Same Time Next Week

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As I roughly push open the glass door, the pungent smell of incense fills my nostrils. I inhale deeply and sprint up the stairs, breathlessly glancing at the clock before kicking off my shoes and making my way to the reception desk.

“Hi, I’m a bit late for the Yin Yoga class?”

I flash a quick smile, shifting impatiently on my feet, as the glum looking lady behind the desk browses her files.

“First name”

Detecting the slight lisp in her voice I swallow back a giggle,


Huffing as she scribbles something down on a slip of paper I snatch it from her grasp, whispering my thanks, and dash down the corridor to the ladies locker room.

Chucking my stuff into a locker, I catch my reflection in the mirror; wisps of my golden hair falling out of my high bun, my cheeks flushed a light pink, and my blue/grey eyes glistening… I straighten my sports bra over my 32C breasts and place a hand over my toned, flat stomach as I run out the door.

Nudging open the entrance to Studio 2, I shuffle awkwardly past the stationary bodies on the floor to collect my equipment. I spot a free place at the back of the room, make my way back through the ‘maze’ of people and roll my mat out between a man and the door. I smile apologetically to the guy on my right for disturbing and my heart stops when he smirks back.

Having thought I would be the only young person in the class, seeing what can only be described as a demi-god lying less than a foot away from me leaves me speechless. I tear my gaze away, feeling the colour rise to my cheeks once more, and lie flat on my back, squeezing my eyes shut in disbelief.

Several poses in and I catch myself once again ogling at the man by my side. I bite my lip and silently chastise myself before I realise that he is staring at me too. I somehow pluck up the courage to smile and he grins at me, a dimple forming in his cheek.

I nearly faint.

I’ve always been told that I’m beautiful… but only by my family and friends. For some reason this makes me find their comments less credible, and my string of douchebag boyfriends has managed to lower my self esteem further still.

So when I see this crazily attractive man lying next to me smiling, I assume he’s only being polite… that doesn’t stop me from milking the moment though.

As we move into childs pose to counteract a stretch, I decide to take advantage of my flexibility and show off a bit. Contorting myself into a comfortable stretch with my legs out to the side, I raise my arse and arch my spine. glancing subtly at the man I catch him blatantly staring at it and I smile.

‘You’ve had your fun now Addie, he probably isn’t interested’ I think to myself and finish off the class trying hard not to look at him at all.

As I reach up to place my yoga mat on the ever increasing pile I feel a tall presence next to me and look… subsequently dropping the mat onto my face. “Fuck!” I screech and blush beetroot. bursa escort He’s next to me, and he looks 1000x more attractive standing up, if that’s even possible. Blonde hair with slight waves frame his perfectly structured face (Jesus Christ his cheekbones are to die for), a killer smile and Hazel eyes that one could very easily get lost in.

“You ok? lemme help you with that” he says gently, his deep voice has a slightly northern tinge (Manchester maybe?). As he lifts my mat and places it on the pile, I can see his muscles ripple, and I feel myself getting wet. I whisper a quick “thank you” and scurry off to the locker room to collect my stuff.

Halfway down the stairs I hear someone cough… I turn to find ‘him’ again, grinning at me with his perfect smile.

“I’m sorry I ran off, I was a little embarrassed,” I say, and he chuckles,

“Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.”

Holding the door open for me, I don’t even have to crouch under his outstretched arm he’s so much taller than me. To my surprise we start walking the same way, so we make some small talk. I find that his name is Matt, he’s living with his brother after a tricky breakup and likes the area so is deciding to stay long term. I tell him about me, how I’m in my second year of Uni at Royal Holloway reading Classics, but still live with my mum as accommodation is so expensive.

“Ok this is getting weird, are you following me?” I say as we turn into the street just before mine.

“No, I live here!” he laughs and points to one of the houses on the road.

“How come we’ve never run into each other before then”, feigning suspicion, I look up into his gorgeous eyes to find he’s gone a little serious.

“I have no idea, but believe me when I say I would’ve remembered you if we had… you’re stunning”. The colour rises to my cheeks and I bite my lip. Hard.

He stops walking and I feel his hand gently brush my cheek, turning my face to his… “Fancy a coffee?”


So I find myself in his kitchen, coffee forgotten, telling him about all my exes and my low self confidence. “I guess I’ve just always compared myself to my friends who are all, like, virtually models. I know I have a good body, I work hard for it and I’m not complaining about it it’s just… Oh god I don’t know, I’m sorry, you’re not an agony aunt.” I sigh, “I just need to work on loving myself I suppose… sorry again, I-“

I feel his hot breath on my face before I register that he’s leaning in, and then my whole world shatters. All I know is him. All I need is him. All I feel is his kiss.

He’s gentle yet persistent. His tongue flicks across my teeth and I open my mouth to accept it in. Our tongues fight a slippery battle and I feel myself melt into his embrace. I moan and press against his mouth harder. His kiss is electrifying, it sends shockwaves down to my very depths and sets me completely on fire. My panties are soaked and I shudder when he delicately bursa escort bayan brushes a finger over the layers of fabric covering my aching clit.

In one swift movement, I’m in his arms, being carried to his room. His mouth never leaves mine as I’m taken up the stairs. Our kiss grows in passion and I’m positive I can feel my juices soaking through my clothes.

I’m chucked on the bed and I gasp when I see the lust and fire in his eyes. Our breathing is heavy. My need for him is overwhelming. He pulls off his shirt and then crawls on top of me, careful not to crush me. I kiss his jaw, his neck, his shoulder as he runs his hand all over my body, moaning a little in appreciation. He stops and stares deep into my eyes as he guides my hand to feel his incredibly hard length through his gym shorts, “This is what you do to me” he growls.

I whimper slightly as I gently grasp his rock solid cock and shuffle into a sitting position so I can remove my sports bra and leggings. His eyes widen when he sees my perky tits, free from the constraints of my bra, and hard nipples. A sudden wave of confidence leads me to take my breasts in my hands and squeeze them together, rolling my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, raising an eyebrow to challenge him. More than anything, I want him to lose control and just take me, make me his.

He’s upon me in an instant, batting my hands to the side and latching his talented mouth on my right nipple. His tongue lathers the sensitive nub and I let out a breath I hadn’t realised I had been holding. A hand wanders down my writhing form and slips into my panties. He traces the slick lips of my very wet and swollen pussy, circling my clit with his thumb, and I let out a low moan.

“Oh my god” I say over and over as he sinks his finger into the tight, warm depths of my welcoming cunt. He works his finger inside me faster and faster, adding another before detaching his mouth from my breasts and sliding up my body to nibble on my earlobe and whisper into my ear, “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll scream my name until you don’t know any other word. You’re pussy is made for my cock”

His words send shivers down my body and I cum around his fingers, crying out in ecstasy. I open my eyes and meet his gaze. Never before have I seen such a lust filled stare and I think I might cum again just from that.

“You look so beautiful when you cum, you know that?”

I let out a soft laugh and raise a hand to touch his cheek, gently pulling his mouth down to kiss me. He parts my lips with his tongue and our kiss grows in passion and intensity. I’m so ready to completely give myself up to him. I have never been kissed like this before, never been claimed like this. I need this man, the feeling is so overwhelming I’m momentarily scared.

He gingerly lifts himself off me and I admire his stoic beauty; his lips parted, his brow furrowed, his eyes drenched in desire. I lower my gaze from his face, down his escort bursa perfect body, to the outline of his incredibly thick and hard member. crawling forwards, I brush my hand against it and hear a sharp intake of breath. smiling, I hook my thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and boxers. His cock leaps out, twitching enthusiastically in front of my face… My pussy convulses slightly. It’s beautiful and I want it. I look up at his face to find his eyes are hooded and he looks almost in pain. I extend my tongue and catch a drop of precum on it, his groan sounds like a rumble of thunder, I swallow the salty liquid and then begin my meal in earnest. I devour his cock without warning, taking it deep into my throat, forcing myself to ignore my gag reflex, and sucking as I do so. He cries out and I pull my head off, a string of saliva connecting me to his dick. I move to take just the head in my mouth and I swirl my tongue around it, caressing his balls with my hand. I suckle on the tip, practically drinking the precum which is dripping freely from his angry head, and my eyes flutter closed as I concentrate. With a grunt he grabs my bun and pulls me off his cock, tossing me onto my back and lowering his head to my panty covered cunt.

“Later… I need you now” I say with a quivering voice. He looks up at me and grins, pulling my panties down my legs and sliding up my body to kiss me again. His cock bumps against my aching pussy and I shudder. He kisses me deeply and pushes his cock firmly into my opening. There’s plenty of resistance but he eventually slides in completely and we both moan loudly. He rests inside me for a few minutes before leisurely pulling all the way out, the feeling is exquisite. He repeats this motion several times before lust takes over and he pounds me with gusto. Kneading my tits and flicking my nipples with his thumb, he fucks me into a whimpering, moaning mess. “Yes, yes, oh fuck, oh Matt that feels so fucking good” I cry out, and these exclamations make him thrust faster and harder. Animalistic noises coming from him and he crushes his mouth onto mine. This is what fucking is. Raw, powerful fucking… And I love it.

He reaches down to circle my clit whilst screwing me into a frenzy and my whole body tenses. I cum harder than I ever have before. My pussy walls are practically strangling his cock and I hear him growl in response… “I’m… gonna…uhng… cum”.

His strokes grow erratic but he somehow keeps up the pace, “Cum in me, please, oh god I’m gonna cum again”.

He lets out a roar and I feel his thick cock swell. Spurts of cum are sent into my depths and the sensation of it pushes me over the edge once more.

As we both come down from the enormous high, I feel him slip out of me and lie by my side. I twist so that I can drape myself over his side, we are both covered in a sheen of sweat and the room smells of sex. I have never felt more content. I lightly kiss his chest and he opens his eyes to look at me, and smiles.

“That was fucking fantastic” he says and I chuckle, “Same time next week?”

“Sorry to break it to you baby but I’m going to have to see you sooner than that” he replies… and my heart leaps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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