Reliving the Past Ch. 01

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Dear Readers,

I am coming back to Literotica after nearly two and half years, with a new story. I do hope you would like the story. Please remember to vote if you like the story. Your feedback is very much welcome,



As Nina entered the arrival lounge of the airport, I recognised her from a distance, though I was meeting her after nearly a decade. She was wearing a white sari with green border and a green blouse. Her waist long hair was open and looked shiny. A few streaks of grey hair added to the shine. She was wearing a stylish sunglass and on the overall looked very attractive. She also spotted me from a distance and waived at me. As she came closer, I noticed streaks of grey near the temples also a few on her head. She carried herself very well and her persona was befitting her senior position in a large foreign bank

As she came close and stood in front of me, our eyes met. She was tall, a couple of inches shorter than my 5′ 8″, but her heels made up for it. I was really delighted as I met her after such a long time and gave her a hug & a peck on her cheek. I was enamoured as the lovely aroma of her perfume hit my nostrils.

I looked at her face closely as she removed her sunglass and said, “You haven’t changed at all in ten years. I was expecting an older lady.” (“Tui dosh bochhore motei bodlasni. Amito ekjon boyoska mohilake dekhbo bhebechhiilam.”)

“I was expecting an elderly gentleman too.” As she smiled, I noticed her teeth. Those were as beautiful as ever. (“Amio ekjon boyosko bhdrolok ke asha korchhilam.”)

I knew very well I looked my age of 50 and she was being modest. But she really didn’t look her age though her personality had grown much bigger. We stood holding each other’s hands for a few minutes and revelled in the joy of our reunion after a long time. After a while she disengaged her hand and walked back to get her luggage. As she walked with a slow stride, her hips swayed beautifully showing off the lushness of her body. At that point a very strong attraction for this younger cousin of mine gripped me.

As she wheeled her luggage down and came closer to me her sari was slightly displaced and I could see her cleavage, which looked pretty attractive. As we settled down in the car, she relaxed in the passenger seat and I noticed a few drops of perspiration on her nose.

After we settled down in the car, I gave her my handkerchief and said, “Wipe your face with this. You are perspiring a bit.” (“Eta diye mukhta muchhe ne. Tui ektu ghamchhis.)”

She gave an embarrassed smile and took the handkerchief. After she wiped her face, I took it from her and lightly wiped her neck and the top of her cleavage.

I deeply smelt the handkerchief and said, “The aroma of your perfume is really nice. That’s why I borrowed a little” (“Tor perfume er gondhota sotyi khub sundor. Tai ektu dhar nilam.”)

Now she looked really embarrassed and said, “You are still as naughty as ever.” (“Tui ekhono sei rokom paji achhis.”)

As I drove out on the road, she said, “Two things surprised me. Firstly, I never expected the aroma of my perfume to last so long. Secondly, I am more surprised to know there is still someone in this world, who is close enough to openly admire my perfume.” (“Ami duto karone khub obak holam. Prothmoto, bhabini amar perfume er gondho etokshon royechhe. Dwitiyoto, jene khub obak lagchhe, prithibite ekhono emon apon jon achhe je kholakhuli amar perfume er prosongsa korte pare.”)

I kept silent. My heart felt sad, she was as lonely as me. Both our spouses were posted at other cities. At the same time I was glad she felt the closeness with me. I started reminiscing how we spent our child hood & teenage together.


She is exactly two years younger to me. Our mothers were sisters and every year we spent the summer together in our grandparents’ place. It was a small village and the house was full of trees & bushes. There were flower garden, lawn and a large pond. We enjoyed the natural surroundings a lot and got very close as we were always together. We were not even conscious of the physical difference between us and swam naked in the pond.

But things changed with puberty and we became shy of our nudity. My curiosity about her physical changes grew very strong, but she maintained a distance. As we got into higher classes in school, frequency of our visits came down. We did meet from time to time, but couldn’t spend much of time together. We both missed our grandparents’ village house, but couldn’t help it. As I went off to a college in Delhi, we hardly met.

During one summer vacation, when I came home I was delighted to know Nina had just finished her senior school exams and had a long holiday. She I readily agreed to join them. In the evening Nina & her mom came over and I was awed at Nina’s looks. When I saw her last, she was a skinny girl. She was now eighteen and had grown into a beautiful woman, with beautiful feminine curves all over. She didn’t have the very bursa escort fair skin like her & my mom, but her brown skin was smooth & radiant. Compared to the large breasts & bums of her & my mom, she had smaller but firm & shapely boobs & butts. I simply felt greedy about her body.

The days in the village house turned out to be livelier than I thought and we had a great time together. But at times, I felt lonely as Nina joined the older women and I was left alone. I used to bathe alone in the pond as Nina, mom & aunt had their bath in the bathroom. At times, mom & aunt bathed together. Sometimes, Nina also joined them. At night, I slept alone as the two sisters slept in one room. Nina sometimes slept with them and sometimes slept in my grandma’s room.

One day, I told Nina I felt lonely & left out when I swam alone in the pond and slept alone at night. Her eyes became sympathetic but she didn’t say anything.

Later, she told me she would look for an opportunity to swim in the pond with me. (“Ekdin sujog moto tor songe pukure santar katbo.”)

I said that was ok but I wanted to bathe with her in the bathroom. (“Seto thik achhe, kintu ami tor songe bathroom e snan korte chai.”)

She was totally scandalised at this and fled.

Later when we were sitting under a tree and chatting, she asked me what was my interest in bathing with her in the bathroom. (“Bathroom er amar songe snan korar ichhe keno?”)

I took this opportunity to pour my heart out to her. “Actually, I want to know what women do in the bathroom at the time of bath. I am particularly curious about your bathing together with mom & aunt. How you feel? Are you all naked together? Have you seen their breasts, butts and that private place between the thighs?” (“Sotyi kotha bolte ki, amar ichhe kore jante meyera bathroom e snaner somoy ki kore. Amar bhison koutuhol hoy, tui ma ar mashir sathe snan er somoy ki koris. Tor kemon lage? Tora ki sobai eksathe nangto hoye jas? Tui other buk, pachha, urur phanker lukono jaygata dekhechhis?”)

Nina was dumbfound hearing what I said and after a long pause said, “You are really so curious? Let me answer you one by one.” (“Tor eto koutuhol? Achha, ami ek ek kore to jobab dichchhi.’)

“On the first day, they called me to shampoo my hair and soap my back. When I went in, mom was wearing her sari only with no blouse, petticoat & bra and aunt was wearing only petticoat, but that was tied above her breasts. Mom was shampooing aunt’s hair. Mom asked me to take off my clothes and I stripped down to my bra and panty. By that time mom had finished with aunt and started shampooing my hair. Aunt came behind me and said she would soap my back. Saying this, she unclasped my bra. As I was uneasy, she gave me a towel to cover my front and soaped my back. As mom & aunt were through with me, they asked me to finish my bath. As I was about to start pouring water in a sitting position keeping the towel in place & with my panty on, they both objected. Aunt stripped me naked and said there was no point being shy with only mom & aunt around. As both of them soaped me all over my stark naked body, I was simply dying of shame. Somehow I finished my bath and escaped from the bathroom.”

(“Prothom din ora amake dekechhilo shampoo korar ar pithe saban makhiye debar jonyo. Dhuke dekhlam, ma blouse, saya, bra sob khule phelechhe, sudhu sari pore achhe ar mashi sudhu saya pore achhe kintu ota buker oper bandha. Ma mashir chul shampoo kore dichchhilo. Ma amake jamakapor khulte bollo. Ami bra ar panty chhara sob khule phellam. Ma tokhon mashike shampoo kora sesh kore, amar chul shampoo korte shuro korlo. Sei somoy mashi bollo amar pithe saban lagiye debe ar amar brar hook khule dilo. Ami chhotphot kore othate mashi ekta toyale dilo buk dhakbar jonyo. Johan ma ar mashir kaj hoye gelo ora amake snan kore nite bollo. Ami boshe boshe panty pora obosthay ar toyale ta samne rekhe jol dhalte shuru kortei dujone bhison apotti janalo. Mashi amake puro nangto kore diye bollo, ma ar mashir samne oto lojjar ki achhe? Ora dujone jokhon amar pure nangto sorire saban makhiye dichchhilo, ami lojjay more jachchhilam. Kono rokome snan sesh kore paliye banchlam.”)

“I have seen you a number of times entering the bathroom with them. What happened on other occasions?” I asked. (“Ami to toke aro onekdin oder eksathe bathroom e dhukte dekhechhi. Onyodine ki hoy?”)

She started giving me more details. “Before I had left the bathroom on the first day, I noticed aunt was untying her petticoat string and mom was peeling off her sari. I realised the sisters were not ashamed to strip in presence of the other. But they avoided getting naked in my presence. Next time, I went to the bathroom along with them. As mom was taking off her blouse, aunt asked me to undress. Like last time, I stripped down to my panty & bra and watched them. Aunt was wearing a nightie and didn’t take it off. She only took off her petticoat from underneath. She wasn’t wearing any bra. Mom, after she took off her blouse & bra, started shaving her armpit. As aunt asked me to get fully naked, I refused.”

(“Prothomdin bathroom theke bursa escort bayan berobar age lokshyo korechhilam, mashi sayar dorir gint khulchhilo ar ma sarir pyanch khulchhilo. Ami bujhte perechhilam je dui bon nijera eke onyer samne nangto hote lojja payna, kintu amar samne nangto hoyna. Porer bare ami eksathe dhukechhilam. Ma jokhon blouse khulchhilo, mashi amake nangto hote bollo. Ager barer moto ami bra ar panty bade ar sob khule phellam. Mashi nightie pore chhilo, kntu seta khullona. Sudhu nich theke saya khule phele dilo. Bhetore kono bra chhilona. Ma blouse ar bra khule bogoler chul kamate laglo. Mashi amake jokhon puro nangto hote bollo ami raji holamna.”

“I told them I felt very shy to get naked, when both of them were having some cover. Hearing this mom got annoyed with me & told me to simply obey the elders. But aunt stopped her and said I was right. She said, I had already grown up and the elders should put me at ease about nudity among women. Saying this, she pulled the nightie over her head and I watched her getting naked from her leg upwards. First I saw her legs, then her thighs and then the place see pees from. The place was full of hair, almost like a jungle. Next I saw her round tummy with creases & layers of flab and finally her boobs. I was amazed how big her boobs were and noticed those were pulled down by their own weight. Her nipples were quite large and so was the brown base. Aunt’s arms were flabby & round and her armpits were hairy too. After she got naked, she smilingly unclasped my bra & pulled my panty down to my ankles. She poured water over her body and also over me. She started soaping my back.”

(“Ami bollam, tomra dujone jokhon nijeder dheke rekhechho, amar nangto hote khub lojja korbe. Ei kotha sune ma khub rege gelo ar bollo boroder kotha sunte. Kintu mashi make thamiye diye bollo je ami thik bolechhi. O ekhon boro hoyechhe, amader boroder uchit meyder samne nagto hoyar aswasti theke oke bar kore ana. Ei bole mashi mathar oper theke tene nightie khulte thaklo. Ami pa theke suru kore masir sorirta nangto hote dekhlam. Prothome dekhlam pa, tarpor uru duto ar tarpor hishi korar jaygata. Okhanta jongol er moto lome bhorti. Erpor dekhlam gol pet jar opor besh kichuu bhanj ar med. Ar seshe dekhlam buk. Dekhe obak holam buk duto koto boro ar nijeder bhare niche neme esechhe. Bonta duto khub boro ar nicher khoyeri jaygatao onek boro. Mashir hat duto besh mota ar gol. Bogoleo dekhlam onek lom. Nangto hobar por mashi hashi mukhe amar brar hook khule dilo ar pantyta tene gorali poryonto namiye dilo. Mashi nijer ar amar gaye jol dhallo ar amake pithe saban makhate laglo.”)

“By now mom had finished shaving her armpit. She said, sis you are incorrigible and peeled off her sari. She dropped her petticoat and got stark naked. I was amazed how similar the two sisters looked. Their faces, as you have seen, are quite similar. But you wouldn’t believe how strikingly similar their bodies are. Their boobs, belly, thighs, butts all looked very similar. The boobs were so similar as if those were cast in the same mould. Their tummies were also very similar; the belly buttons were exactly the same and even the stretch marks were similar. On the over all, mom was a shade darker and was slightly smaller in size. The main noticeable difference was in the armpit & that place they peed from. Mom’s armpits were clean shaved and her hair down below was trimmed very short. No one could see what aunt has below that jungle, but mom’s triangular place was almost bare with the slit clearly seen.”

(“Totokshone mar bogol kamano hoye gechhe. Ma bollo, didi toke niye para jayna, ar nijer sari khule phello. Erpor saya khule puro nangto hoye gelo. Ami obak hoye gelam du bonke ki bhison ekrokom dekhte. Tui to dekhechhis dui boner mukher adol kemon mele. Kintu biswas korbina oder sorir aro koto beshi ekrokom. Oder buk, pet, uru, pachha, sob ekdom ekrokom. Buk gulo eto hubohu ekrokom mone hoy jeno ek chhanch theke toiri. Pet o dujoner ekrokom, nabhi ekdom ekrokom, emonki pete je bachha hoyar dag segulo porjyonto ekrokom. Ma sudhu ek ponchh moyla ar sorirta ek chul choto. Chokhe porar moto tofat sudhu bogol ar hishir jayga. Mar bogol poriskar kore kamano ar nicher chul ekdom chhoto kore chhanta. Mashir jongoler niche ki achhe dekhar kono upay nei, kintu mar tin kona jaygata poriskar dekha jay, emonki nicher kata jaygata prjyonto.”

As Nina finished, I had a terrible erection. She looked at my bulge and gave a surprised look.

I asked her if she also had lots of hair in the armpit and down below. (“Tor ki bogole ar niche onek lom?”)

She hesitated a bit and said, “Yes, plenty. Initially hair was very little. But now it’s a lot. Down below, it’s like a jungle.” (“Prothome olpo kore gijiyechhilo. Kintu ekhon onek hoye gechhe. Nichta to jongoler moto.”)

“Do you shave or cut those hair?” I asked. (“Tui ki lom gulo kamash ba katish?”)

“Recently I have started shaving my armpits. (“kichhudin age bogol kamate suru korechhi”) She replied.

I said, “I am feeling terribly horny hearing all these from you. Actually, I am dying to see these two women naked.” escort bursa (“Tor mukhe esob sune bhison gorom hoye gechhi. Asole ami ei dui mohilake nangto dekhar jonyo more jachchhi.”)

Initially she looked scandalised but after a while she whispered, “If you are so keen, there is a way to see them naked.” (“Tor jodi eto ichchhe hoy, tahole oderke nangto dekhar rasta achhe.”)

This made me sit up and ask her about the secret. She said there is a small hole in the bathroom window, which opens on the rear side of the house. We checked the hole by going to the rear side of the house and decided next day we shall give it a try. Nina said for giving me this chance, she wants a prize. As I asked her what prize, she pointed her finger to my cock and said she wants to see. I agreed and told her to follow me as I go behind the bush. After reaching behind the bush I lowered my pants & my brief and brought out my erect cock. Nina was standing close to me and gasped as my seven inch shaft sprang open. After she watched me for a while, I pulled my pants & brief up. I noticed her face had turned red.

Next day, we waited with bated breath for mom & aunt to go into the bathroom. We went out of the house, apparently for a walk and came back to the rear side avoiding anyone seeing us. As I placed my eye in the whole, initially the vision was blurred. But after adjusting my eyes I could clearly see inside the bathroom. I was shocked as I saw both mom & aunt stark naked. Mom was washing clothes on the floor and aunt was soaping her back. At that stage, I was only seeing their boobs from the side and their butts & thighs. After a while, aunt got up saying she has to pee (“Ooh, boddo hishi peyechhe.”) and squatted on the Indian style toilet with her legs folded & spread, resting herself on her feet (ubu hoye boshe hishi korchhilo). Now I could clearly see her pussy under sparse, short & curly hair. Her long slit was clearly seen and I could see a long stream of water coming out from the bottom of the slit.

Mom was now standing up facing towards me and I saw the jungle like patch between her thighs. After aunt finished, they soaped each other for a long time and I closely watched all parts of their naked bodies. At this stage, Nina pushed me a bit and I let her see through the hole. I noticed her face was red again like last evening. She took out her eyes after a few minutes and I started watching again. As I was engrossed in watching aunt soaping mom’s huge butts and was extremely excited, I suddenly felt Nina’s hand on my cock. As she was trying to hold my cock in her hand and feeling its shape, I withdrew my eyes from the hole. Her face was crimson red and she was shaking in excitement. I asked her if she wanted to touch me there and she nodded. I lowered my pants & brief and as my rock hard shaft jumped out, she started fondly caressing it. As she delicately started stroking it, my cock started throbbing. As the excitement became unbearable, I whispered to her to stop as otherwise I might start leaking. She possibly didn’t understand what I meant, but reluctantly withdrew her hand. I quickly pulled up my pants & brief and we fled from there.

After this incident, my intimacy with Nina became very strong and we discussed about hidden desires and many such things. I told her, though I liked watching mom & aunt naked, but I was more keen to see her naked. Since she had seen my private parts and even touched it, it was only fair that I get the same deal. (“Ma ar mashike nangto dekhte darun legechhilo, kintu ami tar thekeo beshi chai toke nangto dekhte. Tui amarta dekhechhis, emonki chhunyechhis. Ebar tor amake protidan deoya uchit”)

She said, “I understand your desire. But, you know bro I would feel too shy to get naked in your presence. It’s also difficult to find enough privacy. There is no way we could bathe together in the bathroom. Even if we swim together in the pond, it’s not possible to get naked.” (“Tor ichheta ami bujhte pari. Kintu janishto Rangada, tor samne nangto hote amar bhishon lojja korbe. Ar tachhara, lukono jayga khunje paoa khub mushkil. Bathroom e to eksathe snan kora ekebarei sombhob noy. Ar pukure eksathe santar katleo, nangto hoya to sombhob noy.”)

Since there were too many problems, we gave up the idea. But the desire to see her naked haunted me all the time. I knew I could briefly touch her under the clothes or by partly removing the clothes. But that didn’t appeal to me at all. I wanted to see her stark naked

A few days later, Nina told me a very special puja was to take place at the house. It was special in the sense that only women participated in this puja, which takes place early in the morning. To start with, offerings would be made at the pond located at the rear side of the house and then inside the house. Women are not to wear any stitched clothes at all. They would wear special white cotton sari with red borders and no blouse, bra or petticoat. Virgins were not allowed to join the puja and Nina wouldn’t be taking part. She was only allowed to watch. This was pretty exciting for me, as it could offer me an opportunity to see mom, aunt and grandma in only saris, which, I knew, were pretty flimsy and would offer a view of their naked bodies. Nina said, though this was totally out of bound for me I could watch them as they came back to the house from the pond.

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