Pushing Hubby to the Limit

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Big Dicks

I walk inside the front door after going to the shops to get a few items that my darling wife requested I get while I was out. I placed the items in the kitchen. ‘Are you coming here Paul?’ I hear Leah calling for me from what sounds like our bedroom.

‘Did you want anything?’ I ask.

‘No, just you’.

I walk into the bedroom and am met by a surprising sight. My wife was standing beside the bed wearing a blue babydoll, covering her large breasts and a matching g string. Her nipples were poking against the lacy material.

‘Are you going to join me? Strip down and hop onto the bed’. She waves her hand and taps the bed. I follow her direction. I remove my top and my shorts. Rebecca approaches me and removes my underwear. I am caught by surprise as I lay on the bed and my wife joins me. Before I can say anything, she leans over me and locks lips. She was passionately kissing me and she appeared to be very turned on. My cock stood at attention. I try to slide it into her awaiting pussy past her g string, but she pushed it aside. ‘Be patient and just wait darling’ she said sternly.

She pushed me back onto the bed and handed me a blindfold. ‘Time to turn out your lights sexy. Put it on and lay back’. I followed her direction. The room went dark and I tried to tune into what was happening with my hearing. The snap of rubber gloves is what broke the silence and then cold lube dripped onto my erect cock. A gloved hand grabbed my cock and started rubbing the lube all over. The lube was starting to warm up as she strokes got quicker and longer.

Another rubber item replaced the gloved fingers of my wife. This was much softer than a hand grabbing my cock. I knew it was the masturbator my wife often teases me with. I was very hard and with my beautiful wife using the masturbator, it was very hard not to cum. ‘Do not cum yet mister’ directed my wife.

‘You better stop if you don’t want me to come yet’.

‘Do not talk or you will be silenced. Do you understand?’ Yes, I nodded.

More cold lube was dribbled onto my cock before the masturbator consumed my cock again. The excess lube dribbled down my balls and started dripping into my crack. My arse cheeks were spread open. A gloved finger slid into my tight hole making the excess lube seem not an accident. I have enjoyed the thought of using gloves, I am not sure why, maybe due to the unknown nature of not feeling skin to skin. I moaned as Bec stretched my arse open while continuing to use the masturbator.

‘I am going to cum’ I said, breathing heavily.

‘I told you not to speak’ my wife replied. 2 fingers slid into my tight hole. I moaned.

‘I am going to cum’ I said while exhaling.

‘I told you not to speak’ barked my wife. With that, my wife removes her g-string and pushes it into my mouth. I mumble. My head is moved forward as she wraps my mouth with bondage tape to hold it in. ‘I told you to be quiet or you will be punished. Now roll over.’

I roll over, following the direction of my dominating wife. My bum is spread open again and 2 fingers spread my arse again. The gloved fingers slide out of my bum. Smack. The hand strikes my bum. ‘You have been very naughty, and you will be punished’. My wife strikes my bum again. I am now face down with my bum up receiving swats with my arse spread and blindfolded and gagged with a g string. My bum begins to feel warm and I can only guess that is it getting red.

After 10 smacks she stops. ‘Stay there. Do not move. Keep that arse in the air.’ As much as I have enjoyed being spanked, my arse was getting a little sore and warm and needed a break. I follow her direction to hopefully not receive any more spanks.

I could hear the container we keep all our sex toys being brought to the bed. I tried to listen to what might be coming next as I could not see anything past this blindfold. It did not help as there was lots of noise, but nothing that gave away the items she was getting out. My arse cheeks were spread open and more lube was dripped onto my anus. My hard cock got harder with the thought of being stretched and I did enjoy the feeling of my arse stretched.

A small butt plug was pushed past the outer sphincter. merter escort I could feel the pop that let me know that it was fully in. My sphincter then tightened around the neck of the plug. It was not the biggest plug, but it gave a little stretch going in and it is enough to keep me open. My wife then started tapping the plug sending nerve signals to my hard cock which was starting to leak precum. The cold wet masturbator then swallowed my cock again and my wife began stroking my cock with it. The feeling of the plug and the masturbator got me moaning again and nearly at the point of cumming again.

My wife stopped stroking me at the right time before I blew my load. Pressure was felt on my arse as the small plug was pulled out. I could feel my arse remain slightly open after the plug was removed. Cold lube was dripped straight into the open space and I could feel this deep down. The opening was then greeted by a larger item. This plug caused a more stretch which made the moment it slid in feel much more pleasurable. I could hear a pumping noise and started to feel my insides get pressurised. The plug my wife had just inserted was an inflatable one. She was now stretching the inner cavity without stretching my hole.

She pumped it up and released the air a few times which made me squirm when it was inflated. We have used this before, but those times I was able to tell my wife that there was enough inflation so could deflate the balloon. This time, I had no control. ‘I know you love being stretched; how does this feel?’ I could not answer my wife, however, I was grimacing when the pressure was beginning to be uncomfortable. She began pulling the plug while it was inflated which in turn was beginning to stretch the sphincters. She then released allowing the plug to move away from the entrance and back into the rectum where there was more space. She pulled again, this time with more force. I grimaced and moaned against her underwear and tape. I felt as though I was going to tear. She released once again.

‘Your arse is too tight; it needs to stretch’. She pulled the plug again, this time with more force and authority. I silently screamed into the g-string as my arse burned. The plug plopped out. My arse felt hot and the pain was intense. ‘That’s a large plug, it’s the size of an apple.’ I tried to look but my blindfold denied that plan. The pain and burning decreased and I could feel my bum was gapped.

A hand grabbed my cock, gripped it at the base and pulled toward the tip. My wife was getting the precum out. A finger with warmed fluid was rubbed on and around my open arse. It felt cooling after it was stretched. Another plug was pressed inside. Larger than the deflated inflatable, but smaller than the removed inflated plug. I then felt something touching me deep on the inside. ‘I now know what your insides look like, and it feels so soft.’ From that comment, I know now that I have a hollow butt plug inside me keeping my arse open.

More lube was squirted down the hollow plug and into the open cavern. This felt amazing as it was a relief from the stretching that I had just received. The lube assisted with the pain and burning sensation. I did wonder why I needed so much lubricant. A pinch was felt on my right nipple, then my left. My wife was clamping my nipples. Both pulled at once. My wife was pulling at the chain that linked the clamps. This shot pain through my nipples but also caused some pleasurable sensations on my cock.

My cock then was directed into the cool hole of the masturbator. The strokes were slow as my wife pulled at the chain at the same time. There was lots of pleasure and pain all at the same time. I could feel the coolness of the air on the inside of my rectum where is was still stretched open by the tunnel butt plug.

I started to squirm again on the edge of cumming. The stroking stopped and the pulling on the clamps ceased. I wanted to blow my load, but I did not want this to stop. There was pressure on my arse as the butt plug was removed. The opening felt like it remained open by itself. The opening was then filled buy another toy. This time the stretch was short lived as the toy stretched nişantaşı escort my arse and then fell in. Then another ball and then another. 3 balls were now inside of me and my arse was not stretched.

‘Are you ready for them to be pulled out?’ asked my wife. I assumed that they were anal beads she had inside of me. As she started pulling, I could feel my arse stretch wider than any plugs before, but then it plopped out. The next shooting pain came and went as the bead was pulled out. The last bead was pulled out leaving my arse gaping more than before. I could feel the bead push against my arse again. My wife pushed the three beads in and pulled them out 2 more times. Each time, they entered and exited easier. She pressed them in for the last time and left them in.

I could feel the tape being removed from my head and the g-string removed from my mouth. Before I could say anything, a dildo was pushed into my mouth. This surprised me and initially it was hard to take as my mouth was a little dry. ‘Make sure you get that cock super wet as it is going up your arse next’. I tried my best to build up some saliva, but knew my arse was already super wet and stretched for the cock to slide in. The dildo was being pushed in and pulled out of my mouth. ‘You are a nice little cock sucker, aren’t you?’ All I could do was moan and nod my head. She was really fucking my mouth with the dildo and a few times hit the back of my throat. ‘Deepthroat this cock darling, it will really get your saliva running’. She was correct. The dildo was getting wet from my saliva.

‘Do you want a cock in your arse?’ She asked. I nodded. ‘Then ask for it’ my wife demanded. She pulled the dildo out of my mouth.

‘I want the cock in my arse’ I said.

‘Ask to be fucked. Say Please fuck my arse’.

‘Please fuck my arse wife’. With that, a felt the string of beads pulled out of my arse with force. This shocked me as I was not expecting it. I was rolled onto my back and my legs lifted into the air exposing my arse.

‘What do you want?’ asked my wife as she pulled the chain between the nipple clamps. I grimaced.

‘I want you to fuck my arse,’ I pleaded.

I gasped when the dildo was pressed into my arse, but felt good when it was in. My arse was now not only stretched open, but my anal cavity filled. I was moaning enjoying the painful pleasure of the dildo sliding in and out. ‘How do you like being fucked?’

‘Good’ is all I could answer. I felt something go into my mouth. It was another gag. An open mouth gag. I could barely speak but the noise of me groaning was still present.

‘Poke your tongue through the hole’. I obliged. The warm wet pussy of my wife was waiting for me. She sat further onto my face pushing he pussy onto my mouth and getting her wetness onto my nose. The smell was amazing. The taste was amazing. I slightly forget for a moment that I was being fucked by my wife. She was enjoying my tongue. She was bouncing up and down getting my tongue to reach the right places. My mouth and nose were covered in her juices.

She lifter her pussy away from my open mouth. ‘How is your arse? It seems to be accepting the cock easily now. Did you need a bigger cock?’ I did not know how to answer. Is it wrong for me to be wanting a bigger cock in me, or should I just be grateful for what I have in there? ‘Hold the cock in there for me’ demanded my wife. I tried to hold in the dildo. It slid out. ‘Well, that is my answer, your arse wants a bigger cock’. I was secretly happy with her decision. I was really enjoying being stretched and trying new things.

My wife got up, applied some tape over the open mouth so all sounds were muffled. She shoved the cock back into my arse. It seemed to be able to accept that one with ease. With a few last deep thrusts, she removed the dildo leaving an open space. ‘That’s a very loose looking arse’ she mentioned. ‘I have never seen an arse so open’. I wondered how it looked and if It would come back down to normal size one day. She slid some gloved fingers back into my arse. ‘It is very loose; I can get 4 fingers inside you.’ In my mind I was thinking I could barely feel them ortaköy escort so I must be very stretched.

She removed her fingers from my arse. I was expecting a larger dildo to penetrate me, however, I felt something go inside me and then I could feel it deep inside me. My wife had inserted a smaller, slimmer dildo. I clued on to what she was trying to achieve. We had spoken recently about how you could get a long slender dildo inside the colon and give a full feeling. She was trying but could not find the tricky opening. She removed the dildo.

I thought she was giving up until I felt the cold metallic prongs of the speculum that had only just arrived this week. The cold metal felt even colder as my arse was very warm from being stretched. I could feel my wife widen the blades and begin to open my arse wider. I could then feel the dildo on my insides prodding around. Suddenly, she found the opening and there was another stretch on my inside. I could feel the pressure in my tummy, and it stopped just under my ribs. ‘Your arse is very deep. I have run out of dildo to insert up there’. I tried to think how long our double ended dildo was. I could not imagine, however the dildo inside me was filling me well. The speculum was removed, but the dildo remained.

I could feel my wife start to penetrate me with the dildo. It was a strange feeling as it was so high in my abdomen. I could feel something else at my anus. My wife was trying to squeeze something else in my arse with the thinner dildo that was lodged in my colon. My anus stretched as my wife said ‘You are loose. You now have 2 cocks in your arse’. This one she began fucking my arse with. This put a little pressure on the dildo deep in me which caused a whole lot of different pleasure. I was deeply breathing through my nose as she was fucking me hard and fast with the second dildo in my arse. My cock was oozing lots of precum. One touch, I thought was all it needed to spew a large amount of my cum onto my stomach. The pressure on my anus lessened as it had continued to stretch. The dildo my wife was fucking me with was now sliding in and out easily.

My wife paused fucking my arse. I felt the long dildo slowly retreat down my colon and felt it flick the outer rim or my stretched arse. ‘I was wrong earlier, now I haven’t seen an arse so wide open as much as your arse.’ Now I really wanted to see what she was talking about. My nipples burned as my wife pulled the chain. I moaned in pain. ‘Do you want to cum?’ I could feel the pressure in my balls that were ready to release. I nodded yes. I felt the lips and teeth of my wife’s mouth at the head of my hard cock. A tongue teased the tip. She sucked hard on the head of my cock, only once, once was all I needed. The shudder went throughout my body. Cum shot from my cock and into my wife’s mouth. She moaned with pleasure. She enjoyed when she makes me cum.

My blindfold was removed. The world was bright as I squinted to try and see my wife. The tape was removed from around my head. I could breathe through my mouth again. I could see my wife come in for a kiss, my mouth was already open due to the gag. I seen her purse her lips and white liquid drip from her mouth, right into the middle of the open mouth gag in my mouth. Warm salty cum hit my tongue. She began getting closer and spitting more of the cum out, sharing her mouthful with me. My mouth was filling with my cum and I could not close my mouth. ‘That was a mouthful, now it is your mouthful. Don’t swallow yet.’ I lay there on my back with a mouthful of my hot cum. I was savouring the salty taste. I could feel it start to trickle down the back of my throat.

I was focused on the cum in my mouth so much, I did not notice my wife had laid herself down on the bed playing with herself. I tried to roll to my side but could not as the cum would drip out of my mouth. I could hear my wife rubbing her wet pussy. Loud panting was followed by a loud scream as my wife came. ‘You can swallow that now’ said my wife. I swallowed some of the cum down and then finished my mouthful. I turned my head to see my wife laying on our bed with her legs still spread. Her pussy was glistening in the light. ‘I really needed to cum’ she said between heavy panting breaths. I removed the clamps from my nipples and crawled over to my wife. I kissed her lips softly. ‘I hope you enjoyed being stretched.’

‘I did enjoy it’. I reached down to touch her wet pussy. ‘As much as you did’. We both had a tired laugh and held each other close.

The End

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