Seducing My Niece Ch. 02

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It was Saturday morning. Already, thought Katherine. The week had flown by.

Her nubile, but confused young niece, Becky was coming to stay for a few weeks.

And Katherine sensed trouble.

Just 20, Becky was aware of her aunt’s sexual orientation and seemed to be heading in the same direction.

The problem was, Becky had a massive crush on her “hot” aunty. And the spare room was out of action so they would need to share the same bed.

Katherine had been avoiding her niece for a long time now and she realized the situation needed to be addressed. Becky was her niece, her sister’s daughter and the feelings they had needed to be dowsed, for everyone’s sake.

Just at that moment, a text message arrived from her niece.

“I’ve booked the taxi, Aunty. Should be at your house tonight at 7pm; can we go out for dinner?”

Well, that was promising, Katherine thought.

The last time they communicated, her niece was very flirtatious to say the least; insisting her aunt wear her sexy nightwear, and promising her a neck rub.

And no she wouldn’t say anything about the sleeping arrangements to her mother.

0650pm. Her niece would be arriving anytime now.

She looked out the kitchen window, just in time to see the taxi pull up. türbanlı porno

Katherine almost subconsciously checked herself in the mirror. Heck, I’m not going on a date!

But she was secretly flattered by the fact her niece thought she was “hot” and, yes wanted to look her best for her.

Knock, knock on the door.

Opening the door, Becky flew into her aunts arms. “Oh Aunt Kathy, finally made it!”

Blushing, her aunt couldn’t help but notice her niece’s figure. Full, rounded breasts, a slim yet not too skinny.

“Niece, so lovely to have you here.”

Helping Becky with her luggage, she showed her the sleeping arrangements.

“The bed’s big enough for us both I think, niece.”

“I’m sure everything will be fine,” her niece smiled.

“Let’s go out for dinner, Becky.”

Over dinner, Katherine thought her niece seemed happy and contented. Perhaps she was over this infatuation she seemed to have for her aunt, after all.

“And do you have a boyfriend, or girlfriend?” Katherine asked.

“Oh Aunty, so nosey!” Becky laughed. “I only like women, as I think you know! That’s why I had to get away for a while.”

“Oh, are things not so great with your mom?”

“Well, it’s not that,” replied türk porno Becky. “And I know it sounds like a cliché, but mom doesn’t understand.”

Katherine just sat and listened to her niece. Not really a favorite niece anymore, but a young woman in her own right.

She had expected the same flirty 20 year old that had sent the suggestive texts. But this was a different Becky, mature and responsible; perhaps the weeks ahead might not be so bad after all.

Katherine plunged in.

“So, I’m not the hot aunty anymore, then girl?”

Becky grinned, and replied, “Oh yes you are hot! And yes, I know you’re my aunty.”

Mildly disappointed, Katherine turned the topic back to family and other mundane topics.

In the taxi on the way back to Katherine’s house the two women maintained a comfortable silence; happy in each others company.

Then Becky slid across to be closer to her Aunt and whispered a quiet “Thank you,” and rested her head on her shoulder.

Katherine rested her hand on Becky’s knee and the two women held hands for the rest of the trip. Now and then Becky would stroke her aunt’s arm and Katherine didn’t have the will to stop her; besides, it was nice, she thought to herself.

Finally home, the two women türkçe porno went inside and after listening to some music Katherine announced she was feeling tired and might go to bed.

“Ok, you use the shower first,” Becky said. “Then I’ll be right behind you.”

“Ok sweetie”, called Katherine over her shoulder.

As the hot water flowed over her body, Katherine thought that this was indeed a new Becky. By now, she would have cheekily asked if she could scrub her aunties back!

Gone were the childish infatuations and the crush on her “hot” aunt. In its place was a strong, confident young lady. And, not an unattractive one.

As Katherine got out of the shower she could hear voices in the lounge. Listening closer, she realized it was Becky on the phone to her mother.

“Yes mom, it’s awesome here at Aunt’s. No, the spare room is being renovated.”

Her niece turned around as she heard her aunt walk into the room.

“Don’t worry mum, I’m just sleeping on the couch,” said Becky, and threw a sly wink at Katherine. “Later, love you.”

Becky looked at Katherine and asked, “Would you prefer I bunked down on the couch, aunty?”

Taken aback, Katherine recovered her composure. “No, that couch is not very comfortable. Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

“Ok, I’ll just jump in the shower,” said Becky. “And aunty, don’t forget you promised to wear your sexy night clothes.”

“Well niece,” Katherine replied. “And you promised me a neck massage.”

Both women laughed and headed towards the bedroom.

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