Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 32

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Big Tits

Chapter 32. Kishor 40 widower. (September 1986).

It was early evening on a Friday and expecting Pravin any minute I dressed the way he likes to find me, in just tan stockings and suspender belt with a matching bra and panties set in white. As with most of my clothes, particularly underwear, the ensemble were presents from Pravin who had a preference for tan or white stockings over black.

The ringing of the doorbell surprised me because Pravin possessed his own key. Putting my eye to the spyhole I saw the back of a guys head, the short jet black curls unmistakable Pravin’s.

Opening the door I said, “Forgot your key?” the words freezing on my lips when I realised the guy standing there wasn’t Pravin but a complete stranger.

Grabbing my short towelling robe I quickly slipped it on though felt more assured when the guy introduced himself as Pravin’s brother Kishor.

“Pravin asked me to call and apologise on his behalf. He has some sort of family crisis and won’t be able to join you this weekend.”

Disappointment welling up I thanked Kishor for taking the trouble to let me know and asked if he wanted a drink.

“Pravin told me you’re an attractive girl but it’s an understatement. You are beautiful, absolutely stunning, particularly in your underwear,” he said, ignoring my offer of a drink.

“Your body is much too nice to conceal under that fluffy robe, which anyway must be rather hot. You don’t really need it do you?”

He was right about the heat so I slipped the robe off again, reassured now I knew his identity.

Kishor was running his eyes over my body and feeling a little embarrassed I repeated my offer of a drink. Again ignoring the offer Kishor reached round my body and saying, “May I?” unclipped and removed my bra. It happened so quickly I was caught by surprised but impressed by his dexterity.

“Ah lovely,” escort ataşehir he said feasting his eyes on my breasts. “You looked disappointed when I told you my brother couldn’t make it.”

“Yes, well it will upset my plans for the weekend. For one thing I haven’t any food in you see, because Pravin always takes me out for meals.”

“I’m at a loose end myself this weekend so can easily do that. In fact it would be a pleasure.”

“Thank you, that would be nice.”

Kishor kissed me briefly on the mouth and both nipples before asking if Pravin did it before or after our evening meal.


I looked at him quizzically and Kishor went on, “Sex. Do you and Pravin have it before or after the meal?”

“Both usually,” I replied.

A laughing Kishor said it sounded like a good arrangement.

He was easing my panties down then and feeling confused I simply stood there and let him. Kneeling, Kishor removed the flimsy panties from my ankles as I raised each foot obediently.

“Let me look at your cunt. Sit down and open your legs wide.”

Again I obeyed without thinking and kneeling Kishor stared between my thighs.

“What a lovely sight!” he exclaimed, adding, “and my brother has been enjoying it for over a year. I’m really envious.”

He kissed my cunt lips and I murmured, “You can too if you want,” possibly surprising myself more than Kishor.

Looking at me speculatively he said, “If I give you a good time this weekend will you be mine as well as Pravin’s?”

I didn’t take long to tell him “yes”. Kishor’s tongue on my cunt had felt delightful.

For several days I’d been looking forward to my weekend of sex with Pravin and really wanted, nay needed it, after a particularly stressful week.

Kishor brought his face between my thighs again and began to lick me. He was brilliant at cunnilingus kadıköy escort bayan and in my post orgasmic delirium I told him so, gasping that such expertise at oral sex must run in the family.

The smiling Kishor lowered me to the carpet then and slid on top. I hadn’t been aware of him undoing and pushing his trousers down but sighed happily when his penis drove into me. Kissing me, his penis fully embedded, Kishor said, “Pravin and I could share you. I live in London so could visit in the evenings while you continue to enjoy weekends with my brother.”

“I think I’d like that,” I told him, really enjoying the feel of Kishor’s penis moving slowly in and out; though would blush with shame later.

After we’d enjoyed intercourse Kishor took me for a meal at a restaurant I hadn’t been with Pravin, more expensive by the look of it.

It was getting late by the time we arrived back at the flat and I assumed Kishor would be going home. Not a bit of it! As impatient and randy as his brother, Kishor stripped me naked directly we were inside before carrying me giggling to the bedroom. The sex, a very leisurely affair after his initial impatience, was phenomenal and delirious with joy I babbled that he would be welcome to visit the flat any time.

“Pravin told me you’d be up for it. Willing to be shared between us that is,” a smiling Kishor replied.

“So his absence is a set up then!” I exclaimed.

“Not entirely. Pravin is genuinely tied up this weekend but he gave me carte Blanche to try it on, and have you if you seemed willing.”

I feigned annoyance at their duplicity but was really rather pleased; Pravin’s visit were far too infrequent.

“Pravin told me you’re a very randy girl who likes a lot of cock and an incredibly good fuck. He was right on both counts, you’re fantastic.”

Feeling flattered by his words escort bostancı I took Kishor’s penis into my mouth again, quickly prompting the return of an erection. I moved onto him smiling down happily at Kishor as I lowered my body onto his lovely penis. It was great to feel it inside again. Reaching behind I stroked Kishor’s balls while slowly riding his penis, the guy murmuring about how good it felt. His hands stroking my thighs, then up to my breasts, fingers rolling and rubbing my nipples while I began to ride his penis in earnest. Kishor was responding now, thrusting upwards lustily as I joyfully rode his bucking penis.

This, the third time we’d fucked in a matter of hours, lasted an age and I was a very happy and satisfied girl by the time I rolled off to lay beside Kishor.

We must have both drifted off to sleep then. Waking around four in the morning in need of the loo I was delighted to find the sleeping Kishor by my side and after visiting the toilet snuggled up to him.

Next time I woke it was nearly ten and I found Kishor propped up on one elbow looking at me while slowly stroking his penis.

“Oh lovely!” I cooed, pulling Kishor on top of myself.

Pausing only to scoop my legs up and double them back to my shoulders he entered me.

“Oh yes, yes!” I cried as he began fucking me.

“My brother told me this is one of your favourite positions, as is the one from last night with you on top.”

“It is,” I agreed, clinging happily to Kishor as he fucked me steadily.

The next eight months or so passed in a whirl of sexual activity. With Kishor, a widower, visiting the flat most evenings and also spending the weekends with me that Pravin didn’t, there was hardly a day went by that I didn’t have sexual intercourse at least once. It was a heavenly arrangement.

There was only one blot on the landscape and that was my feeling of guilt on the days I had sex with Tim or Liam, because my occasional dalliances with the couriers continued despite my reluctance to be unfaithful to the brothers. I enjoyed being taken over the senior partner’s desk too much to stop the encounters!

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