Rose’s Awakening Ch. 10

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“But, Daddy…”

I raised an eyebrow as I looked down at Rose, “I told you about your incessant whining lil one.” I stared at her as tears welled in her eyes, “I was just about to add that you would be joining us as well Rose.”

“Rose dear, your training is far from over, and it would not behoove Me to slide you away from the bed now that there will be another partner.” She glanced up and smiled, no doubt working through the limitless possibilities now.

“Go and lead Charlie and his slut wife, and the others out,” I said, “then go upstairs and draw a bath for us.” I thanked Charlie for his help and told him to give me a call within the next two days to arrange for bringing Melissa back for her final punishment. As they went up the stairs I was left with Julia and Annie. I searched their bodies with My eyes, drinking in the beauty of both. I was feeling very fortunate now that I had three ready, able, and willing subs. “Julia, you will be joining the three of us tonight as well,” I paused pondering how much to bend my own rules for the remainder of the morning, “although when it is time to sleep you will be slumbering in your daughter’s bed not ours.” She nodded her acknowledgment and slipped quietly to her knees, looking up at me from beneath her long lashes, “Yes, my Master, as you wish it so shall it be done.”

Now I looked down at Annie whom had remained at My feet throughout the rest of My talking. “Annie,did you bring the item you were instructed to?” Annie smiled up at me and spoke softly,”Yes, Master, I brought the item, and one for myself as well, figuring you may want a temporary collar for me as well.”

“I see then,” I playfully growled at her, “now would be the perfect time for you to go and get them then.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied, as she hopped up to go upstairs and retrieve it from her purse. I longed to place the collar around My Rose’s neck and watch the joy it would bring to her. I couldn’t help but wonder though if I should just tease her with it for a while and wait to place it on her. She had after all been somewhat behind the whole seedy ordeal that had taken place tonight. I was going to have to ponder this one.

I walked to the camcorders and pulled out both videotapes. I was glad I had remembered to put in the eight hour tapes because the normal short ones wouldn’t have captured all of the evenings activities as well. As a side thought I would have to check the recordings made inside my office closet as well. The quality was surely better and I could edit as I saw fit. Perhaps someday soon they would also find their way onto the Internet if any of these little sluts disobeyed Me. I figured Rose wouldn’t mind that, she seemed to have the same exhibitionist streak in her that I did. I would of course be able to alter all of the details by blurring out mine and Charlie’s faces. Well, that was just a thought, though I doubted that drastic a need would ever arise.

I then returned to Julia’s side and commanded, “Upstairs with you slut.” She giggled and stood up wiggling her bum at me as she neared the steps. I took a bursa escort few short strides and caught her before she managed to get up the second step, “Are you just forgetful or stupid Julia?” I asked. She turned around quickly and padded down standing behind me and said, “Forgive me Master, I had not given thought.” I gave her behind a quick swat and then headed upstairs with her immediately trailing behind me.

Annie met us at the top of the steps, in her hands she held the blue collar I had requested. I took it from her outstretched hand and turned it over in my hands as I examined it. The craftsmanship was better than I had expected. The leather was died blue and was just the shade I had ordered. I read the tiny inscription on the collar and was amazed at how intricate and precise Dave had been. On each end there was a tiny blue diamond and they were flawless. I then noticed that right beside each diamond was a perfect rose pressed into the leather and painted in vibrant colors.

“Annie,” I spoke, “this is well worth the cost, even though Dave was a bit late delivering it, did the most exquisite job I could have hoped for.” I continued as she smiled, “You, as well as Dave, shall be handsomely rewarded for this.”

I leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Annie’s lips before turning and doing the same to Julia, “Ok, lil ones it’s time to go upstairs now.” I turned in the foyer to walk up the steps both women following closely in my wake. I reached the top of the steps and heard Rose singing to herself and the bath water running. I slipped into the bedroom with the two in tow. “Rose, is everything prepared?” I asked. Rose came scurrying out from the bathroom, her voluptuous breasts jiggling with each step, her little pussy just beckoning my cock once more into its sweet embrace.

“Yes, Daddy,” grinning as she spoke, “all the towels are laid out and the water drawn.” I walked in and looked around the bathroom. She had placed each towel neatly over the racks and placed four separate washcloths around the edge of the tub. Rose had taken it upon herself to fill the bath water with bubbles and turn on the little jets streams beneath the waters surface. The tub was long and deep enough to allow six people easily. I had custom ordered this tub to resemble a Jacuzzi and yet it would function as a shower also. This was for when Julia and I had desired long sensual baths together.

“Into the water My beauties”, I commanded. The three stepped in and each laid back, enjoying the water flowing over there gorgeous bodies. I took my place in the water and drew Rose to me. “My, little Rose,” I said as I kissed her full lips, “I love you and I am cannot express the joy you fill Me with each and every single day since the day you were born.” I slipped my hand beneath the water’s surface and wrapped my hands around her waist spinning her around and slipping her down over my lap. Her back to me, her long raven colored hair cascading down to the middle of her back, her tight little bottom flexing teasingly around my ever hardening shaft.

“Daddy,” she mewed, “take me bursa escort bayan again, slip your big cock into your little girl’s tight awaiting cunt.” How was I to refuse such an offer, besides that is what I have been fully intent upon doing anyway. I lifted her up by her pert little butt and her legs splayed out over mine, I started to lower her when I felt two little hands grasp my cock and hold the shaft upright directing in into the opening between Rose’s legs. I let Rose slip down as she ushered her moans, “Oh Daddy, Sir, You fill my tight little pussy up so good.” The hands the had surrounded my shaft now cupped my balls and rolled them in her fingers. I looked over Rose’s shoulder to see Julia leaning forward with her hands beneath the water. At the same time Annie was slipping behind Julia and slipping down as Julia lifted her ass high and pressed her lips around Rose’s left nipple. I watched as Annie slapped Julia’s still tight ass and she wiggled her pink tongue at me before slipping from view. I could only assume she was pressing her pleasurable little mouth against Julia’s soft pussy.

“Annie,” Julia breathlessly whispered as she pulled away from Rose’s nipple,”that feels mmmm so good.” Julia now had her hips over Annie’s and I could see her fingers slip beneath the water once more, I figured her fingers were working their way inside Annie’s tight cunt now. Rose meanwhile was bouncing rapidly upon my cock. I glanced down and watched her ass wiggle,I felt her pussy grasping and milking my cock as she impaled her self. “Fuck, Rose, you’re so tight and warm,” I moaned, “I don’t think I am going to hold out much longer.” I sat up a little more and reached around rubbing the nipple that Julia wasn’t working on. My other hand was working its way to the pleasure filled cleft of her clit. I stroked and rubbed it while teasing and rubbing her nipple. Rose’s soft whimpers were increasing in volume and speed now. Her cries becoming more intense as she neared orgasm.

All three women were moaning and it was nearly impossible to decipher which moans were coming from which woman. I could only tell by Rose’s position on my lap and her mother’s moans only by spending many years causing them. Annie’s muffled cries spilled forth from between Julia’s legs as she tongue fucked my wife. I knew that an orgasm was immanent for all four of us. Julia was the first to scream out her issues of joy, “Sweet lord I’m cumming,” she cried. Annie followed immediately behind as she pulled her tongue from Julia’s pussy and cooed, “Oh yes keep sinking your fingers into me honey, they oooooo are ummm making me cummmmm.”

Rose’s orgasm was spiraling as she twisted her hips on my lap rocking herself against my fingers and on my cock. “Yes, Daddy, make your babygirl cum,” she called out. “Oh shit, Sir, I am cumminggg.” I was elated over having three such horny wanton sluts at my disposal now. I pumped my hips up harder and harder and as Rose came, she lifted off my cock and spun around, her mother and Annie quickly taking up their places beside her. All three opened their mouths awaiting escort bursa the spurting juices from my cock. Rose and her mother leaned forward licking the tip of my cock and running their tongue up and down my shaft. Annie not to be left out dipped down and sucked my balls into her mouth. I jerked and came with no warning. The first of the shots jetted out directly across Rose’s lips and she pulled away as her mother closed her eyes and jacked my cock at her face. Two shots looped across her cheeks and lips as she turned my cock and directed it at Annie who opened her mouth and slid it over my cock and bobbed and sucked with fierce devotion.

I couldn’t even find words to express the joy I was feeling, “Ok, ok,” I finally managed to utter to Annie, pushing her mouth away from my spent cock. I decreed that now we should let the water out and shower together as it was getting closer to 9A.M. and I had yet to close my eyes for sleep in well over a day’s time. I stood up as the shower was turned on and grabbed the soap handing it to Annie, “Wash your Master, My pet,” I commanded. “With joy and pleasure Master,” she grinned. Annie soaped up the washcloth and went slowly over my back careful to not reopen any of the wounds. I reached back and slipped my fingers in her sloshy pussy which was still soaked from her previous orgasm.

During the washing I watched as Julia soaped up her daughter’s body, I knew she was making sure that no inch of flesh went untouched. Her mother’s hands played up and down Rose’s body as she washed her, lingering on her ass and then as she slid Rose beneath the shower head’s spray she spread Rose’s asscheeks and slipped her first two fingers deep inside her anal opening. Rose’s knees buckled beneath her as her mother’s fingers moved inside her ass. Julia knelt down in front of Rose and with her hand wrapped around Rose’s waist and her fingers buried in her ass, Julia’s tongue found its way into the soft folds of Rose’s pussy.

“Oh, mommy,” Rose squealed, “you sure know how to eat your daughter’s pussy.” Rose’s hips were rocking back and forth uncontrollably as she held her mother’s head in her hands drawing Julia closer. I was reaching back slipping three and then four fingers into Annie’s pussy stretching it wide open and driving my fingers up as far as I could reach inside her. I gave them a wiggle and felt her body go limp as she placed her head against my shoulder. Her hands reached around and gave my cock a tug trying to reawaken the sleeping beast.

“No need My pet,” I whispered to Annie, “I have no need to cum again right now and I believe sleep would be best. I reached forward and turned the knobs on cold sending all the women into fits of giggles and laughter as they tried to escape the icy water. We stepped from the shower and dried off and all four of us squeezed into the Master (Bigger than king and queen) sized bed, slipping beneath the covers I wrapped my arms around Rose and pulled her backside to me. “Sleep now My sluts,” I teased, “for I need all of you well rested to attend to Me later.”

Rose laughed and wiggled her little ass back against me and the last sound I heard as I rushed towards sleep was a choir of the three voices in unison, “Goodnight Master, we love you.”

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