Seasons with Samantha: Summer

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This is a revised edition of my original Season With Samantha story. Nothing has changed except the title and a few grammatical errors.

As with all my stories it takes place in the same universe as my first series ‘Death & Love’ but this is a more stand alone story so it isn’t necessary to read any previous stories although several characters will be making appearances.

All characters are over 18.

Story first, sex second.


Extract from the Video Blog ‘Relationships’ Part 1 by Bryce Dawltry

Love. They say it’s difficult but that’s crap, love is easy it’s the people that are difficult.

My name is Bryce Dawltry and the dumbest thing I ever did was fall in love with a girl called Samantha Wyllie.

Sam is my cousin.


Bryce Dawltry never knew his parents, his father was stabbed and killed in a mugging before he was born, the police never caught the killer. Despite losing the main breadwinner of the house Bryce’s mother tried to keep her and her son afloat but getting a job was difficult given the economic climate. Facing poverty his mother left a one year old Bryce at the doorstep of her sister’s house and ran away, she was found a few hours later having jumped in front of a bus.

Bryce grew up with his Aunt Mary and Uncle John Wyllie; they never made it any secret they weren’t his parents, even allowing him to keep the surname of his father. Their daughter Samantha however, being two years older than Bryce, always called him her little brother, even when they were older and they knew they were cousins he was still her little brother.


I’ve always loved Sam, not in a sexual way but growing up I looked up to her in more ways than one. You see in the Wyllie house religion is a big thing, Mary and my mother were both raised Catholic — which made her suicide all the more shocking — and John was a priest that retired to look after his daughter. They never forced their beliefs on me given what happened to my parents. Sam however was supposed to follow in her parents footsteps, but the thing about Sam is that she’s a very independent girl, never afraid to speak her mind or criticizes something she thought was wrong; one such thing was religion. Don’t get me wrong Sam still followed Catholicism but she had a liberal attitude towards it, sure she would say grace and go to church some Sundays but some of the stuff she does makes it hard to believe she’s a religious girl; she drinks occasionally, she swears nonchalantly with friends, she confessed to me she smoked pot once in college she’s had boyfriends and even a couple of small-time girlfriends but she’s still a virgin, the whole no sex before marriage is really strong with her, and she plays guitar in an Eric Clapton tribute band. If it wasn’t for a silver crucifix necklace she’s always wearing you’d never know she’s Christian. But it was the audacious nature that impressed me the most.

Chapter 1: Road Trip

My story starts just over a year ago in the summer.


It was nearing the end of June, Bryce was not long 20 years old and it was almost Sam’s 22nd, he was looking around the looking shopping centre fir a gift when he got a call from his Aunt Mary telling him Sam wanted to talk to him and he was to meet her at the church. Sam run a support group for people who fell to rock bottom and finding God helped them out, Bryce didn’t go to it much one meeting he sat in on was enough for him after he heard the story of a teen girl who’s parents got strangers to have sex with her to pay the rent on their apartment. When Bryce arrived at the church the group was still in session, he looked at his cousin leading them all, Sam had always been beautiful in Bryce’s eyes, she had an earthy girl-next-door look to her with strawberry blonde hair that was almost always in a ponytail and ocean blue eyes you could swim in. She was also the master of facial expressions going from cute as a gumdrop bunny to ‘don’t fuck with me’ at the drop of a hat, but thankfully Sam was a kind person, always willing to make friends and rarely having a bad thing to say about anyone. Body wise Sam also looked great; she kept in shape with morning jogs, swimming and yoga classes so her stomach was washboard straight and tight as anything. This healthy body made her relatively average size breasts appear bigger on her frame.

Bryce himself wasn’t too bad, he had the impish charm look that, lucky for him, a lot of girls at his school went for and his own body was in good shape, some muscles but not a lot. He too had blue eyes but they were much darker and much more mischievous than Sam’s warm and welcoming pair, however he wasn’t always like that; when he was a child Bryce was diagnosed with idiopathic insomnia, a type that has no known reason for occurring and no known cure but his mental state would not suffer because of it. His physical state on the other hand did change, one of the side effects of insomnia was a weight gain and after one ‘fat kid’ comment too many in primary school Bryce started working out, he wasn’t a Hercules fake hospital porno by any means but he was able to hold his own in a fight.

While the group was finishing up Sam spotted Bryce waiting outside, her face lit up and she beckoned him over. Sam always liked chatting to her ‘little brother’ they argued a lot but none of it was malicious, it led to some interesting conversations and surprise agreements. Bryce made it passed the leaving group members to Sam.

“Hey little brother.” Sam hugged Bryce.

“Hey Sam, how was the group?”

“Good, finally getting some of the more tight-lipped members to open up, let us help them.”

“I don’t know how you can deal with it all, I mean Jesus I came in here for one meeting and I was this close to blowing my brains out.”

“Ah but I want to help these people, I can see past their misery, you just saw the tragedy in their life and nothing else. And don’t use the Lord’s name in vain again.”

“You do it, why can’t I?”

“I don’t say it in a church.”

The two of them took a slow walk out the church and back home.

“Aunt Mary said you wanted to talk to me about something important, what’s up?”

“Oh yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to come up with me to the Lake House, I was hoping to go up with my girlfriends but one of them is sick and the other’s got a concert plan with her boyfriend so it’s just me. I was hoping to go up for about a week, maybe two, you interested?”

“Won’t that mean you’re away for your birthday?”

“It’s fine, mum and dad know I won’t be here so they’re giving me some money to buy food and stuff. So what’d you say?”

“Sure I’ll come, got nothing else planned so it might be nice to visit the lake again.”

Sam squealed and hugged Bryce again.


The Lake House, god that place. It was a popular holiday destination for the Wyllie family as it was totally secluded far to the north of Scotland. About a nine hour drive from the house and that’s not counting stoppages.


On the second of July it was time for Bryce and Sam to get going, Bryce was waiting in the car for Sam, John and Mary were with him.

“You sure you know where you’re going, cause I can give you a map.”

“Uncle John it’s fine, I’ve been there before, besides if we get lost we’ll just come home.”

“You sure you don’t want us to come visit?”

“No Aunt Mary, it’s a long trip a there’d be no point coming round for a chat, call us there.”

Just then Sam came out, she was wearing jeans and a jacket which surprised Bryce, the boiling weather would have roasted her.

“Ready to go little brother?”

“Ready Cuz, I’ll drive to start with since I actually got some sleep last night.”

“Sure thing.” Sam hugged her mum and dad. “Bye you guys, we’ll see you in a couple of weeks, thanks again for the supply money.”

“Anytime honey.”

“Thanks dad.” Sam hugged her parents once more and jumped in the car, they both waved until the house was out of sight, Sam threw her hands in the air, the car had its roof down, and yelled in excitement. Before they had even left the town Sam asked to at the toilets.

“Come on Sam you can hold it in, if you’re really desperate we can go back.”

“No, we need to stop at the public ones. Trust me I know what I’m doing.”

Bryce had no idea what Sam was talking about but he couldn’t ignore her request so as soon as he found some public toilets he stopped the car and let her go. As it turns out Sam didn’t need to go to the toilet, she came out a few minutes later having changed her clothes; the jacket was gone and in its place was a thin white tank-top, her pink bra clearly seen through the fabric. The jeans had also disappeared, replaced a short red skirt that flared out and jumped with her movements, Bryce looked Sam up and down in surprise, he gave her a joking wolf-whistle but through his head a thought was running; ‘Where did Sam get those legs?’

“Now I see why you couldn’t go back.”

“Mum and dad would never allow me to go out like this, I don’t care, what I lack in modestly I make up for in comfort, what kind of day is it to be wearing jeans, fuck sake it’s a hundred degrees out.”

“You all done Sam, come on we’ll stop off at the services just outside the city.”

“Sure thing little brother.”

Sam jumped the door and landed in her seat, this however flipped her skirt up and gave Bryce a full view of Sam’s pink thong. Bryce looked away promptly, Sam was confused but she caught on.

“Oh, sorry Bryce, I didn’t think.”

“It’s fine Sam, I’ve seen your underwear before it just shocked me a little.”

“When the hell did you see my underwear.”

Bryce started the car and got back to driving. “You need to learn to shut your door, a lot of times I come out the bathroom I see you across the hall getting changed.”

Sam covered her face in embarrassment. “God why didn’t you tell me?”

“What and miss the show, no way.”

Sam slapped my arm. “You perv, fake taxi porno I’m your cousin.”

“Yeah I’m the perv; you’re the one showing yourself off.”

“Sorry ‘Dad’, would you rather I covered up.”

“No you can be yourself and wear what you want just accept some responsibility.”

Surprisingly Sam grabbed her breasts and lifted them up. “Yeah right, be yourself. And I suppose these aren’t too bad either.”

“Sam stop it I’m driving.”

“Ooh sorry little brother.” Sam’s voice went low and husky, very sexy. “Am I distracting you, am I making you hot and bothered.”

“Please Sam, the road.”

Sam lifted her skirt a little, positioning it so Bryce could just see her thong. “Is my itty bitty brother getting excited? I’m so sorry.” She placed her hand on his thigh and slowly moved it upwards. “I’m so, so sorry.”

Sam was inches from his crotch and he had enough. “Alright you win stop please.”

Sam removed her hand, pulled down her skirt and laughed. “Sorry Bryce I couldn’t resist.”

“I thought we stopped playing Chicken a couple of years ago.”


Chicken was a game Sam and I invented as children where we would both do things to see how far the other would go before either of us stopped. As we got older the games turned a little too sexual and we stopped completely a couple of years ago when we almost kissed.


“Well I wanted to spark it up again, might be good for downtime at the Lake House.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean the two of us, alone, no rules, no one to stop us. Anything could happen.”

Bryce looked into Sam’s eyes and saw the look of wonder on her face. When a cruel smile went across his face she understood what he was doing.

“You bastard Bryce, you Chickened me. Good play little brother.”

The rest of the drive wasn’t as exciting, the two of them talked about the usual rubbish, what’s happening at Uni, complaining about John and Mary, movies, music etcetera etcetera.

The teasing continued along the journey as well, a few touches here and there or a random comment with a double meaning. It got worse at the service station when Sam brought it upon herself to bend over a lot when Bryce was behind her, she could feel his eyes trying to see more of her ass, oddly she felt happy he was looking, she was proud of her ass and after years of keeping in shape she felt she should be.

As much as he felt wrong Bryce couldn’t help looking as Sam’s shameful teasing, if her legs came out of nowhere where did her ass come from. When Bryce felt the oncomings of an erection he stopped looking. Back on the road they had finally reached the quieter roads in the north so apart from the odd other car they were the only people on the road. Sam was lying across the back seats, her legs draped over the door, Bryce had slowed the car down so Sam didn’t fall off the seats. Bryce took a C.D. out the glove case and out it on, Bad Love by Eric Clapton started on the stereo, that’s when the conversation turned to one of their favourite topics; music.


Growing up Sam didn’t like the modern music so she started listening to the bands of the 60s and 70s particularly The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd amongst others, Me on the other hand I did like modern music, not the tweeny MTV rubbish but more indie and rock type bands namely Kings Of Leon, Muse and Biffy Clyro. But there’s one singer we both love, Eric Clapton, I said before Sam played guitar in a tribute band, it was during one of her gigs in the local pub that I first heard his music and instantly I was hooked. Oddly enough this was one of our more common arguments, Sam preferred Clapton’s earlier work with Cream and the like whereas I was partial to his later stuff.


“How can you say that, he was so much better in Cream.” Sam was adamant in her argument.

“No way Sam, he’s gotten better with age. You can’t deny Tears In Heaven and My Father’s Eyes. Both have so much passion in them.”

“Fuck the passion, Sunshine Of Your Love and Layla are far better and far more memorable, it’s the riff, it’s always the riff.”

“I’m not denying the riffs are good but they’re not as good as his newer stuff.”

“You simple-minded fool, dear dear little brother you fool.”

They laughed for a while, neither of them ever had any malice behind their arguments it was all in fun. Bryce stopped at the B&B a few minutes later, he put the roof on the car up and helped Sam take the bags inside.

“Hey Sam, let me tell you something. I’ll always remember the first time I saw your band, I was having a drink at the bar when I heard the opening notes to Sunshine. I turned round and I saw you playing the guitar, that’s always been my favourite song because of you.”

Sam gave him a small smile and quickly kissed his cheek. “Thanks little brother.”

The room was small but not horrible, there was a living room/kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. As soon as they got in Sam near enough threw her bag in family stroke porno one of the rooms and headed for a shower, Bryce walked pass the bathroom to get to his room but on the way he caught Sam getting undressed having left the bathroom door open. He stopped and watched her take off her thong from under her skirt, next she pulled her top up and over her head, her breasts seemed to bounce as they were freed. By now Bryce couldn’t tell if the steam in the room was caused by the shower or his cousin. Sam unzipped her skirt, she let it open so that it showed nearly her entire right ass cheek but it didn’t fall, instead she turned round and laughed at Bryce having caught him in the act.

She had left the door open on purpose, she had Chickened him again. She shut the door and got undressed in private, she had always enjoyed teasing Bryce, especially he since he started noticing her body around the same time she noticed the effect she had on him. She knew it wouldn’t go too far but secretly there was a part of her that wondered.

Bryce unpacked everything he needed for tonight and made a coffee. Sam wasn’t long in the shower and was done by the time Bryce finished his coffee.

“Bryce, I forgot a towel can you bring one in.” Sam called through the door.

Looking in the cupboards Bryce managed to find a towel large enough to cover Sam. He walked into the bathroom, the steam covered the room but he managed to find her, she was still in the shower hiding behind the glass that surrounded her, it was frosted glass so he couldn’t see anything but he could tell she was naked behind there.

“You took your time.”

“Sorry, I tried about 6 cupboards before I found a towel.”

Bryce handed Sam the towel and watched as she dried her hair, thinking of a revenge for earlier his eyes darted down to the area where her pussy would be through the glass.

“Glad to see you’ve kept it natural.”

Immediately Sam covered herself. “Jesus Bryce you can see me?”

“No I just wanted to check something.”

It took Sam a second to realise how Bryce had tricked her. “You evil bastard, get out of here.”

The two cousins chuckled as Bryce walked out, Sam got dried and dressed and joined him on the sofa to watch some TV, feeling hungry they ordered a large pizza to share. It arrived not long afterwards, during their shared dinner the conversation turned to their other favourite subject; religion.

Ever since Sam had got out the bathroom Bryce found himself looking at her legs, he’d never noticed them before and here they were on display, he couldn’t help but look. Obviously Sam knew her ‘little brother’ was checking her out and played this to her advantage, letting him get quick peeks up her skirt and leaning over the table for just too long. She was playing Chicken and Bryce knew she’d probably win so he decided to tip the favour in his direction.

“What do you think God would say about you teasing me like this?”

“What’d you mean little brother?”

“I mean like all the little peeks and looks. You know I’m looking you over.”

“You’re the one perving over me.”

“I’m an atheist, same rules don’t apply. Come on Sam I may be checking you out but you’re exacerbating the whole thing, surely your limited view of religion covers this as a sin or something.”

“Why you interested?”

“I want to see how broken your moral compass is.”

“Why, what happens if my morals are so out of whack that I do something crazy, something forbidden?”

“Stop that Sam, don’t play Chicken now I’m trying to talk to you.”

“Sorry little brother, couldn’t resist. Can we change the subject, I like you Bryce but friends who want to stay friends don’t discuss religion or politics.”

“Why, we hardly go a day without discussing religion, what’s wrong now?”

“Normally we argue about the wider points of religion, you’ve never questioned my personal beliefs before. Alright, truthfully I don’t see this as wrong, this is just good natured fun between us, our thing but never going any further than the teasing. It’s not like we’re actually fucking.”

“Wouldn’t mind if we were.”

Bryce immediately regretted saying that, he had said it without thinking and was now hoping she wouldn’t say anything or think of him as a weirdo.

“Did you just say, what I think you said?” He didn’t look her in the eye but he could tell she was looking at his ever-reddening face.

“What, uh, I meant to, um say was, er. You’re a.’ Cough. ‘A very beautiful girl, woman and, uh if we weren’t, y’know, cousin, I wouldn’t, em, mind if we were…”

“Say no more little brother I understand what you’re getting at.”

“Really? So you don’t think I’m disgusting and weird?”

“Oh you’re definitely weird but in a strange way you complemented me and I’ll take it.”

Sam got up and kissed Bryce on the cheek. “Goodnight little brother.” She then leaned in and whispered in his ear. “If we weren’t cousins, I wouldn’t mind either.”

And with that resting on his ear she went to her room, she won this round of Chicken but in a strange way he did as well.

Sam came back a few minutes later wearing her pyjamas, it was a short white night dress showing a lot of leg — something Bryce had no problem with — and it was slightly see-through so Bryce could see the outline of her nipples.

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