Samantha’s Self Pleasure

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Hi, my name is Samantha or Sam, and here is a short, but pleasurable story about how I enjoy myself when I’m all alone……But firstly I should describe myself. I’m a larger, shall we say ‘chubby girl’, but not too fat and definitely not skinny! I’m an Aussie girl and have a curvy figure, large breasts, chubby tummy, wide hips, and a nice big butt!! I am a brunette with green eyes and a wicked smile, mainly due to my pouty lips.

This story is just one of a series of self-pleasure stories that I plan to write. When the next story is written, will depend on your feedback, so please be nice J, if you want more stories…. This first story is about me receiving an erotic slide show from a ‘close’ friend through my email…..enjoy!!


I opened my email account in anticipation of an email from a close friend I had met through the website. When my account flashed up, I had two new messages. A wicked smile flashed across my face, hoping that at least one of them was from you. I clicked on my inbox, waiting, waiting for the next page to open. It seemed as though it was taking forever! Then the screen lit up and there it was: an email from you! That was all it took for my pussy to twitch and my nipples to harden in anticipation. I opened your email only to see there was an attachment. bursa escort I started downloading immediately! While I was waiting, I slipped my skirt down over my legs, stepping out of it, then slipped my silky blue panties down, dropping them in a pile along with my shirt and bra. But I was not quite ready, I had one more important ingredient to my masturbation session: my toys! I got my box of dildos and vibrators from my room and sat my fat ass down in the computer chair and waited for the download to finish. Now I was ready, waiting and most importantly, naked with my favourite sexual toys!!

As I waited, I spread my legs, rubbing my fingers over my juicy lips, stopping at my clit, lightly squeezing the hardening bud between my fingers. A moan escaped my lips, god that felt good. With my other hand, I reached for my large breasts. I pinched my nipple lightly, enjoying the sensation. I could not help but let out another moan as both my hands were pleasuring my sweet spots. My head fell backwards, eyes closed, as I continue my masturbation. Another moan, a little louder this time, escaped my lips. Then I was awoken from my own pleasure world by a ‘ding’ that came from the computer speakers. The download was finally finished. I opened it in straight away. Oh god my juices were flowing just thinking bursa escort bayan about what was going to come up on my screen….

I reached into my box of toys and took out my big red dildo. It was one of my favourites, nice and thick, just how my big cunt liked it. It also had those protruding dimples, adding to the pleasure it gave when I sunk it in deep. Without waiting another second, I shoved the big thing right into my juicy hole, and rubbed my clit hard with my other hand, causing my chubby body to tense as a louder moan escaped my lips! I was so close to cumming and I hadn’t even seen a picture yet!

Then the first picture came up on the screen and my pussy spasmed, sooo close to cumming. I was continually moaning loudly now and my pussy I was on the edge of a huge orgasm. My cunt was as a big juicy, sloppy mess. My juices were running from my fat cunt, down my crack and onto my asshole. What the hell, why old back I thought?! Without hesitation, I drove my middle finger right into my asshole! I have always loved anal play, and here I was, legs spread, shoving a big red dildo up my cunt and at the same time, ramming my finger up my ass. As the next few pics came up on screen, my hands were a blur. They were busily moving, rubbing my clit, ramming the dildo into my juicy cunt escort bursa and my finger up my asshole!

I could feel my orgasm building, god it was going to be good. I spread my legs even wider, letting go of the dildo, leaving it sticking half in and half out of my cunt as I concentrated on rubbing my clit and fingering my brown hole like mad. My pussy was soaking wet, juices were constantly running down my crack and over my asshole, lubricating it more, so I could shove a second finger in.

Then it happened!!! I started to cum, and boy did I cum! I was almost screaming your name, as I rose to the peak of my orgasm, rubbing my hard clit and fingering my fat asshole furiously. As my orgasm hit, the dildo shot out of my wide spread fuck hole, followed by my juices! I started to squirt cunt juice all over the place! I didn’t stop rubbing my clit, mashing it round and round, up and down, as my pussy squirted my wet sticky juice all over the chair, floor, desk and my legs!

As the orgasm died down, I slumped in the chair, legs still spread wide, cunt red and swollen and my asshole wide open! It took me over 10 minutes before I could move. I kept shaking in the aftermath of one of my best ever orgasms! I have only squirted a few times and I love it…. its so hot, so erotic…mmmmmmmmmm……I lay there, just a big chubby sticky cum covered slut and I loved it!!!

NOTE: So how did you enjoy that? Tell me if you would like me to continue the series. Any ideas? Feel free to express them with me….kisses

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