Roadside Assistance

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The hot sun blasted down on my bare shoulders as I jogged along the empty country road. Arcs of sweat sprayed off my body with each laborious stride of my short legs. Inside my pink sports bra, my globular breasts struggled and rebounded energetically with each strike of my white running shoes. On either side of the road, rows of tall corn stalks stretched to the horizon.

I hadn’t seen a car in thirty minutes, let alone another person. This was the longest run that I’d tried so far in my attempt to train for a marathon, leading me out of the city on a course I’d plotted through the scenic rolling farmland west of town. The open landscape was a welcome change from the city streets, but the isolation of the route was an ever-present thought. Summer heat rising off the pavement blurred and danced above the horizon as I approached the next rise. Through the haze I was barely certain I saw the car pulled off on the shoulder of the road until I was almost on top of it.

Hazard lights blinked the distress of the black Jeep Cherokee. The tailgate was open, as was the driver’s side door, and a spare tire rested on the concrete below the rear bumper. As I drew up alongside, a tall, thin form unfolded itself from the reclined front seat, startling me.

“Hey!” He called to me. I backed away across the road as he stepped out of the car. He was tall and fit with blonde hair, wearing a white t-shirt, khaki shorts, and slip-on sneakers. “Hey, sorry to alarm you. I swear I need your help.” My eyes narrowed, intently watching his hands as he leaned against the side of the car. He held out his hands in the air in front of him, showing he wasn’t hiding anything. “I am so, SO relieved to see you! I blew two tires on the rail crossing a hundred feet back, and my cell phone is dead!” He reached into his pocket and held up the lifeless block of black glass in one hand and pointed to the flattened tires on the left side of the car with the other.

My heels touched the gravel shoulder on the far side of the road, and I scanned the landscape in both directions, taking in the desolate blacktop stretching in both directions. Sensing that I was still unconvinced, he continued his explanation.

“Okay, I know this looks sketchy, but as you see, I’m stuck for real. I haven’t seen another car in the hour I’ve been sitting here. Can I just borrow your phone — like you can place it on the ground and walk away and I’ll come over and pick it up, I know this is a bad situation. I just need to call triple-A for a tow.” I looked at the pair of flats on the left side of his car. After another scan of the scene for accomplices or weapons, I crossed the road to join him.

I handed him my phone, then wandered back to a safe bubble, still sweaty, as he dialed. I reached up to tighten the long auburn ponytail at the back of my head, then rested my hands on my blue compression-short-wrapped hips as I waited. He spoke into the receiver for a few moments, then hung up with a thin, tired smile and walked across the street towards me, holding the device out to me at arm’s length.

“I’m Jeffrey, by the way.” He passed off the phone, then extended his hand, softening his features into a friendly, non-threatening expression. Hesitating for a beat, I took his long-fingered hand in mine and shook.

“Sarah.” I fanned the elastic fabric of my top. “So, did they say when they’ll be out to tow you?” Plucking the pink strap of my sports bra, I tilted my head to my shoulder and wiped dripping sweat from my chin and jaw. His face dropped in disappointment.

“They, uh, said the tow truck will be out in like an hour or two. So, I guess…” He shrugged his shoulders powerlessly. I cringed, gritting my teeth as I looked again up and down the empty highway.

“Are you gonna be all right?” I hesitated a beat before recklessly continuing. “Do you, uh… do you want me to stick around? I could stay with you until the tow gets here…” His mouth dropped open wordlessly for a second at the unexpected offer.

“Oh, no way! I can’t ask you to do that.” I shook my head.

“You didn’t ask; I offered. And what else are you gonna do, stranded out here without a phone? What if something happened? I would feel so guilty! So, my phone and I will hang out with you until you get picked up.”

Jeffrey beamed in acceptance. “Well then, how about a bottle of water? I may not have a working phone, but I was on my way to a farm party and have a cooler full of water and snacks. Beer, too, but you probably aren’t interested in that in the middle of a run.” I grinned wide at his mention of the cooler.

“Snacks, you say? You know, Jeffrey, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” We walked over to the trunk of the Jeep.

He reached into the back of the trunk and pulled the cooler forward. After starting to lift the lid, he paused as he came up with a better idea. Grabbing a blanket from the rear of the Jeep, he lifted the cooler and walked around to shaded side of the vehicle güvenilir bahis that partially overlapped the grass between the road and the cornfield.

“It’s really fucking hot out, so let’s sit in as much shade as we’ve got, right?” I looked and the sun’s angle cast the Jeep’s shadow long across the gentle grass slope away from the road. Jeffrey returned to the back of the car, reached in, and retrieved a beach towel. “And… here. Cause you’re, like, super fucking sweaty.” He laughed as I stuck my tongue out at him, took the towel and patted it along my dripping arms, chest, and face.

Jeffrey spread the blanket on the shaded grass and we both settled in. I sat down and leaned back, propping myself up on my elbows, somewhat uncomfortably, still with the towel draped over my shoulders. He set the cooler down behind us against the side of the car, passed me a cold bottle of water, then sat on the blanket and grabbed a soda.

“So, are you sad that you’re gonna miss your party because of your car?” I sipped my water, savoring the cooling feel of the liquid as it filled my hot, parched body.

“Yeah, that kinda sucks. But I don’t see any way I’m gonna get there though with all I’ve gotta do this afternoon to fix this mess.”

“I’m sorry your day’s been ruined.” I frowned and shifted to my right side trying to get comfortable, facing him and propping my body up on my forearm as I took another sip of cold water. Jeffrey looked me over, his eyes traveling slowly from my tan legs, to my round hips and ass, my bare tummy, then settling atop the twin peaks of my breasts. As I lay on my side, I felt my breasts sliding against one another, backing up atop the restrictive edge of the sports bra as they fought for air.

“I don’t know.” He grinned hungrily. “I think it could still turn out ok.” His advance caught me off guard. Stretching his arm across the blanket, his hand reached for and grabbed the back of my head. Pulling me to him, his mouth engulfed my bee-stung lips. I opened my lips in a surprised gasp, allowing his tongue to aggressively dart into my mouth.

As the initial shock wore off, I felt myself warming to his advances. My moist lips responded to his, and my free hand roamed across his t-shirt-covered pecs, around to his muscled back. Jeffrey pushed and rolled me over onto my back and lay partially on top of my body. His hands pawed and squeezed my chest over top of my sports bra. Burrowing under the tight elastic top, his fingers found the doughy flesh of my tits. Gripping the band of the bra, he dragged the top up and over my breasts, freeing the pale, firm globes into the roadside daylight.

“Holy fuck!” He muttered. I giggled in response to his awestruck tone at the first sight of my tits. Laying on my back, I scooped my hands beneath my heavy rack, flirtatiously boosting them together and up toward my chin.

“Do you like them?” He said nothing in response, but lowered his mouth to my bubble-gum nipple, his wet lips closing ravenously around my prickling tip. I shrieked and recoiled, lifting my ribs off the ground and pushing my breast harder against his mouth. I felt him smiling as he nursed at my teat, his lips curling happily against my soft flesh as his tongue twirled and lashed around my nipple.

Jeffrey supported his body on his bent left arm, but meanwhile his right side also kept busy. With my breasts occupied by his mouth, his right hand trickled across my soft belly until it met the waistband of my blue spandex shorts. Without a moment’s hesitation, he dipped his hand beneath the cinched band, brushing across my pelvis before slowing just short of my muff.

Now taking his time, he inched his fingers across my mound, playfully parting my outer folds as a fingertip finally made fleeting contact with my clitoris. I whined and bucked my hips, trying to force him to increase the connection. Nibbling gently on my nipple, he wetted two fingertips in my dripping snatch, then retreated up my slot until he reached my screaming clit. Circling the nub, his gentle, dragging pressure elicited a deep groan and I grabbed the back of his head, mashing my tits harder against his tongue and mouth.

Pulling his face away from my spit-covered mounds, Jeffrey grinned as he kissed his way down my belly. I self-consciously protested as he began to tug down the waistband of my shorts.

“No, you don’t have to. I’m too gross and sweaty.” I tried to push my knees together as he jerked my shorts off my hips. With his face already inches from my bare pussy, Jeffrey looked up at me from my crotch.

“That will only make you even more delicious.” I relented and my shorts were ripped off and tossed toward the rear of the car.

He again started his teasing, sucking and tugging at my hairless outer lips with his mouth. I arched my back from the blanket and screamed as his mouth finally found my clit. After a few exploratory licks, Jeffrey ferociously dove into my sweaty muff. Wrapping my thighs around his ears, I trapped türkçe bahis his face against my pussy, tightening my hold as he passionately licked at my snatch. His tongue dug into my vagina, lapping deep into me before retreating and encircling my clitoris.

My fingernails dug into the short, blonde hair at the back of his head, forcing his face against my folds. As his tongue did its delightful battle with my clit, he dug one — then a second — finger into my dripping pussy. Crooking his fingers knuckle-deep inside me, Jeffrey flattened his tongue along my clit. I tried to cry out and felt my vocal cords crack from the urgency. My pussy twisted itself into a destructive knot, wrenching inside me under Jeffrey’s unrelenting attack.

I couldn’t catch my breath, my head lolled helplessly against my shoulders atop my limp neck. Gasping and growling as my booming orgasm approached, I swiveled my hips while I lay on the roadside blanket, grinding my crotch against his eager face. As the first orgasmic sparks snapped through my body, I warned Jeffrey of my impending climax.

“Oh God! J-eh… Jeffrey… I’m gonna cuhhhh!” I cried, my voice trailing off in a high-pitched howl as he fiercely dug in harder. My body seized up and my eyes rolled deep into the back of my head as his tongue lashed me to my debilitating orgasm. My toes locked and painfully froze in place in the air above his back as my womanhood tore itself apart. While I panted and clawed futilely at his head and shoulders, his pace gradually slowed to match the quivering of my body.

He rose and moved up my body. My cum dripped off his chin as he returned to my mouth. The zesty taste of my own pleasured pussy came to my tongue with his musky lips. It was my turn to smile and please.

“You should sit up on the cooler.” I instructed him as my little hands attacked the button and zipper of his shorts. Jeffrey complied, rising to his shaded throne, leaning against the side of the car as his pants dropped off his legs. I tugged off his shorts and dropped them at the edge of the blanket. After its impatient imprisonment in his pants during his oral assaults on my breasts and pussy, Jeffrey’s cock writhed and waved exasperatedly, screaming for immediate attention.

I didn’t share Jeffrey’s taste for teasing, and I immediately rushed his throbbing erection into my mouth. Kneeling before him, I bobbed my head eagerly, taking his bulbous head deep into the back of my throat. My fingernails tingled along his inner thighs, scratching this underside of his sack as I massaged his heavy balls. I gazed up at him from my knees, and he enthusiastically placed a strong, encouraging hand at the back of my head.

“Mmm, that’s it, suck me, you dirty fucking slut.” He rumbled as my mouth and tongue lavished his rod. My wide eyes watered as his tip choked me, and I maintained eye contact as he pushed my mouth deeper onto his pulsing shaft. He held me there, my face impaled at its deepest by his engorged tool. Gagging as the head filled my esophagus, I kneaded and tickled his balls as he relented.

His thick cock pulsed in my throat as I pleasured him. The thrill of his throbbing rod in my mouth and throat on the desolate roadside — were we actually alone, was someone about to come up upon us, catching me doing what I surely shouldn’t be doing — filled me. I let him hold my whorish face in place as he mined the depths of my gullet, thrusting harder and deeper with his dick. His leaking precum mixed with my frothy saliva and trickled from the corners of my lips as he pumped his cock into my hungry mouth. I puckered my lips into a tight suction hold onto his shaft, daring him to cum while begging him to hold off.

“Oh fffffffffffffuck!” He visibly struggled to regain his composure. “Jesus Christ! Lie back.” Jeffrey yanked his cock from my lips and rolled off the cooler. He pushed me onto my back on the blanket. One of his hands immediately returned to my breasts, the other pushed apart my legs. His spit-slicked cock battered against my inner thighs, seeking its home while he mashed my tits in his fists. I felt his head slither through my dripping folds and sink eagerly into my pussy as his lips returned to my own. Shuddering and gasping at the penetration, I reached under his shirt, dragging my fingernails across his back and wrapping my legs around his waist.

His hand gripped in a position of control at the back of my neck as he began pumping his hips. His other hand reached beneath my ass, propping up my hips as he began to thrust. He pulled himself deeper into me, gasping hot breaths into the side of my neck as he increased his pace. I pulled up his shirt, breaking off as he balled it up and tossed it aside beneath the car. His cock pounded inside me as his hips pulsed against my own, filling me with his shaft. My bare butt scuffed against the rough blanket as he piledrove me into the ground beneath us.

My fingernails dug into his shoulders as my cunt took in inch after inch güvenilir bahis siteleri of his throbbing shaft. I reached down his back, grabbing a handful of his clenching buttocks as he thrust into me. Nibbling at his shoulder, I gasped as he pile-drove his dick into my steaming pussy. My joints locked as I felt another orgasm approaching. I flattened my palms against his bare back and hugged his body into mine.

“Fuck… Jeffrey!” I gasped into his ear. “I’m going cum again!” My pussy clasped itself around his tool. I squealed and squirmed on the blanket as my cunt spasmed, clenched, and finally released. Meanwhile, atop me, Jeffrey kept up his metronomic pummeling.

He halted his pounding abruptly, riding a wave of impulse as he lifted me off the ground. We moved to the Jeep’s tailgate, where he spread another towel over the lip of the trunk and the bumper. He sat me on the edge of the trunk, parting my legs and hooking my ankles over his shoulders, my white running shoes dangling in the near-distance behind him.

“You’re sure no one’s going to come along?” I glanced at the empty road behind him as his thick cock pierced me. Closing my eyes in euphoric acceptance, I decided I didn’t care.

Jeffrey grabbed a handle in the upper frame inside the tailgate, leveraging his grip to propel himself into me. He stood at the back of the car, his standing position adding power to his thrusts. The back of my head rubbed against the floor as his cock pumped me, pushing me back into the car then pulling me out again on his hips’ recoil. My breasts rolled and shuddered with each impact, and he reached down to roughly grab a meaty bag while he fucked me.

Together, we rolled me onto my hands and knees, a short gap in penetration that left me gasping in loneliness. I felt hands on each of my ass cheeks, spreading them apart as Jeffrey’s tip again dipped into my wet pussy. I reached forward and braced myself against the back of the Jeep’s rear row of seats, pushing back against the vigorous assault from Jeffrey’s vicious tool. The car rocked unevenly with its wounded left side under his powerful strokes. I dropped my forehead to the floor, screaming into the carpeted base of the trunk as his thrusts again increased.

“Fuck! Fuck fuuuuhhhhck! Oh fuck fuck fuck your big cock is gonna make me cum!” I bellowed, collapsing and allowing my face and mouth to grind into the coarse floor. A steady thin line of spittle trickled to the carpet from the corner of my helpless mouth. Jeffrey pounded furiously away at my snatch, his strong hands gripping me by my neck and shoulder, his balls swinging wildly against my clit with a violent, fantastic secondary sensation. His furor continued through my ecstasy, unrelenting as my pussy clamped down around his shaft and tried to drag him deeper into my womb.

His fingers danced dangerously along the cleft of my ass, adventurously roaming to my brown-eye as he vigorously fucked my pussy. A fingertip dipped into my backdoor and I gasped and spun my head around. Behind me all I could see was Jeffrey’s thrusting body and an expanse of vacant country road. I tensed as he dug his finger further into my anus.

I felt him pull his dick from my cunt as his hands more aggressively parted the meaty hocks of my ass. A wriggling creature unexpectedly entered my pucker and I squealed at the alien sensation of his tongue squirming through my knot. As Jeffrey massaged my buttocks, his mouth and tongue worked over my rosebud, lathering it pleasurably as he lubricated me for penetration. His mouth left my anus and I relaxed my body, collapsing on the floor of the cab as his finger and tongue were replaced by the head of his cock at my slickened asshole.

The initial penetration stung as if I’d been simultaneously punched in the lungs and sphincter. I fought off the encroaching black dizziness seeping into the edges of my vision and bowed my back to open up my anus and allow in his big cock. He ran his hands along my cheeks and spine, tracing down the line of my ribs to fondle my swaying tits as he sank his tool deeper into my asshole. Biting my lower lip, I rocked on my knees to fuck against him, letting myself set the pace while my inflexible cavity accustomed itself to the girthy intrusion.

Gritting my teeth, I tried to enjoy the big cock’s invasion of my inelastic hole. Jeffrey reached below my ribs to knead and massage my sensitive breasts, pulsing my sensitive nipples with waves of pleasure while his protuberance ripped through my anus.

“You… God, you might actually be too big.” I said as I struggled to accommodate his thick shaft in my backdoor. Jeffrey chuckled, driving deeper into my ass. I yelped in animalistic agony, gritting my teeth as he drilled my brown-eye. Despite his attempt at lubricating the entry, tears quietly seeped from my eyes to the carpeted trunk as I let his huge cock fuck my anus. His tool quivered deep inside me, and each of his successive thrusts felt more labored than the last.

“Get on your knees, slut.” Jeffrey panted as he pulled his cock out of my ass and pointed to the pavement. I crawled out of the trunk and knelt on the scorching mid-day blacktop. He pushed his head to my lips and I accepted it into my mouth.

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