Second Taste of Big

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A few months had passed after having sex with a heavy set woman named Tina. I hadn’t used a condom when we made love, and Tina hadn’t let me pull out at the time I had cum. Tina had not become pregnant and I drew a sigh of relief. Even though she was in one of my classes I tended to avoid her.

One day I was walking across campus when I spied Tina with another woman. Tina was fairly attractive for being somewhat overweight, but this other girl put her to shame. She was heavy as well, but she had a very cute face. Some men might describe her body shape as “big boned”, but to me, she was filled out in all the right places.

Tina saw me and waved, then walked over to me with her friend.

Long time no see Dave,” Tina said to me. “You weren’t trying to avoid me, were you?”

“Of course not Tina, I just have been busy with school work,” was my lame explanation to her.

“By the way, this is my friend Lisa,” Tina told me.

I took her hand and shook it. It was as if Tina had disappeared. I was staring at Lisa’s face, and to be honest, I think she was doing the same. I believe Tina became a bit annoyed that she was being ignored.

“Come on Lisa, let’s not hold up Dave any longer,” said Tina.

They both walked away from me and I went about my business. When I got back to my dorm, I took a shower and was lying on my bed thinking. I started to stroke my shaft and fantasize. I was wondered about Lisa. Was she possibly thinking about me? My cock began to get hard and I pumped it a few times, This was no good, I figured. I needed to find out more about Tina’s friend.

I got dressed and walked over to Tina’s dorm. I was hoping that somehow Lisa lived is bostancı escort bayan the same dorm as Tina, and I might just run into her. I know that was a tall order, but I didn’t know how else to do it.

The gods must have been looking down on me that day, because as I was opening the door to the dorm, Lisa came down the stairs.

Our eyes caught each other, and we just broke out laughing. I knew she had been thinking the same thing as I had. I asked where she was going. Lisa said she was heading to the library, she needed to do some research for a paper that was due soon. I asked if she minded me walking along. She told me she wanted the company, so yes, come along.

When we got there, I sat at one of the tables, then Lisa went about her business. It had been a few minutes and Lisa was a no-show. I went to look for her. Hidden down a row of old books stood Lisa. I watched as she was reaching up and leaning down to find the various volumes she needed. I could see her body outline clearly by the dim light of library.

She looked so hot standing there, I don’t think she even saw me, she was so absorbed in her work. I walked directly towards her. I was two feet away before she noticed, and I startled her. I looked directly into her eyes. We moved closer, and I put my arms around her neck.

We had our first passionate kiss there. I then placed my hands on the outside of her shirt, directly over her breasts. Lisa groaned, but didn’t push me away. my tongue flew into her mouth and found her tongue. I knew we were both getting hot and this wasn’t the place for it.

I said, “Let’s go.”

Lisa didn’t object. We walked back to my room. ümraniye escort My roommate was rarely there, as he liked to spend as much time as possible with his girlfriend.

I opened the door to my room and we went in. The door barely closed when it started all over.

“I heard what happened with Tina and you, that was a dirty trick she played,” said Lisa directly to me.

I was somewhat embarrassed that she knew what had happened, but I said nothing.

We moved to the bed and I began to remove Lisa’s clothes. It only took a few minutes until both she and I were totally naked and on the bed. I slowly spread Lisa’s thigh and inserted my tongue in her. She began to writhe all over, so I moved to her clit. Lisa was also a loud lover. I pushed in deep between her folds and tasted her wetness.

Lisa asked me to turn so we could get into a 69 position. I moved my cock right above her mouth and she took my cockhead between her lips. I continued to tongue fuck Lisa and she slowly took more and more of my rod down her throat.

We finally built to a climax, and I couldn’t hold back another second. I shot a load of seed into her mouth and Lisa erupted as I brought her to a climax with my tongue. We lie there for some time, trying to recover.

Lisa then said, “When I saw you Dave, I knew I was attracted to you.”

I told her the same thing. When our eyes met, I had wanted to know her. I turned my body around and Lisa and I were face to face.

Lisa said, “I want more than sex, I want this to last between us.”

I told her I wanted the same, but I was going to make love to her nonetheless. Lisa didn’t push me away, but brought me into her escort kartal arms. There was a lot of Lisa. her tits hung down, and her nipples were big as saucers. She was very curvy, and she had thick thighs.

I nestled in between those thighs, and I fed her the head of my cock. I held it there for a second, then pushed it in. Lisa gasped as she felt my girth. Down, down I pushed my thick pole, past those fleshy pussy lips. Lisa eventually took everything I possessed.

She was greedy for my cock, and she used her muscles to work up and down me. We were in sync now. I pushed deep to the bottom of her pussy and then backed out nearly all the way. Lisa scissored me with those large thighs, and held me locked to her.

We met each others thrusts and fucked that way for at least a half hour. I started feeling a tightness in my sacs and I knew I could not hold on much longer. This time I didn’t want to pull out, but I asked Lisa all the same.

“I am close Lisa, do you want me to cum in you?”

Looking into her eyes, she merely nodded yes. She held me tighter, and I flooded her pussy with my fluids. Seconds later, Lisa returned the favor and coated my erection with all her sticky cum. We just kept going as our orgasm grew and then diminished.

I didn’t pull out for the longest time. Lisa just held me tight and wouldn’t release me. It felt so good having her body next to mine.

After our lovemaking we became a regular couple. I can tell you that her friend Tina did not take the news well. She had this warped idea that I was still her man. I had to tell her that was never going to be the case. Eventually Tina and Lisa drifted apart as friends.

Lisa and I have sex on a regular basis and started to make plans on what we were going to do once we finished college.

I began to realize that lovemaking with a big woman was much more fulfilling to me than bedding down with a skinny female trying to keep a model’s figure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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