Seducing John

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Seducing John

“Keep going, John! I’m almost there.”

Those were the last coherent words I spoke before the first orgasm hit me and all I could do was squeal in pleasure.

John’s massive body was on top of mine. I had my legs scissored around his and my hands were pulling on his buttocks as he rammed hard into me. He was supporting himself on his arms or I would have been crushed. All I could see was his upper chest, and if I rolled my eyes upwards the underside of his chin.

It was so much better than the first time when John had been so aroused that he came almost before he had fully penetrated me. That was two hours ago. Now John was holding back. I could tell it was an effort for him, but he was trying hard to make sure I was satisfied before he was. That shows his love and I love him for it, even if at the moment I cannot think consciously because I am lost in the passion of our coupling.

I had three more orgasms before John couldn’t restrain himself anymore and came into the condom. He slumped across me, expelling all the air from my lungs. I had to persuade him to roll over so I could breathe. I rested on his body with my breast with their erect nipples spread on his chest. His flaccid erection was still just inside me. I checked by squeezing my lower muscles. That produced a groan from John.

“I’m done, Moira, escort bostancı spent, knackered. You’ll have to wait.”

“I can wait, John. You were fantastic…”

He didn’t hear me. He was already asleep. I kissed his chest and settled down to sleep too…


It had started four weeks ago at the office Valentine’s Dance. As I had expected it was a non-event. Because of security only workers at the office could attend, not even wives or partners. I was there with three girlfriends from the office. We had danced most of the evening with each other because the only men on their own were middle-aged married men who had left their wives at home. As they became more drunk, we had to reject their clumsy passes.

We were getting drunk too, not just from boredom, but because we had all been dumped since the New Year. I was more drunk than the others because I am smaller and slight. When John, the only unattached man in the office near my age approached to ask me for a dance, I couldn’t stand up. My legs had gone. I was upset because being asked for a dance by John was such an event. Normally he avoided all women like a plague, so it must have taken him considerable effort to come and ask me to dance, and I couldn’t.

“That does it, Moira!” he said forcefully. “You’re in no state to dance. You should go home.”

He ümraniye escort was right but what he did next startled me. He just picked me up and cradled me in his arms.

“Sorry, ladies,” John said to my friends, “Moira needs to go home and I’m taking her…”

One of my friends put my clutch bag in my arms as John stalked off with me. He loaded me in his car.

“You shouldn’t drive if you’ve been drinking.” I protested, knowing that my words were very slurred.

“I’m sober,” John retorted. “I’m playing Rugby tomorrow morning, so I’ve been on soft drinks.”

I didn’t know whether John new where I lived. He didn’t care. He took me to his flat about two miles from the office, carried me in, and put me down on a settee.

“Stay there, Moira. I’ll get the bedroom ready for you.”

Bedroom? Wasn’t this a bit sudden? John had asked me for a dance, I couldn’t and now he’s getting a bed ready for me. Was I prepared for that?

I needn’t have worried. John stripped me down to bra and panties, put me in the bed and covered me with a duvet.

“The bathroom is there,” he said, pointing. I’ll bring you some water and aspirins. Just settle down for the night and I’ll see you in the morning. I’ll ring your parents to let them know where you are, OK?”

“OK.” I said sleepily, Did John know my parents’ kartal escort bayan phone number? I peered at the bedside clock. Only a quarter to ten. I snuggled down and went to sleep.

I got up twice in the night to go to the toilet. John came into the room about nine am.

“Moira? I’m going to be out for about three hours.” John said. “Stay here. I’ve left things for coffee, cereal and instant porridge in the kitchen. Eat and drink something when you can. See you about noon.”

“Have I been kidnapped?” I asked.

John laughed.

“No, Moira. Rescued. Look after yourself.”

When John returned, I felt better but still delicate. He gave me lunch before taking me to my parents’ house.

My mother opened the door. I explained that John had been looking after me. Mum raised an eyebrow.

“John has been a perfect gentleman,” I said. “He rescued the distressed damsel and now he has brought her home. I love him for it.”

My last statement surprised John but I didn’t let him leave without a kiss even If I had to stand on a step to reach him.


It took me four weeks of determined chasing of John before he accepted that even if I am small, I am a mature woman and not to be treated like a little sister.

At last, I am in his bed and his early ejaculation the first time proved that he finds me attractive. The second time? He showed that he wanted the best for me and would try his hardest to please me.

I can feel that his erection is returning. I will be ready to squirm and squeal under my man mountain, and he is mine. I’m not letting him go…

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