Room Mates Pt. 07

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Sleep was a luxury Sammie Barrett couldn’t afford.

Sometime around 2am she had given up, desperate to leave the bed that still smelt of her earlier orgasm and thoughts of Jake and showered, diligently washing the racy, sexy Sammie down the plug hole. Two large mugs of coffee later and she was wide awake, curled up on the sofa waiting for Rosie to come home and sanity to return.

Jake Edwards was too much temptation.

There were just certain things you didn’t do. You don’t sleep with your friend’s exes, you don’t flirt with their husbands or boyfriends and you sure as hell don’t try to seduce their brothers!

Okay, so Jake had been her teenage crush, the one male she gravitated towards however shyly. Furtive peeks at him in his swimming trunks had flung her headlong into her initiation into masturbation. At 15, Jake Edwards had made her a women, his beautiful grin as she and Rosie left for the school disco made her feel like a princess. At 17, it was Jake who held her hair as she vomited copiously after ingesting too much cider at a house party and sweetly wiped her face telling her she’d be okay.

And at 21… her 21st birthday party, held in a local pub where Rosie had decried that Sammie had to kiss 21 men or forfeit all her gifts, well Jake had been the only man she wanted to kiss and the only one to decline. Even now, she recalled his sad smile as he hugged her and told her she was special and beautiful and… He’d kissed her forehead and wished her a Happy Birthday before sending her out into the room to kiss a myriad of strangers, a dark look on his face.

Sammie had spent months brooding on that look, trying to find something meaningful in it and failing. Soon after she met Richard and the rest was history, Richard who treated her nicely and screwed her with military precision and left her wanting.

Sammie sniffed as the tears started to fall, Richard wasn’t a bad man, he just wasn’t the right man. He never had been and never could be. For Sammie, it had always been Jake but even at 15, Sammie knew that her best friend’s brother was out of bounds. So why the hell was she here now, at 28, still playing with fire.

It wasn’t that Rosie would disapprove; in fact Sammie was fairly certain she’d be delighted that Jake wasn’t screwing around like a tomcat or still pining over evil Olivia. Even Jake’s parent’s would be happy, they’d always treated Sammie like part of the family and still did, they’d probably be over the moon that they’d hooked up.

And that was just the problem. Sammie took a slug of her now cold coffee, what exactly were they? For her part Jake was everything. The love of her life, the only man to make her feel… anything.

She adored him, his humour, his almost six pack abs, the fact that at 6’2″ he made her 5’7″ frame seem dainty. She loved that he was so honest in his intentions, that he used words that shocked and aroused her. Placing her cup on the coffee table Sammie sobbed, allowing her tears into free fall. She loved him… and that was definitely not a good thing at all.

She had no idea what Jake wanted. He’d left years ago to move to America following the love of his life and had returned months ago, broken and intent on fucking his pain away. Sammie wanted to help him more than she wanted her next breath but at this point she didn’t know whether she fell into friend or fuck buddy territory. Neither one would end well for her.

Blinking dumbly Sammie sat up on the sofa as Rosie breezed into the flat. A glance at her phone told Sammie it was just after 6am and Rosie had that freshly fucked glow about her. Sitting up she took a moment to enjoy the flicker of shame on her best friends face,

“What time do you call this Rosie Puds?”

“Samurai… What are you doing up?”

“Well I was waiting for my best friend to get home safe and sound and intact. So… how was he?”

Rosie shrugged as she popped a coffee pod into the machine and pressed the button. Sammie stared at her, amused that she could act so high and mighty when just hours before she had been so unrestrained… with Jake.

Coffee made, Rosie flopped onto the sofa next to her, the tiredness visible on her face,

“Dating sucks Sammie! I may never do it again! Online he seemed great, funny, smart, just the right side of suggestive. We had a few drinks and I’m thinking this could be great, he looked like his profile picture and he seemed to have all his own teeth. We agreed to have dinner and dinner turned to more drinks and when he asked me back to his I was totally up for it!”

Sammie reached for Rosie’s hand and squeezed,

“The sex was good Sammie. Better than good. He did everything right. Lots of kissing and stroking, he went down on me and he made me come! And as he entered me, I actually trembled. I’ve never had a man that big before and I was shocked at how full I felt. He actually held my face in his hands as he did it, kissing me and calling me beautiful as we screwed…”


Rosie mecidiyeköy escort sniffed and Sammie hugged her, bundling her up in her arms as Rosie’s tears spilled down her cheeks,

“Within minutes, he was out of bed, wrapping the condom in a tissue and telling me his wife was due back from her night shift in 20 minutes and that I had to leave…For fucks sake Sammie! Who does that?!”

Sammie held her as Rosie sobbed and trembled in her arms, angry beyond measure that her spunky confident friend could be so hurt by some assholes action’s. She thought of Jake, of his kindness, his patience and felt her nipples bud. Pulling back she wiped Rosie’s tears away and collected their empty cups,

“This needs something stronger than coffee Rosie Puds. Tequilla?”

Stock taking was a pain in the ass at the best of times, but hung-over? Sammie looked down at her inventory sheet and swallowed, to call it a hangover may be an overstatement, she was fairly certain she was still drunk.

She and Rosie had sunk half a bottle of Jose Cuervo as Rosie threatened Armageddon on her date’s oversized genitals before Sammie poured her into her bed. Thankfully Rosie had the day off but as Sammie stood under the shower spray, each bead of water hitting her skin like a malevolent bullet , she thought of the callousness of Rosie’s beau and the sweetness of Jake.

Hours later, after calling home and finding Rosie’s mood brighter, Sammie stared down at the stock sheet and sighed. 11am and the fog of alcohol finally lifting she felt physically better but still as heartsick. She wanted Jake, that wasn’t in doubt at all. But she wanted Jake in the hearts and flowers, happily ever sense and that made it trickier.

No-one could predict the future and whilst she knew they would have fun in the interim, Sammie just didn’t see Jake as a long term bet. And then what… One of them would have to move out, friendships would dissolve and she’d end up sobbing into her wine glass listening to The Smiths as Rosie told her of the multitude of women he took to his bed.

Sammie wasn’t a fling type of girl, Richard had been her first and only lover and aside from a few drunken snogs over the years, she was the archetypal Good Girl. Rosie and Sophia may have the confidence to date and screw with abandon but Sammie wasn’t cut from the same cloth. As much as she wanted Jake to make good on his promises it would probably be wiser to end it now, before anyone, namely her, got hurt.

Grabbing her bag Sammie decided to grab an early lunch and see if Sophia wanted to join her. Switching on her phone she stared down at the list of notifications on the screen. Jake!

Blindly she tapped in her passcode and held her breath as she scrolled through,

“Morning Sammie. Have to admit I slept like a baby… but would have been even better if you’d been in my arms when I woke up… x”

“”Laying here now thinking about you. Picturing you naked, my hands teasing you as we have sleepy morning sex. I’m so hard thinking about it, remembering how wet you are, how sweet you taste. Thank god I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door x”

“Guessing you’re at work baby, but just know that I can’t wait to get home and see what you have in store for me. Whatever you want Sammie, just say the word x”

“Going into my meeting now baby but know I’ll be thinking about you. Would be great to know you’re thinking about me too. Hint x”

Sammie hit reply and typed before the tears made it impossible to focus,

“Jake… I am thinking about you. Too much. Hope the meeting goes well, you are brilliant after all. I just want the best for you, please know that. But I think we need to stop. It’s been incredible but it’s better to stop before we do anything we’ll regret. I’m so sorry Jake. I don’t want to lose you as my friend. Please understand. S x”

Hitting Send, Sammie wiped her eyes, turned off the phone and headed out, thoughts of Sophia gone. For now Sammie just wanted to be alone.

Saving the inventory and uploading it to the system, Sammie stretched and tried to work the kinks out of her shoulders. She liked her job mostly, being out on the floor, helping customers. Paperwork, not so much.

The clock mocked her, still an hour to go before she could go home. Who didn’t love Late Night Thursdays? The knot in her stomach tightened and Sammie felt sick. He’d be back by now and she wasn’t sure she could face him.

Digging out her phone Sammie decided to see if Sophia wanted to go for a drink or six. Her stomach growled and Sammie looked at the remains of the egg mayonnaise sandwich she’d been unable to eat earlier. Maybe drinks were a bad idea…

And she’d have to face Jake eventually. The phone buzzed in her hand and she screwed her eyes tight as if it would somehow help. Just one text this time.


Despite herself Sammie laughed. Jake always did what merter escort he wanted no matter what. She should have known he wouldn’t just give up.

“Jake… it’s not you. You are amazing. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for this to go further. I want to… I REALLY want to. But this isn’t me. I don’t do things like this… ever! I’m in over my head and I’m scared…”

Watching as the slider moved across the screen and Delivered appeared Sammie once again felt the tears sheen her eyes. Just what was wrong with her? Here she was being given the gift of a lifetime!

A sexy adventure with the hottest man she’d ever met and she was stopping it before she’d even begun? She could almost hear Sophia shouting in her ear, urging her to get her freak on, to fuck him, to let him give the orgasms that she truly deserved. Sammie thought of all the things they’d done so far and shuddered, Jake was already embedded in her brain as an exquisite and talented lover and he’d never really gone down on her or made love to her.

A few kisses and one incredibly hot hand job was the sum total of their dalliance. Maybe she was being stupid and scared, so what if it crashed and burned around her ears, at least she’d be able to say she been lucky enough to be with him. Urgh.. regret was a bitch and fear even more so.

Sammie was glad no-one knew about her and Jake, she was certain Sophia would slap some sense into her and Sammie truly thought she deserved it. It took a few seconds for Sammie to realise her phone was ringing and sure enough it was Jake,


“I don’t know what’s happened since I went away Sammie but you need to know that I am not going to accept you ending it. Not. At. All. So whatever thoughts are whirring through that gorgeous head of yours I suggest you get rid of them now!”

“How was your meeting?”

“Sammie!! I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the meeting!! I do give a fuck about you, about us! What’s with all this ending it shit?! If you want to talk, let’s talk. But don’t send me a text telling me it’s over when we haven’t even fucking started!”

Sammie shivered at the anger in Jake’s tone. It excited her that he was so mad and she thrilled at the idea that maybe he cared more than she’d thought.

“Jake… I’m sorry. I freaked out… I’m not brave. I’m not the girl you think I am…”

Sammie heard Jake’s deep breath and imagined the onslaught to come,

“Sammie, baby… I know you. I know that what’s happened between us so far scares you but it shouldn’t. Okay, so it’s been intense and hot and delicious and yeah, maybe I’ve been pushy but you mean a lot to me. I would never hurt you Sammie. Never! And if it’s going too fast we can slow down. I can do slow…”

Sammie harrumphed and she heard Jake’s laugh down the line,

“Okay so maybe I can’t do slow really but I can try. Just don’t shut me out. Whatever fears you have, just tell me. We can work around it. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that I was going to eat you like a starving man, it wasn’t very classy was it? But I wanted you to know how much I want to be with you, how much I want to make you happy…”

“You do Jake, you really do…”

“So why not see how happy we can make each other Sammie? Why end things now, before we’ve even had a chance?”

Sammie laughed, part snort, part sob,

“Because I’m an idiot?”

Sammie relaxed as Jake laughed, the deep rumble igniting her desire once again, hardening her nipples and moistening her pussy,

“Quite possibly baby. But you’re my idiot. I would never hurt you Sammie. Know that much. What we have, it’s just for you and me and if you really get to the point where you want to end it, talk to me okay? But don’t run away. Don’t do that… Promise?”

“I promise Jake. I’m so very sorry…”

“No need to apologise Baby. No need at all. Just give me everything you have and I’ll do the same. Be honest with me, tell me everything that scares you, arouses you, lights you up. We’ve known each other too long to screw it up. Don’t force that Sammie.”


“So we’re good baby?”

“We’re good.”

Jake exhaled and Sammie felt her pussy clench, he was going to destroy her but it would be the best way to go.

“So how do you feel about leaving your office and meeting me down in the Ladies’ lingerie changing rooms?”

Sammie choked,

“You’re here?!”

“I’m here baby. Third floor, Second changing room. Got a few funny looks but I don’t care. What about you Sammie? Feeling brave?”

Sammie was out the door before he’d even finished his sentence.

Jake looked good. Really good. His long lean body, clad in a navy blue suit, his tie askew, leaning against the mirror. His legs were crossed and he looked relaxed but Sammie knew he had to feel as tense as she did.

She’d blushed as she’d walked into the Changing Room, flushing as Sara gave her the thumbs up. Closing the mutlukent escort door behind her, Sammie stepped into him and swallowed.,

“Jake… I’m so sor..”

His mouth took hers before she got the words out. His tongue silencing her voice. Somehow Sammie found herself pinned to the cool glass as Jake kissed her, his tongue tangling with hers as his hands unbuttoned her trousers.

She whimpered against him as he slid the pants down her thighs, his talented fingers cupping her through the cotton of her panties. He felt so good as he stroked her, his index finger pressing into her sex, catching on her clit on every upstroke.

Determined to be brave, Sammie pulled his jacked from his body and almost giggled as Jake threw it to the floor. Tugging his tie, she pulled him close and kissed him, her fingers unbuttoning his shirt with far more enthusiasm than she’d shown entering data earlier,

“This… this baby is why we can’t end this. You understand?”

Sammie whimpered as Jake stripped her blouse and jacket from her body, leaving her in underwear and heels. His body pressed her into the mirror, her back cold and her front burning up as he peeled the cups of her bra down, baring her nipples to his mouth.

For a second Jake gazed up at her as he snaked his tongue out, flicking against the tender buds before latching on and sucking her hard. Sammie shrieked as Jake gripped her ass, pulling her cheeks apart as he bit down, soothing the sting with lavish sweeps of his tongue. Switching his attentions to her other breast, Jake slid her pants down her thighs and sucked the sensitive skin of her breast, his tongue sweeping across the underneath before teasing her nipple.

Lost in sensation, Sammie realised Jake was on his knees, her thigh over his shoulder as he stared into her open pussy, his face rapt as she undulated against him.

“Are you ready baby?”

Sammie murmured incoherently as Jake blew onto her dripping flesh and almost passed out as he swept one lavish lick through her bared cunt.

“I’ve dreamt of this Sammie. Please don’t shut me out now…”

Clutching his hair, Sammie pressed back against the mirror hoping it would somehow keep her upright as Jake’s tongue worked overtime to make her fall.

He was everywhere. Licking deeply into her pussy, before swiping up to flutter against her aching clit. Over and over, Jake tormented her before sucking her pussy lips into his mouth and causing her back to bend in pleasure. Breathing heavily, he kissed her inner thighs, his hands gripping her skin as she bucked against him.

Jake’s murmurs of pleasure rang in Sammie’s ears as he sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the rigid flesh as he feed from her. His fingers brushed her aching pussy, pushing one, two, three fingers inside as he thrust deeply, laving her clit gently as his fingers took her hard.

Sammie made noises that sounded inhuman to her ears as he invaded her body, his mouth suctioning her clit as one hand penetrated her weeping slit and the other toyed with her ass. Sammie gripped him hard, her nails digging into his skin as he swept her up higher and higher still. As he pushed a fingertip into her ass she broke, sobbing as her body shattered, focused solely on the attentions of his mouth. Sammie shuddered, her world focused on Jake as he showed her sensations she’d never seen before.

He moved, his fingers stroking her throbbing clit as he latched his lips over her pussy, lapping her juices into his mouth. Sammie spasmed again as his tongue entered her, thrusting deeply as he drank from her. On and on Sammie’s body rocked as Jake played her body like a maestro, taking up her higher and higher until she couldn’t breathe.

All she could do was feel as he stroked and sucked her into another orgasm, this one slower yet more intense, her cunt rippling against his tongue as he pushed deeper, curling the tip of it against her weeping flesh. Everything stopped, Sammie’s focus on the pleasure curling up through her body as Jake pleasured her. Her thighs trembled and if he hadn’t been holding her up she would have fallen to the floor.

And still Jake licked her, his tongue mapping her pussy like a blind man. Tears spilled from her eyes as her pussy wept into his eager mouth and Sammie clutched wildly as his hair, pulling him away from her too sensitive body.

Jake stared up at her, his beautiful grey eyes now black with desire as he heaved oxygen into his lungs. Sammie flashed on how primitive he looked, his open shirt baring his beautiful body, his face wet with her orgasm. Jake’s mouth was open, his tongue poised to lick her higher and Sammie wanted to shout out that he belonged to her. He growled as Sammie’s fingers grazed his scalp and he bucked towards her, his mouth open in anticipation.

“Jake… I can’t… No more… please!”

Jake growled and took her again, his mouth gentle as he kissed her skin, teasing her labia as his fingers traced circles on her ass. Softer, his touch as light as feather, he dragged yet another orgasm from her shattered body, a sweet hum of pleasure rippling through her.

Dropping to the floor, Sammie blinked blindly up at him, her body weakened and her soul alight as he bent to kiss her, his frame radiating dominance.

“Never say no to me baby. I don’t fucking like it!”

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