Saving Bobbie

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I met Bobbie at the beginning of summer following my freshman year in college. I was staying in town to attend summer school and work at the university. I was 19, she was 25; she was dating a friend of mine who was more her age. I quickly sensed that their, ‘relationship’ was on the wane. My friend confirmed that his wandering eye had wandered to a buxom young blond he had met through his business.

Bobbie was around five foot three, soft, full, C cup tits, a cute, pixie face and a fine ass. She was a natural blond with the popular, page boy hair style. I was attracted to her immediately and paid particular attention to her any time I had the opportunity. With the green light from my buddy, I decided to try to get in her pants.

I drove by her apartment one evening and just decided to drop in, which wasn’t that strange in those days. She seemed surprised, but genuinely pleased to see me. She got us both a couple of beers and we sat on the floor to listen to some music and talk. We were making out in less than five minutes; as I recall, she made the first move. After five or ten minutes of a very tender make out session, she calmly stated her intentions.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed.” She calmly intoned, rising and making her way to the bedroom a few feet away. I followed.

With few preliminaries we both undressed quickly. The room was very dark; the bed was small. I prefer to see the woman I’m fucking, so I turned on a small desk lamp on the other side of the room, adjusting it to provide a faint glow of light within the room.

Bobbie had an urgency as we became more involved in each others bodies, a need to be touched, stroked fondled and made love to. I later learned that my buddy had not been very romantic or intimate in the bedroom. Much later I learned more about Bobbie’s mood that night. For over half and hour, though both naked and in her bed, we continued to make out. As time progressed we discovered each others special places and our actions became more erotic.

I took her pussy that first time in a very traditional way, from the front in the classic missionary position. We had dispensed with the normal oral preludes; she wanted my cock inside her.

At that age I loved pussy. I’d had my share of blow jobs through high school and fucked several women in the ass as part of the teen birth control regimen of the times. As I got older I came to relish great BJs and particularly enjoyed anal sex with women whose cunts had loosened following children. At this stage, I would rather sink my dick in to a tight, warm, young pussy than eat.

It was a very tender fuck. She began to moan and whimper as soon as I entered her and had an orgasm within seconds. There was a lot of touching, stroking and kissing. She was warm and soft and surrounded my body like a kid glove. I fucked her slow, not wanting to ever let my cock escape the tight, hot confines of her sweet little cunt. I came inside her and continued to hold on tight and make love to her mouth and tits.

At 19, you guessed it, I was still hard, and still inside her. She started to roll over, taking me with her and ending up on top. My cock slipped out pendik escort of her pussy; she reached down and daintily reinserted it. Then, she fucked me.

She rode my boner for a long time. Her sense of urgency increased. Her mouth never left mine as she increased her pace, moaning and whimpering, literally bouncing up and down on my cock. As she sensed that I was hardening and getting close, her movement grew to a fever pitch. She came with a crashing, screaming, gasping finish. She continued to move, albeit slower, and I came again in her tender little quim. We rolled on our sides and fell asleep.

I took that hot little muff two more times that night. Once from behind, with her firm, milky white ass shining in the glow of the desk lamp. That was a hard fuck, sweaty and intense. The second time, as I awoke in the morning, was, once again, a slow, tender, sweet fuck. Few words, if any, had been exchanged throughout the night.

I left to go home and change as she was getting dressed for work. I suggested dinner that evening and she agreed. We kissed, fondly, and I was on my way.

I called her later in the day to confirm when I should drop by to pick her up for dinner. I arrived at her place at the appointed time, long since having learned not to be early when picking up a woman for a date. I knocked on the door and she came to open it wearing a pressed, white Gant shirt, a bra—and nothing else. Her little muff was just hanging out there. I was on her in a flash.

“You cannot meet me at the door with your little blond pussy showing and not know that you’re going to get fucked immediately.” I crooned, as my hand fell to her snatch.

“I was depending on it.” She coolly replied.

I was a little under six feet, 180, and very muscular. She couldn’t have weight much over 110 pound dripping wet. I picked her up, sat her on the wide arm of her sofa and began to devour her pussy—and what a sweet pussy it was! I worked her cunt in and out with my thumb and took her over the edge in no time with intense tongue and lip action on her erect little clit.

I picked her up again, bent her over the back of the sofa, unbuttoned my, ‘Jim Morrison special’ leather pants, sans underwear, extracted my boner, admired that sweet, pearl white ass, and drove my cock into her to the bone. It might not have been one of my best performances, but it was an exceptionally satisfying, vigorous and nasty fuck. Since she’d already cum, it was my turn; I just fucked her hard and deep and shot a massive load deep in her pussy.

“You’re a wonderful lover.” She cooed. To her, it was all about, ‘making love’, even though I’d just fucked her hard from behind, like some trashy slut. Whatever.

We went to a nice restaurant which we both enjoyed and got to know each other. she was a fun girl to be with. She was bright and witty. I would have enjoyed our time together without the hot sex. I just liked her a lot. I suggested dancing after dinner, she indicated that she had other ideas about the rest of the evening. I suggested we go out to my little rental cottage in the country, and she agreed.

That night was a mix of the tender love making we had enjoyed escort pendik the night before with a healthy share of good old fashioned nasty sex. We made love the first time and then drifted off to sleep. I awoke in the night to feel her running her hands over my legs while working her mouth down my abs. She took my hard cock in her mouth and clearly demonstrated that she was a woman who got off on cock sucking. It was a magnificent blow job; as turned on as I was, I could feel that she was even more so. It was gentle, loving and soft. She took my load in her mouth like only a woman who loves to have a man cum in her mouth can do. It was the sweetest BJ I’d ever had.

She moved back up my body and we kissed; I savored the salty flavor of my own juice in her mouth. She let me know by her actions that she did not want me to reciprocate; she fell asleep in my arms.

I awoke a while later and went down on her. As she awoke, she told me that she was having a dream that her pussy was being orally serviced, and woke up to find me between her legs giving it my all. After she came, I rolled her over, flat on her front and lapped the crack of her ass and rimmed her precious little pucker. I put my knees on either side of her tight little butt and slowly inserted my cock into her wet and warm little pussy. It was a slow, glorious fuck. Her position allowed her to receive maximum stimulation; for me, her tight little cunt seemed even tighter. We came, almost simultaneously after a long and languorous screw.

Bobbie and I got together several times a week for another three months. At the end of the summer, things began to cool, although we remained friends. She had some head problems to work out and moved several states away, more than anything, to get away from her overbearing parents.

I saw her once or twice when she was in town visiting. On those occasions, we would get together, have dinner and fuck. The last time we fucked was right before I left for the Army, and, sadly, I never made love to her again after that, since I didn’t visit my old college town until twenty-five years later. That last night together included the usual ‘bookends’ of our sexual relationship; tender love making at the beginning and the end, with more erotic, nasty stuff in the middle.

That last night, we got into some seriously nasty ass to mouth. She tongued my butt hole like a woman possessed and I returned the favor. I’d licked her bung before, but this was the first time she had followed suit. Her brown eye had always been clean, fresh and delectable.

I had her on her back with her legs pressed up against those soft breasts, her ass hole easily available to my probing tongue. I switched to her pussy and began slowly finger fucking that tight little shitter as she held her legs tightly against her chest. I’d fingered her butt before, with a single finger, but this time I had two, then three up there. There was no stink in her stinky hole and I was getting off on watching her ass stretch to accommodate my fingers.

“Put it there. Put your cock in there. I want you in my ass. Fuck my ass. I’m given my ass to you. You’re the first. Please be gentle with me.” She intoned.

Her pendik escort bayan ass was already slick; I deposited as much spit as I could on her winking hole, globbed some more on my cock, and inserted the head of my rock hard young cock past her anal ring. I stopped moving to allow her to get used to the invasion of her virgin hole. A quarter inch at a time as she would nod to let me know I could continue her anal violation. Finally, I was in to the hilt and began a slow, loving ass fuck. Once again, as we had done so many times, we made love, but this time my eight plus inches was root deep in her anal passage.

She had already cum several times that night. I didn’t want her first ass fuck to go on too long and become uncomfortable. I didn’t try to hold back. As I gazed at her beautiful face in the dim light, I thought that it was very likely that we’d never be together again. I kissed her and nuzzled her soft breasts. I inhaled her sweet, fresh womanly scent. I let myself go completely and came, with a cry, in short order. We fell asleep, as usual in each others arms, ending our time together as dawn approached by making love, as we always did.

Twenty-five years later, I went back to that college town, home of so many memories, both good and bad. I was 44, Bobbie would have been 51 or 52. I didn’t look her up and had no thought that she might have returned to her home town. Walking down the main shopping district, I saw a woman approaching. She had graying hair, had obviously put on too many pounds, but it was, unmistakably, Bobbie. The recognition on both our faces was simultaneous. We each shouted the others name, incredulously.

She was on the way to meet her husband and two teen aged children for lunch. I was on the way, in the opposite direction, to meet my young wife and my two kids. We sat for a few minutes on a street bench. We shared pictures and quickly brought each other up to date on our lives over the past 25 years. She looked at her watch and realized she was late for lunch and I noted that I too needed to go meet my family.

We stood up and hugged, tightly.

“No man ever made love to me the way you did. That first night you came to my place, I was planning to take my own life; I had the pills laid out in the bathroom. Your tenderness that first time we made love made me realize that I wanted to live more than I wanted to die.” She softly whispered in my ear.

She continued. “The second time wasn’t so bad either. Believe it or not, even though I was seven years older than you, not six, I hedged on that one, you were the first to take me from behind. You were the first to make me cum with your cock inside me. You also made love to my pussy with your mouth like no man has ever done since.”

“You’re also the only man I ever gave my ass to.” She said, winking, as we broke our embrace.

“With you, that last night, it was so special, so tender. I knew I wanted to give up a part of me that no other man would ever have, and no other man has ever fucked my ass or ever will. I will always have the warmest, fondest memories of our brief time together; I will always love you and thank you for saving me, literally saving me, saving my life.” She said.

She placed her fingers on her lips, as if to say, don’t reply, don’t tell me you love me too, even if it’s true. She blew me a kiss, turned, waved and was soon out of sight.

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