Sara’s Island

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Sara sat at her computer in frustration; again, it hung up on her. Three times in the last hour, she retyped her Essay only to see it lost again and again. She finally decided she better use her dads and just beg him for a new Dell system when he came home.

Sitting at her dad’s computer, she finished her work in fifteen minutes. Typed and spell checked and then printed, she could not believe how fast his was than hers. She could tell by all the folders lying on the floor that he must be doing the mid terms, being a high school history teacher always kept him busy this time of year. Her friends always teased her how cute he was and she did have to admit she thought so too.

Being curious, Sara wondered if he had any sexy pictures or videos saved on his computer. She noticed an external hard drive sitting by the side of the desk, clicking on the contents, she soon found herself staring pictures of girls about her age. Most were explicit with legs wide open and as she scrolled through them, she soon realized she was getting turned on, especially of the hardcore sex scenes. Being nineteen but dating since she was sixteen, she realized guys like looking at sexy pictures and sitting where her dad would sit and see the same images, just turned her on. She could not quite figure that out yet, though it made her wonder.

She looked around the room and decided maybe a little spying was in order. Opening the nightstand drawer, she found a green sex toy, picking it up; she soon realized it was for masturbating. Putting her finger inside, she found why it would be so effective. The smooth ribbed material was almost flesh like and easily could make a guy cum when jerking off.

Sara sat back down at the computer going through the folder until she found one labeled, Looks Like Sara, she opened it and double clicked on a video and watched as a girl who did look a lot like her, long light brown hair tied in a pony tail and a tight little butt. She was even had small boobs like her.

Sara could not quite figure out why but she was starting to feel that ache between her legs when she knew she had to masturbate. Something about looking at a video that her dad thought looked like her was just making her pussy throb. As she continued watching the video, the girl slowly undressed and was finally on a bed on all fours with her ass and pussy wide open. All Sara could think about was how her father would look at this girl and think of her.

Slipping her sweat pants and panties off, she sat in the chair and continued watching the video. A male actor appeared and the girl began giving him a blowjob. Sara fingered herself slowly as she watched the girl wrap her lips around his cock.

Watching as the sex unfolded, Sara just could not get over how excited she had become while watching a couple having sex. Guys were the only ones who got off this way, her thought-until now. Slowly, rubbing her clit, she watched as the big cock rammed in and out of the girls cunt. She did not care if their moans were fake, she wanted to moan as she saw the girl lift up and slide his cock into her ass. Watching his big dick spread her asshole wide open as it slid in and out was driving her wild as she started rubbing her clit. She wanted to cum when she saw the cock pumping out its cum.

She rubbed furiously while watching the cum ooze out of the girls ass, she always wanted to try anal but Tommy, her old boyfriend, was squeamish about it and she wondered what it would feel like to have a guy cum inside her ass. She felt her climax coming over her, like she had never experienced, and her clit responded to her feverish motions and brought her one of the best orgasms she could ever remember. Closing her legs tight and letting the feeling come over her, she realized how much more she enjoyed masturbating watching the video. Or, was it because she knew her father was watching a girl who looked like her being fucked. Did he want to fuck her too, she wondered to herself.

Lost in thought, she heard the phone ringing and raced to her room, talking with her friend Kathy for an hour, she hung up and had to get ready if she was not going to be late for her night class. Still feeling dazed from what she saw on the video and the orgasm that she got from watching the video, Sara could still feel her pussy throbbing just thinking about her father watching a girl having sex that looks like her.

Mark Somers came home and read Sara’s note about her computer, he knew she would need a better one, especially being a junior in college. Maybe Saturday they could go to the Mall and she could find what she needs.

Sitting down, he thought about how being divorced for three years now and not even dating yet, not of any real significance anyway. A few dates with Lisa Peters were about it, Lisa was nice but he just wasn’t ready yet. What was bothering him were the girls in his classes, they were all young and so attractive. Then there was having Sara walking around the house, innocently but still driving him wild in her tight jeans and short nightshirt.

He felt guilty sometimes, ankara escort as he notices Sara in her nightshirt but he has just been so horny lately that it is distracting him more and more. Trying to teach the kids while the girls tease him, sitting in skirts with their legs open. He feels his cock already getting hard just thinking about them.

Walking in his room, right away he notices his nightstand drawer open. Looking around, he spots the sweat pants and panties beside the desk. He feels like he is going to cum as he picks her sweat pants and panties up. She took them off for a reason and he figured he new why. Clicking the mouse, the screen saver came up on the media player, clicking play; he watched the beginning of the video of the girl who looks like Sara.

All this is too much he thinks as he takes his clothes off. Sitting at his computer naked, he pours the lotion on his cock, slips the sleeved masturbator down his shaft, and starts to watch the same movie Sara had watched earlier. His heart pounded as he watched Sara’s asshole open up and take the big cock in and out. He kept telling himself that it’s not Sara but his throbbing cock was speaking other wise. Looking at Sara’s panties and know she probably was fingering herself watching the same movie made his heart pound. Finally, he could not hold it any longer as he pumped his cum into his hand. He could not remember being more excited in years but mixed with guilt for thinking of his daughter this way.

Sara sat having a beer with Kathy telling her about her computer when she said, “Oh shit.” She realized that she forgot to pick her sweat pants and panties off the floor in her father’s room, worse yet; she forgot to turn the computer off. Her heart sank as she though what is he going to think of her.

Kathy asked, “What’s wrong.”

“Nothing, I just forgot to turn the computer off, that’s all.” She replied.

Sara drove the twenty-five minutes thinking about her dad finding her sweat pants and panties and then realized that he was probably was going to cream in his pants. Her whole mood changed as she pictured in her head his reaction to finding her panties on the floor. She actually started to feel that ache between her legs just thinking him picking them up and knowing she was probably fingering herself watching the video… Something about knowing her father fantasized about a girl who looked like her was just driving her crazy. She could feel her pussy quivering with excitement.

Pulling in the driveway, she walked briskly fighting the bitter cold temperatures but the state she was in would have melted any snow if it had fallen on her. She could not believe how horny she was as she walked into the kitchen.

“Hi daddy, I’m home.” She said.

“It must be cold out.” Mark replies.

Sara walks into the living room and sees her father sitting on the couch with a stack of folders lying on the coffee table. She can feel the sexual tension like static hanging in the air. Both of them are experiencing the same feelings.

“Did you get my note about my computer?” She asked.

“How about if we go Saturday and pick one out.” Mark says.

“That’ll work; I want to get one like yours.” Then feeling the strength of her desires over taking her, and the two glasses of beer, she adds “And I want one of those portable drives like you have on yours. That thing is so cool; I just loved surfing through it.”

Mark cannot believe she just said that, neither can Sara. Both feel the tension building. “Well, I guess you liked that drive?” Marks asks.

“Girls don’t usually like that stuff, but I do.” Sara says as she walks out of the room.

Standing in her room, Sara touches herself and can’t believe how wet she is, slipping on her night shirt, she looks in the mirror and the shirt goes down to about three inches above her knees. She looks through her bureau drawer and finds one that she knows is even shorter, pulling it over her head, she looks in the mirror. It barely goes past her thighs and her nipples are clearly evident being erect as they are right now. She models for the mirror and realizes that if she wanted too, she could easily expose herself, a thought that makes her pussy quiver. One last touch, she puts her hair in a ponytail like the girl in the movie.

Her heart is pounding so hard that she can hear it clearly. She cannot believe what she is doing and just feels like she can’t help herself. Taking a deep breath, she opens her door and walks into the kitchen.

Mark sits on the couch with his cock harder than he can ever remember, he wishes he could go to his room and just jerk off but Sara might catch him on the way. Thinking about what she said about surfing his portable hard drive, he is startled to see her walk into the kitchen with the shortest nightgown she has ever worn. It barely goes down past her butt and those long legs just drive him to where he just wants to cum right there.

Sara just cannot get over how she feels like she is just being driven as she walks into the living room. Mark tries to act as though escort ankara nothing is out of the ordinary; he looks at the pages in front of him but simply cannot concentrate with Sara walking towards him.

“Daddy, do you think this nightgown is too small on me?” She asks.

She turns around as if modeling herself for him. At 5’8 and barely 120 pounds, Sara’s long legs and thin frame just add to the tension that is building. Mark cannot take his eyes off her legs and how much the short gown reveals to him.

Mark tries to keep himself composed and says, “Well, I wouldn’t want you going out in public in it.”

“I kind of look like those models on your little drive. You do have some naughty pictures on that drive.” Sara says.

“Does it bother you?” Mark asks.

“No, I kind of like looking at them. A girl at school poses for a website; she answered an ad in the school paper. I thought about it too but I don’t know if I have the courage. But, I do like teasing.” She says.

Sara sits down and picks up the Newsweek that is sitting on the coffee table. Mark tries to concentrate but Sara’s long legs almost fully exposed to him sitting right next to him just keep him from focusing. She knows she is driving him crazy and thinks of what else she can do.

Pretending to be reading the magazine, Sara looks at the TV remote sitting on the coffee table and an idea comes to her. She reaches and picks it up and then puts it on the arm of the sofa next to her. Her heart races as she decides whether she has the courage to do it, she can feel the throbbing between her legs, which makes up her mind.

Moving her right arm, she knocks the remote off the arm and onto the floor. She can hear heart beating as she decides if she has the nerve to complete her plan. Finally, the throbbing from her cunt makes the decision for her.

“Dam, I dropped the remote.” She says.

Mark cannot believe his eyes as Sara gets on her knees and starts to bend over the arm of the couch. She spreads her legs and leans over feigning to get the remote. She can feel the nightgown rising up and knows her father is watching its every movement. Mark just cannot believe what he is watching as the shirt is almost up to her ass.

“Hope I don’t fall over the edge.” Sara says.

She leans over further and pulls the shirt right up to her waist. Mark just looks at her ass and pussy wide open and feels as if he is about to cum right there. He examines every detail and can see the glistening of her lips as she exposes herself to him.

Sara’s excitement is only heightened as she spreads herself as wide as she can without falling over the edge of the couch. Mark can only watch as her ass completely opens in front of him for him to inspect. He feels his cock begging for relief.

Just as quick as she bent over, Sara leans up with the remote in hand. She cannot believe how excited she feels because of what just happened. That ache she feels when she has to masturbate is relentless with its demand, but not yet, she tells herself.

Mark’s head is spinning with contradictions, on one hand, Sara is his daughter. But, on the other, she just spread her ass wide open for him to see. His cock just feels like it is going to explode if it has waits much longer.

“I really had to stretch for it.” Sara says.

Sara leans against the arm of the couch and stretches her legs almost into his lap. He cannot believe how casual she is as he does everything to avoid looking at her long legs right next to him. Her nightshirt just hugs her thighs as she makes believe she is reading the magazine.

Sara waits a minute and then brings her left leg up, bent at the knee and leans it against the side of the couch. Mark tries to resist but finally glances at the wide-open pussy sitting right next to him. Sara smiles to herself as she can see him trying not to look but eventually giving in to the show she is putting on. Her shirt is almost up to her belly button and she is just beyond what excitement she has ever experienced before.

“Daddy, have you ever read Dolphins on the Sand?” She asks.

Mark tries to look her in the eyes and avoid eye contact with what is between her legs. He can merely shake his head side to side.

“Well, in 1941 a woman and her teenage son were stranded on a remote Island after their ship was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Long story short is that after three years, they stated to have a sexual relationship. She was forty-two and he was nineteen. What we debated in class was whether it was an incestuous relationship or merely two people fulfilling the needs of each other. My own view was that they were merely supplying one another with what the other needed.” Sara said.

Mark looked at her and just as boldly as she could, she adjusted herself and now had her legs wide open for him to see. He just could not get over how casual she was in seducing him. She seemed so calm in her approach as she leafed through Newsweek. But the fluid dripping from her was clearly outlined on the black leather couch, showing just how excited ankara escort bayan she really was.

“You’ve been divorced now three years and I’m taking a break from dating. Guys my age just want to drink and smoke weed, plus be with a different girl as though it was a crime to be faithful. It’s kind of, like we are on an Island too. Maybe, I have something you need and you have something I need.” Sara says.

Mark listens to the words and feels his heart racing. Is she saying what I think she is saying, he asks himself?

“I don’t see the big deal, you look at pictures on the computer but I bet you would rather be looking at more than just a picture.” Sara says.

“Would it be right?” Mark asks.

“I don’t see a problem, society’s values alter with time and circumstance. It would not be incestuous as much as fulfilling needs we both have.” She replied.

Mark just can’t take his eyes at the drops of liquid dripping out of Sara’s pussy, he thinks of how it would feel to slide his cock into that tight little hole he see’s just a few feet away. Her hair is trimmed and light brown and glistens with the fluids flowing out of her.

Sara can see his locked gaze on her crotch and says, “You seem like you are lost in thought, what are you thinking about?”

“The Island.” Mark answers.

“Well; I have an idea, why don’t you stop what you are doing and go lay down. Then I will be right in and we’ll both be on the Island together.” She says.

Mark lays waiting for Sara to come in and he can feel his cock throbbing in anticipation. The questions of right or wrong are long past being an issue. His excitement drives him beyond any moral dilemma that seemed relevant minutes before…

Sara opens the door slowly and walks in to her father’s room. Mark’s eyes widen as he gets the first glimpse of his naked daughter. Her long thin legs added to her flat stomach and almost flat chest just make his cock threaten to shoot without even being caressed. The erect nipples on the small breasts show just how excited she rally is as she slides into bed next to him.

“It’s snowing out again.” She says.

Sara slides her arm over and Mark’s stomach and brushes his cock as she stops and lets it rest on the inside of his thigh. Mark can smell her perfume as he feels the fingers start to move up slowly.

“Did you like the show I gave you?” She asks seductively.

Her fingers reach his balls and she gently massages them as Mark moans softly. Finally, he feels what he has been waiting for, her fingers wrap around his cock and she slowly starts to stroke him.

“You better be careful or I’ll get the sheets all sticky.” Mark says.

“Don’t worry, how would you like it if you cum in my mouth. Do you want me to suck you?” Sara asks.

She gets up and kneels in front of him and starts stroking faster, lowering her head, Mark feels her licking his head like an ice cream cone. She lets her mouth glide down the shaft as she strokes in rhythm with her hand. Mark can only watch and appreciate how talented the blowjob he is getting from his nineteen year-old daughter. Part of him wants to tell her but another part does not want to know how she got so good at doing it.

“I can’t believe how good you’re sucking me.” Mark says. At first, he did not think he said it but realized it just came out. Sara’s mouth just keeps moving up and down and Mark watches in amazement. Her pussy begs for her fingers but she refuses to give in to its demands. Tomorrow night will be its time to be rewarded.

Sara tasted the precum and knew he was close. Mark’s whole body tensed, as he starts to cum, Sara’s cheeks flush as her mouth fills with the hot semen. She swallows instinctively as her mouth fills with the thick cream she had been waiting for; she couldn’t believe how much better it tasted than Tommy’s. His was bitter at times but this reminded her of coconut for some reason.

Mark watches as Sara licks the cum that had dripped down his shaft as if it were a Carvel Ice Cream dripping down the side of a cone. She stroked the last out of him, looked right at him, and slid her tongue seductively around her lips. What a sexy girl, he thought to himself.

Sara finished the last residue of her father’s climax and teasingly stroked him as his half-erect cock responded to her control. Mark just looked on with awe at how well toned she really was, not a bit of fat anywhere. He felt guilty that he did not please her and said, “Can I take care of you now?”

Sara smiled and replied, “Tomorrow night; is my turn.”

She then got up and pulled the covers back on Mark, smiled and walked out of the room. Mark watched as she walked out and wondered if he was dreaming.

Mark looked up at the clock, it was only 10:30 and seemed like it just wasn’t moving. His class busied themselves with the quiz on the black board. Every time he thought of what happened last night with Sara, his cock would get hard as a rock. He kept trying to think of some thing to preoccupy his mind but the image of her head bobbing up and down just would not go away. It did not help that Mary Aston sat in the first row with a short jean skirt that she just seemed to keep her legs open for him. Was it his imagination, he thought or just being so excited about Sara that heightened his senses?

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