Return to Paradise Ch. 01

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Children coming home, the Island population is growing while the population of the world thins out very fast. Told from Little Sam’s View Point. We might trade off viewpoints in the story line, Loyal readers let me know what you think. I thought it was time to Add more. Again forgive the errors if you can. This is just coming out now, Yesterday I was ready for a continued love story, Maybe Sara and her father or Sara and Marc, Thing are not looking great for that to happen now. One thing I learned in life is that “Life finds a way of happening” Comments welcome. By the way… This is very different from what I thought it would be when I started it with a line from meatloaf.

Reader Beware… This one might not be for everyone.


My Name is Sam, My parents call me Little Sam, although I’m about 4 inches taller than Big Sam. We are a well off family, Growing up I had a Nanny, Carol. She was a naughty nanny, some of my earliest memories are of her. I grew up in a semi-nudist house, It wasn’t uncommon for people to be naked in the hot tub or pool. When I became a teenager I was more and more curious. I think Dad caught me once trying to take a peek at what my sister Sara had between her legs, and had the TALK with me.

“Son, I know you are curious about things, and you might feel funny about girls sometime and that’s okay.” He said, “I just want to tell you that it’s not really acceptable to do things like that with your sister.”

I took it to heart, We never played doctor, but it still wasn’t uncommon to see her laying out by the pool topless. She started wearing bottoms when she thought I might be around, I’m not sure why, but I wore my shorts more too. I had a problem that popped up on it’s own sometimes.

Carol was very understanding, and we hung out a lot, and we hung out nude. She bent over onetime at the pool and saw me get hard one time and just grinned. I had just seen a perfect view of her ass. I didn’t even see any of her pussy. She asked me, “Looks like you like what you see, you want a closer look? All you have to do is ask.”

I was scared, and my cock wilted that day. The next day, we was out by the pool again, just us, she was naked as I was. We enjoyed each other’s company, and she had great boobs. I caught her checking me out a time or two also. I was young just coming to where I was interested in girls. Low and behold she dropped her sunscreen and in bending to pick it up her ass and now her pussy was on display again. I was instantly hard, but I had expected it today more. I asked her, “You said to ask about looking closer. May I please …” and hung my head down expecting to be rejected.

She same closer facing me, her bald pussy was right in my face. Maybe 6 inches in front of me, “I thought you would never ask.” She turned around and bent over, Everything was on display.

I was speechless and hard as a rock. I didn’t know about jacking off, and I’ve only had a few what I now know is wet dreams, so I was ready for anything.

“Would you like it if I lay down so you can get a better look?” She asked.

I just nodded, my mouth was dry and I couldn’t speak. The lay on the lounger, spread her legs and patted the spot between her legs. I sat down and Had on display in front of me, by first ever up close and personal view of the wonders between a woman’s legs. The insides of her things were white, right up to where her legs meet, it was a little darker there, and there was a slit,that showed off their pink insides. I remember thinking how shiny she was down there. She took the time to point out everything to me. “This is my clitoris, this is the biggest thing you need to know about women. This is just like your thingy, your penis. If it is licked or rubbed or touched even, it feels really good. I pee from this little hole, it is call my urethra, This is my vagina, it has lips to protect it from getting dirty. Give me your hand, not stick out your finger. “

I gave her my hand and did as she asked, My finger disappeared inside her and was wrapped inside a mind blowing soft velvety heat. “Now go in and out a couple times. Yeah… just like that. Not touch the little spot I called a clit… clitoris. Oh… Keep doing that, don’t ohhh… don’t stoooopp.” And something happened to her. I was scared for a minute until she calmed down. “That was great gave have you done that before?”

“No, I’ve never even seen a … “I said.

“Wow, you made me cum your first time. Wow. And you can call it a pussy if you want. But never a cunt, I hate that word.” She said.

“I made you what? ” I asked.

“You made me feel really good, do you ever touch yourself?” She asked, and made a fist and moved it up and down.

I shock my head and said, “No…” I was still hard as a rock and it kinda hurt some.

“Really, Can I show you?” and without another word she grasped my cock in her hand, my cock leaked out something, “That’s your precum, it helps when you go to do things with a girl” It got bursa escort my cock wet and slippery, and my balls tightened, and I felt something about to happen.

She must have felt it, she said “May I”, I just grunted, and she lowered her head to my lap and the world exploded, I saw a white blinding light and every part of me exploded. When I could see again I was shaking. “Wow that was fantastic?”

“What happened?” I asked.

She said, “You just came, got off, had an orgasm and that was some huge load.”

I guess I was innocent, and she explained what happened more. “let me try this again.” And She grabbed my still hard cock and said, “Now watch this.”

She stroked me for a few minutes and I said, “I… I … Feel something happening.” And as I watched, I saw my cock shoot out something, and closed my eyes is pleasure. “Wow… that was wow…

Like I said, she was a naughty nanny. She licked my cum off of her hands and scopped some off her breasts. “You taste wonderful, thank you for letting me touch you.”

I said, “Thank you.” And I hugged her bulling her bare chest against mine. “I have a feeling there is lots to this I don’t know, can you teach me some more.”

With this we started, she explained everything to me. Taught me about breasts, how to excite a girl, how to tell when a girl is excited, and I think the most important thing for a guy to know. It’s not over until everyone gets done.

We were very close over the next couple years, I got to learn how to eat her out, and I did enjoy it so. She said I was becoming an expert. We were all but in love. I think we filled a need for one another. We snuggled a lot watching TV, we did nice things for one another, and yes, she took my virginity.

It was on a Halloween, we were watching scary movies, snuggled naked under a blanket on her couch. I figured we would maybe do or standard, and get each other off while we watched the movie. It was one of those serial slasher movies, come creepy guy with knives for finger.

After a teenage fueled sex scene I said, “That was hot, I’d love to do that someday.”

Her leg brushed my still hard cock, and said, “It really is nice but we can’t” And she kissed me. I could have died right then and there from her kiss and I would have been content. I was never in love, I just knew this lust. She nibble on my earlobe and I moaned, and she moved to hug me to her chest, her leg went up over my thigh. We’ve done this before she would sit in my lap with her chest against mine, it was nice to feel her like this.

Things were a bit different, I’m not sure how. Her breast were in my face and she offered me a nipple, and I just put my and on her back to pull myself a little closer to take the offered nipple in my mouth I swear. The blanket we had be covering with causes her to slip down an I felt my cock touch her, and then she lost her support and I felt my cock being engulfed in the heat of my first pussy.

She didn’t move, she just sat there, I mean just sat there, frozen. I said, “Carol… Carol… Hello…”

Finally she responded, “I think you… I know you are inside me”

“Carol, I know. You need to be the one to get up.” I said.

“I don’t want to, it feels so damn good inside me.” She sputtered. “I’m Sorry, give me a second… Im’ twisted in the cover.”

“You know we don’t have to stop.” I said, I know that No boy ever said sure get off my cock, more than once.

“I was wishing you to say that, Oh my god, that feel good. It’s been so long… Yes…” she said.

I came right then, shooting my load into her pussy. I never even got soft, and kept riding me. Saying, “Don’t come… Don’t come… Oh… oh… And finally she got really tight an then wet as she convulsed above me and I came with my ear pestered between her breasts hearing the sound of her heart beating like thunder, I sighed, “Yessssssssss”

She said, “I’m glad I got birth control, I can feel you stuff running out of me now.”

“That was something else, can we do it again.” I asked.

“We should not have done it this time. I was so good about not taking your virginity and I slip on some covers.” She said, “But if you want to continue learning I don’t see why not. We can do it again when you are ready.”she paused, ” Is that your cock already?”

I was hard again and pressing against her pussy entrance, “Yes, Why yes it is”, and I flipped her on and fumbled my way inside her. It wasn’t as easy as I thought.

She grabbed my cock, “Here let me!” and guided me in. I fucked her hard. The bounding our bodies echoed through the room.” I finished again, before she did this time. I started to work my way down to her pussy with my mouth, and she said “You might not want to do that just right now.” I continued against her advise and got a taste of my own sperm. I wasn’t amused, yeah you are right, and I fingered her to orgasm as she had taught me. By the time she came the blanket was a sticky mess, my hands bursa escort bayan were a mess, we were a mess in general.

She said, “lets go shower.” She took my hand and let me to my first shower with another person.

In the shower, she took my cock in hand, her hands looke small washing my hard again cock, she smirked, “Youth, is so wasted on the young, actually just kidding, you are not bad with this thing for your first time.”

I said, “I’ve had a good teacher.”

She pulled back my fore skin and washed the head really well. Telling me, “it’s a good idea to also urinate after sex to clean out your plumbing.”

So I let go with a stream of urine, hitting her stomach. As she played with my cock causing the urine to go all over her stomach and legs, She said, “Not now, but it still kind cool.” When I was done, she peed on my leg, I’d never seen a woman pee and it was interesting. It felt cool in the hot shower. We soaped, rinsed off and got out.

I stole away that night and slept with her in her bed. We didn’t do anything else. The next morning I woke first. She was laying on her side her butt facing me. My cock was hard and dribbling precum, so slid iot around over it, lined up behind her and inserted my cock into her pussy. She pushed back into me, “That feels so nice Sam.” We kept the slow motion up for I be another hour. “Sam, I want your … oh… ” I sped up…” I wa… oh… Please… Please Maaaaaake… oh… I’m gonna… Cum…” she thrust back into me as she came. When she finish I slipped out of her and buried my face between her legs. My attack on her clit had her going again… When she was close I stopped and rammed my cock into her tight pussy. As its larger head was splitting her pussy lips I thought, this is the first time I actually watched my cock going into her.

Sometime right after we started fucking, my parents started traveling with us kids some. I met this girl over on the main island and we started dating. Long story short, I swept her of her feet, or she swept me off mine, not sure which. She visited a couple time on the island. Carol and I stopped our training, although we still hung out some naked. I think she met someone too about that time, because a while later she got married. My wife, Roxanne, and I got married just before I turned 21, we moved in with her sick mom, who totally loves me. She put me in charge of her trust accounts, everything, Roxanne was upset a little bit, maybe even a little mad. But her mom said it the way she wants it, after she dies I can do whatever I want with it.

It’s been a couple years, and I’m still married, and Mom is still alive, although the doctor gives her about another month. We took her to get her flu shot and check up. A couple days ago and she seem to be doing a little better.

Roxanne and I are okay, just not very lively in bed, and she’s gotten a little bitchy. I swore to love her until the end of time, and now I’m kinda looking forward to the end of time.

Roxanne and I had just made love, or at least she appeased the beast inside me that needed sex. She was laying there in bed naked beside me, her beautiful breast on display. I love how when she was worked up her nipples popped into attention. Surrounded by a beautiful brown areola each nipple stood out on from the white skin of her breasts. My eyes drifted down to her body, to her pussy, covered in a soft downy blonde hair that was a joy to touch. When we were able to get the free time I loved to lay on the couch I loved to lay my head between her legs and watch TV. It was relaxing and at the end of the show all I had to do was turn my head for a snack. I lay my head over on her chest right now, She held me close and kissed my head saying “I love you.” Okay I take back praying for the end of time. Roxanne got up from bed, slipped on a long T-shirt covering her body and went to check on her mom. Not putting anything on was a promise almost of coming back to bed. A few minutes later, Roxanne calls out, “Honey, come her.”

I had been expecting her to come back to me so I had been stroking myself getting ready for her return. I was thinking “Shit what now” I slipped on my shorts and a tshirt, and I had to bend my erection down uncomfortably to get it in the shorts.

“Whats up? ” I ask a the door.

“The old Battle axe is finally dead.” She said.

I was shocked how she talked about her mom, I got along with her mom very well and enjoyed her company. I looked over and sure enough she had stopped breathing, and lay motionless, My erection was not gone completely. I felt for a pulse, her skin was cold, and there was nothing. I said, “You bitch, she has done everything for you.”

She turned around to her mother’s dead body, flipping her off with a double bird, she said “Fuck you.” And then I heard a low rumble from her mother’s chest. I heard of death rattles, but what happened is strange, or was strange. Her mother raised up, Glowing red eyes open and she bit off one escort bursa Roxanne’s fingers, took hold of her arm and pulled her in and bit her in the neck. Roxanne’s blood was going everywhere. Soon a motionless Roxanne was being for the lack of a better work eaten by her mother.

I was stunned and frozen in place, but thanks to my sisters books I had been reading I had an Idea of what was going on. Doubts were in my head though. Was her mom really dead or was I mistaken? She was cold, she wasn’t breathing and she had no hear beat. At the time I was just frozen there, watching as this woman that I’ve help take care of was now eating lifeless my wife. My wife’s t-shirt was ripped open and her wonderfully soft and cuddly breasts, the real reason I married her I think, were covered in her own blood. Her mom was for lack of a better description chewing on something stringy coming out of her neck. I remember thinking god she has nice breasts, about that time mom just reached down and bit off the nipple of her left breast. My head was just lying there, my face pressed against her chest, that nipple was sorta poking in my ear. My wife’s t- shirt was pulled up exposing her pussy, I’m not sure why I stood there looking but I remember seeing my cum running out of it onto her lifeless legs. She hated when it dripped out of her like that.

I don’t know how long I just watched. Maybe watched it the wrong word, I was mesmerized really. When she bit off the other nipple it broke whatever spell I was in. I remember saying, “No… Not both of them.”

On Cue, my wife’s mom looked my way and growled at me , her eyes glowed at me with an eerie red LUST… That’s all I could say it was, not a sexual lust, but a lust just the same. She tried to get to me but the way Roxanne had fallen was her legs were pinned do the bed. She tried and I felt she was going to get loose. Her nightshirt ripped open revealing her breast in a disturbing display of saggy old women breast that in their day were probably a sight to behold. Her nipples were pointing at the floor. The things I remember about this attack make me question if I’m right in the head.

She finally broke loose and was on me. I managed to fight her off with of all things her own walker. I wasn’t really getting anywhere as to control her though. I didn’t know what to do and the first thing that came to mind was her Oxygen tank, it was a heavy long green cylinder that I just backed into. I took it up and smashed it across her temple. She made a sickening thud as her body fell to the floor onto her back.

I checked my wife, she had lost so much blood I knew better but I had to see if she was alive. She lay there lifeless. She was on her back, her breast that should have been nicely pointing straight up were missing their nipples were in the air. I had tears in my eyes, knowing that she was dead, but also for how her beautiful breast had been mutilated. Her pussy was visible still wet with my cum. I got a sheet and covered both of them up and closed the door.

I went to the phone where I dialed 9-1-1 All I got was a busy signal. I tried several times. I went into our bedroom where the TV was on, but muted. I saw on the news what looked like riots. I turned up the volume as I stripped to shower to get the blood off of me. Looking back I’m not sure why that was important to me, but it gave me time to think.

Listening to the news, “People are advised to stay inside. Stay away from people that might be infected with this virus. If you are bitten stay away from others and lock youself in a room as if you turn you will not be able to get out to infect others. If you have an encounter with an infected be careful to not get bit, the bites seem to carry whatever virus this is. The only way to stop an infected person is to destroy their brain, the infected feel no pain as if on some illegal drug. If someone is killed by one of the infected it is possible they will reanimate as an infected. … This is a widespread infection… We are getting reports from coast to coast as well as countries in Europe and asia.”

I was out of the shower and dressed in record time. Thinking to myself, “This sounds like one of Sara’s books. What did she call them, Zombies.” I then tried calling the island and finally got through and of all people I got my Sister Sara, “Did you guys here the news? I think your Zombies are real.”

She turned on their TV, “Holy shit, this is worse than my book was. I didn’t have people dying and coming back to life, although I think that would have been a good idea. So where are you and Roxanne at?”

“Her mom just ate her and they are both dead in the other bedroom. I can’t get anyone on 9-1-1, I’m glad our nearest neighbor is a halfmile away.” I said, “She ate off her nipples, Sara, her nipples.”

Sara was talking, “The news is saying that’s common, Seems the infected let’s call them Zombies, are going for human Glands, I had them going for brains, Guess I had that wrong.”

“Try to get ahold of Carol, and Grandma, and Grandpa if you can, Ill try James and Sylvia, and Marc and Kelli. And any of our friends and let them know. I’m going to head to the island, We have a boat here, I just got to load some things up.” I said.

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