Rubbing Myself In the Tub

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I wanted to write something really quick and I don’t know if it will be any good, but it was about an experience I had about a week ago. The Internet is a marvelous tool and I have met some very interesting lovers on it. What follows is my rather pitiful attempt to write about one such session of masturbation. I know that it is not my best work but as I wait for the same woman to come online tonight, I am drawn to remembering that night we shared in what seemed like an eternity ago.

It was night. At my daughter’s house, babysitting my grandkids. Having put them to bed, I got on the computer and looked to have some fun. I did what I usually did in those circumstances. Luckily there were other people online who were equally horny.

I quickly found myself talking to this girl who wanted to satisfy me.

There was some playful flirting and within minutes sex became the singular topic on both of our minds.

Mmm, I thought, as I felt my pussy begin to get wet in the initial moments of cyberplay. I wanted more. “Tell me what you would do if you had the chance with me?”

In no time the girl had me with my jogging shorts at my ankles. I was fingering and licking poker oyna myself as much as I could because of how full of details the girl explained her moves. I came hard and fast but the littlest of the children began to stir and I had to straighten myself out before she came downstairs and found me finger fucking myself. Luckily, I was able to make myself presentable and within an hour, my daughter came home.

I rushed home and turned on my computer and hoped that my cyber lover was online. I wasn’t. My body was still humming for more and I reached for my bed stand and pulled out a very familiar friend. I went for the gusto, placing the vibrator halfway inside of me. Honestly, a few seconds passed before I erupted in orgasm. I reached for the dresser as it rocked me and as it passed, I felt the slick wet juice pouring out of me. I felt the need to take a shower.

I stripped down fast, hurried to the bathroom and turned on the water, putting it to warm before I stepped in. I put the vibrator on the table next to the tub, and laid down on the tub floor. The water was pouring out around my body as I started feeling my breasts and rubbing my clit to get more heated. canlı poker oyna

I reached over to the vibrator, breathing hard… and put it on low and then teased myself as I let it slightly touch around my pussy. I put it on my clit and left the sensation of the pressure on my ”horny-button”, which quickly led to moaning and the start of a low scream. I pushed it harder and then turned the vibration to medium. Just then I could feel the first orgasm building up as my cum started to slowly pour out. I stuck my tongue out in the air while my legs were hanging out on each side of the tub, making it so they were wide apart enough, so you could see my hot, dripping vagina fully beg for more.

I moaned the loudest as I reached my climax and the orgasm rushed out of my quickly, and the water around me turned a milky white. I dropped the dildo, covered in cum, on the tile floor and started to breathe slower. I decided one orgasm wasn’t enough to fulfill my needs and that I wanted more, no, needed more.

I picked up the vibrator in one hand and kept it on medium, aimed it at my clit, then took the shower head, now on pulse/jet, and turned up the heat. Next I aimed internet casino the water jet towards my hungry pussy and let the water mix with the cum pouring out of me. I yelled and then screamed loudly, and kept moaning as the pleasure of awesome orgasms and climaxes came one after the other since I had successfully reached my g-spot.

Cum started gushing out from around my hold on the vibrator and I let it go, then with my free hand I opened up my hole to let more water run in.

All you could hear were the sounds of my pleasure vibrating against the bathroom walls, well that and the sounds of the water pounding into me, was all I could take. I let go of the shower head as my whole body was shaking.

My legs started to gain back control from all the twitching. I breathed hard… then slower as the seconds passed. I stayed there for a good five to ten minutes, trying to come back from what could be described only as a ”pleasure coma” that had, itself, lasted about 30-40 minutes to an hour tops.

I stood up, almost falling back down since I was now light headed from all the tensing up I had done, and then cleaned up the mess around the tub and took the dildo in hand and then headed back towards the room. I played with myself a little more and then fell asleep.

The thoughts of lust and my cyber lover did not end there and brought me much pleasure throughout the night as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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