Rachna’s Island of Love Pt. 02

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Nyree held my hand as we lay under the sunny sky and said, “What about a bath together in the sea Rachna?”

“It sounds fun.” I replied.

Nyree smiled and said, “Let us go then.”

We ran to the sea, our footsteps falling parallely on the sandy beach, our laughs resounding with the sound of the waves. It didn’t seem that we were two lost souls in a deserted island, it seemed we were two lovers in a love filled expedition. And as both of us ran into the sea, the waves became the spectator to our fun.

As our bodies got wet in the saline water, our lips met in a long kiss. My hands roamed on the strong black body of Nyree, as her tongue went inside my mouth and played with my tongue. My hands cupped her waist and then her buttocks. I slowly arched my head backwards, and Nyree kissed my neck, licking with her tongue here and there. The sea water repeatedly drenched our sun-kissed bodies as Nyree went down further to my boobs and kissed them.

“Oh, aah, yes!” The moans escaped my lips feeling Nyree’s tongue moving on my tits, circling them with wet strokes, and then she closed around her mouth on them, one at a time. I closed my eyes in ecstasy and teased her pussy with my fingers. She licked her bite marks on my boobs while I stroked her pussy hair. Both of us were breathing heavily, both of us were turned on, and the continuous flurry of waves soaking our bodies only added to our desires.

Soon two fingers of Nyree had found their way in my pussy and she was fingering me while her mouth sucked my boobs. I pressed her head hard and moaned as loudly as possible as a shockwave of pleasure rocketed my body. Nyree had absolute magic in her finger as well as her lips, and in both ways she was giving me the pleasure of my life. Soon I could sense my orgasm building and finally I let out my cum, which instantly got mixed in the wave of sea water soaking our bodies.

Nyree kissed me on my lips and said, “How was it baby?”

I kissed her back and replied, “Just like you, the best!”

Nyree said, “Now will you return the favour?”

I giggled and said, “With pleasure.”

We ran to the beach and Nyree laid down on the sand, with me insisting that she laid on her belly. Her beautiful rear was before me and I just wanted to eat her up. But I decided to do it slowly, after all I had all the time in the world.

I slowly caressed her black asscheeks while planting soft kisses on her nape, her spine and her waist. I kissed on her asscheeks then, with occasional bites, and Nyree softly moaned in pleasure. I then separated her asscheeks to expose her butthole, the puckered hole with a few hair. I bent down and blew out air from my mouth on it, making Nyree moan. Then it was the other way round, I put my nose in the asshole and breathed in, the ass smell filled my senses. I loved it!

I while facing Nyree’s legs put my thumb in her asshole and teased her by rubbing it, and at the same time bent down my head to plant kisses on the back of her thighs. Nyree’s moans increased with my double action as I kept licking her hind legs and also caressed her asshole. From her moans it was clear that she was enjoying it to the fullest.

After some time I sat on her ass and bent both her legs from the knees towards me. I kissed her underfoot, licking it at the same time, taking turns with both the left and the right one. My tongue ran on her toe and soles of the feet, tasting saline water accumulated on them. The ebony mature woman was exquisite in receiving such pleasure and was directing me in her moans to go on and not to stop.

I then changed my position and lay on the beach behind Nyree such that my face was on her huge black asscheeks. I started to kiss her ass madly, I rubbed my face on it and moaned myself, I absolutely loved this gorgeous woman, and I wanted to worship every possible body escort beşevler part of her. My lips travelled on the dark asscheeks,top to bottom, right to left, everywhere possible. After some wild wet kisses Nyree with her hand found my head and with her palm pressed me to the centre of the asscheeks. I understood that her asshole needs to be attended to.

Using my hands I separated her asscheeks and once again exposed her asshole. I sniffed it again, and again, and again. Oh I was madly in love with the smell. I could sniff it all day! As I kept on sniffing her Nyree moaned, “Baby put in your tongue, I can’t bear it anymore. Please lick my asshole.”

I was not to be told a second time. I slithered my tongue on Nyree’s asshole and licked it passionately. With every stroke of my tongue Nyree’s body arched and shivered. I tasted a new salty taste and though it was the first time of my life, I was enjoying it. The scorching heat was making Nyree’s ass sweaty and I even licked her sweat accumulated there. It seemed that my senses had always longed for such taste, such smell. I was born with the fetish perhaps.

So I licked the ebony woman’s asshole, my tongue making rounds in it, sometimes vertically and sometimes in circles but making sure the asshole was licked properly. Even for a split second my tongue wasn’t lifted from the asshole, it had tasted everything the asshole had to offer. Both Nyree and me had put our fingers in our own pussys and were fingering ourselves. The only difference that existed was that Nyree was moaning loudly while my mouth was buried in Nyree’s asshole.

The inevitable was coming soon and it came, with Nyree meeting her orgasm first, followed by my own after a few minutes. After we had squirted our cum on the beach we lay there motionless, completely exhausted. We caught our breath after some time and then ran back to the spring to wash ourselves. Nyree taught me how to catch fish and also how to make it by wrapping with a banana leaf and then using the fire lit by striking stones. We had our lunch together then, along with some fruits and edible plant leaves.

Nyree sat beside me after lunch and I asked, “How much of the island had you explored?”

Nyree replied, “Not much. There is a forest on the northern side, I didn’t go there as it might be home to some wild animals, and also there is a hill as you can see on the southern side. I wanted to go on its top, but dared not do it alone. Now that you are with me, I am thinking of giving it a try.”

I said, “Let us go tomorrow morning then, if we go now we won’t be able to return by the sunset.”

Nyree smiled and said, “Yes you are right. Oh by the way I forgot to ask you, how is your wound now? Has it healed?”

I said, “Totally babe, it is the magic of your touch. But I am feeling a little pain in my jawline.”

Nyree looked concerned. Actually I wasn’t feeling any pain but said so in a joke. However, I loved to see the concern in her eyes. She looked worried about me, she was someone who actually cared for me. Nyree held my face in her arms and slowly traced her fingers on my jawline. Our eyes looked into each other, and they didn’t move away, just kept looking.

“Where is the pain exactly?” Nyree asked.

“In my heart actually.” I replied.

Nyree kissed my lips and said, “How can I relieve you of your pain?”

I kissed her back and said, “By your love, babe.”

Our lips locked and Nyree got on my top, we kissed, my arms holding onto her back in a tight embrace. Nyree’s lips travelled on my jawline and came tracing down to my neck. She sucked at my cleavage and then my boobs. “Bite me!” I cried and she obliged, using her teeth to bite into my skin, making her marks all over my boobs again. My body shivered and I moaned loudly, pain and pleasure mixed in escort balgat my emotions.

My pussy had become dripping wet again and Nyree’s kisses on my body were only increasing the passion. Then Nyree did something I wasn’t much aware of, she sat between my legs and crossed her legs with mine in such a way that our pussys were touching each other.

“We are going for some tribbing now honey.” Nyree said in a whisper.

She started to push her waist forward so that her pussy rubbed against mine. It was a new experience for me and the rubbing of her hairy cunt on mine was driving me crazy. I too started to push my waist and soon both of us were moaning in pleasure. Nyree ground her clit in my pussy, sending a wave of pleasure in me. Sloppy sounds could be heard from our mounds as we both pushed with force.

We were breathing heavily with each hump we made to rub our pussys, it seemed that our legs had created a pair of scissors. I got hold of Nyree’s foot and licked it, from the toe to the calf as our tribbing continued non-stop. I licked and sucked her black toes while Nyree humped our pussys more and more.

“I am going to cum babyyyy!” Nyree cried as my pussy too was giving me similar signals. Both of us met the orgasm together while grinding against each other, and for a few minutes our juices didn’t stop flowing. After draining our cum we lay down in each other’s arms, trying to catch our breath.

In the late afternoon something unexpected happened. A ship, yes a ship could be seen sailing far away. Both Nyree and me ran up to the sea shore and using flares tried to distract the ship. Fortune was really smiling upon us as the ship saw us and started coming toward the beach. Nyree whispered in my ear, “We need to put something on our bodies, we can’t let the ship crew see us naked.”

She was right. Since she didn’t have a single layer of cloth left, so, I gave her my top while I put on my torn jacket. Nyree wore my panty and then put on some leaves around her waist to conceal. I put on my skirt without any inner wear. Soon the ship had come to the shore. It was a Thai ship and after listening to our stories took us to Thailand.

The Thai Government along with the Indian and the Nigerian embassy helped us a lot. Accommodations were made for us to stay in a nice hotel and needless to say Nyree and me had sex during every night we stayed there. We had shower together with rich lathered soaps, however I made sure I licked her armpit sweat before the bath. We tribbed and licked each other’s pussys anytime we felt like doing it.

Finally the day came when we were scheduled to part our ways, me to India while Nyree to Nigeria. She held my hand and said, “Why do we need to be separated?”

I replied, “We don’t. Just come to India, or take me to Nigeria.”

“You spoke out my heart baby.” Nyree said with a smile. We kissed and slowly disrobed ourselves. The beautiful black body of Nyree glowed in the lights of the hotel room. I bent down to kiss her feet, sucking her toes and licking both above and below the feet. Malti laid down on the concrete floor, while I kissed her dark, strong legs. My tongue went to the thighs as my mature ebony girlfriend sighed.

I slowly parted her thighs and put my mouth in the bush that covered her mound. I sucked at her hair, then put in my nose to inhale the pre-cum aroma. I then turned on her belly, and then separating her asscheeks sniffed her asshole. I placed my cheek sideways on one of her thighs while the other thigh rested on my other cheek. I was thus locked in between her legs.

I sniffed her pussy and asshole, taking turns on both of it. Nyree’s heavy breaths and sighs were slowly turning into moans as I sniffed her holes, and also occasionally blew air into them from my mouth. The dark woman tightened her thigh escort batıkent grip on my face and moaned, “Put in your tongue honey, lick me.”

I was never to be told twice for the same and so I extended my ever-hungry tongue and licked her pussy. I traced my tongue all the way from her pussy to her butthole. My cheeks had reddened by then due to the pressure of her thighs, but I kept on licking.

“Oh God!” Nyree exclaimed as my tongue started to move rapidly now, exploring the juices from her pussy. I was sucking at her clit now, her juices drenching my mouth and chin. My tongue went in and out of her pussy like a small dildo, fucking her and making her moan louder. I knew with a few more strokes she would cum as I could feel the orgasm building. But I decided to tease her.

So I suddenly withdrew my tongue from her pussy and she in frustration exclaimed, “No baby please don’t do this.”

Using her hands she tried to pull me to her pussy but I was teasing her more, trying to withdraw my mouth. Nyree, in frustration, pinned both my hands and then sat on my face. Her big black ass engulfed my face and she pressed her weight backwards so that my nose was fully pressed by her asscheeks. “You frustrate me, you pay.” Nyree said with a laugh.

I knew it was futile to struggle against her strength so I decided to stay still and keep my energy as far as possible, I sniffed in the aroma of her asshole. There was no supply of oxygen for me, and the precious air around me was reducing fast. I was sniffing her asshole continuously though and it was turning me on. Nyree hadn’t moved an inch and was depriving me of air.

With an evil laugh she said, “How do you feel now? Will you frustrate me again? Beg me to let you breathe. Only then you escape this situation. I am letting one of your hands free. With that you tap on the floor, you submit, and I let you free.”

So she was up to a kinky naughty game, I was laughing in my mind. I decided to play some more. So as she released my right hand, instead of tapping I pushed her ass and tilted my head sideways to breathe in some fresh air, even for a few seconds it felt precious. But Nyree was quick to react too, and she pinned my hand again and once more the huge black ass had my face covered.

She murmured, “Naughty girl, you try to push me over. Don’t you know you are of no match to my strength? Now I won’t let you go. I am going to sit on your face for a longer period now.”

I was helpless now, my head was burning, my nose trapped in between those asscheeks, the ass smell mixed with some sweat was making my senses wild. There was no supply of oxygen at all and even my liking for Nyree’s sweat and ass smell was not making me comfortable. Slowly my body was arching, I was pushing my legs, I was gasping for air, while my ebony girlfriend had now started to twist my nipples.

At last I couldn’t take it any longer and with my last gas I pushed and freed one of my hands. I tapped on the floor as well as on Nyree’s legs and finally she got up from my face. Precious air filled my lungs and I breathed heavily, letting in all the oxygen I could. Nyree sat beside me with an evil grin and said, “See the consequences of frustrating me? Now will you lick my pussy?”

“Yes I will.” I said with a naughty smile.

Nyree sat on all fours while I kneeling behind her, licked her pussy and sniffed her asshole, interchanging my nose and tongue on both of them. Even when she had cum I kept licking her asshole and turned her on again, and then I licked her pussy again to drain her juices. After a pretty long session when I finally stopped my entire face was full of cum. Nyree licked my face all over and tasted her own juices.

It was decided that we would move over to Nigeria and stay together. While on the flight Nyree said to me, “So you enjoyed my facesitting isn’t it? I think I am going to use this technique more often now on you, and make you do anything.”

I laughed and said, “Then I am going to be very naughty the entire time.”

Nyree laughed too and we kissed, the plane had taken off to my new home, Nigeria.

(The end)

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