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Rachel was in her room crying. She had just broken up with her long term boyfriend Jack. Rachel was my sister and I think she is one of the hottest girls in the world. She is a year older at 19 years old. She is a freshman in college going on to sophmore year, while I’m going to the same college at the end of summer. She was generally nice to me and looked out for me. She made sure others didn’t bully me and she always asked me to hang out with her and her friends. She was a varsity volleyball player hence she had a really athletic body. She was tall at 5 ft 11. She kept her dirty blonde hair up to her shoulders. Her legs were long, smooth and toned from years of volleyball. She had a firm tummy and her 34C breasts were full and soft. Sometimes her boobs got in the way of her volleyball but I and the rest of the male population saw no problem in them. She also had nice round hazel eyes and tan skin from playing lots of beach volleyball on the weekends.

My name is Dan Kelly. I am shorter than my sister by and inch and I am not really athletic. It’s not that I hate sports, but my body isn’t built for it. I wasn’t fat or skinny. I have toned arms and legs and I keep my black hair slightly long and messy. I wear glasses with black plastic frames. I’m more of an indoor person so I was the chairman of the debate team. I’m not the most popular guy in school. My sister is very well known and I am just known as Rachel Kelly’s smarter little brother. I’m not really very good with girls too. I only kissed one girl and her name is Isabel White, my current girlfriend of one month.

I have had a crush on Isabel for a long time. She is a petite 5 ft 6 girl with jet black hair barely touching her shoulders and with a layered hair cut. She has the most beautiful piercing ice blue eyes and she has a small nose and mouth and had perfect 32B breasts. She was into that whole emo fashion, hence she wore lots of skinny jeans and graphic t-shirts or checked shorts or flannel blouses. She wore little makeup – only a hint of eyeliner. Although she was into this whole emo chick thing, she didn’t act it. She was really happy and fun to be with and never have I seen her sad. Her eyes always sparkled and her smile was infectious. Isabel was on the same volleyball team too back in high school with my sister. Isabel and Rachel were best friends. She used to be our neighbor but when her parents split, she moved to a smaller apartment, a 10 minute drive away. We have been friends for a long time too. We flirted with each other over the years and only at the begining of summer did I have the guts to ask her out. She was the first girl I asked and she said yes.

Back to the story, Rachel was crying in her room. I was standing outside and watching her with concern. Jack was her first real serious boyfriend and they have been together since sophomore year. He was the typical school all star athletes that made girls melt and guys look up to him. He was not as much as an ass as the other jocks but I still didn’t like him. My sister was a wild thing. She was aggressive and really liked having fun. She wasn’t however a slut. She only had been intimate with Jack and that only began last year. A week ago, Rachel caught Jack cheating on her with the school slut in bed at a party. She was furious and after the break up, she was depressed. It had been a week and she still hadn’t recovered.

Although there were many times which she made fun of me or ticked me off, Rachel still looked out for me and I really loved her for that. I couldn’t stand to see her sad. I knocked on the door lightly and entered the room.

“Hey Rach,” I said softly. She sat up and wiped her puffy eyes.

“Hey Dan,” she replied weakly. I got on the bed as she lay back down. I lay behind her and hugged her tightly.

“Rachel, you’ve got to stop crying. Jack’s not worth it. He doesn’t deserve you,” I said. She didn’t reply so I continued.

“You know Jack’s an asshole and he is really stupid for doing this to you. He’s going to regret losing such a beautiful, smart and caring girl like you.” Rachel then turned around to face me.

“You know if I weren’t your brother, I would really date you and I think I would the luckiest person in the world.”

She smiled at me. Then she sat up and I followed her. She then hugged me really tightly and gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Dan,” she said a bit happier. “You’re really great, even for an annoying pest of a brother.” We then left her room and went to watch TV downstairs.

For the next month or so, I helped Rachel get over Jack. I hung out with bursa escort her more and I even started helping her practice for her volleyball during my free time. Usually I would end up hurt and my arms would be red and soar from the impact of the ball when it slams onto my forearms. I hung out with Isabel more and sometimes the three of us would do something together like old times. Isabel and I were doing well. We only went as far as kissing. I haven’t done anything, even to feel her up. I was a little nervous at that, but I was content with just kissing. That was the furthest I have ever gone with a girl and yes, I am indeed a virgin. Isabel and I never really talked about that part yet. I didn’t bother. I didn’t even know I could even reach this stage with a girl.

One Sunday morning, I was woken up by Rachel. She was jumping onto my bed forcing to wake me up. She wanted me to help her prepare for her up coming game this week and really needed to practice. It was 7 in the morning and I was a little pissed as I wanted to sleep in. my sister was wearing a pair of blue panties and a tight white t-shirt, that hugged her tits nicely. We were comfortable in our underwear together and I usually wore boxers to sleep and nothing else.

“Dan, wake up,” she shouted playfully, pulling the covers off me. I threw my pillow at her and she dodged it. She stood at the edge of the bed with her hands on her hips and she looked a little annoyed with me. She then flipped me onto my back and noticed a tent in my boxers.

“Eww, what is that?” she asked.

“It’s called morning wood my dear sister,” I said trying to freak her out. She usually teased me and annoyed me so this was my chance to do the same.

“So who were you thinking of?” she asked in a teasing voice. Two can play at that game.

“You,” I said finally. I expected her to scream and hit me but what she did next surprised me.

Rachel just grinned and in one move, she got on the bed and straddled me on my lap.

“Ooh, Dan you feel hard and big,” she said almost seductively.

“What the fuck?” I exclaimed, scared as hell. She then leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. It was not like a sisterly kiss, more of a lustful and passionate one. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and tried to force me to reciprocate. I naturally refused.

Rachel than sat up straight and pulled her t-shirt up so that her breasts were exposed. She wasn’t wearing a bra so I got to see her soft tits. Her nipples were big and puffy and pink. If I were her boyfriend, I would have sucked her breasts hungrily, but I didn’t. She then started to rub her hands on my crotch, feeling my hard cock through the fabric.

“Rach, what the hell are you doing?” I cried as I sat up. She shoved her hand into my chest, almost knocking the wind out of me. I slammed back on my back. She then lifted her body and pulled of my boxers. Then she pulled of her panties and threw them on the floor.

“Dan, I haven’t had sex in three months and I have been busy for the last few weeks to even have time to play with myself,” she replied.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked. She was stroking my dick without me realizing it. When I finally did find out, I tried to make her stop but she slapped my hand away. She slid her body down and had her open mouth over my dick, her body between my legs. She then stuck out her tongue, peeled back the foreskin and licked the head of my cock. I couldn’t help but moan. It felt really good. Then she started to suck the tip of my dick, slowly lowering her mouth down my shaft, until she engulfed half my member. I was only at 7 inches with an average girth. She continued my first blowjob and I couldn’t help but moan again.

After about five minutes, she stopped and sat up. She straddled my lap again. I saw her shaved pink pussy. It looked tight and wet with excitement. My dick touched her slit and I felt the heat coming from it. She then lifted herself up but instead of letting my dick ram her pussy, she lowered her ass onto my dick. I felt my dick touching her tight asshole. I realized she was trying to have sex with me.

“Rachel no!” I shouted. She stopped and looked at me with a frown.

“Why?” she asked playfully.

“It’s wrong. We’re siblings and I aint losing my virginity to my sister,” I replied. She rolled her eyes and continued to lower herself onto me.

“Relax. No one will know and besides, this doesn’t count as losing your virginity.”

Then all of a sudden, my dick slipped into her tight asshole and she gasped.

“Dan that feels so good,” she moaned. bursa escort bayan I couldn’t help but agree, even if it was wrong. I enjoyed the feeling as she lifted and lowered herself, allowing my dick to slide in and out of her asshole. Then I realized again that this was wrong.

“Rachel,” I shouted. I tried to sit up but both her hands were pushing me down. I was sadly not really strong. My sister could kick my ass and she in fact pinned me down. I started to struggle.

“Damn it Dan,” she said annoyed. She then slapped me on the face and I was stunned. I stopped struggling. The slap was stinging. She then pinned my arms down again and slowly rode me.

“Dan you left me no choice,” she said as she noticed my shocked face. “You wouldn’t fuck me and I really need this. Dan do you love me?”

I nodded my head like a small kid.

“Then you should make me happy and you should do this with me. Your big sister needs it okay?” I couldn’t help but nod.

“Good boy,” she said, making me feel like some sort of weak puppy. “Just go with the flow. You can benefit from this too.”

I had just gotten slapped and pinned down by my much stronger and aggressive sister, and my dick was up her ass. The next logical thing to do was to go with the flow. That’s when I started to thrust into her. She moaned with every slow thrust I gave. I had to admit, it felt really good. Her asshole was really tight and warm and wrapped around my dick nicely.

“Dan, have you played with a pussy before?” she asked in a very sisterly tone. I shook my head. “Will you play with mine?” She had her head tilted to the side, with her hair falling over her face slightly and her mouth opened a bit. She really looked cute and I couldn’t help but help her out.

I started to stroke her slit. It was wet and warm. Her lips spread apart and revealed the pinkness of her pussy. Her clit was exposed. I touched it and she moaned. It was really sensitive. I stuck a finger slowly into her vagina. I started to finger her slowly. I rubbed the inside of her cunt. It was really tight and warm. I started to finger her faster and heard squishing sounds as my fingers rammed into her. My free hand was playing with her boobs, which she lowered into her mouth. I was licking her puffy nipples and sucking on them. Her breasts were so soft.

Now she started to fuck me faster. Her breathing increased and I felt her pussy tighten and loosen on my finger. She was close. She sat up straight and replaced my fingers with her hands, which rubbed her clit and cunt vigorously. Her boobs were bouncing wildly as she rode me. I was near and she knew it. I grabbed her boobs and played with them, preventing further jiggling. All of a sudden she came.

“Ddannn…oohhh fuck…you’re making me cum,” Rachel cried out loud, her eyes closed tight, her pussy exploding and juices splashing on my stomach. Her ass also tightened over my dick and I couldn’t help but blow my load too. I didn’t want to close my eyes as I wanted to watch my sister enjoy our mutual climax. She looked really hot while she came. I spurted a huge load into Rachel’s ass. She moaned as I came into her, my hot cum filling her tight ass.

Finally we stopped cumming and she rested herself on me. She was breathing onto my shoulders and I then realized that I had just fucked my sister. Fuck I was going to hell. I was still hard and still inside her ass.

“Well since you’re still hard and able to continue, I don’t think you mind if we did it for real now,” Rachel said, sitting up with a sly grin. She lifted her ass and a bit of cum dripped onto my bed sheets. Then she lowered herself down and I felt my dick touching her pussy. I suddenly felt the guilt overwhelm me.

“Rach, no!” I said. “You’re my sister! We can’t do this!” She looked pissed this time. She slapped me again and had her hands on my throat. I was struggling and screaming but then blacked out.

When I woke up ten minutes later, I was tied to the bed, still naked. Rachel was not in the room. I screamed for her to come and untie me but there was no response. Finally she came in naked as well. She stood at the door way, leaning against the door frame. She looked really sexy. I screamed for her again. She grinned and walked towards me, her hips swaying. She then sat between my legs again. I was soft now and she noticed. She lowered her head onto my dick and started to lick the head. She stroked me softly and started to suck on the head again. I couldn’t help but close my eyes. Then she stopped and straddled my lap again. My dick was resting on the folds of her pussy. escort bursa I really felt like entering her. She teased me by rubbing her cunt against my cock.

“Rachel please,” I groaned.

“What Dan? What do you want?” she asked.

“Rach, I want you,” I said in a desperate and seduced voice.

“Dan, do you want to fuck me?” she asked. I nodded.

“Oh. Poor Dan. You are so horny for your sister. You want my pussy Dan?” she asked, her face pouting a bit. I nodded vigorously. She grinned then she looked angry again.

“Fuck you Dan.” She then got off the bed walked off. I was left naked and tied to my bed post with an aching hard on. I screamed and struggled again. Finally I managed to pull away but accidently smacked my face. I untied the rest of myself and ran to my sister’s room with my erect cock bouncing painfully between my legs.

I burst into her room. She sitting on the middle of the bed with her legs spread widely. Her hands were on her shaved pussy and she was fingering herself. She looked shocked as I burst in.

“Damn it Rachel” I screamed. “Your pussy is mine!” With that, I leaped onto the bed and the both of us were lying on the bed with me on top of her. She was surprised by my sudden aggressiveness but she liked it. She reached down and pushed my aching dick into her pussy.

“Ohhh,” I groaned as I entered her pussy. It was tight, wet and warm. She gasped as I filled her up. I started to go slowly, thrusting in and out of her, pulling back almost out then ramming back in. I was kissing her face, neck and shoulders. This passionate fuck only lasted for a few minutes. I then went wild and started ramming myself into her. She was screaming with pleasure and gasping for air as my body slammed into her. She held me tight and her boobs were smashed onto my chest, her nipples rubbing against mine. Her right hand grabbed my ass cheek while her left hand was on my back.

“Oh Dan I’m so close,” she groaned. It was like fifteen minutes. We were fucking wildly. She was ramming herself into me too. She started to thrash about under me. I held her tight and continued pounding her. I slowed down now as I was near. I really loved the feeling of my dick rubbing against the insides of her pussy. She started to cum. she pulled me into her and I kissed me passionately as she screamed into my mouth.

The feeling of a girl cumming on your member is the best. It was the first time I felt it and I really really enjoyed it. When she came, her pussy tightened around my dick. It felt harder to pound her but still manageable. It felt so good that I could have exploded any time. Her pussy milked me and I couldn’t help but release. During the last few seconds of Rachel’s climax, I exploded into her pussy. I knew she was on birth control so I wasn’t afraid of filling her up. My balls slapped against her meaty round ass as I emptied my cum into my sister’s womb. I felt like screaming in pleasure as my dick twitched with every cumshot. My whole body went limp and I collapsed onto my sister. We were both panting and heaving as we recovered from our climaxes.

I felt something trickle down my left side. It was blood. Apparently while we were cumming, her left hand was grabbing me around my left shoulder blade. Her nails dug in and she scratched me deeply. I didn’t feel it that time as it was masked by the feeling of my orgasm. Rachel noticed it too.

“Oh shit,” she said. She had her arms wrapped around me. I looked down at her and she looked worried. “Dan I hurt you.”

I smiled and kissed her on her cheek.

“It’s okay sis,” I replied. “It’s only a scratch.” We got of the bed and she inspected my injury.

“Dan, this looks bad,” she said again concerned.

“Rach, it’s okay,” I said, smiling. She loosened up a bit.

“Let me clean you up a bit then put some bandages on.” I didn’t argue with her. She then took my hand and walked me to the bathroom. We walked naked and she had her hand below her pussy, catching my cum as it oozed out slowly.

“Dan, you really filled me up. Damn it if I weren’t on the pill, you would have fucking knocked me up,” she said, impressed. I couldn’t help but laugh.

We got to the bathroom and she turned on the shower and the both of us got in. she cleaned the wounds. The scratch was pretty deep so after the shower, she had me sit on the toilet as she wrapped some bandages and gauze on the wound. Then she gave me a sisterly kiss on the forehead.

“Dan what did you mean just now when you screamed that my pussy was yours?” she asked curiously. I shrugged.

“I don’t know. It was a spur of the moment.” She smiled and led me out of the bathroom. We got changed and went down to eat breakfast. It was already nearing 10am.

After being forced to have sex with my older sister, our relationship changed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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