Rules of the Road

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The engine hummed its way up to a roar as the sleek silver bullet shot out of a turn. Tires squealed as it broke into the straightaway. The power of four hundred horses thrummed through the chassis and right into the center of me, right there between my legs. His hand slid up my thigh as the speedometer slid into the red.

“Most men can’t handle my driving,” I told him as his fingers slid under my skirt and discovered the bare flesh above my stockings.

“I’m not most men.” His eyes widened slightly as his fingers found the clasp of the traditional style garters. “A garter belt, a silver convertible and a taste for speeding down Mulholland. Am I gonna find a snub-nose .38 under there?”

“Raymond Chandler would have loved me. I have a Glock, thanks. A girl’s gotta be modern. I’ve no objection to you continuing to search though.”

He smiled as I downshifted and whipped the car into the next turn. The sharp right threw him into me, and drove his hand to the apex of my legs, just as I had intended.

“That’s not old-fashioned,” he breathed as he felt my bare flesh bursa escort and the lips of my already wet sex. “Or did Marlene Dietrich shave?”

“Dietrich? I thought you said I looked like a red-haired Betty Page? Ummmm, yes. Keep doing that. Let’s have a race. You try to make me come before we reach the hotel. But I’m not slowing down. You need to earn your reward.”

“What is that reward? Maybe I’d rather lose.” He whispered the words into my ear and then followed them with his tongue. I shivered as his tongue and fingers moved in unison. My eyelids fluttered momentarily before I snatched them back open, suddenly remembering that I was speeding down a road that had seen more then a few fatal mistakes, and at more sane speeds than this.

“Maybe we should start this race at the bottom of the hill.” I purred, “I’m beginning to think I want to live for this.”

“Too late. You should have thought of that before issuing the challenge. I suggest you concentrate if you want to win.”

His teeth found a spot on my neck in need of nibbling and my gasp only encouraged him. I bursa escort bayan slammed the wheel into a hard left to keep us out of the face of the mountain and with the intention of throwing him back across the car. It backfired as his teeth locked in my flesh and he fought to stay in place. The combination of this sexy man beside me, the danger and the endorphins released by the pain of his bite flooded me with sensation.

“Sugar, I’m going to win even if I lose. I always play with loaded dice.” I twisted the wheel back right to follow the road and this time the force did shake him off. Blood rushed to the offended area and he laughed gently.

“That’s gonna leave a mark. I think I need to give you one on your thigh to match. But that will have to wait until we get to the Palms. There are other places, though…”

He leaned over and put his head under my arm and into my lap before pulling at the spaghetti strap of my black evening dress. As we hit a short straight, I obliged him by taking my hand off the wheel long enough for him to slide the stap off and reveal the escort bursa lace of my bra. He pulled it down and popped my nipple into his mouth. His fingers snaked back under my skirt and into my wet pussy. I had two thoughts; first, if we passed a police car, the combination of dangerous speed and distracting behavior would likely get us both locked up. Second, that I was about to lose this race.

The bottom of the hill was only a few twists away now. Once I got there, I could get us to the hotel in less than five minutes. It wouldn’t matter. I wasn’t going to last that long.

My body responded to his thrusting fingers and the suction of his mouth and I knew I was lost. I slammed on the brakes and pulled hard to the side of the road as my hips left the seat. As the car squealed to a stop in the dirt on the small shoulder, I let go of my concentration and gave myself to the orgasm, reveling in the mixture of sensations and screaming my joy into the night sky.

“I win,” he said. He looked smug and secure as I unbuckled my seat belt and pulled myself out of the seat. But his arrogant look became a query as I ran around to the other side of the car. “What are you up to now, little minx?

“Let’s see how you do at the same challenge, smartass,” I said, throwing him the keys. “Shut up and drive.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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