Rape Bait Part 2

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M & M

Rape Bait 2

Chapter Two

Cuckolded By The Governor, The Democratic Partys Official Donkey Mascot & Grunt The Dwarf


The following story contains elements of an adult nature, and those under 21 years of age, or those who are offended by graphic fighting, bondage, non-consensual sex, rape and wonderfully extreme promiscuity, should read no further.

Everyone else, please proceed and enjoy the plights of our heroine’s as they look incredibly voluptuous, gorgeous and scantily clad as they strive to make society safe from repulsive, disgusting and perverted evil doers and, too often, get beaten and totally debauched in the pursuit of their worthy goals.

1. The Body Arrives:

At 1:30 PM the golden Jaguar convertible pulled out of the parking lot of the posh private club, and sped towards the ranch owned by the Governor of California.

In the driver’s seat was the marvelously stacked, astoundingly curved, lusciously ripe body of the superheroine, The Blonde Avenger.

Mona Feinberg, The Blonde Avenger’s civilian persona, the owner of this statuesque miracle of womanly curves, was on her way to make a gift of this fabulous body to the horny, big dicked Governor.

She fully understood that the Governor, who was nationally recognized as the Godfather of the Democratic Party and the probable next President of the United States, was going to badly use her unbelievably superb equipment to cuckold her husband, any and every way he wanted too.

In exchange for her having agreed to cheat on her unsuspecting high ranking Republican husband, this afternoon, by giving it up to the lusty and lusting Governor, she was being given the privilege of adding him to her long, and personally very satisfying, list of assorted celebrities who she had let fuck her. It was a choice she had agreed to, at the very persuasive request of her former lover and very close personal friend, the Mayor of San Diego.

It was a decision that had been made easier for her by the fact that her husband, Saul Feinberg, would never find out about this wicked, wanton indiscretion she was on her way to commit.

As the sleek sports car cut through the sunny, 75 degree air, its driver was feeling little remorse about doing this cheating on her husband and, instead, she was very anxious and excited to consummate this celebrity conquest of hers, and was willingly going to put up with the raunchy physical demands the Governor was going to be making of her, and to perform whatever sick, dirty, and disgusting sex acts the State’s womanizing Chief Executive wanted her to do for him.

At just about the same time that The Blonde Avenger had driven away from her husband’s private club for the ultra-rich, San Diego Mayor Mike O’Brien arrived at the Governor’s ranch.

When the Governor saw his long-time friend and closest political confidant, walk into his office, the big man had bounded to his feet and embraced him, saying, “Wonderful to see you, Mike, and let me thank you for your help in making this day of reckoning, that I have looked forward to for so long, actually happen today.”

Grinning almost maniacally, the Governor said, with deep felt venom, “Thanks to you that meddling Republican SOB, Saul Feinberg, is about to get the damndest cuckolding anyone ever got.”

“I am going to exact my full measure of revenge on that arrogant, pompous bastard, by putting that fine looking trophy wife of his through an afternoon of dirty fucking debauchery, during which I am going to make her demean and degrade herself into being a pure whoring, dirty slut for me.”

“Now, my friend, I know that we are here for the important purpose of having you tell me all about your plan to catch those damn San Diego rapists of yours. But please understand that the first thing I have to do is get my rocks off in Mona’s mouth, as the first step in my goal of fully cuckolding her asshole of a husband.”

“After my cum shots are sloshing around in the Cunt’s stomach, I will be very happy to concentrate on hearing about your rape bait plan of action, and to hear how The Blonde Avenger is going to get worked over, reamed out and disgustingly debased, as she helps us catch those damned rapists.”

Mayor Mike replied with understanding, “I fully understand, Bill. You do what you have to do, and then we’ll go over the rape plan after you have The Blonde Avenger choke down a belly full of your spunk.”

“Thanks, ole buddy. Shit Mike, this fucking today is going to be so damn satisfying that I don’t know which I am going to enjoy the most. Sticking my cock in all of your stupendously stacked ex-girlfriend’s holes for the good fucking that her superb body will provide; or the total gratification I am going to get from cuckolding her high society, Republican husband,” the Governor said pensively.

Shaking his head in lustful thought, he finally said, “Shit, buddy, it may turn out to be a dead tie. But one thing is for sure, I am going to treat the Republican asshole’s gorgeous trophy wife like a $10 whore, to really make the cuckolding as nasty and gratifying as hell.”

“Now, since I know that you still have a thing going for your old girlfriend, I hope you really did mean it, this morning, when you told me that you didn’t care how badly I treated her,” the Governor said consolingly.

“Hell, my friend, treat her as rough as you want to. She is built to be manhandled and orgied, and I have always enjoyed watching her getting worked over real good. It is as stimulating as hell,” Mike assured him.

“And remember Governor, unlike our other superheroines, who all need to do something to change themselves over from their weak civilian persona into being a full blown superheroine, Mona is a superheroine at all times, in or out of costume.”

“The power belt she wears when she is out trying to catch and defeat criminals, just adds another dimension to her abilities. It makes her strength increase tenfold, and she can run faster and jump higher.”

“But, without the power belt on, she still has the strength of three or four normal men, and her ability to take physical punishment and recover from even severe injuries, within 24 hours, is exactly the same. The power belt doesn’t affect that aspect of her capabilities at all.”

“So you don’t need to hold back at all with her. You can actually rough her up as bad as you want to, and she won’t have any problem taking anything you do to her.”

“Plus, remember that she has agreed to let you bang her today so she can chalk you up as another celebrity conquest. So you ought to make her pay a little extra for your giving her what she wants out of this fucking she is going to be getting,” Mike explained.

“You’re right, Mike, the stupid Cunt has opened herself up to be exploited, so I wouldn’t be doing things right if I didn’t debouche her and rough up that superheroine honey, just for kicks,” the Governor responded, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

The Governor’s ranch had outside surveillance cameras that fed into the TV’s that were in his office. As he was talking to Mike he saw a golden Jaguar begin to come up the long driveway. He motioned to the Mayor saying, “Here she come’s, buddy.

The Mayor joined him and they looked at the main 100 inch TV, together. Mike said, “Watch this show, Bill. Mona knows how to get out of car better than anyone I have ever seen.”

When driving, because of her tight skirts, Mona always pulled the hem of her skirt up to her crotch, to free her legs up for manipulating the accelerator and brake pedals.

It made driving her car much easier, while it simultaneously gave her fellow drivers an unbelievably sexy view of her lower body, especially the ones driving trucks and pickups. A lot of drivers gave her the finger, but the fingers she got were expressions of hopeful appreciation and pure lust.

The exotic sports car came to a halt and she turned the ignition off. She pushed the driver’s door open, then swung her left leg out and planted her 5 inch, stiletto heeled shoe on the pavement, the motion fully exposing her nyloned thighs and the entire crotch of her panties, for upskirt viewing.

The Governor hit a button on the control panel that caused the middle camera to zoom in and show a close-up of only the entire body of the person under surveillance. So now the two men were getting to see a zoom shot of only The Blonde Avenger’s body, on the 100 inch HD TV screen, from head to toe.

The Governor whistled, “Holy shit, Mike, would you look at those purple panties, nylons, and garter belt. Damn, the hot bitch is advertising everything she’s got. And, shit, she’s got absolutely everything a woman needs to advertise.”

“Hell you can even see the outline of her pussy lips and clit, through the crotch of her panties. Jesus that is one sexy, super stacked broad.”

She turned all of her body towards the open car door, grasped the steering wheel in her right hand, and prepared to push herself out of the low slung sports car. In that position her jiggling cleavage joined the rest of her body on full, mouth-watering display.

The Governor said, “Mother fucker, look at all of that stuff, would you. She has the best damn body I have ever seen. And look at that whore purple cloth she’s got it wrapped up in. Man, she looks like exactly what she is, a fuck going somewhere to happen.”

“What a lucky fuckin’ break this is, buddy. I am going to get to cuckold her pompous, asshole of a husband, using that smoking hot body to do it with. Man, is that some kind of great of what,” he said, in absolute amazement, his cock getting so hard that it was about to split open the front of his pants?

She levered her body out of the car door and the screen was filled with rippling, perfectly toned cleavage and thigh flesh.

Once out of the car, she turned around and slowly leaned back into the vehicle and picked up her purse. The view of her spectacular ass, in the tight skirt, as it bent over then stood back up, made the Governor bite the end of his cigar off.

“God damn, Mike, I have never seen an ass like that one in my whole damned life. Look at those fuckin’ ass cheeks, buddy. Shit, that skirt is so damned tight that its making my brain hurt. Oh, momma, what a fuck this is going to be,” the wide-eyed public servant said, rubbing his, ready for action, fully flagged boner.

“Shit, Mike, dressed like that she is going to inspire me to treat her worse than I normally would. One thing for sure, she has just moved to the top of my list of dirty sex broads who I want to keep fucking,” he said with enthusiasm.

Putting his arm around the Mayor’s shoulders, he said, “God damn, what a world class Cunt she is, and what a glorious afternoon of fucking this is going to be, my friend.”

As they watched Mona undulate up to the front door, the Governor turned to Mike and said, “I want you to take a few Polaroid pictures of her in action, plus I want you to take plenty of videos of her performing on my tool. This broad is too god damned beautiful to only have a fuck session with once, I am going to want her available to cuckold her husband a lot, in the future, and having a plenty of photographic evidence of her performing dirty sex acts with my cock, will make it easier to keep her in line and available.”

“I’ve got the equipment for you to use right over there on that side table,” he said as he pointed.

Mike looked at the cameras and said, “You just tell me when you want me to take the pictures and I’ll do it while you enjoy the hell out of yourself, doing your usual filthy sex job of cuckolding a husband.”

As the two politicians talked about using and abusing her mother’s bodacious body, just a few miles away The Blonde Avenger’s lushly curved daughter, Margie, felt the humping Italian’s big tool go off deep inside of her well stirred pussy. When she felt the first cum shot hose her insides, she spread her legs even wider and let the ugly bastard nail her good and deep, as his thick, steaming spunk joined his brothers previous two loads of jism, inside her superbly stacked body.

Her pussy was now topped off and overflowing with Italian semen and her jism spiked brain was getting so hot that she was feeling very sexually drunk and ready for anything. She was now fully in the mood to let these Italians make her earn George’s sales commission, the hard way.

2. Cuckolding # 1 – Choking Down The Big One:

Meanwhile, strategically straightening her extremely tight skirt over her ass cheeks, lushly rounded stomach and thighs to die for, one last time, Mona took a deep, excited breath and knocked on the ranch’s front door.

When it opened she saw a leering, hump-backed, grotesque little dwarf standing there, wearing nothing but a red jock strap that showed off a bulging package.

The troll like midget had a very large head with a repulsive face, somewhat like that of a laughing hyena.

The gnome’s skin color was some shade of unhealthy green. He had extremely short legs. His diminutive upper body and short arms were very well muscled.

He motioned for her to come in and made her squeeze past him. As she worked her way by him, sideways, she could see and feel that, in her 5 inch stilettos, his nose came right to the level of her clit.

He closed the door behind her, then grabbed one of her ass cheeks in his small hand, and used it to guide her to the Governor’s office.

When they got there, he opened the door and pushed her into the huge room.

At the sound of the office door opening, the two Democrats turned and viewed the breathtaking, female sight that undulated towards them, prow jiggling and ass cheeks swinging.

As the door closed behind her, Mona heard the Governor Whistle, then say, “God damn, Mr. Mayor, is that a trophy wife or what?”

Mike replied, “She is the best looking trophy in the whole damned country, you lucky asshole.”

“Well I am fixing to make her my trophy Cunt,” the Governor announced, with drool running out of the corner of his mouth.

He said to the dwarf, “Okay, Grunt, thanks for bringing her in here. You can go now.”

The leering midget grinning like a half-wit, pulled the back of her skirt up and goosed her hard, nailing her cuntal slit dead center with his small thumb, shoving some of the crotch of her silken purple panties up inside of her vagina, in the process. Then he pulled the thumb out of the silky material and left, closing the door behind him.

The Governor said to her, “Don’t pay no mind to Grunt, darlin’, the horny little mute can’t keep his hands off of beautiful women.”

Looking her up and down again, the powerful politician asked, “Baby, I sure hope that your husband saw you in that purple outfit you are wearing, today, before you came over here to get fucked. “Yes he did,” she murmured. “Good, now pull your skirt up to your waist,” he ordered.

He watched the bodaciously built superheroine expose the garter belt, the frilly tops of her nylons and her lush thighs and stomach that were underneath the ultra-tight, purple skirt. His eyes nearly boggled, and he exclaimed, “Man, that is my favorite kind of sex outfit. Would you look at that fuckin’ body in that garter belt and nylons, Mike. God damn she is one hot looking piece of ass.”

The Governor immediately unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and boxer shorts down around his ankles, displaying his gigantic, 12 inch cock, then grabbed the completely stiff, very dangerous looking weapon firmly in his right hand, ready for action.

She was a little taken back at this unexpected disrobing and the sight of the stiff, 12 inch prick almost mesmerized her. Staring directly at the titanic male spear, she unconsciously licked her lips, knowing that it was soon going to be shoved between them.

Whatever weakening regrets she may have had about cuckolding her husband, were immediately pushed aside by the sight of the Governor’s truly immense, mouthwatering tally-whacker.

The big man looked her up and down one more time and, with a leering grin, slapped the monster cock down on the corner of the desk, pointed at it and said, “Get your gorgeous ass over here and give my dong a good licking.”

Wanting to do that more than anything in the world right now, she immediately dropped her purse and strode over to the edge of the desk then, hands on hips, leaned forward at the waist and pressed her lips against the top side of the horse sized cock he had on full display on the desk top, and began mouthing and licking its entire length, hungrily.

“Put your hands behind your back and slip your tongue under my cock and lick the underside too,” he ordered.

She did as she was told then used her strong tongue to lift the head of the weighty cock, and then she ran it under the whole length of the mighty dong.

This hands free licking action caused her tongue to get the desktop wet too, and soon both the huge schlong and the edge of the desk were glistening with her saliva.

After at least five minutes of this sloppy, intense, slutty, noisy, slurping mouth and tongue work, the Governor said, “Now pick the head up, using only your teeth, then tilt your head to the side and work it into your mouth, still keeping your hands behind your back while you’re doing it.”

Feeling slutty as hell, she obediently did just that, and soon one side of her face was lying in a pool of her own drool, as she worked about four inches of the Governor’s mammoth meat pole between her teeth.

The probable future President to be, peered down at her and said, “Like that pecker meat don’t you, you god damned cheating cocksucker?”

She nodded her head affirmatively and tried to mutter a muffled yes around the mouth full of rigid dong.

While she sucked on the head of the stiff pillar of sausage, her eyes were looking up the shaft, and she could see that the enormous sex tool was shaped like a funnel. The head was large but the shaft got significantly larger as it went from the broad head back up to his pubic mound. It appeared to her that the base of the prick was more than twice the width of the head.

Continuing to suck on it, and drool, she could see that it was going to be a hellacous challenge to take the full length of the humongous weapon inside of her, and that her orifices were going to be sorely tested when the Governor forced his wrecker pecker in, all the way up to its base.

With some concern for how much her lips were soon going to be stretched, she thought to herself, somewhat apprehensively, “This was going to be the damndest mouth full of human cock I’ve ever had.”

She could only imagine what a slut she was going to look like when his gigantic dagger was planted all the way down her throat, stretching her lips, lewdly, around the meat pole’s super thick base. She was going to look like she was trying to swallow a pork roast.

The Governor was now ready to cap off his first measure of payback against her husband. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, grabbed a fistful of blonde hair, and pulled her head up off of the desktop, and stood her straight up.

He then grabbed her by the back of the neck and led her around the desk, his pants and shorts still around his ankles, and had her sit in his swivel chair, her skirt still up around her waist.

He sat down on the edge of the desk and put a foot on each chair arm, then leaned back on his elbows.

He looked at her and said, “Now lick my balls like a nasty whore, and soak them real good, and then stick your nose and tongue up my ass and eat the hell out of my crotch, and show me what a dirty, cheating, slut wife you are.”

She leaned forward, grasped his huge scrotum in her hand, and went to work on the sack of balls and soon her talented licking and slobbering had them dripping wet with her saliva.

Then she went lower and nuzzled his anus with her nose, then stuck her tongue up his ass, and started running it in and out of the tangy anal passage, tongue fucking it good and deep.

Then she moved her nose down, nuzzled his anus again, and then shoved it up the Governor’s well licked ass. Soon she began alternating sticking her nose and tongue up his ass, as she wantonly pleasured him.

Her slutty crotch and anus work got results, and güvenilir bahis she heard the Governor say, “God damned, Mike, this is one dirty slut we have here. Shit, this is so fuckin’ good. Eat me out you beautiful, ass kissing bitch. Damn Mike, your old girlfriend is really giving her husband the nasty cuckolding that I hoped she would.”

After letting her continue her ass worship for quite some time, the Governor was ready to put Saul to the sword.

He got up, pulled her out of the swivel chair, sat in it himself, had her crawl between his legs and put his cock in her mouth. Then he got her body all lined up, with her back straight, so that her throat was properly positioned to swallow all of his meat.

He was a tall man, over 6’6”, and had very long arms. As she started warming to the task of gorging herself with his jumbo cock, he leaned forward and ran a hand over her ass, then up under her bikini panties until he had located her anus. He inserted one long finger in the winking port of entry, up to the knuckle, and began churning it in a circular motion.

The head of his massive pecker had just forced its way past her tonsils when he sank a second finger in her ass and resumed finger reaming her back door, hard and callously, as her cursed her like she was a common whore.

Soon he got a third digit into her asshole and then began feverishly ravishing her anal chute with all three of the long fingers

“Alright you cocksucking Cunt, it’s time to cram my tool all the way down your throat,” he said intensely.

He put his free hand behind her head, raised his ass up off of the swivel chair seat a few inches and, in this crouching position, started humping her face and gradually forcing the rest of his dong into her gaping mouth, and down her throat.

When he had gotten 8 inches of the jumbo penis past her lips, she began gagging on it. Enjoying seeing her choking, the head Democrat relentlessly forced the thick tube of hard meat further and further down her throat, widening her lips as it went.

The vindictive politician laughed savagely as he kept his hated enemy’s luscious wife choking and spluttering around his invading dong as she gasped for air.

She soon ended up with her nose buried in his pubic hair and her lips so stretched, and her eyes saucered so wide, that she did look like she had swallowed a big carp.

During the strenuous mouth reaming session, the Governor had waived to Mike, who grabbed the Polaroid and took some still shots of Mona’s face, with the last few inches of the Governor’s monster dong still sticking out of her harpooned, gasping mouth.

Changing to the video camera, the Mayor put the lens up close to her face and recorded her oral struggles as she tried to swallow all of the huge dong.

He knew that the gagging audio sounds he was picking up on the video, along with the sounds of the Governor’s, nasty, demeaning instructions to the kneeling trophy wife, were going to be as stimulating to the future viewers as the video pictures, themselves, were going to be.

The hyped-up Governor, having finally achieved full penetration, grasped her head between both of his slab-like hands and began a nasty, taunting face fuck. “Suck it you cheating bitch, drink my spunk and cuckold your Jewboy, Republican husband,” he howled, triumphantly.

Soon the Governor knew that he was going to blow his seed down the choking superheroine’s throat. He gave her a few more full, vicious, deep throat strokes, as he said to Mike, “Get that video camera over here and shoot this close-up of my climax from the side.”

The big man planted his ass back on the swivel chair, and then pushed her body back until his cock was all the way out of her mouth. “Open those teeth up wide and stick your tongue out, Cunt. Now, when I shoot my load, I don’t want you to swallow any of it until I tell you too.”

She opened her well fucked mouth and the Governor aimed the head of his cock right at waiting receptacle, the cock slit being about three inches away from its’ target.

“Now Mr. Mayor, I am going to start shooting my wad right into your taxpayer’s mouth and I want you to get every bit of this on video,” he told his friend.

Mike was at the ready when the first thick cum volley came out of the dick head and shoot across the 3 inches of space, right into the open mouth, coating her tongue. More volleys came and they unerringly went in and splattered against the back of her throat, as she spluttered for air.

Then the diabolical Governor shifted his aim and nailed her right between the eyes with two heavy shots, then pushed his hips forward and inserted the cockhead back against her lips, and finished off emptying his balls into the oral container.

Balls empty, he pulled out the florid cockhead and said, “Now let me see my cum.” She did and her tongue was floating in the pool of thick white cream. “Shoot that Mike, and then shoot her swallowing it all,” the happily vindictive Governor ordered.

Mike got the lens of the video aimed right into the cum filled mouth. The Governor looked down at her and said, “Gargle it for the camera, slut.” She did and then she heard him say, “Now swallow it down you cheating, round-heeled bitch and finish cuckolding your asshole husband.”

She closed her mouth and swallowed, competing the oral portion of the cuckolding, to the loud laughs of the totally gratified Governor.

Kneeling there licking her cummy lips, she was glad that Saul never had to find out about this. But she was also very happy to have swallowed the big man’s cum load, thereby adding him to her long list of celebrity conquests.

At the same moment that the Governor’s cum entered Mona’s stomach, the three Italians had Margie on her knees beside the bed, bent face down on the mattress. One of the brothers stepped up behind her and sank his shaft into her puffy lipped pussy. He fucked it a few times until his shaft was fully soaked with the three brothers cum, then pulled it out and pressed the dripping head against her anus.

With the other two watching intently he said, “Here it comes you fuckin’ harlot, we are going to loosen up your back door so that we can really have some fun with it later on.” Laughing disparagingly, he trust his hips forward and got 3 inches of his tool up her startled ass.

The crude Italian was very pleased to hear her moan with both pain and passion as, with a few more punishing stabs, he was able to get the stiff dong all stuffed up her suddenly wider back channel.

Then he began ramming his swollen organ into her tight back door orifice, working hard to stretch it out to become the gaping hole they wanted to create for future use.

By the time the third brother had taken his turn reaming out her ass, they had successfully bored out and left behind the gaping anal cavity they wanted for future diabolical use.


Trying to get everyone to focus on the rapists plan, the Mayor pleaded “Okay, Governor, now that you have completed the first stage of cuckolding Mona’s husband, we must take a business break and discuss my plan for capturing these damned rapists who are screwing up our lives.”

“Okay, you’re right Mike, I promised to get down to business after she had blown me but, before you start, I want this hot assed trophy Cunt to sit right next to me, so I can feel her up while she plays with me,” the turned on Governor informed him.

Mike waited as the Governor had Mona get up and pull off her soaking wet, purple panties. He took them and said, “You are only here to listen and get fucked, honey, so I am going to stuff these panties in your mouth and, if we need you to say anything, you can pull them out, answer our question, then stuff them right back in, you got that, baby?” She dociley nodded yes.

He then roughly stuffed the purple panties in her mouth, and then they sat side by side across the small conference table from Mike. The Governor, his pants still down around his ankles, pulled her hands into his lap and had her wrap one hand around the shaft of his cock and put the other hand to work holding and stroking his huge scrotum.

Her skirt was still up around her waist and her wet vagina was pressed nakedly against the leather seat of the chair. The Governor put one long arm around her back and filled his hand with one of her large, perfect boobs, while he put his other hand between her legs where he could easily stroke her clit and finger fuck her pussy.

“Okay Mike, we’re ready, so tell us what is going to be done to cure this rape epidemic,” the Governor demanded, as he had Mona raise up so he could slip his hand under her ass, with three fingers sticking up in the air. She eased her ass back down, absorbing the long digits up into her pussy, and then got ready to listen to the Mayor’s rape plan, as she squirmed around on the three penetrating fingers.

Simultaneously with the Governor’s three fingers slipping up into her mother’s pussy, the first Italian laid down on the hotel bed on his back and Margie, her tight yellow dress now all gathered around her waist, straddled him cowgirl style and kept lowering her cum slick pussy until all nine inches of the Italian’s pecker were fully imbedded inside of her sopping wet cuntal channel. The ugly greaseball then began bucking under her and shoving his cock up into her pussy, as his two brothers and his nephew watched the hot action.

Meanwhile, Mike finally started his explanation of the rape relief plan. “Well this whole rape problem is coming from an internet web site called “Cheating Wives.” This site is a kind of dating service site where bored and frustrated housewives can find guys to cheat on their husbands with. The horny bitches join the web site and set up their own sub-sites. No pictures are allowed, it is all done through chat room texting.”

“Guys tap into this site and pick out the round-heeled wife who sounds the best to them, then starts chatting with the woman on the internet. One thing leads to another and, if they hit it off, the woman usually ends up agreeing to meet the guy in some safe public place. If they like each other, after the person to person meeting, then the cheating MILF starts putting out and cuckolding her husband.”

“So far the deal is as American as apple pie. Just women exercising their constitutional right to cheat on their husbands.”

Mike pressed on as he watched the two horny people across from him explore and stimulate each other’s crotch areas. Thankfully he could see that they were still listening to him, intently, as they groped each other, like they were two teenagers.

“Well, from our investigation, it appears that some professional, sicko rapists have discovered the site and have been using it for the purpose of luring these cheating bimbos into meeting them some place where they can violate the hell out of the stupid sluts and really rough them up.”

“This web site is a perfect deal for the rapists because they have access to an unlimited number of cheating housewives. Plus, since the hotties are cheating on their husbands, when they are raped, they can’t report the incidents to the police because they don’t want their husbands to find out that they have been fucking around behind their backs.”

“What makes the scam really dangerous is the fact that some of the rapists appear to be hardened criminals with previous records for aggravated rape.”

“Now there is no question that the women have willingly and stupidly put themselves in harm’s way. But, in spite of that, they certainly don’t deserve to be beaten up and gang raped just for being stupid.”

“Based on the number of incidents we have been able to investigate, so far, the violent rapist’s all have the same MO. They sweet talk the married babes and always end up asking them to meet them in some cheap motel.”

“When the stupid, cheating MILF walks in to the motel room, the pervert rapes the hell out of her, then sometimes beats her up and tells her that he is making her pay a very severe and deserved price for cheating on her husband. It’s kind of like they are vigilantes taking up for the betrayed husband.”

“The few victims we have been able to talk to all have differing stories. They have reported to us that there has been one rapist, two rapists and even up to six rapists pulling this sexual scam on the married broads. As a result we know that there are obviously a lot of rapists for our superheroine to catch.”

The Governor, while running a free hand all over Mona’s thighs and breasts said, “Shit the rapists are probably right, these broads deserve what they are getting for being stupid enough to go to a cheap motel to fuck a stranger.”

Waxing philosophical, he went on, “But we don’t care how stupid they are, or that it’s their own fault that they got themselves raped. Our first order of business is to do enough to save our own skins and get the media heat turned off of us, and then take the credit for arresting whichever ones we happen to catch.”

4. Cuckolding # 2 – Cowgirl Position Pussy Impalement / Lending A Hand (and a forearm):

The Governor then put up his hand and said, “Dammit, Mike we have to take a break. Saul’s wife has got me so hot, again, that it is time to use her pussy to complete step two in the cuckolding of her meddling, pretty boy Republican husband.”

The Governor got to his feet, walked over to the middle of the carpeted floor, then laid down on his back, his pants and shorts still down around his ankles, and said, “Now you hot assed slut, crawl astraddle of my hips, in the reverse cowgirl position, then sit on my pecker and fuck yourself with it, while I lay here and enjoy the show as you cuckold the shit out of your pompous, kike husband.”

Her purple panties still stuffed in her mouth, and with the Governor’s cum sloshing around in her stomach, she was more than a little sexually intoxicated.

So, hot for more, she jumped up and went over, put one foot on each side of the next President’s hips, then squatted down and went to her knees.

She reached back between her legs and grabbed his huge, ramrod stiff boner, put her wet, tingling vagina right over its head and then lowered her ass and took half of the monster cock up her wet, willing and very heated twat.

Meanwhile, Mayor Mike was shooting the action on video, from behind her ass, and, after a couple of minutes of filming the invasive cock action, he had her look back over her shoulder at him, so he could get a shot of her lust filled face, to go along with the Governor’s 12 incher, as it was being pounded up into her oozing cunt.

She was bouncing her hips wildly and moaning passionately through her panties, as she helped him force his prodigious dong up into her steaming, cheating, puffy lipped vagina.

The huge pecker was a real snatch stretcher, even for a superheroine but, through their joint efforts, she soon found herself fully impaled on the horse sized cock, as drool drilled out of her mouth.

The camera recorded it all, as her dreamy eyes closed and she willingly let herself be totally ravished by the plundering male sex organ.

The watching Governor complimented her, “Now that is what I call a great job of starting off the pussy fucking portion of my plan to totally cuckold your fucking husband.”

With both hands, he began slapping her ass cheeks, real hard, as her pussy slid up and down on his well stimulated, swollen, punishing dong.

With a broad, lusty smile, the State’s Chief Executive said, “God damn, Mike, this slut should be turning tricks for a living. She was born to fuck. The over-sexed bitch loves cock, any way she can get it.”

“Shit, buddy, punch that red button over there on my desk and get my damned dwarf back in here, quick. I want to have a little extra fun with this hot assed Cunt.”

Mike pressed the button while the Governor had her dismount, turn around, and then remount him in the Cowgirl position.

When she had slipped her pussy down and taken his immense prick fully inside of her, he put his hand behind her neck and pulled her head down until her tits were pressed against his chest.

After he had forked her a few times the grinning dwarf bounded into the room. The Governor yelled at him, “Get yourself over behind this slut’s ass, you horny little bastard.”

Apprehensive, she watched the nauseating looking gnome as he went behind her, then she heard the Governor order, “Alright, Grunt, I want you to stick your hand into this bitch’s asshole, and then work it in her until you get your arm stuffed in her, all the way to your elbow.”

Almost immediately she felt four fingers of the horrible looking little troll’s hand enter her back door and begin slowly levering its way up into her anal channel, a little at a time.

When he felt the hand start penetrating her other lower sex chute, the Governor started humping his hips and driving his massive boner up into her boiling hot box.

As the huge cock fucked her, she could feel the dwarf’s knuckles slip into her, then his wrist, and gradually the midget’s burrowing forearm began to widen her rear channel, as it filled her very stressed back chute.

The two males callously fucked her parallel sex channels until she was fully double penetrated. Totally drunk on the Governor’s load of spunk, along with having the two males savaging her lower body’s twin sex providers, had her groaning like a bitch in heat, as drool leaked out around her soaked panties.

This lewd, punishing double fucking soon drove her over the edge and a climax erupted inside of her. She helplessly moaned with passion, and drool literally poured out of her slack mouth, as her body shuddered in ecstasy.

Her two sex partners laughed at her as they continued their assault on her parallel chutes, stretching them even further as they continued to hammer her body, deep.

Her volcanic climax finally triggered off the Governor, and he fired his cum load up into her hot cavern, and she felt volley after volley of his hot, thick spunk soak and coat her insides and begin oozing out of her cock filled, ravaged pussy.

Scrotum empty, the temporarily spent Governor laid his head back onto the floor. The turned on dwarf kept fisting her anal channel until Mike finally had to force him to pull his plundering arm out of her ass, with a loud suctioning sound.

Then Mike grabbed her under the armpits and lifted her off of his Chief’s mighty pussy wreaker.

He put her on her knees, between the Governor’s spread legs, pulled her panties out of her mouth, then pushed her head down and had her take the Governor’s softening cock in her mouth and suck and lick off all of the juices that were saturating the big man’s cock, crotch and asshole.

Completely sex drunk and fully turned on, she did it in the dirtiest way possible, putting on a nasty porn show for the three watching, horny males, and the video camera.

When she was through, the Governor sat up and said, “Grunt, put her panties back in her mouth and wait here in my office. I am going to need your services again, later on.”

The grinning, jockey strapped troll fetched her purple panties and used them to wipe off his hand and arm, then shoved the filthy lingerie back in her mouth.

She and the Governor dutifully got up and went over to the conference table and sat down, ready to hear the rest of the Mayor’s rape plan.

They put their hands back where they were before the pussy cuckolding began, and the Governor said, “Now Mike, go on telling us what you are going to do to catch some of these rapist assholes and get my life back to normal.” He quickly slipped three fingers back into her oozing, boiling hot pussy, as he waited for Mike to start.

At that same time the three Italians put Margie on her back on the couch with her legs dangling over the back of it. They then slid her body partially off on the couch, until her head was touching the floor.

Her ass was now up in the air, her legs dangling down with her knees touching her shoulders.

In this position her cunt and well gaped anus were up in the air, fully exposed, with each sex channel being perpendicular to the floor.

The first greaseball brother callously straddled her upturned ass and was looking right türkçe bahis down at her face, with his stiff cock placed right over her defenseless crotch. He grinned as he pushed the head of his prick against her wet pussy lips, then piledrived it in her waiting slit, right up to his balls.

He down fucked the oozing slot a few times then pulled out of her the hot snatch, and shifted backwards a little, then dropped his cum soaked dong down into her gaping ass hole, stuffing it all the way in. He fucked it several times before he pulled the slick prick out of her anal passage, before stepping forward, between her legs, then sliding his ass down over her tits and stomach, until his nasty, juiced up cockhead was right in front of her lips.

He ordered, “Open up slut, and get a good taste of your anal passage. She opened wide and he dropped his prick into her mouth and she got the full, tangy taste of her well reamed, slippery, cuntal and anal passages.

He then face fucked her, shoving his juiced up meat in and out of her mouth. As he watched her eat his meat, he said, “Now bitch, when one of us shoots his wad in your mouth, don’t swallow it, just keep it in there. When we’re through emptying our balls in it and pull out of your mouth, then we want you to push our load out of your mouth and let it run down, all over your face. You got that, slut?” She nodded yes as she continued to suck on the mouthful of garlic tasting, 9 inch long cockmeat.

5. The Rest Of The Fucking Rape Bait Plan:

After the Italian jerk’s prick had ejaculated his semen into her oral receptacle, and as Margie was pushing his load of hot jism out of her mouth and letting it run up her nose and into her eyes and all over her forehead, Mike proceeded with telling the Governor and The Blonde Avenger about the rest of his rape plan.

“Yesterday we assigned four female cops to the special rape bait task force. Each one of them has set up their own sub-site on the “Cheating Wife’s” web site. They have gotten lots of hits already and they are responding to the guys and encouraging them that they are hot to trot.”

“As soon as a guy asks them to meet him at a trashy motel, the female cops will immediately agree to meet them and will tell the guy to make a reservation in a specific motel room and then text it to her.”

“When the guy sends them the specific room number to meet them in, that information will be passed on to The Blonde Avenger, and she is the one who will meet the date in the motel room.”

“Since this type of sting can’t be done with Mona wearing her regular super heroine costume, she will have to dress up in regular clothing, and go to the motel without her power belt.”

“Of course her clothing will be sluttier than hell, so the perpetrator, if he’s a rapist, will be so hot for her body that he won’t give a thought about this date possible being a trap.”

“Also, we will have Mona’s face made up so that she won’t be recognizable, to anyone, for her own secrecy purposes.”

“Now, having been given the information about what motel room is going to be used for the cheating wife date, the task force’s detectives will go to the motel room ahead of time, bug it and set up hidden cameras that will shoot film of every inch of the motel room and the bathroom.”

“From a surveillance vehicle parked close by, the four detectives who are assigned that night will be able to watch every single thing that happens to Mona, in the room, from start to finish.”

“Now the critical part of this sting operation is that we cannot take any chances of there being any negative feedback on the web site.”

“We cannot have a guy show up for the date he has negotiated, and have us immediately determine that he is not one of the rapists, then intervene and send him packing, before he has even gotten the piece of ass he came for.”

“If we were to intervene that way, the guy will immediately get on the web site and tell everyone what happened to him, and the sting will be over before we can catch anybody.”

“What Mona will have to do is give the guy or guys who show up, all the sex that is demanded of her, regardless of whether or not it turns out that the guy or guys are rapists or not.”

“Our task force detectives will only step in when an actual rape has occurred. And, no matter what goes on in the room, it only becomes a rape when Mona’s date really exceeds rough sex and begins to beat the hell out of her before, during or after he rapes her. Only when an actual forcible rape has been completed, and is fully recorded on film, will our detectives go in and make an arrest.”

“That means that if her dates just fuck her and make her have rough sex with them, and she doesn’t get assaulted and raped, she will have to give them whatever he or they want and, when they are through with her, she will just put her clothes back on, go home and wait to be called to meet the next guy who has scheduled a date with her.”

“Of course some of the guys who fuck her will be perverts for sure, but no matter what they make Mona do for them, or how sick it is, if there is no assault and forced rape, the lucky creeps will get a free walk out of there with a very pleased pecker and psyche.”

The Governor had listened to all of this explanation of what was going to be happening to Mona, while he had her body beside him getting more and more excited feels as each minute went by.

When the Mayor was finished, the Governor told Mona to go to the little girl’s room and freshen up her lipstick and straighten up her clothes and get all prettied up to get her ass fucked.

As soon as she was gone, the Governor rubbed his hands together and said, “Damn, Mike, this rape bait sting sounds like it is going to create a great real live porn show on the surveillance film that is being shot.”

“Do you think that our technicians could make a remote feed from the motel room cameras directly to our offices? It sure would be great if we could watch Mona getting fucked live on a wide screen TV, while it is going on in real time.”

“Yeah I am sure that it can be arranged, Chief,” Mike promised. “I’ll have it set up just for your office and mine.”

“Fantastic. Now be sure and warn your detectives not to rush in too soon once a real rapist starts working her over. Tell them that it is imperative that we get every bit of the rape and beating on film, before they go in and bust the guy.”

“That will give us a chance to see that gorgeous babe’s body get abused, real good, before they rescue her, We don’t want the cops enthusiasm for arresting a perverted rapist mess up our getting to see a real hot and dirty porn show being performed on that lush body of hers,” the Governor said with a devilishly X-rated laugh.

Winking at Mike, the Governor said, “This plan is going to work like a charm and Mona will be luring in rapists and getting them arrested, in a steady stream.”

“But we had better keep this “The Blonde Avenger Gets Fucked” sting going for at least a month before we issue a press release telling everyone how successful we have been in capturing the rapists, and take all the credit for it. Her porn film is going to be so hot, that I want at least a month’s worth of it on our shelves before we shut it down, my friend. Fuck the public, I want to see Mona get fucked and then fuck her some more.”

6. Mona’s Ass Is Put To The Cuckoldian Sword In The Reverse Cowgirl Position:

When Mona returned from the office bathroom, the Governor pronounced, “Alright Mike, everything sounds perfect, so now it’s time to perform the third stage of cuckolding this super whore’s husband.”

The leader of the Democratic party got up and led Mona over to his couch, sat down and stuck his legs straight out in front of him, heels together.

“Now, baby, turn your back to me, straddle my legs and sit down on my pecker and lets fill your pussy with meat, again,” he ordered.

She quickly straddled the home-spun politician’s legs and backed up until her pussy was right over his perpendicular cock shaft. The big man then watched intently as the superheroine reached back between her thighs and grasped his thick cock shaft, then gradually lowered her stupefyingly curvaceous ass down until she had his cockhead captured just inside of her oozing vagina.

She looked back over her shoulder at the Governor, as he watched his swollen cock shaft gradually begin to disappear into her magnificent lower body. His eyes never wavered until there was no shaft left to see, an event that brought a gratified and lustful groan from him.

She then heard him say, “Alright, you gorgeous Cunt, slide it in and out of your twat a few times, and get it good and slick, because it’s going up your ass next.”

Knowing how rough that insertion was going to be, she quickly fucked herself several times with the 12 inch tool, and got it all slimy with his cum and her cuntal juices, before she heard him say, “Now pull it out and let me stuff it up your ass, baby.”

She lifted her ass until only the cockhead was still inside of her, then reached back between her legs and grabbed his slimy shaft, lifted her ass up a couple of more inches and freed his cockhead from her pussy.

She moved the cockhead back an inch, fit her anus onto the top of the waiting member, then flexed her knees and began lowering her body until she had shoved four or five inches of the massive tool up her ass.

The penetration stopped where it did because the shaft was beginning to widen significantly and the growing width finally stopped this first thrust into the back door of her magnificent lower body. This friction stoppage of the penetration was accompanied by a groan from her lips, that was muffled by the panties in her mouth.

The Governor grabbed her by the hips and bounced her ass up and down a few more times, callously gaining another couple of brutal inches of penetration.

Then she heard him say, “Put it back in your snatch baby and lubricate it up real good, again, then put it back in your ass and lets drive it up your ass a little further.”

She followed instructions and, when her pussy had lathered the throbbing pole up again, she made the transfer back into her anal passage and the Governor, with a dozen more brutal ass bounces, got almost nine inches of his excited jumbo tool up her ass.

The probable future President yelled at her, “Alright you fuckin’ slut, I want you to start alternating putting my schlong in your holes, faster. Get it in your snatch, then slide up and down on it three times, then switch it to your back door and give it three good strokes.”

It took several minutes but, to the Governor’s complete satisfaction, he watched his dong’s last inch disappear up into the Republican trophy wife’s ravished, and very stretched, anal passage.

Fully penetrated, she leaned back on her hands, feet on the floor, thighs spread to the maximum. Her eyes were closed with passion, as the Governor pounded his dong up her totally violated back channel, buggering her, but good.

Then she heard the leader of the Democratic Party say, “Alright, Grunt, get your ass over here and fist this bitch’s pussy, while I really ream her ass out.”

Startled by that news, she eyed the disgusting little troll, as he walked over in front of her.

The Governor had her pull her knees up and spread her thighs. He hooked his hands under her knees and held her.

Then she looked down and watched the grinning, hump-backed troll insert his hand into her oozing, gaping, defenseless vagina, and ram it in, right up to the wrist.

Then the terrible looking little gnome started ramming his fist into her wide open pussy and watched his arm gradually penetrate her, inch by inch, until he finally got it in her, elbow deep.

Then the nasty looking midget joined his boss in the duel rape of her lower body, arm fucking her frothed up pussy, wrist to elbow, while the Governor hammered his huge tool up her ass, filling the air with curses on each bottom hitting thrust.

This twin violation was merciless and seemed to go on for an eternity, as she watched and felt the dwarf’s deep fisting of her cuntal channel, now climaxing almost perpetually.

Finally the Governor blew his wad up her ass and then watched his huge load of jism start oozing out from around the base of his immense shaft, and run down onto his balls and into his ass crack.

He looked over at Mike and said, “God damn, buddy, that was the best dirty ass fuck I’ve ever had. I really cuckolded that pompous husband of hers that time, and it felt fantastic. This fuckin’ broad gave me total gratification. It was even better than I had imagined it would be.”

“What a perfect slut she is. She’s a god damned keeper, Mike, and I am going to fuck this superheroine whore in the Oval Office someday, old buddy.”

Then he yelled, “Okay, bitch, now get down on your knees, pull your panties out of your mouth, put my prick in their place and get yourself a real good and nasty taste of your back passage, while you clean up the mess you have made.”

Grunt rammed his fist up her twat a few more times, then reluctantly pulled his arm out of her ravaged snatch. She removed her panties from her mouth, and got busy following the Governor’s orders.

While she licked and sucked crotch, she thought about getting fucked in the Oval Office and smiled to herself, “Being able to perform like a total slut really does have its rewards.”

7. The Daughter Takes A Dicking And Keeps On Ticking:

At the same moment in time that the Governor shot his wad up her mother’s ass, Margie was being led over to the bed for the grande finale, a simultaneous, all Italian, triple-dicking.

She stood by the rumpled bed and watched the first Italian lay down on the cum stained sheet, on his back, his ass sitting at the very edge of the foot of the bed, his feet on the floor, thighs fully spread apart.

Margie, her pretty yellow dress now all around her waist, got on the bed and straddled him cowgirl style. Looking down at his ugly, apish, grinning face, she reached back between her legs, grabbed the shaft of his thick cock, lined its’ head up with her oozing pussy slit, then lowered her ass and felt the prick head enter her channel and begin to plow itself up inside of her superbly curved lower body.

The cock’s thick shaft followed the broad, penetrating head up into the hot, oozing channel until it was fully imbedded in the willing, talented, well used, commission earning vagina.

The second brother walked up behind the exposed entry into her back door channel, cock in hand, inserted the head of his meat into the well gaped anus and began shoving it home. Her extremely well reamed, cum soaked anal passage offered little resistance and soon she had a second nine incher parked inside of her spectacular lower body, ball deep, right next to the first one.

Her mouth was open and her tongue was hanging out from the brother’s twin planting of their poles in her over/under chutes and she was moaning passionately from the very, very full feeling she was experiencing.

The third brother moved over beside her head, grabbed it in both hands and twisted it towards his waiting cock. Her mouth was still open, with tongue waiting, and the Italian unceremoniously served her a full tube of very foul tasting Italian sausage.

When the 27 inches of dark meat boners had been fully stuffed inside of her, her body shuddered with a deep climax, which brought a lusty cheer from her husband’s merry band of very ugly, super raunchy customers.

In the same way that a team of rowers stroke their oars in unison, the experienced Italians began withdrawing their dongs until only their heads were still inside of the respective channels they were using, then they reversed their course and slammed the stiff pricks back home, right up to the hilt, each splatting thrust bringing a grunt from the salesman’s superbly stacked, whore wife.

As a result of all the cocks that had been stuffed in her during the afternoon of customer pleasing sex, and because of all the cum the Italians had fired into each of her very cooperative pleasure ports, during the afternoon, she was now a completely mindless, dirty sex addict.

The rampaging cocks that were being crammed deep into her ripe body had her in an almost perpetual state of climax, as they spent the remaining energy they had trying to fuck her senseless – and they were doing a good job of it, she had to admit.

As she helped the trio gratify themselves, the size of the commission she was helping her husband earn was adding to the willing wantonness of her sex acts.

For that much money she was very glad that she had her talented, triple clitted orifices to contribute to the earning of George’s commission.

That thought was interrupted by the three cocks ejaculating inside of her lush body and she felt the swollen pricks shoot her full of cum again.

When the three men pulled out of her they rolled her onto her back and they let the nepher/son sit on her face and get one last blowjob for the road while they got dressed.

8. Mona Meets THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DONKEY / A Beastly Cuckolding:

The Governor pulled Mona to her feet, then said, “Now go in the bathroom, put your panties back on and get your clothes straightened out, put on a new coat of lipstick and brush your hair so that you look all fresh again. Now don’t touch any of the cum on your body and face. I like the way you look with my spunk splattered all over you.”

Mona put her panties back on then obediently went and did what he told her to do.

When she was through getting herself freshened up, she looked in the mirror and was amazed at how good she looked, even heavily speckled with cum splatters.

When she came back out the Governor said, “Damn, Mike, this trophy Cunt looks even better than she did at 2 this afternoon. Getting her holes fucked obviously agrees with her.”

He slipped his arm around her waist and said, “Now baby lets go out to the barn. I want to introduce you to the “Democratic Party Donkey”, the official living symbol of our proud party. I want to let him see what a gorgeous blonde Cunt I have been fucking all afternoon.”

The two of them, followed by the Mayor and Grunt, walked to the big barn that was located out behind the ranch house. They went in and the Governor led them to a stall, opened the gate and there stood a lop-eared, rather goofy looking donkey who was wearing a blanket on his back that said “Official Property Of The Democratic Party”.

The floor of the stall was dirt and the smell of manure was very strong. The Governor threw on a light switch and the area was quickly bathed in a very strong light, so bright that you thought you were outside.

She noted that there were surveillance cameras in all four corners of the stall recording everything that went on in the donkey’s living quarters.

The Governor, his arm still around her waist, said to the donkey, “Charlie, I want you to meet Mona. And, son, this fine looking Cunt fucks as good as she looks. I have been slipping her the big one all afternoon, so I’ve got her all warmed up for you, old buddy.”

“Now, Mona, I want you to understand that, since Charlie is the official symbol of the Democratic Party I provide him with the best of everything, including the sexual services of beautiful women.”

“With the help of some of my constituent’s good looking, very Party supportive wives, this ugly fucker has had a lot of experience putting the meat to female humans and he really enjoys the hell out of pleasuring himself with their bodies.”

“Now, sweet cheeks, you have got another cuckolding to do before you leave here today. I want you to cheat on your husband with Charlie, here, and finish making my day,” the Governor announced, slapping her hard on the ass.

“And remember, while you are cuckolding your husband, this time, I want you to take good care of Charlie’s needs and be a total slut for him. He deserves the best and that’s what I expect you to give him. You understand, you cheating Cunt?” She nodded a submissive “Yes”.

He smacked her on the ass again and said, “Atta girl. Now, to get things started, I want you to go over to his nose and give Charlie a big ole, wet French kiss. güvenilir bahis siteleri The horny bastard loves to slip a woman his tongue and swap spit with them.”

Helplessly sexually drunk on all of the Governor’s cum shots, and knowing that she couldn’t resist anything he told her to do, she resigned herself to cuckolding Saul again, this time, with the Democrat’s official donkey, of all things.

She walked over in front of the big eared, stupid looking beast of burden, bent over at the waist, parted her lips and kissed the waiting animal directly on the mouth. In return the beast immediately gave her a mouthful of his big, rough, wet tongue, almost gagging her.

She felt the large oral organ fill her mouth completely, then withdraw and fill it again. The horny animal kept this process going and soon drool was flowing off of her chin, as she took the torrid tongue fucking.

While she was busy sucking the donkey’s tongue, she heard the Governor say, “Charlie knows how to eat pussy real good too, baby, so how about standing up, pulling your skirt up and spreading your feet apart, then letting our donkey put his nose between your thighs and get himself a good whiff of your hot, well drilled pussy.”

She pulled her head back and got the animal’s tongue out of her mouth, then straightened up. The Governor grabbed her by the tits and backed her up against a wall in the stall, then said, “Spread em.”

She pulled up her skirt and moved her purple, 5 inch, stiletto-heeled shoes wide apart, leaned her back against the wall and waited.

The Governor looked at the experienced and horny official Democratic donkey and said, “Get yourself a snort of that juicy snatch, boy.”

The donkey immediately moved forward and shoved his nose between her thighs and sniffed her well fucked, oozing cunt, and then lifted his head and let out a loud bray.

Then he put his nostrils back against the crotch of her very wet panties and began licking it, his rough tongue sliding over her camel toe clit and the puffy lips of her pussy, nearly driving her crazy as she moaned with passion and humped for the rough, snatch licking tongue.

Writhing in intense heat, she heard the Governor order the donkey to back up and she was left leaning against the stall wall, panting.

“Take off your panties and stuff them in your mouth,” the Governor ordered. She stepped out of her very sexy, pale purple panties, wadded the sopping wet material up, and then pushed it all in her mouth.

“Now turn around and bend over at the waist, and put your hands against the wall,” the big man barked. She did.

“Now spread your feet a couple of feet apart, again,” he told her. Still breathless, she did as she was told.

She then heard him say to the waiting donkey, “Go get her.” Charlie, his eye on the bare, wet, fragrant, oyster looking human vagina that was waiting for him, rushed forward and stuffed his hefty tongue straight into the waiting, fully exposed snatch, and drilled it deep.

Mona’s body immediately shuddered to a climax, as she felt many inches of the rough, fat organ fill her cuntal passage. Her mouth popped open and drool started running down her chin, as the donkey’s tongue continued to fuck her still shuddering body, from behind.

She was helpless as the beast of burden had his way with her, his extremely strong tongue giving her a tongue lashing fuck that only an animal could deliver. She moaned and groaned and climaxed again before the Governor told the donkey to back off.

As she felt the animal’s tongue slide out of her juicy twat, she heard the Governor order, “Drop to your knees Mona, and keep your hands against the wall.” She did.

Then she heard the Governor bark, “Ass fuck her, Charlie.” The donkey came forward, bent his head and she felt the tip of beast’s oral organ press against her anus then, with a loud snort, he rammed his tongue up her already well gaped ass. The resulting super charged climax she had, almost caused her to pass out.

The Democrat’s donkey obviously liked sticking his tongue up her ass and he gave her a royal butt fucking as she continued to moan and climax, as the rough tongue stroked her sensitive anal clit. Removing her panties from her mouth and tossing them aside, she gasped out, “Please Governor, make him stop, I can’t keep climaxing like this.”

The Governor just laughed at her request and continued watching her take all of the donkey’s tongue up her ass. Finally she heard him say to the well trained and not as stupid as he looks, donkey, “back off Charlie.”

The Governor grabbed her by the back of her neck and jerked her up to her feet, then led her over beside the donkey’s flank, facing towards his tail.

She heard him order her, “Alright, Mona baby, get down on your knees, wrap your hands around our animal’s cock and stick the head of it in your mouth and start eating you some donkey dick.”

He grabbed her chin in his hand and said, “Now I want you to get this straight. You’ve got the donkey real hot and it’s not going to be long before he shoots his wad. When his dong explodes in your mouth I want you to keep it stuffed in there and try your best to swallow every bit of his ball cream.”

“Now, of course, you are not going to be able to choke it all down, so a whole lot of his joy juice is going to escape and shoot all over your face and tits. But I want you to hang in there and swallow all of it that you can and cuckold the hell out of your husband.”

Shaking her chin he demanded to know, “You understand me, you fuckin’ trophy slut?” “Yes,” she said huskily, in a sexual haze. “Well then get down there on your knees and start cocksucking, and make Charlie one happy donkey.”

The two politicians and the jockey strapped dwarf, watched the superheroine beauty take a deep breathe, pull her skirt up all the way to her waist, fully exposing her garter belt and the lacey tops of her nylons, for the watching donkey.

Then she dropped to her knees, on the stall’s dirt floor, her face a foot from the donkey’s huge, stiff, dangling, very black dong.

The probable future President watched her reach out and grab the cockhead, in one hand, and pull it towards her face. Then she wrapped her other hand around the animal’s shaft, a few inches above the head, then brought the huge, throbbing animal dong up to her ruby lips.

The three male humans watched the incredibly curved superheroine put her tongue out and give the head a few very wet licks, then give it a long, full, sensuous kiss, her lipstick being glistened by the donkey’s precum.

Then she opened her mouth wide and slid the big cockhead in and gave the pungent, flavorful black pole of animal meat an unbelievably erotic French kiss.

“Man is this broad one fantastic slut,” the Governor told the Mayor. “She is the hottest female I have ever seen,” Mike responded.

As they continued to watch the superheroine harlot warm to her cocksucking task, and gorge herself with the enormous black animal dong, the Governor almost shouted, “Does she look stuffed, or what?” Mike responded, “God damn, Governor, now that is what I call eating a cock.”

“Damn I guess,” the Governor groaned, “That damned donkey is getting the best cocksucking he has ever had. She would make one hell of a whore, ole buddy.” “They’re all whores,” the Mayor reminded him, wryly.

Nodding in agreement, the Governor said, “Shit, I wish her pompous Republican husband was here to see her doing it with Charlie. This sure is one unbelievably nasty way to cuckold your husband.”

‘Damn, Mike, get your ass over there and get some still shots with that Polaroid. It’s never going to get any better and raunchier that this. We have got to preserve this dirty scene for future viewing,” the soon to be future President ordered.

Meanwhile, at the business end of the donkey’s dong, the pungent flavor of the beast’s big tool was turning Mona on even more and she was going after the animal’s enormous tool, stuffing the thick tube of animal meat in her mouth as far as she could get it.

The further she got it down her throat the more she gagged but, eventually, she got the whole damn dong deep throated. The throat stretching effort made her very thankful and proud that she was a superheroine.

The donkey had a blissful look of sexual passion on his ugly face, as the lush bodied human slut swallowed his whole shaft. That look soon changed to one of pure lust as his balls began to quiver.

That quivering was soon followed by the cockhead issuing forth an enormous stream of hot cum.

She had realized what was coming, so she had pulled her head back until only the huge cockhead was left between her teeth.

The first cum blast bounced off of the back of her throat and flooded her mouth. She managed to swallow it all down before the second ejaculation refilled her mouth.

As she was trying to swallow this second load, the third thick stream of animal spunk hit, and cum shot out from around the lips that were stretched around the invading cock shaft, and her face and boobs were quickly drenched in donkey cum.

From that point on she swallowed all she could, but ended up losing the battle and got fully hosed from tit nipples to forehead.

Mike was right on the spot and got everything recorded on Polaroid snap shots for posterity.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the heavy spurts of animal jism finally stopped and Mona pulled the huge dong out of her mouth, turned it loose and caught her breath as she wiped the cum out of her eyes.

Her face, cleavage and blouse were splattered and soaked with the portion of the donkey’s cum that was not now floating around inside her perfectly rounded belly.

The Governor came over, reached down and clamped his hands on her waist, then lifted her to her feet. “Damned that was one dirty performance you put on, baby. You couldn’t have done a better job of cuckolding your asshole husband for me.”

‘But you aren’t through yet, honey, Charlie can go again, right now. But this time he is going to get a full piece of your husband’s gorgeous trophy ass,” the Governor chuckled.

He then said to the watching dwarf, “Go and get the fuck chair, Grunt.” The dwarf left the stall for a minute then returned with a device that looked like a hi-tech wheel chair.

The big man proudly announced to her, “I had this thing built just for enabling hot assed women to get fucked by the Party’s Donkey.”

“The Republicans are always accusing us of fucking the people. Well, in this case they are right. Any woman who sits in this chair gets fucked, but good, whether she be Democrat or Republican.”

“So sit your pretty ass in the seat,” he instructed. She did. The dwarf strapped her wrists to the chair’s arms rests, then found her dirty panties and stuffed them back into her mouth.

The Governor said, “Now, Grunt, tilt her backwards so her back is horizontal to the ground.” He did.

“Now, Mona, pull your knees up and spread you thighs as far apart as you can.” She did.

“Okay, baby, now Grunt is going to run you under Charlie to get fucked.” The dwarf did it, and then jacked her ass up so that it was in perfect position for the donkey to drill her puffy lipped vagina.

“Alright, baby, now you are good to go. Grunt is going to stick Charlie’s cockhead into your pussy and then Charlie will take care of the rest,” the Governor promised.

The dwarf happily grabbed the donkey’s, dangling cock in both hands and put the shaft head against her waiting pussy, then shoved the head in. Just as the Governor had advised her, Charlie did the rest.

When the donkey felt the head of his dong slide into the warm, wet, oozing human pussy, his hips thrust forward impaling Mona with several inches of his jumbo sized cock.

The three observers heard the superheroine moan, “Oh God, it is so damned big.’ The Governor yelled back, “If you think that is big, wait until the donkey buries the rest of it in you, you cheating trophy Cunt.”

The two men and the dwarf watched the Democratic Party Symbol give it to the rich Republican’s wife, hard, his thrusting hips forcing more and more of the giant dong into her formerly tight cuntal channel, until it was all in and out of sight, buried deep inside her incredibly stacked body.

“Alright you god damned round heeled slut, I don’t want you to just lie there and get fucked, I want you to hump your ass and give your husband a nasty cuckolding, you hear me?”

She nodded her head “yes” and proceeded to wantonly cuckold Saul by helping the humping Democratic beast get it in deeper.

The two politicians, one aiming the Polaroid camera so it caught Mona’s lust filled face and the driving cock that was creating the lust, watched the Democratic donkey drill the superheroine, beyond deep.

The Governor said to the Mayor, “God damn, Mike, that stupid Cunt has the perfect body for taking on a donkey’s cock. I never thought Charlie would ever find a woman that could actually take in every inch of his dong. Damn what a sight it is every time that big dick of his hits absolute bottom.”

The Governor yelled at the donkey, “God dammit, Charlie, remember that she is a Republican, so nail the slut good. That’s it, boy, now you’ve got her tongue hanging out of her mouth. The cheating trophy MILF is really feeling it now.”

And the Governor was right, she was really feeling it. The beast of burden was driving it in so deep that she thought that if he cummed right then, the load of creamy jism would shoot out of her mouth.

To the Governor’s great satisfaction, the Democratic donkey was cuckolding Saul beyond belief and she was shamelessly doing everything she could to help him, humping her magnificent ass like she was a cheap whore.

At the donkey’s climax, she was given a full hosing of animal spunk and, as it drenched her, she could feel it running down her body from her waist to her 5 inch stilettos.

9. Dwarfed:

When Charlie was through with her, Grunt wheeled her out from under the donkey, unstrapped her wrists, put the chair in the normal sitting position then shoved her out onto the stall floor, on her hands and knees.

The Governor told her, “Alright, Mona, stay on your knees but straighten up your body. Grunt has been very helpful today, so I want him to get one of his special blow jobs.

Grunt went around to her head and pulled her panties out of her mouth and tossed them on the floor of the stall. Then he pulled off his jock strap and tossed it aside.

He began scaling her like she was a tree trunk and, like a monkey, scooted up over her huge tits and onto her shoulders, where he wrapped his short legs around her neck.

Putting his hands on the top of her head, he boosted his cock up until it was even with her mouth.

She parted her lips and he shoved his 5 inch cock between her teeth. Then he wrapped his arms around her head and locked his short legs around her neck and started humping her face and fucking her mouth like a wild animal. From the neck up all you could see was her blonde hair sticking out around his body.

Although his cock was only five inches long, it was as thick as a beer bottle and filled her mouth completely.

As she let the dwarf fuck her mouth, she heard the Governor say, “God damn, Mike, is that hotter than hell, or what. That is some kind of kinky sex scene.”

They watch some more and the Governor exclaimed, “Mother fucker, would you look at the way she is getting mouth fucked. Look at those tits jiggle and look at that tight ass. This is as good a head fuck as it could possibly be. You be sure and get all of that on video, my friend.”

The dwarf, after hanging in there for a long time, doing the nasty with the superheroine’s mouth, finally flooded it with a half a cup of his vile tasting jism.

Half crazed, Grunt kept face humping as he sprayed her already full mouth and she choked and gagged on it, with at least half of the sperm cream leaking out from around her lips and running down her neck, onto her cleavage

10. Mother And Daughter / 69’ing, Et Al, The Mess:

When the dwarf was through with her, he scrambled back down her body, stopping to bite her nipples, before his feet hit the ground.

The Governor said, “You did a fantastic job of cuckolding your husband, baby, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

“Now get yourself up, get your things, and be sure and close the stall gate behind you. Then go get in your car and get your ass out of here, just the way you are.”

“Me, Grunt and the Mayor are going back to the ranch house and have us a drink to celebrate the successful cuckolding of your husband. And we’ll also be watching this porn movie the Mayor has been making of you whoring your pretty, trophy ass.”

She lay there and watched the three of them leave the stall, dumping her now that she had served her purpose.

“Men,” she sighed, as she struggled to her feet, her donkey plowed vagina aching from having just been taken by the beast’s huge tool.

She searched for and found her now completely filthy panties and put them back on.

She pulled the skirt of her dress down and the bodice up and stood there a moment, covered with cum from her forehead to the bottom of her shoes, before she grabbed her purse, waved goodbye to Charlie and closed the gate behind her.

She made the long walk to the front of the house, got in her car and started driving. When she got onto the highway, she got her cell phone out and dialed her daughter.

Margie herself was driving home from the commission earning hotel sex orgy. She saw that it was her mother calling, so she punched the phone button and said, “Hello, Mona.”

“Hi darling, where are you?” I’m in my car about twenty minutes from home.” “Me too, I’ll meet you there.”

The two cars pulled into the driveway at the same time. The garage doors closed behind them and the two women went into the kitchen and got their first look at each other.

“Damn, mother, you look delicious. What in the hell have you been up too, today?” “You look delicious too, darling. Want to have sex?” “God do I ever,” Margie answered breathlessly.

The two well fucked superheroines embraced, their cum slick curves sliding all over each other as they ground their two magnificent bodies together. “It looks and feels like we have a lot of cum to lick off of each other,” Mona said, as her tongue dived into Margie’s whorish, garlic, olive oil, sweat and cum tasting mouth.

After sucking her daughter’s tongue a minute, Mona drew her head back and asked, “What in the hell have you been eating?” “The cocks of some filthy minded, greaseball Italians,” Margie grimaced, but I did earn a $50,000 sales commission for George by doing it.”

Then Margie asked, teasingly, “And what, may I ask, is that familiar taste you have in your mouth.” “You should know better than I, darling, it is donkey cum,” Mona announced with a laugh.

“Ummmmm, I thought so,” Margie responded, as she stuck her tongue back in her mother’s mouth for another taste. Finally coming up for air, Margie asked, “Anyone I know?” “No, darling, he was a stranger,” Mona responded coyly, “but he was a celebrity animal.”

The two cum coated bodies went back into each other’s arms and again ground against each other as the mother and daughter entered into a long, tonsil licking, very flavorful French kiss.

Finally, Mona broke the embrace and said, “Well it’s time for us to get to our gloriously hot job. And you are the lucky one because I have to smell the stench of those greasy Italians, while I am licking and eating you.”

“Don’t you complain a bit, mother, I had to smell them all afternoon,” Margie retorted. “Now get your tongue into my pussy and anus and get started cleaning up and swallowing those garlic eaters’ bodily fluids,” she ordered, sternly.

They immediately fell to the floor in a mother on top 69 position, and began feasting on each other’s plundered crotches.

Being an ever thoughtful mother, as she lapped her daughter’s oozing twat, she thought that she should invite Margie to join she and the Governor in Washington D.C. She was sure that her daughter would enjoy getting fucked in the Oval Office, too.

But, before the two of them could do some fun things like that, she was first going to have to do her civic duty and be hung out as rape bait so she could help capture a bunch of perverted rapists.

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