour, Trisha felt like locking herself in the room and crying herself to sleep. She only said yes to her dad’s proposal because she wanted to repay him for his “help”. Her body was still tingling from his light touches on her most private areas, parts of her body that should have been off-limit to him. Trisha couldn’t believe she not only let her dad see her privates, but also allowed him to touch and shave them. It helped that her dad seemed very professional and focused in carrying out the awkward task. As these thoughts filled her mind, she realized that she was getting wet again. Trisha blamed it on the fact that she had not been with a man for more than three months. Since Ian was a no-show, she will need to rely on Mr. Dildo to come to her rescue yet again later that night.

“Ready to go?” her dad asked, shuffling down the staircase. He looked quite sharp in an untucked green and white striped shirt and blue jeans.

“Yeah. You’re driving?”

“Sure. Let’s take the Mustang. Where do you want to go? Where do you guys…hang out?”

Trisha smiled at her dad’s attempt to sound hip. “Let me take you somewhere quite interesting.”

Her dad watched unashamedly as Trisha stepped into the car. The short dress rode up so high that the black panty he chose for her was visible for a good two seconds. As she settled in the low seat, gravity kept her dress further up her legs. She tried to pull it down but it was a futile attempt.

“So where is this interesting place?” her dad asked, his eyes glued to her luscious stocking-clad legs.

“Have you heard of Bruno’s?”


“It’s an underground club at the corner of Dixon and Market. I occasionally go there with my girlfriends.”

“What’s so special about the place?”

“The DJ is awesome. He plays great 80s rock songs. There is also a live performance by a local rock band every weekend…very popular with guys your age…mainly because of the 80s theme. Some college kids hang out there too.”

“Like Ian?”


“How do you get in…fake ID?”

Trisha smiled. “Nah, not necessary. I know…people,” she said proudly.

“Honey, I wouldn’t be surprised if you can charm your way into Fort Knox!…I’m more worried about what you do once you get inside Bruno’s.”

Seeing the concern on her dad’s face, she cheekily said, “Don’t worry, Dad…I’m usually a good girl.”

The journey from their home to downtown usually takes about 45 minutes during this time of the day. They were traveling on a quiet 4-lane local road with almost no traffic. Her dad noticed the headlight glare of a truck on his rear-view mirror, speeding dangerously on the slow lane. He decided to keep to the fast lane and let the truck pass. As it passed, he noticed the truck driver look menacingly inside the Mustang.

The truck unexpectedly slowed down about 200 yards ahead of the Mustang and let their red sports car catch up. When the two vehicles were side by side, the truck driver gestured with his hand for Trisha to roll down her window. He was probably in his fifties, bald and heavy, with a gray goatee. He had a passenger about the same age but much slimmer.

Suspecting that they may be in some kind of trouble, her dad rolled down the window on Trisha’s side. The driver didn’t say anything but leered lustily at Trisha who quickly placed one of her hands between her legs but couldn’t do much to cover her slender thighs exposed between the hem of her short white dress and her stockings. Her dad was focused on the road as they were coming to a bend and did not notice the antics of the truck driver and his passenger.

“Lift your hands!!” the truck driver shouted at the top of his lungs.

The shocked Trisha obeyed, lifted her hands and held them close to her chest. Her dad quickly rolled up the window and stepped on the gas, pushing the Mustang clearly ahead of the truck.

Noticing that Trisha was a bit shaken, he asked, “Are you okay, honey?”

“Yeah…yeah, sorry Dad, not sure what happened there. I guess he scared me.”

“Creeps…wish I got a clear look at their license pendik escort plate.”

The truck driver stepped on the gas too, and eventually caught up with the Mustang. Trisha’s dad knew that it was too dangerous for him to go any faster. The two guys were once again feasting their eyes on Trisha. Being reasonably elevated compared to the Mustang, they had a good view of her.

Unable to face the unexpected attention she was receiving, Trisha turned her head to face her dad. “Dad, what are they doing?”

Her dad took a quick glance and replied, “They are looking…at you.”

“What exactly…are they looking at?” she asked, her voice soft and a little curious.

He took another quick look. “Your legs mostly…and probably your exposed side. They probably can see your bra…I should have been a little more conservative in dressing you. I better call the cops.”


“Why not?” her dad asked, puzzled.

“Let’s not make the situation worse. They are just…old men.”

“What else can we do? I can’t let them continue doing…that!”

After pausing for a few seconds, she said, “I don’t know…What do you think we should do?”

Trisha’s tone was different. Her dad turned to face her and noticed her eyes were a little dreamy. It seemed like she was a little turned on by the whole situation. He needed to be sure.

“Do you want me to answer that question…as your dad…or as a man?” he asked, recalling their earlier conversation when he was helping her to dress for her date with Ian.

Trisha closed her eyes and swallowed nervously. She was breathing a little heavy. Her dad could see that she was weighing her options or possibly a little shy to answer him. Not wanting to overthink the scenarios, she ignored what her cautious brain was telling her and blurted out what was in her more adventurous heart, “As a…man.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes…only because I trust you, Dad.”


Her dad pressed on the gas pedal to overtake a car in the front and slowed down immediately after that to let the truck catch up. The truck soon took its place next to their vehicle.

“Honey, put both your hands to the back of the headrest…and keep them there.”

Trisha did as she was told. Her chest was now pushed forward, and her exposed side and bra were very visible. Her dad rolled down the window. He could hear one of the guys let out a long whistle. Trisha did not look at them but straight ahead.

“Open your legs!” the guy on the passenger side shouted.

“Do as he says,” her dad instructed calmly.

Trisha parted her long slender legs.

“Wider, honey. I’m sure you can do better than that,” her dad said gently.

She turned to look at him for a second before looking straight again. Trisha parted her legs until her knees were about two feet apart.

The two guys in the truck were almost drooling. The driver was trying his best to focus on the road and Trisha at the same time. He was glad that the road ahead was mostly straight. As Trisha was wearing 5-inch heels and had very long legs on top of that, her knees and thighs were hardly touching the seat. The wind was pushing back the hem of her short dress revealing almost the full length of her legs. Trisha couldn’t pull her dress down as her hands were behind the headrest. She looked down at her exposed flesh and felt a little embarrassed knowing there were two pair of eyes visually molesting her. Trisha wondered if her dad was looking at her too. She turned to look at him and noticed that he was more focused on the road and only occasionally glanced at the two guys in the truck.

“Hey driver!!…Driver!!” the passenger called out loudly.

Trisha’s dad gave him a quizzical look.

“Yes, you! Do us a favor!…Lift her dress high…we want to see her panty.”

Trisha’s heart was beating madly when she heard that. Her dad pressed on the gas pedal and he was off. She thought her dad had enough of the two guys and wanted to get out of there quickly. Trisha’s relief was short lived when her dad slowed down immediately after passing a Chevy on the slow lane. He looked in the rear view mirror and waited for the truck to overtake the slow Chevy before accelerating to be by the side of their car again.

“You trust me, right?” her dad asked.

Trisha still had her hand behind the headrest. Her legs were still spread wide and chest pressed forward. She couldn’t speak. She just nodded.

Her dad held the steering with one hand and used his other hand to reach for the hem of her dress. He just held it, as if maltepe escort he had second thoughts. The two older guys just watched with great anticipation, their tongues almost hanging out. They had a dirty smile on their face. Her dad felt quite powerful; he could decide if he should protect his daughter’s modesty like a good father or display it for the viewing pleasure of total strangers. He recalled that Trisha did ask him to decide as a man and not as her dad. Furthermore, he was comforted by the fact that their eyes couldn’t physically hurt her. He slowly lifted her dress until the black bikini cut panty was visible.

Trisha felt so naked. She looked down and realized that only a flimsy piece of fabric prevented the two guys from seeing her most private part. She was embarrassed that the wet patch created by her overflowing juices was quite visible despite the color of her panty. Her dad noticed it too and knew that Trisha was pretty excited by the experience. That emboldened him to take it up a notch.

“Honey, lift your left foot…and place it on the dashboard.”

Trisha turned her head sharply to look at her dad, shocked at his latest instruction. Her dad was not even looking at her.

“Trust me…you’ll be okay,” was all he could say.

Trisha bit her lower lip and slowly raised her left foot so that the heel of her shoe rested on the dashboard. She could not have achieved that feat had it not been for the vigorous gymnastic lessons she took during her elementary years. Her panty covered pussy was now slightly tilted towards her mature audience. They were quite speechless, most probably mesmerized by the erotic sight before them.

The front of the panty was quite narrow and it barely covered her slit. Parts of her pussy mound on both sides of her slit were clearly exposed. It was a good thing her dad shaved her smooth earlier. If not, the patch of pubic hair would unceremoniously stick out on either sides of the narrow ‘V’ of her panty. Trisha felt a sharp pain and knew she was being hit with something. She found a couple of dimes on her thigh and the seat. The two guys were throwing coins and taking aim at her pussy.

“We would have thrown you dollar bills but the wind would have blown them away…remove your panty!”

Trisha felt really cheap by their lewd gesture but couldn’t do anything as they continued to pelt coins on her pussy. A couple hit her clit and her hips spontaneously jerked upwards upon impact.

“Honey,” her dad said, “lift your other foot and place it on the dashboard too. You can lower your hands now.”

Trisha was relieved to give her hands some rest. When she had both feet on the dashboard, the two guys in the truck had an amazing view of the full length of her long slender legs. Her pussy was also protected and they couldn’t take aim at it.

“Now…remove your panty,” her dad said, his voice soft but with a tinge of authority.

Trisha turned to face her dad, her face displaying shock and disbelief. This time he was looking straight into her eyes. He had a comforting look on him that seemed to tell her that there was nothing to worry or to be alarmed about.

“Tell me that you trust me.”

Trisha’s throat was dry but she managed to utter what he wanted to hear. “I trust you, dad.”

“Good. Remove the panty and place it by your side…do it slowly…oh, and one more thing, I want you to look at them straight in the eyes when you do that.”

“Dad…no…I don’t think I can do that…please…”

“I know you can…look at them…and do it.”

Trisha slowly turned to face the two men. She didn’t like what she saw. They looked notorious and shameless. Trisha knew that they saw her simply as a slut. In their eyes, she was a piece of meat that deserved no respect. However, she did not want to refuse her dad. She was the one who wanted to play this game and there was no turning back now.

Trisha lifted her ass slightly so that she can pull her panty down. She slowly slid the flimsy underwear down until her ass cheeks were fully exposed, and then she stopped. She noticed their eyes were now glued to her ass. The driver could hardly focus on the road. She knew if she tugged further, her pussy will be exposed but they would not be able to see much as she had both feet on the dashboard. Trisha slowly slid her panty to mid thigh and that got their tongues wagging. She now rested her ass back on the seat. Relaxed, Trisha pulled the panty over her knees and down to her feet. She raised her foot, one by one, until the panty was off. She placed it on her side. While kartal escort removing her panty, Trisha did not take her eyes off the two men. Her thigh-high clad legs were quite attractive in that position and her naked pussy was nestled discretely between her slender but shapely thighs.

“Put your right foot down, honey…They can’t see.”

Her dad seemed to have read her mind. She now needed to show her pussy to two total strangers. Trisha hesitated for a few seconds but slowly lowered her right foot. With Trisha’s one foot on the dashboard and the other on the floor, they had an unobstructed view of her clean shaven pussy.

Her dad turned to look at her. It was a pretty sight. Her legs were parted a little and slightly tilted towards the direction of her captive audience. The hem of her short dress was gathered around her waist. He noticed that she was still looking at the two of them, as if saying, “Look at me.”

Trisha didn’t realize that showing herself to strangers could be quite erotic. She was beginning to get really turned on and her wetness was once again beginning to show. A stream of juices escaped from her slit and made its way south.

“She’s soaking,” said the driver quite excitedly.

“Spread your legs wider…there is nothing to hide,” her dad said, still more focused on the road, and their safety.

Trisha spread her legs wider. Her slit also parted and her juices overflowed. Her audience knew that she was very excited, just like them.

“Honey…are you turned on?” her dad asked.

Trisha looked at her dad and nodded.

“Then, it’s obvious what you need to do. Again, look at them straight in the eyes. I am not going to watch you. So, don’t hold back. Pretend I’m not even here. This is private; just between you and them. Just let me know when you had cum.”

Her pussy was begging to be touched. Trisha turned her body so that she was facing the two men, and her back to her dad. She was too embarrassed to carry out such an intimate act with her dad watching, She then brought her left hand to her drenched pussy. Trisha looked at the two men who had their mouths open but speechless. They were probably pinching themselves and wondered if they were dreaming. This was too good to be true.

She slid her fingers in her silky wet folds, immediately searching for the center of her arousal. Finding her clit, she circled it and ran her fingers over and over the excited little organ.

“Oh god,” she exclaimed softly.

While her thumb and index finger were giving her clit the much needed attention, Trisha used her middle finger to slide in and out of her naturally lubricated sex hole. She was beginning to gasp and moan softly, as she fucked herself in front of the two men in the adjacent vehicle. She knew that it wouldn’t take her too long to cum. Trisha arched her body so that her chest, and most importantly her breasts were pressed forward. She rhythmically raised her hips to meet the onslaught of her fingers. The ecstasy was building up inside her and she knew she was about to explode. She knew she needed something extra to push her over the edge. Trisha moved her right hand to cup her right breast over her bra which was easily accessible from the side of her dress which was very open. She slid her hand under the cup and squeezed on her breast and the erect nipple. That was what it took for her to cum quite violently. Her body shook as she came. Trisha swung her head back and let out a small cry of relief. There were little explosions deep inside her as she rode waves after waves of pleasure. Soon, she lay quietly on the seat, her body spent.

Trisha turned slowly to her dad and confessed, “I came, dad.”

“Good girl. You did very well.”

Her dad took her panty, and gave it to Trisha. “Here honey, use this to wipe your juices. Return it to me when you’re done.”

Trisha used her panty to wipe her pussy dry and then gave the undie to her dad. He placed it on the steering wheel and quickly wrote something on it with his pen, taking intermediate glances at the road ahead. He crumpled the panty into a small ball and squeezed it into Trisha’s palm.

“I’m going to get as close as I can to the truck. When I’m near enough, throw the panty towards them, ” he instructed her. “Don’t miss.”

Trisha was afraid the two guys might try to touch her when her dad got too close to the truck. Her dad slowly moved the Mustang towards the truck. When it was close enough, Trisha threw her panty towards the truck driver’s open window and it went through. Her dad immediately rolled up the window and sped away. They were almost reaching downtown.

The passenger hurriedly picked up the panty and brought it to his nose to smell it. The truck driver grabbed it from him and read what Trisha’s dad wrote:


To be continued in Part 3…

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