Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 02

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Big Tits

(…continuing the story of Becky’s enslavement at the hands of her salacious aunt…)

I knew Becky would come to my holiday apartment that night but I kind of hoped that she’d be just a little late so that I would be able to carry out my veiled threat and begin her subjugation with a light spanking and thus set the tone for the evening. It would also be the ideal opportunity to see how her delectable bottom responded to different kinds of smacks.

I already had certain little tortures in mind to try out on her but one is never quite certain how these things are going to pan out over the course of an evening. I generally have a rough ‘game plan’ in mind, a framework from which to work around, but I have to build in flexibility and contingency to account for the varying moods and reactions of my victim as we go along.

It doesn’t always do to force the issue, Becky was still very young and impressionable, and my sweet niece after all, and I couldn’t run the risk of alarming or frightening her off, or upsetting her so much it would cause a family rift, or even worse.

At the same time, I didn’t want to be too soft on her. I wanted to be salaciously abusive to her body and allow her to feel pain in the right measures. Most discomfort when administered tenderly, and with understanding, can be enjoyable to the giver and recipient, particularly if a link to sexual pleasure and satisfaction can be established. I would have to walk a fine line to keep things within bounds. I wanted the atmosphere to be ‘edgy’ but safe. I wanted her to feel relaxed and comfortable in my company, yet not totally so. I wanted to keep her guessing and on the back foot and unable to anticipate what was coming next, yet I still wanted her to have enough confidence to give herself over completely to the things I had in mind for her.

She would be my very own teen-slave for a whole evening, but I intended to get her hooked on being a career submissive within that timeframe. I wanted her to come back for more again and again. In my mind I could already see myself attaching the various restraints and spacers to Becky’s lithe limbs at my house in Brentwood when we all returned from vacation. She could come for a whole weekend and I would be far better equipped to provide the necessary props of domination there. Oh, how the thought of it made my mouth water and my crotch tingle.

Here, in this holiday apartment, I would have to rely on the things that were readily available to me – domestic items mainly, wooden spoons and spatulas for spanking, leather belts for whipping, plastic clothes pegs for nipple clamping, teaspoons for light erotic branding etc.

And of course, I didn’t have any actual rope for tying up with, but then I rarely use it because it is so cruel and abrasive. I believe you have to be kind to be cruel successfully. Fortunately, I always carry with me, especially on vacations, my trusted black satin ribbons which were all at least a metre long and allowed for multiple binding. I have always found these allow the victim to be restrained in comfort, while being strong enough to withstand the physical resistance and subsequent struggling that particular victim might present, and psychologically they impart trust between ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ because of their agreeable sensation on the skin. I have often found that a victim puts up a kind of ‘token’ resistance initially, paying a sort of lip-service to indicate that they are not entirely willing to be bound and abused before letting themselves go and submitting completely.

The whole psychology of BDSM games is based on forcing or ‘persuading’ someone else to subject themselves to things that they may never considered enjoyable before, and then bring about a change in them so they come to embrace the thing that was taboo in their mind or even abhorrent to them, and ultimately desire it as a preference to the norm. If we, as torturers can bring this about, we have succeeded in our mission. And as dark and perverted as it seems, it is so very enjoyable to corrupt youthful innocence at the same time.

The truth of the matter is, most of the time potential bottoms enjoy being subdued, tied down and helpless anyway, once they see that nothing really bad is going to happen to them.

So, apart from the few props I have mentioned, I didn’t have a great deal to work with. But I did have my piece-de-resistance… my coup-de-grace… and that was my inexhaustible warped imagination and appetite for things kinky – that had always stood me in good stead in the past when the erotic chips were down.

At ten to eight I checked around to see that everything was in place as far as it could be. Preparation is everything, and yet you still have to be spontaneous and natural when the situation demands it.

I set out the satin ribbon ties at the four corners of the bed, just looping them around twice and hanging loose but at the ready. On the bedside table I put a selection of plastic clothes pegs from the laundry room, a couple of wooden spoons and a nice wide plastic spatula, all useful and effective items to spank tecavüz porno with, and inside the drawer I put a thin plastic belt from one of my skirts.

It was then I remembered another important humiliation component. I went to the laundry basket and selected from my dirty washing, two pairs of worn panties, suitably smeared and soiled. The fragrance in the gussets almost turned me on. I hoped they would have a similar effect on Becky. I added these to the items in the bedside table drawer. Everything was ready.

I checked myself in the mirror. Not bad, even if I say so myself. I’d decided on a light-blue twin-set, short black skirt, black stockings, and matching bra and panties in black lace embossed with a floral pattern. A pair of black four inch heeled pumps completed the kindly-but-kinky-aunt look. I was dressed to thrill – or to dominate at any rate. I checked my hair and make-up and I was ready for action.

I don’t usually suffer with nerves, but I was aware of my heart racing. I think it was just the sheer wickedness and taboo of what was in store for Becky and me. I wonder what my brother and sister-in-law would have made of it? The thought nearly made me blush, but not quite. I tried to put it out of my mind and focus on the job in hand.

Much to my chagrin Becky arrived at two minutes to eight. This meant I wouldn’t be able to open the evening with a nice bottom-warming for her. Damn! Ah well, I would soon be getting Becky to perform some nice forfeits before too long for any petty misdemeanours I could find her guilty of. It wouldn’t be too difficult to invent a few minor but punishable indiscretions.

I opened the door to a vision of pure beauty and innocence. She looked stunning, good enough to eat in fact (and I intended to), smartly dressed in red top, red tartan skirt and white stocking-hose. I bet Becky could have worn anything and it would have taken my breath away at that moment, she was absolutely divine. Her corn-coloured hair swung at her shoulders as she coyly inclined her head, the red of the setting sun behind her threw her petite features into sharp relief.

I had to fight back the desire to take her straight to bed with me right there and then, but I really did want to make her wait for her sexual awakening and anyway, I’m basically a tease. To me the journey to a destination is often more pleasurable than the actual arrival. In this instance I was determined to keep the journey going and delay the arrival for as long as possible. But of course I had to bear in mind that I only had one evening to convert Becky into being the perfect submissive.

“Hi!” She was leaning casually on one arm, the flat of her hand against the porch brickwork, her hips at a provocative angle. Well, maybe she wasn’t so innocent after all. But a top can dream, can’t she?

“Am I on time?” she asked, brightly.

“Early, actually. I let her in “No trouble with Mom then I take it.”

“No, she was fine. I did exactly as you suggested – that we were getting together to play some music. I’ve brought these.”

Becky handed me a couple of CDs from her bag. “What’s this?”

“‘The Darkness’, and… ‘The Cure’?”

How naïvely sweet of her, she thought we might actually play some music tonight. The only music I was interested in hearing were her sweet songs of sensual pain as I vented my lust upon her 18 year old body.

“Not my cup of tea, Becky, I’m afraid. I’m more into the classics, chamber music, choral… that kind of thing. I gave her a peck on the cheek. “Very sweet of you though, honey. Put them back in your bag so you won’t forget them.”

I subtly brushed against her breast as I handed her the CDs, and then let my hand slide down her arm to her wrist. “I’m really glad you came, though.”

“Me too. I didn’t know you were religious, Aunt Kate.”

“What, just because I like classical music? Just a little, maybe. Anyway, I thought everybody in our family was religious one way or another. I’m a member of the local church choir as well, you know.”

“Oh Auntie, I’d love to come and see you perform.”

I’ll see if I can arrange something for the two of us.”

Actually, the only performance I was interested in Becky seeing me in, was tonight’s, when I would be using all my guile and stagecraft to seduce and corrupt her. Poor little love, she didn’t stand a chance. I was beginning to feel the warmth and thrill of sadism and lust stirring within me… and my confidence was growing.

“What are we going to do, Aunt Kate?”

“I thought I’d already made that plain to you down on the beach this afternoon, sweetheart?”

Becky blushed delightfully. “Like… we’re going to kiss some more?”

I held her hand and led her through to the lounge. “I sure hope so, honey… and some. Gee, you’re so cute. Sit down, won’t you? Something to drink?”

“Oh, yes please, Aunt Kate… I’ll just have some orange juice with ice if you have it.”

“What? My goodness, Becky, is that the best you can do? You’re out with the big girls now. – come on, lighten up.”

“Mommy travesti porno doesn’t let me drink alcohol at home; she says it’s the devil’s water.”

“Well, my dear little niece, perhaps you haven’t noticed, but your mommy isn’t around to tell you what to do, and I’m not going to tell on you, so you can stop worrying. Anyway, I insist… tonight we are going to celebrate – that is… the coming together of we two, so I’ll be offended if you don’t join me.”

I started mixing her a screwdriver, but I made it two parts vodka to one part orange juice, twice normal strength, and some fruit and ice. I stirred it and threw in a little pink polka-dot umbrella. My own drink was low on alcohol, high on mixer. Becky wouldn’t know the difference from one screwdriver to another. I had to remain in control of my actions and emotions, but I wanted her to shed her inhibitions. I didn’t intend to blow this opportunity. I brought our drinks over and sat down on the sofa next to her. I made sure she had a good gulp of hers and then I took the glass from her and set it down on a side table.

“Well, honey. From what you’ve told me, you’ve never eaten pussy before?”

She blushed beautifully. “No, Aunt Kate… I told you, it was just kissing.”

“You’ve not even petted with a girl?”

“No, Aunt Kate. Why would I have?”

“I just know that some girls get to try it in high school? You know, like experiment and stuff?”

“It just never happened. I would have liked to, but I guess I was just too afraid.”

“Eighteen… and you’ve never petted, or eaten pussy?”

“God, no, Aunt Kate.”

“Did you like what we did on the beach this afternoon, sweetheart?”

“It was wonderful, but I know you were teasing me. I kind of ached afterwards. I felt so unfulfilled.”

“Did it make you want to masturbate when you got back?”


“Then did you?”

Becky shook her head. “Uh-uh! I didn’t have the opportunity… and I wanted to save myself for you.”

“Well, honey. I’m very flattered. Let’s hope we can make your wait worthwhile.”

I sipped my drink and watched her face, trying to guess her thoughts and emotions.

She chewed her bottom lip nervously.

“Would you like to see my hairy pussy, honey?”


“Have you ever even seen a mature woman’s pussy before?”


“Okay then. Let’s see if I can’t put that right.”

I lay back in the corner of the sofa and parted my legs. I began rubbing myself through my panties while I kept my eyes fixed on her face, trying to gauge her reactions. She looked kind of embarrassed and let her eyes fall away to her knees.

“Don’t go all shy on me, Becky. Look at me; I want you to watch what I’m doing.”

I pulled my panties to the side. Becky giggled nervously and went bright red. God, I swear I could feel the heat coming off her face. It was incredible. But at least she was smiling, albeit in an embarrassed kind of way. It was perfect; my actions had just enough sass to make her feel slightly uncomfortable without going too far. I was good at teasing and I could tell she was getting turned on from watching me.

I put my fingertips just inside the fold and scooped at the juice, and then I held them out to her, all wet and glistening.

“Come closer Becky, honey. I want you to taste my pussy juice.”

“Oh, Aunt Kate, you are juicy, aren’t you?”

“It’s what you do to me, sweetheart. Now open your mouth.”

Sweet Becky – she was so compliant. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, like a child waiting to be given a candy. I put my fingers under her nose. “Smell me first, honey, smell your sweet aunt’s succulent cunt. I want you to tell me if it relates to what you are about to taste. There you go… breathe in…”

“Mmm, it’s quite strong actually, Aunty.”

“Good, I’m so pleased. Now taste… That’s it… Good girl… Lick them clean. Oh, yeees, that’s so sweet of you!”

“Mmm, it’s delicious.” I could feel Becky’s tongue swirling around my fingers, sucking hard like she had a cock in her mouth.

“Now kiss me.” I pulled Becky to me and kissed her violently, nipping at her bottom lip until I tasted the blood. She jolted her head back in alarm.

“Ouch! Christ, Aunt Kate. That really hurt.”

“It was meant to, dear. And by the time I’ve finished with you, you will have come to enjoy and embrace the different pains I bring upon your body.”

Her hand went up to her mouth. She touched her lip and looked at her fingers. “I’m bleeding.”

“Of course, why else did you think I did it?” I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. “Now kiss me again, Becky. I want to taste your blood.”

“Please don’t bite me again though, Aunt Kate. I don’t like it.”

I had my hand on her crotch. It was lovely and warm, and damp. “Is that so, Becky? Well, your lovely little pussy is telling me otherwise. I’m afraid it’s giving you away – big time! Now kiss me.”

I drew her to me until I could feel the mound of her breast against mine. Then I kissed tumblr porno her, sucking the blood from her tiny wound until the taste of iron filled my mouth. I could sense her agitated breathing, her mounting excitement. When I’d had my fill I released her.

“There, has that soothed it? Now Becky, I want you to masturbate for me. Will you do that for me honey?”

“Well o-okay… You mean right here on the sofa?”

“Yes, dear… Right here on the sofa – give your favourite aunt a lovely sexy show. Be hot and dirty for me. Act like a slut for me, sweetheart.”

“Mommy always told me it was wrong for a girl to touch herself there. Like it was a sin? That’s why I wish you could do it for me.”

“Forget Mommy, sweetheart. I want you to do it to yourself.” I dabbed at the blood still oozing from Becky’s bottom lip with a tissue. “I’m going to teach you how to enjoy your body and have lots of guilt-free fun.”

Becky self-consciously, but rather beautifully, lay back and moved her hand up her skirt and began touching herself.

“Hitch your skirt right up, honey. That’s just perfect.”

She closed her eyes and seemed to drift off somewhere, rubbing herself through the material of her panties distractedly.

“Get your fingers inside, sweetheart. Pull your panties out of the way and show me that sweet, sweet pussy of yours. I know you’re a natural blonde.” And Becky pulled her underwear to one side to give me a flash of her superbly pouting down-covered lips. Her eyelids fluttered like two butterflies as her fingers touched wetness. “Good girl, Becky. Rub yourself, darling, excite yourself and show your aunt just what you’ve got hidden away.”

I edged closer to her and pushed her thighs apart with the flat of my hands. Then I wedged my knees between hers to keep her legs open to give me a nicer view. “Go on, baby girl, do it for Auntie. Make yourself nice and juicy.” My lewd encouragement seemed to spur her on and she began rubbing herself more vigorously while I kept up the ribald dialogue.

She settled into a nice rhythm and I could feel my own juice oozing. My hand went to my crotch and I began to masturbate while I watched my niece do the same. She let out a series of soft sighs and moans and occasionally her eyes fluttered open to look at me. When she saw that I was joining her in mutual stimulation she smiled, closed her eyes again and went back to work with renewed zest.

I didn’t intend to make myself ‘cum’ yet and I didn’t want Becky to do so either. I would wait until she was on the verge of orgasm and then interrupt her. Her sighs were building to a crescendo while I continued to float languidly, but controlled on the edge. Then, just as I knew she was about to ‘cum’ I leaned forward and slapped her face.

It had the desired effect. It stopped her in her tracks and she looked totally shocked, confused and suddenly self-conscious.

“Stop there, Becky,” I said. “That’s quite enough. What the hell do you think you’re playing at?”

“W-what, do you mean, Aunt Kate? What have I done wrong? I thought you wanted me to–“

“You were going too fast. You are not allowed to ‘cum’ yet. I want you to earn that pleasure. It will be your ultimate reward for giving yourself to me.”

She looked confused and hurt – a delicious combination of emotions. I continued, but now using a more severe tone to my voice. “I want you to strip off for me Becky, and then I’m going to shave you.”

“Shave me, Aunt Kate? What on earth for?”

“Must you repeat everything I say to you? Yes, you heard perfectly well what I said. I’m going to shave you, and afterwards tie you down to the bed like we agreed.”

“I didn’t realise I’d agreed to being tied down, Aunt Kate.”

“Oh, I think you’ll find that is exactly what we agreed to. Remember – on the beach today?”

Becky was rubbing her cheek where I had just smacked her. A lovely red mark had now joined the overall warm pink glow of her flushing complexion.

“I thought I only said I might find the idea exciting.”

“And you will. Now stand in front of me and hold your arms up.”

Becky obeyed immediately and I pulled her top off over her head and tossed it on the sofa. She had on a nice white ‘uplifter’ bra. I reached behind her and undid the clasp. I slid it away from her shoulders and her boobs tumbled free like jellies from the mould. She kicked her shoes off while I unbuttoned her tartan mini-skirt and slid it down to her ankles. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. Next were her panties. I hooked my fingers under the elastic and began easing them over the curve of her bottom and the exquisite flare of her superb hips. What a delightful sight she presented to my eyes, smooth youthful skin, lightly tanned to the colour of sand, white patches where her bra and panties had been, and a gorgeous light sprinkling of blonde hair around her chubby mound.

“What a beauty you are, Becky!” I exclaimed. “And I’m bound to say… quite, quite exquisite.”

I let my hand float over her bottom, trailing my index finger along her crack. It felt pleasantly humid. I moved my hand around to her front and played with her pubic hair, giving a little tug here and there just hard enough to cause her to take a sharp intake of breath. Then, cupping her vagina, I could feel the gathering dew surrounding the lips.

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