Pulled Back from Cliff’s Edge

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When grown up daughters embrace do all Dads get a hard-on?

Roy was hot; his wife Shelly was burning. They were watching a movie on DVD. It was a movie with explicit sex scenes; not the usual boring stuff of most blue movies, but the depiction of sex scenes neatly dovetailed into an absorbing story. It was enthralling. A young man and woman get to know each other in an intercontinental flight they make love in the cramped space of the rest room. The camera is viewing the scene from floor level. The pussy glistening with juices, the throbbing cock, the smooth entry as delicate fingers guide it in, everything is seen in close up in clearest detail. The girl’s rear is pressing on the wash basin, and the boy most considerately inserts both his hands and lifts her up bodily, and they pump in frenzy. Roy’s hand subconsciously slides under Sally’s T-shirt, and she catches hold of it and leads it to her breast. He kneads, and she leans sideward and kisses him on the cheek and then presents her neck. He nibbles. It is a tender moment.

He heard a click. Was it his daughter coming in at this the most inappropriate moment? She was not due home from college for another hour. Shelly had not heard the click or she would have jumped up. What if daughter sees them make love? After all she is eighteen and legally fit to watch porn. Hey! Wait a minute, wouldn’t it be splendid if she does.

Of late Roy has been watching his daughter with an eye that was not quite fatherly. He was aware that he was sinning, but he could not help it. Were all fathers like that or was he a horrible type he wondered. When at home Ritu often wore shorts so short that when she was leaning back with leg up on a foot stool and reading, something she does all the time, she exposed her thighs right up to the crotch. But try as he would he could see no further. He would feel guilty afterwards, but he was never able stop trying. In fact he made use of every opportunity hoping against hope that one day he would see more. Her valley escort ataşehir must be grand too, but unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Ritu preferred neck lines that came almost up to her throat.

He listened. Ritu always moved about silently. He did not hear the door open. He wondered if the click he heard was in his imagination. No, it was not. He could see movement reflected on the polished ash tray. He could make out the distorted but clear image of his daughter. She was climbing up the stairs to her room. The drawing room was cathedral type, and the stairs led to the loft and the three bedrooms. She saw them and froze. She moved up more slowly. From the stairs of the loft she would be able to see them but they would not for she would be behind their backs. She stood at the banisters and watched for a very short while, and then she disappeared. She was not in view but the movement of the curtain indicated that she was watching. Roy’s cock was now larger and harder than it had ever been. He was turned-on as never before. He wanted to make a grand show for his daughter’s sake.


Roy lifted Shelly’s T-shirt and started sucking. Shelly was so hot that she peeled off her T shirt.

“We’ll watch at the same time,” she said, ‘but be quick. Ritu would be in any moment.”

Roy placed a pillow on the central table. She rested her chest on it and lifted up her rear. Her pussy was on full display. Ritu from her position on the gallery would have a clear view. Roy now bent down and applied his tongue to the pussy. He started slowly and then picked up speed. Shelly was so hot that she was swaying forwards and backwards with great speed. Then she came. She moaned. Roy folded his lower lip over his teeth and catching the clit between the lip and the under surface of the tongue he applied pressure with his upper teeth. Shelly screamed with pleasure. He then mounted her from behind—the perfect copulating position for TV viewers. It did not need much movement for kadıköy escort both to reach the climax. It was a command performance.

They rested in a tight embrace. A phone call broke the spell. Shelly took the call. It was an invitation for a game of bridge. She prepared to leave. Roy washed and dressed. He was thirsty. He drank half a bottle of water. He rested for a while on the sofa and snoozed. He woke up. The time had come for him to meet Ritu face to face.



Roy padded up softly. Ritu’s room was ajar by an inch. He pushed. She was on her cot face down. She was not aware of his coming. He pushed the door a bit more. It creaked. Ritu turned round. Her eyes opened wide in shock, and then she turned and buried her face in the pillow.

“Go away, Dad,” she said. Dad sat on the cot beside her and gently scratched her scalp with his finger tips. She always liked that, and it was to her Dad she would go when her scalp needed a scratch. He would scratch and she would close her eyes and sway gently. She swayed today too in spite of many preoccupations.

“Why should you be ashamed? You have done nothing wrong,” Dad said. “Why should your Mom and I be ashamed, we have done no wrong either. You know that we have sex or you would not be here.”

“I should have gone in and closed the door.”

“No reason to do that at all. You would have burst with curiosity and that bang would have disturbed me and your Mom at a very important point in our manoeuvres.” He laughed, and from what little he could see of her face he could see her smiling.

“Now turn round and look into my eyes and tell me if you liked what you saw.” She buried her face deeper into the pillow. Dad held her by the body and lifted her up. He held her by the breasts, and he felt its smoothness the first time. He was hard as hard can be. He knew he was doing something horrible but he could not prevent himself. He turned her towards himself. He kissed her on the cheeks, eyes, and maltepe escort bayan nose. She was kissing him too, and she was now holding him in a tight embrace.”

“Tell me if you liked what you saw.”

“I was thrilled Dad. I have never witnessed anything so moving.” They kissed on the lips, a fierce kiss of two people each wanting the other. They were standing; he was pressing her against the wall, his hardness on her pubis, his hands on her rear pressing her pelvis; and she was pressing in response. They she broke away.

“I have seen you naked. Now you have to see me naked.” She did not wait for his permission. She peeled away her dress and stood in front of her Dad with no stitch of clothing on her.

For the first time he was seeing his daughter naked as a grown up.

“You must have seen a lot of me like this when I was little isn’t it Pa.” She was standing straight and with broad hips, narrow waist, and breasts as yet not fully developed but showing all the signs of becoming a magnificent pair. Her mons was bulging beautifully and inner lips peeping out just enough to disturb the line of the cleft. He stood and admired. He had a tremendous hard-on, and he was seething with evil desires.

“I have but certainly was not in this pose,” he said hoarsely.

“It must have been something like this.” She then lay down and lifted her legs up in the air like a baby. With her thighs parted the pussy lips were not in contact; the clit under the hood was clearly visible. He had reached bursting point. A desire to bury his face in that pussy seemed almost irresistible. Something had to happen, and it did. She spoke the only words that could save them. What force impelled her choice of words is unknown, but this is what she said.

“Father I promise I’ll be a good girl.”

Something icy cold hit him on top of his head. His head cooled immediately. The coldness descended. His heart beats become normal. It descended still further; the hard-on subsided to a flaccid bit of meat. His knees buckled. He knelt down. The sexual passion was gone and fatherly love for his only child took hold. He kissed her on the cheek and in a symbolic gesture pulled a sheet to hide her nakedness.

“And I promise I will be a good boy too,” he said.

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