Push in the Left Direction

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I went to the bar with a group of friends and every few minutes someone would see a person she knew who would blend into the fray until I think I knew everyone there by no more than two degrees of separation. One of the women that was two degrees away from me, Stephanie, Steffie, and I hit it off and were riffing on each other’s stupid drunk puns and having a good time. At last call, she said she needed to get a cab. She was too drunk, she broke up with her boyfriend three weeks ago and this was her first time out. I couldn’t believe she was straight. In fact, I did not believe it for a second. She just didn’t realize that it is not only okay to be attracted to women, it was encouraged if that woman was me.

“I live right around the corner,” I told her, looking into her drunk unfocused eyes, “you can crash there tonight.”

“That’s awesome!” she was enthusiastic, “I love to take a walk when I’m drunk and I can pass out at the end of it!”

“Sure thing,” I answered, bahçelievler escort smiling back at her happy face.

On the walk home I told her I liked boys and girls and that I really liked her. She said she was flattered, but that she was straight. I tried to kiss her and she, reluctantly it seemed to me, stepped away and said no thanks she just needed to pass out. She was too drunk. I led her to my bed and gave her a big t-shirt and told her she could pass out there. Which she promptly did. I tugged her shirt off before tying her hands together with a tie left there by a one night stand after a wedding, careful to not make it too tight, and then tethering them to the headboard. It was just as I was pulling her darling pink silk panties over her feet that she started waking up.

“Hey! What’re you doing?” she sounded groggy at first, still slurring her words, but when she realized her hands were tied she sobered up almost completely. balgat escort “What are you doing?!” she was louder this time.

I took her damp, still warm panties and held them up to my face and inhaled deeply then tossed them on the floor. I stood up and slid my own black lace panties off and held them to her face. She tried to turn away and to yell something, but I gently stuffed them in her mouth. She immediately turned her face back to me, her now clear blue eyes wide.

“Listen,” I said softly, “I just want to show you something.” And I began sucking on her nipple until it was hard. I rubbed my lips softly back and forth over it and then turned to the other one. She laid perfectly still during this. Almost not breathing. But as I started trailing my tongue down her torso toward my final destination she began to struggle. She fought me, she thrashed and kicked. But by the end she was screaming, “Bite it! Bite my clit!” and then even, batıkent escort “Harder! Bite it harder!”

As I obliged, her whole body arched up off the bed and her muscles were clenched as she pleaded with me, whispering now, “Oh god, please. Please god.” The repetitions increasing in volume at the same rate I can feel the muscles of her ass twitching under my one supporting hand and the muscles of her vagina walls around three of the fingers of my other hand. Just as I descend back into my own body she starts bucking and screaming again. “Oh my fucking god! Oh fuck fuck! Oh I fucking love you!”

As she lowers her hips back down to the bed I remove my fingers from inside her and using the same fingers reach down and quickly touch myself, rubbing my clit with her slick juices. I come so hard I’m shuddering when I drop down to lie beside Steffie. Her hands had come loose at some point and she lays her arm across me and wraps her fingers around my left breast. We just lay there like that, catching our breath and, in my case at least, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. The bird that ate the pussy is more like it, though. After enough time had passed for us both to be breathing normally again I look over at her. She’s already looking at me.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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