Romance With My Mom Ch. 06

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Thank you for the encouragement. It helped me so much in writing this series. Hope you’ll enjoy this chapter too.


After the incident at the party, I was thinking about moving to another city far away from ours. No one will know us there and we’d be able to live as husband and wife. We’d be able to raise our child freely without bothering about anything. I put my idea forward on a night when we were cuddling in post-coital peace.

“Mom, what do you think about moving to another city? No one will know us there and we can live as husband and wife.”

She thought for a while. “I don’t know honey. I never wanted to leave this home. This is the place with my childhood memories, your childhood memories and my parent’s memories. But I know, we’ll have to face lots of problems if we live here,” She sighed. “So, I’m with you in whatever decision you make.”

I said, “I think it’s better for us to move to somewhere far away. It’s good for the baby too.”

So, both of us agreed to the decision to move to somewhere we could live as husband and wife. I started to look for the houses for sale on the internet. Also, I set our home for sale. And for all who are curious about what happened with Daniel, actually he didn’t trouble mom after the party. I’m sure that he had learnt his lesson very well.

I found a house with 3 bedrooms and a garden with a swimming pool in the backyard at Central City, which was about 500 kilometers from our city. Mom too liked it. The biggest advantage was that the Central City university had the Civil engineering course I was looking forward to apply. We visited the owners and finalized all the legal documents and got ready to move.

Meanwhile we were able to sell our house for a reasonable price. After 2 months from our decision to move, we were ready to move to our new home in Central city. Mom resigned from her job. She told me later that she had told her friends about her pregnancy and moving on the day of her resignation. Also she told me that she missed her dear friends very much, specially Megan who was her best friend for the last 15 years.

Mom wanted to invite her to our home for the last time on the day before our departure. I too agreed to that as I didn’t see any harm in it.

Megan arrived at about 9 o’clock in the morning. Mom opened the door as the doorbell rang. She was wearing a tube top and a pair of leggings. Frankly speaking, she looked hot in that dress. She hugged mom and then hugged me tightly crushing her big boobs against my chest. My cock started to respond to that hug, but I managed to keep it under control.

We went to the living room and I went to the kitchen to give them space to talk freely. I prepared some orange juice and took them to the living room. Mom was looking at a framed photograph of mom and Megan. It was a gift from Megan to mom in memory of their friendship. I gave the drinks to them and sat down beside mom. I saw the tears falling from mom’s eyes while looking at the photo. “Thank you so much Megan. This is the most precious gift I got from a friend.”

Even Megan too looked like she was crying. “You are the best friend I’ve ever had. Personally, I don’t like you moving to National City. But it’s your decision.”

“I’m don’t want to move either. But, we have to move,” Mom looked at me. “Honey, I think it’s time to let her know about our secret.”

I didn’t have much of a choice. She was mom’s best friend and she trusted her. So there was no reason for me to not to trust Megan. I nodded my head in agreement.

Mom turned to Megan. “Megan, Have you seen my son?”

Megan thought for a while. “I saw him once or twice when you brought him to the firm when he was small. So, I haven’t seen him in more than 10 years,” she replied.

“Would you like to see him?” Mom asked and gave Megan one of my photographs which I took days after high school graduation.

“This is my son,” mom told, while giving the photo to her.

Megan was looking at the photo in disbelief. Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were open wide. Then she looked at me and asked mom, “This is……., No. No. You must be kidding me. This is Jason.”

“Yes, this is Jason,” Mom held my hand and said, “And he is my son.”

“Oh my god!” Megan covered her mouth with her hand in disbelief. “You mean you’ve been sleeping with your son and now you are pregnant with his child?”

Mom nodded her head. I couldn’t believe how she remained such calmness. Probably because she trusted her best friend so much. Then she told our story to her briefly. Finally she told, “I don’t know whether you’d understand us or loathe us. But I wanted to tell you this because I didn’t want to keep secrets between us even after we moved.”

“How could I loathe my best friend? I can understand your situation and I think it’s best for you to move. I always wanted you to find a man and be happy. I’m glad you finally found your man and you are happy.”

Then she was trying bursa escort to say something. But looked quite shy about it. “Ummm… Jessica, can I ask you a favor for the last time?”

“Sure thing Meg. How can I refuse my best friend,” Mom told her.

“I don’t know whether you’d like it or not. Umm… I’ve heard and read about many mother-son couples. But I haven’t met any until you. So, can I watch you having sex?”

Even mom looked stunned after that request. “You mean you want to watch us while we have sex?” Mom asked.

Megan nodded her head. “It’s OK if you don’t like to do it. But I think it’s so hot even to hear a mother having sex with her own son.”

Mom said, “Anything for my best friend,” and kissed me.

“What the fuck,” I thought. “Are we going to make love in front of Megan?”

So I broke the kiss and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Mom replied, “This is a one time thing and she is my best friend. So, yes. I’m sure,” and straddled my lap.

Then she kissed me so passionately, in a much appropriate way for a show and I couldn’t resist her either. So, I held her face in my hands and kissed her back the same way. Mom pushed her tongue into my mouth after sometime and started to roam inside it. Her hands were running over my chest and she lifted the hem of my t-shirt. She removed my t-shirt and kissed me again.

Meanwhile, Megan was looking at us open mouthed and running her hands over her tits. Mom turned to her and said, “You can touch yourself if you want and please come closer if you need a better angle.”

Megan didn’t need a second invitation. She stood up and came closer to us. By then, mom had started kissing me again. Then I removed her top revealing her bra clad tits. Then I wrapped my arms around her while kissing to unclasp her bra.

I unclasped it and let it fall to my lap. It revealed mom’s big tits with its hard and long nipples. I rubbed them softly with my palms. Then I looked at her and asked, “May I suck them mommy?”

Mom pulled my head towards her tits and replied, “Of course baby. They are all for you. Suck them until you get enough of them.”

She guided her left nipple to my mouth. I closed my lips around that darkening areola and began to suck it like a hungry kid.

Mom moaned as I started to suck it and held my head so closely to her breast. As I was sucking I heard another moan other than mom’s. I slightly turned my head to see who it was. I could see Megan sitting on a chair near us with her leggings slightly dropped and fingering herself. Her pussy was clean shaven with relatively larger labia minora which was opposite to mom whose labia majora was puffier and prominent.

I wanted to turn her on even more. I said, “Look at these Megan. Each and every man wants to touch these big tits. But it’s all mine and no one’s ever going to touch it.” I squeezed them and let Megan to have a good look at them.

Then mom stood up and asked her in a naughty voice, “Do you want to touch them?”

Megan stopped masturbating and asked mom, “Really?”

Mom shook her head, “This is my gift to you.”

Megan stood up from the chair and came towards mom. She stretched the trembling hands to the big tits. She slowly touched the nipples as mom closed her eyes. Then she became more confident and began to squeeze the whole tit.

Mom closed her eyes and moaned. “Oh Megan… Please suck it. Please……”

Megan dropped to her knees and placed her mouth over the nipple. She began to suck it eagerly while squeezing the other breast. Mom was still moaning and talking as her breast friend was sucking her tits, “You always wanted to do this. Don’t you Megan? I’ve seen how you looked at my breasts when we were working. Does it feel good?” Megan nodded her head without bothering to release the nipple.

Then mom signaled me to come to her. I went to her and she whispered me, “Undress her,” and smiled mischievously.

I was shocked and she saw that on my face. “Just do it honey,” she said.

“Wow,” I thought, “Why would I complain. I’d probably get my first threesome and that is with the 2 hottest MILFs in the town.”

I planted a quick peck on her lips and went behind Megan. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tits. They weren’t soft like mom’s and I was sure that they must have been fake. She got startled. “Jason, what are you doing?” She asked.

“Don’t be afraid honey. Just let him play,” Mom said.

I said, “It’s a simple theory. You get to have mom and I get to have you. If I don’t want it, you will neither get her nor the show.”

She thought for a while and then let out a sigh. “Looks like I have no choice. So, I’m in.”

Mom kissed her friend hard. “That’s great. Come on. Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

We went to the bedroom and laid on the bed with mom and Megan on either side of me. My arms were around them and they started to rub my hard cock over the shorts. Mom said, “I think we should remove your shorts,” and both of bursa escort bayan them pulled the shorts down along with my boxers.

My cock was standing tall and proud with 2 really hot MILFs touching it and the balls. Mom started to fondle my balls letting Megan to play with my hard cock. I was getting really turned on by these actions. I slid my hands into moms denim skirt and Megan’s leggings and touched those soft asses.

Then it dawned to me that I was the only fully naked person while mom was semi naked and Megan was fully dressed. “It’s not fair for me to be the only naked person here. I want both of you to undress too,” I protested.

“So why don’t you undress us?” mom asked me.

I wouldn’t miss a chance to undress a lady. So, I quickly knelt between mom and Megan and pulled mom’s skirt down. She lifted her hips and it slid down easily. Then I removed her black thong revealing her neatly trimmed pussy.

Then I turned my attention on Megan whose eyes were fixed on mom’s body. She sat on the bed and removed her tube top herself. Then I remove her bra. Her breasts were unbelievably firm for a woman of her age. They didn’t even sag a bit. I suspected that they were fake. So I asked, “Are they natural?”

“No honey. They are enhanced. It’s a gift from my ex-husband for my 35th birthday. I was 34B before it and now it is 34D,” She told me and touched them with so much pride. “But still I wish I had a natural pair like these,” she said touching mom’s tits.

“May I suck them?” I asked. I hadn’t sucked any breast other than mom’s before. So I was really itching to try it out.

“Of course you may,” she pulled my head to her left nipple.

I started to suck her nipple and gently bit it again and again. I made her lie on her back and kept sucking. Then mom to joined me by sucking the other nipple. It would’ve been such an erotic sight to see a mom and her son team up to suck the nipples of her best friend. Megan was squirming and she held our heads to her nipples tightly.

I sucked it for a while and paid my attention to Megan’s lower body letting mom enjoy the breasts. I pulled her leggings down leaving only her thong to cover her nudity. It was all wet with her juices. I kissed her pussy over the thong and pulled it down in a single motion. Her pussy was clean shaven as I mentioned earlier. Her clit was peeking through her pussy lips inviting me to have a taste.

It was so irresistible that I parted her legs even without asking mom’s permission and dove in straight away. Megan was a bit shocked with my touch on her pussy. She looked at me and once again rested her head on the pillow.

I parted her pussy lips and darted my tongue in. She tasted somewhat different than mom, but still tasted great. Megan was moaning loudly and it became louder as I targeted her clit and sucked it hard. Then I pushed my index finger inside and began to finger fuck her.

I felt mom shift her body and lay by the side of Megan, fingering herself. Meanwhile Megan was slowly climbing up towards her orgasm with my oral assault on her pussy. She moaned, “Oh Jessica, your son is going to make me cum……. Oh god, yes, yes………. Come on baby. Make me cum….”

She grabbed my head with both of her hands and rubbed my face on her crotch with much strength. The first signs of her orgasm appeared as her body started to shudder. She screamed, “I’m going to cum on your face, Jasonnnnn……”

I doubled my efforts with both my mouth and hand. Her body went rigid after sometime. Her pussy tightened around my finger and with a high pitched scream she orgasmed. “I’m cummiiiinnnggg………..”

Her orgasm lasted for good 4-5 minutes. She was grinding her pussy on my face not even letting me a chance to breathe. I thought I was going to die right there suffocating in her juices. But still I was licking her pussy which flooded my mouth with her juices for the whole time. She didn’t squirt like mom, but still released a considerable amount of fluid into my willing mouth.

She gradually came down from her orgasm and released the tight grip on my head. I lifted my head and had a good breath in. Oh, lovely air!

Megan was lying weak beside mom who hadn’t reached her orgasm. I climbed up the bed and laid beside mom and kissed her. “May I help you?” I asked touching her pussy.

“No baby. You’ve done enough. Let me help you,” said mom and she crawled down towards my cock. She wrapped her delicate fingers around my hard cock and jerked it off very slowly. “Oh mom,” I moaned, “Please suck my cock.”

She had a naughty smile on her face and kissed the head of my cock. Then she licked it from the root to the head on sensitive underside of it. She gave it a few licks and turned her attention to my balls. Mom took each ball into her mouth and sucked it making me moan louder. “Can you suck my cock mom, please?” I pleaded again.

Mom opened her mouth and her mouth engulfed my cock head. Then slowly bottomed my cock out in her mouth until her escort bursa nose touched my pubes. She was chocking. But still managed to take every bit of it. I ran my hands through her hair with so much love in appreciation for what she was doing. Then she started to bob her head up and down on my cock while looking at my eyes. I whispered, “I love you mom,” and pulled her up as I needed to make love to her.

We engaged in a deep kiss, cuddling together letting Megan to see how a real mom-son couple kiss. “Fuck me baby,” mom whispered.

Mom laid on her side and I spooned behind her letting my cock slide between her thighs. I looked at Megan. She had recovered from her orgasm and was fingering herself again looking at the intimate act between mother and son.

Mom put one leg over me to allow me space to push my cock into her pussy. Then she held my cock with her hand and guided it to her opening. I turned her head towards mine and kissed her passionately just before penetration. Then I pushed my cock gently into her pussy until the whole length was buried in her. Both of us moaned in unison as my cock bottomed out. I waited for sometime before moving again and relished the wonderful sensation of her tight wet pussy around my cock. I lifted her head and positioned one of my arms under her head so hat she would be more comfortable. Then I wrapped the other arm around her belly and rubbed her belly and tits very slowly.

After some time I pushed my cock out about halfway and slowly pushed it back in. Both of us preferred to do it long and slow. So I just kept on going slowly. I kissed her exposed neck which was so sensitive. She giggled like a little school girl when I kissed there. I massaged her tits too. Their nipples stood firm and hard against my touch. My kisses and massages made her moan louder.

Then I made her lay on her back while I stayed in the same position. I kissed her while I was pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her. She too kissed me back starting another hot kissing session. That change of mom’s position eased the discomfort she would be feeling if we were in the earlier position.

Mom started to moan, “Oh baby, mommy’s going to cum…. Oh yes I’m going to cum on my son’s cock…….. Aaahhhhhh….”

Her pussy was getting tight around my cock while her body started to shudder slowly which continued to get faster. I forgot all about love and my wild instincts came up. I started to fuck her harder and harder, “Yes mommy, cum on my cock. Cum for your son….”

Her body went rigid at once and her pussy clamped around my cock. Mom screamed, “Babyyyyyy………..” and she started to cum. I could feel her juices flowing around my cock. She held on to me tightly as I fucked her hard through her orgasm. I could feel my orgasm also fast approaching. So I gave it all my strength and fucked her. I was doing my best to hold it and make her cum once again. But it seemed difficult with the speed of my poundings. So I warned her, “Oh mom, I’m going to cum in you.”

“Yes baby, cum in me. cum in your mom,” mom said.

I was on the edge of my orgasm and I wasn’t far away from loosing control. Then the inevitable happened. I couldn’t control my orgasm anymore and I started to release torrents of cum inside mom’s pussy. “Mom…… I’m cummmiiinnnggg…….. aaarrrggghhhh” I screamed.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming again……… Aaaahhhhh,” she screamed and came once again. Her second in last 5 minutes.

We clutched against each other and enjoyed our climax to the fullest. It was probably one of the best orgasms we shared. Mom enjoyed her climax longer than me. I was looking at her angelic face as she was enjoying her climax. Sh slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me. We engaged in a loving kiss whispering our love and touching each other. I tried to pullout my semi hard cock, but mom stopped me, “No baby, don’t. Just let it be there.” So I let it be and kissed her again.

“Ahem…”, We heard someone clear the throat. I turned to see who it was. “Oh shit,” I thought, “I totally forgot about her.” It was Megan who had just witnessed the show of her life. We totally forgot her as we were lost in our own little world.

“I was waiting for you to remember about me being in the room,” Megan said and I saw mom’s cheeks blush.

“By the way, that was the best show of my life. That was so hot to see a real mom-son couple make love and I came twice just by fingering myself,” She said again.

A pervert idea came to my mind. I said, “Megan, you can come here and see this closer if you want.”

She gladly accepted my request and crawled closer to mom’s pussy which had still engulfed my semi hard cock. “So, have you ever thought about mom in a sexual way? I know even girls get attracted to girls. So haven’t you had even a single dirty thought on her?” I asked Megan.

“Well, honestly speaking, yes, I had had bad thoughts about her sometimes,” she looked at mom with a guilty look. But mom only smiled. I knew that mom too liked the way things were going. “She is so pretty, she has big tits and a round ass with a nice body, she is smart. She is everything ta anyone would look in a partner. So, sometimes I masturbated fantasizing about her.”

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