Ricky to the Rescue Ch. 02

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“So nice of you to come and get me, sweetheart,” Kara said, her sidelong gaze fixed steadfastly on the awesome-looking bulge in Ricky’s jeans as he steered the car alongside her, “must have been a wrench to drag yourself away from all the fun.”

“Not at all, mum,” replied Ricky, risking a smile in Kara’s direction before turning his attention back to the road again, “after gramps started getting turned on again, we couldn’t have gone on without you.”

“That’s nice of you to say so,” said Kara, beaming happily.

“Your as much a part of the club as I am, mum.” said Ricky, “and now that gramps is back in full working order, he can hardly wait for you to suck him again.”

“I was so thrilled when dad phoned me,” said Kara, genuinely pleased that her father was now well and truly back in the bosom of his loving family, “you certainly came to the rescue and got him going again.”

Ricky giggled. “Yeah, mum, I was giving gran’s pussy a nice long lick and gramps just seemed to come alive.”

“And you look like you’re alive, too, sweetheart,” said Kara, “judging by that tent in your jeans. But, then, when aren’t you?”

“With a horny sexy mum like you, are you surprised?”

“You’re such a good son to your old mum,” said Kara, wondering whether she should risk giving Ricky’s bulge a good squeeze but she didn’t want to distract him from his driving. Usually, she couldn’t keep her hands off him, in the nude or otherwise, but there were some occasions when it was prudent to keep her hands to herself and right now, Kara figured, was one of them.

“You ain’t old mum,” said Ricky, likewise risking a glance at Kara’s tits, stretched taut in a tight fetching top that showed off the elasticity of her boobs to their best advantage, “you’re absolutely beautiful, like gran.”

“I bet you gave your gran one, too, eh?” laughed Kara, knowing how much her mother loved being fucked.

“I certainly did,” replied Ricky, licking his lips with relish as the memory of the latest fuck with his grandmother, just an hour or so earlier, came back to him. Janet was still a right goer in her old age and her pussy just as slick and compliant as a woman’s more than half her age. Ricky had been only too delighted to penetrate Janet with his illustrious prick, thus helping to get James going again and rescuing the old man from what had been a very depressing few weeks for him without a single hard-on, never mind anything else.

“With gramps not able to get it up for weeks, gran was absolutely gagging for it,” Ricky went on. “Her pussy was really slippery and my cock went in like a pneumatic drill. Felt so fucking good inside her.”

“I bet it did,” said Kara, laughing and enjoying the conversation, she and her son always talked openly to each other. Kara was fully aware what a horny slut her mother could be when the fancy took her and which facet of her personality she, as Janet’s daughter, had thankfully inherited.

“Your gran has always had a very glossy cunt,” said Kara, thinking of the many times she and her mother had gone lesbian with each other and sucked in some very hot sixty-nines while James had stood over them, trying hard to control his lust.

“I hope your glossy cunt has recovered from the good seeing to I gave it earlier, mum,” said Ricky, “’cause you’re gonna get screwed all over again tonight – and not just by me. Gramps can hardly wait to show you that he’s back in the swing of things.”

“I’m raring to go, sweetheart,” said Kara, “that nap I had this afternoon did me a power of good. You and dad can fuck me as much as you like, I’m the original girl who can’t say no.”

“And thank fuck for that,” laughed Ricky, “gramps and I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

As soon as they were out on the open road with no other traffic about, Ricky slowed down, steering with one hand while fumbling with his zipper with the other. He kept his eyes firmly on the road as he undid his fly and released his cock and then drove with the head sticking out through his jeans.

Ricky knew his mother loved to see his cock at any available opportunity, even when they were not sharing their carnal lust for each other. They spent as much time together as possible in the nude and Ricky was proud of his body and his generous endowment and he and Kara enjoyed showing themselves off to each other, almost as much as they did engaging in the actual taboo sex itself. And it was the very fact that their love of sex with each other was regarded as taboo that made it all the more overwhelmingly enjoyable and powerful, the hottest sex a horny mother and son sticking two fingers up at convention could wish for.

Kara’s mouth now drooled at the sight of her sexaholic son driving with his big prick exposed, it was just so fucking kinky, which was how she liked things. As always, Ricky had his foreskin retracted and the big head shone bright pink and smeared with a plentiful supply of pre-cum.

“My word, sweetheart,” said Kara, “doesn’t take you bursa escort long to get going again. It’s only a short while ago you fucked your grandma and now look at you.”

“Thanks, mum,” said Ricky, feeling immensely proud of himself as he always did when he showed himself off to her and grateful for his mother’s words of genuine appreciation, which she never stopped voicing. It didn’t matter how many times she told him how sexy he was and complimenting his prick, Ricky loved hearing Kara sing his praises all the time, a real boost to his already oversized ego.

As well as recently fucking his grandmother, it was only a few hours since Ricky had given his mother the benefit of his hard-on and Kara had had the pleasure of getting fucked by the big incestous cock now being openly displayed to her and she licked her lips at the prospect of getting fucked by her son yet again – and also now by her fully recovered father. James, Kara’s father, had been taking tablets for his blood-pressure and angina which had had a devastating effect on his libido. It wasn’t that he had lost interest in sex – that would be the day – but the pills James’s doctor had prescribed had had a devastating effect on his ability to get an erection and, as a result, also his ability to satisfy his wife Janet. Thankfully, though, that all now seemed to be in the past.

Earlier that day, Kara and Ricky had sucked, licked, rimmed and fucked like there was no tomorrow, Ricky treating his mother to three separate helpings of his very rich cream, first in her cunt, then over her face and finally her tits and on each occasion he had proved to himself as well as his doting mother that he could unleash a torrent of spunk that equalled the world’s top male porn stars in both quantity and quality. Kara, both elated and ecstatic, had lapped it up every time, she was a real spunk slut and Ricky always made sure that he never disappointed his adored mother by proving his love for her in such a spectacular and exhilarating way. Every time. After disfiguring Kara’s tits with another thick load of incestuous sperm, they had been about to have a shower when Janet had phoned. Ricky had answered the call and it was obvious that his grandmother was feeling horny and that his grandfather was having problems again. As soon as Ricky had been summond to help out, and he had been only too pleased to take up the summons and come to the rescue, Ricky and Kara had had a nice long shower, soaping each other down and touching up tits, cocks, balls and arses as they luxuriated in the hot jets raining down on them. Then Ricky had dressed himself in a tight pair of jeans that accentuated his arse and a T-shirt that did wonders for his chest and shoulders, to make his way over to his grandparents. He’d have gone in the nude had naked driving been allowed but, even so, he knew that the clothes he was wearing were provocative enough to get Janet going as soon as he arrived. Which they did.

Ricky felt immensely proud that Janet had called on him to help out, fully aware that her grandson had inherited the intense love of sex that she and her husband and daughter had shared during many passionate threesomes before Ricky had even been born. Both Janet and James were secretly pleased that their daughter was now shot of that ghastly husband of hers who had run off with some floozie he worked with and that Ricky, by then very much an adult and a consenting one to boot, had then become the man of the house in far more ways than one …


“Bloody hell!” said Kara as she and Ricky neared her parents’ house and Ricky, after treating her to a nice show of his cock as they’d driven along, made himself decent again, though they both knew that wouldn’t be for long. “I just don’t know how you manage to stay hard for so much of the day.”

“Like I said, mum,” said Ricky, climbing out the car and, like the true gentleman he was, going round to help his mother out, “with a mum like you, I just can’t help myself.”

“Sexy sod,” giggled Kara as she and Ricky trudged up the garden path to the back door and let themselves in across the patio.

“Well, look who’s here!” cried Janet excitedly, still naked and smiling at her daughter and grandson, “James, they’re back,” she called and her smiling husband appeared from the kitchen, also naked and with a glass of milk in his hand, and still sporting a very generous hard-on, almost as if having now achieved one he couldn’t bear to part with it.

“Hello, you two’s,” said James, like all of his family extremely comfortable in his full frontal nudity, “I’m back in full working order,” he went on, placing the milk on the living room table and flailing his arms to show his family that he was indeed hard again, his thick pole standing to attention in front of them. “Thanks to that boy of yours, darling,” he added, smiling at Kara.

“Dad, I’m so pleased for you,” said Kara, “and it looks like it needs some attention right now.”

“Sure fucking does,” said James, “your mum and son helped bursa escort bayan me to a really great orgasm earlier …

“Yeah,” interrupted Janet, “he came all over my face while that lad of yours flooded out my pussy. I had so much spunk up my nozzle, I thought I was going to have to call in a plumber to do a bit of unblocking.”

“Oh darling, really!” laughed James and everybody else laughed too, a happy loving family in perfect ease together.

“He did the same to me, mum,” said Kara, when she was able to stop laughing and flashing Ricky a smile of maternal pride, “and if I know him, he’ll be giving us some more before the evening’s out.”

“Too fucking right I will, mum,” said Ricky. “Plenty more. Never takes me long to make up a new supply.”

“You don’t have to tell me that, sweetheart,” said Kara, “your gran’s pussy and mine are both well aware of the fact.”

“So is my arse,” said James, remembering the many happy times since Ricky had been old enough to join them that he had sat on his grandson’s cock or taken it doggie-style up his wrinkled old arsehole. “Maybe …” he said, raising his eyebrows and casting a winsome smile in Ricky’s direction.

“You bet your life I shall, gramps,” said Ricky, immediately putting two and two together and making four, “and you can fuck me, too. Gran and mum, too, mum’s brought her strap-ons with her.

“That’ll be wonderful,” said Janet. her mouth drooling at the thought.

“Yeah,” went on Ricky, “mum fucked my arse red raw with one of them last night. My arsehole is still really sore.”

“I shall have to kiss that nice round bottom of yours better in that case,” said Janet to Ricky, “talking of which, my pussy still hasn’t recovered properly from what you did to it earlier, sweetheart, but that didn’t stop my hubby from giving me one too while you went to fetch your mum.”

“I’m thrilled, mum,” said Kara, “you must have missed dad’s big cock in your pussy very much indeed while he was having his … erm … problems.”

“Yeah, gran,” said Ricky, “it’s really great to know that gramps can fuck you again.”

“He sure can,” said Janet, smiling happily, “seems all those recent problems can now take their place in history.”

“Yeah,” said James, “and its about time our sex club starting making history again. Come over here, sweetheart,” he went on, beckoning to Kara, “and suck your daddy’s cock.”

Kara did’t even have a chance to get undressed as she obeyed her father and dropped to her knees in front of James, surveying his impressive hard-on for the first time in weeks. James smiled down at his daughter, licking his lips at the sight of Kara’s tits in her tight top, his cock in its erect state just as beautiful as it had always been and Kara was really happy that he could now get it up again.

“Yeah, go on, mum,” said Ricky, “suck gramps’s cock hard like you suck mine.”

Kara smiled impishly at her father as she opened her mouth and took his fat rod inside. James immediately slid the head to the back of Kara’s throat, the long shaft lined with thick ancient veins resting on her tongue as Kara clamped her mouth around him. Then she began gagging happily as she began the blowjob, determined to show James what he had been missing for the past few weeks.

“Fuck!” said James as his balls slammed nineteen to the dozen against Kara’s chin, “this is so fucking good to be hard and being sucked again. Not the same getting sucked when you’re all limp.”

“I did my best, darling,” said Janet without malice and she, James and Ricky giggled again. Kara would have, too, but she was too busy sucking on her father’s prick, happily and fully aroused at long last.

Ricky quickly removed his clothes as he watched his mother sucking his grandfather and stood in the nude alongside them, starting to masturbate while Janet watched the torrid scene intently and stuck her fingers up her cunt which her both grandson and husband had spunked in earlier that afternoon. James was rocking back and forth on his elderly legs, enjoying another of his daughter’s supreme blowjobs, especially so after weeks of walking around all the time dangling down instead of pointing upwards and Kara gave her father all her loving attention while, at the same time, watching her son wanking out the corners of her eyes …


“Take your clothes off, sweetheart,” said James, some ten minutes later when Kara was gasping for breath after her prolonged assault on her father’s cock, “you’re looking somewhat overdressed.”

“Yeah, mum,” said Ricky, still wanking his cock as if masturbation was fast going out of style, Janet licking her lips as she watched her grandson’s hand flying up and down the long greasy pole, the sight of Ricky’s bouncing balls sending her into an almost hypnotic-like trance as she once again fell under Ricky’s spell, “you’ll feel much better in the nude.”

“The joys of the naked body are second to none,” said Janet from her vantage point on the sofa, shaking escort bursa herself out of her reverie and confirming what everybody had known for years. Nobody wore clothes in this family unless they had to.

Once naked, Kara turned to face her father and son, happily treating them to a freewheeling view of her tits and triangle while Janet had an equally unobstructed view of her daughter’s bum. Janet licked her lips as she transferred her eyes from watching Ricky playing with himself and began to focus them on Kara’s succulent curves, the firm and deliciously feminine buttocks still as smooth and supple as they had been when Kara was a twenty years old, more than a quarter of a century earlier.

“Lovely arse, darling,” said Janet, knowing her husband was looking forward very much to fucking their daughter’s arse and cunt again. Kara was looking forward to getting fucked by her father again, too, and she smiled at her mother over her shoulder, pleased that Janet was enjoying ogling her bum while, in front of her, James and Ricky were masturbating in unison, grandfather and grandson matching each other stroke for stroke.

“Fucking hell,” said Kara, “you men are so horny. Which one of you wants to be first to lick my pussy?”

“Go on, gramps,” said Ricky, “mum’s had my tongue up her pussy so much today, she’s probably bored with me.”

“Nonsense,” said Kara, resting her well-rounded arse cheeks onto the sofa alongside her mother, “you can bore me any time you like, sweetheart.”

“Depends what you mean by bore,” laughed Janet and Kara giggled, turning her head to give Janet’s tits a quick lick as she lifted her legs and spread them wide. James whistled at the sight of his daughter’s sodden twat once again exposed in all its majesty before his paternal eyes and he dropped to his knees and stuck out his tongue, licking his lips as he prepared to go to town, just as he had done on countless occasions during the past twenty-five years or so.

“Lick me, dad,” said Kara, “my pussy really needs your hot tongue.”

“My pussy’s crying out for a lick, too,” said Janet, lifting her legs and spreading them alongside her daughter. It was less than half an hour since Janet had been fucked by James while they waited for Ricky to return with Kara in tow but such was her appetite for sex, Janet couldn’t wait to get started again. “Come over here, Ricky, and give it another one of your expert tongue-lashings.”

“Gran,” laughed Ricky, “you are insatiable.”

“And incredible,” said James as he stuck out his paternal tongue and sent it careering towards Kara’s waiting pussy and Kara gasped as the tip made contact with her gash. James loved licking his daughter’s cunt and within seconds he had swiped his tongue along the groove and found Kara’s aroused clit, always juicy and tasty. No father worth his incestuous salt could ask for a more horny or sexy daughter.

Ricky dropped to his knees alongside his grandfather and similarly began to assault his grandmother where it counted, tasting the remains of his grandfather’s spunk in her pussy which James had deposited there a short while earlier and thinking to himself how good it was that Janet hadn’t called the plumber in as she had jokingly said she would.

“Ooh!” squealed Janet as Ricky’s tongue tugged at the folds of her ancient pussy skin and he bit it gently between his teeth while Kara was making similar noises as her father pulled her trigger. The room became filled with the grunts and groans of female pleasure as the men went to work, lapping their tongues around the juicy pussies that were being given up with commendable ease to them by their womenfolk.

“Lick me hard, dad,” Kara cried out in ecstacy, “don’t stop, I’ve waited weeks for you to treat me again,” she went on, even though she had been well-serviced by her son’s tongue during the period of her father’s “problem”. And not only Ricky’s tongue.

Kara screamed as James stabbed her pussy with his tongue while Janet moaned softly as Ricky worked his tongue up her hairy cunt, finding her clit, his favourite part of his mother’s and grandmother’s bodies, and licking and kissing it as Janet’s pubic bush tickled his nose everytime he nudged her with it. The four family members were now completely lost in their enclosed world of hot taboo sex; it was, as James never stopped saying, what they had been put on this earth for, to savour and enjoy the sins of the flesh by keeping it well and truly within the confines of the family.

“Daddy, you are a superb cuntlicker,” said Kara, who had had to have a nap after the long hours of fun that day with Ricky which was why he had to go home to collect her once she had recovered. “I’m so pleased Ricky came to the rescue today, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this.”

“Me neither,” said Janet, “and I think its about time we showed these horny motherfuckers just what we’re made of too, don’t you, Kara?”

“Mum,” said Kara as James and Ricky withdrew their tongues and stood up, “I was wondering when you was going to say that.”

“As if,” laughed Janet, as the two ladies scrambled to their knees, their pussies dripping and still tingling from the spine-chilling licks they had just enjoyed, “let me see you sucking Ricky’s cock.”

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