Sensitive Skin

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My skin is very sensitive. My entire body is actually an erogenous zone. I can get turned on from someone touching the back of my arm or my calf. I met a guy one night, at a nightclub on the local Navy Base. His name was Andy and he was tall and blonde. Kind of geeky looking, with a little pot belly, but he had the cutest smile and there was just something about him that attracted me to him.

I invited him to go walking on the beach with me, and he agreed. We walked for a couple of hours, stopping occasionally to sit on the sea wall and watch the waves. After a bit, I asked him back to my apartment and he agreed.

We got back to my apartment and I turned on some music and we lay on the floor listening to music and talking. Andy began to run his hand up and down my back and I moaned softly and laid my head on my outstretched arms. Andy scooted closer and continued to gently run his hands along my spine and then along the sides of my back. I sighed happily and scooted in right against Andy’s body.

Andy was a very patient man. He lightly teased and tickled my back alone for nearly an hour. Finally, I sighed and rolled away from him. I explained that I felt confined and wanted to change “into something more comfortable.” Andy smiled and leaned back against the couch as I got unsteadily to my feet and wandered off to the closet. I shucked my clothes güvenilir bahis and slipped into a shortie nightgown – I did not want to appear brazen by coming out of my bedroom naked. But I did leave off the panties. Grinning, I came back into the room and lay down once again on the floor, snuggled up to Andy.

Andy spent the next three hours lightly touching and rubbing every part of my body. He started with my back and arms, then moved on to my legs. As he moved up my legs, I spread them. The scent of my arousal wafted up as Andy lightly touched the inside of my thighs. I moaned and lifted my hips to him, but he moved on without touching my aching pussy. He teased my ass crack, lightly moving downwards, but again stopping short of my now sopping pussy. Then he nibbled on my ear and whispered for me to turn over.

By this point I was shamelessly aroused and probably would have stood on my head had Andy asked me to.

So I rolled over, my braless tits bouncing and the nipples poking up and screaming for attention. Andy started at my feet. By the time he got to my knees, I was ready to scream for him to fuck me, moaning and begging incoherently. But Andy was a man with a mission. He slowly moved up my thighs, ignoring the invitiation as I spread my legs wide. He simply teased the inside of my thighs, stopping a fraction of an inch before türkçe bahis my swollen pussy lips. Then he circled his hands around my hips and moved onto my belly.

Grinning, he lifted my nightgown and pulled it over my head. I was beyond caring that I was lying naked in the middle of my living room floor. I moaned and arched my back, silently begging him to continue. In ever decreasing circles, Andy circumnavigated my breasts, causing the nipples to stand up – they felt as hard as diamonds. Finally his amazing, gentle, teasing hands closed over my nipples. I moaned as he squeezed my tits, catching the nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Andy stretched out beside me on the floor once again. At some point he had shed his clothing and I could feel his hard cock nestled against my hip. He began stroking my breasts again and then worked his way down to my pussy. Finally! His gentle fingers parted my pussy lips and lightly stroked my clit. I arched my back and spread my legs even further and in response his fingers dipped further down, slipping inside me. I gasped as he thrust two of his fingers inside me a couple of times and then removed them and began spreading more moisture over my clit.

By this point I was begging “please, please, please” over and over again, just a whisper as my body rose and fell as he played me like a master musician. güvenilir bahis siteleri He continued his light stroking as he positioned his body between my legs. I lifted my legs, angling my hips as I felt his cock pushing at my pussy. He thrust and entered me in one stroke, I was so wet from his ministrations. And as he slid into me, his thumb stroked my clit and I came. I screamed as I came, my pussy clamping down on his cock and my hips bucking. Andy grabbed my hips and drove his cock completely into me, riding out my orgasm. As my wild bucking stopped, Andy began to stroke – in, out, in, out – as gentle and as stimulating as his hands. He picked up speed, thrusting deeper as my hips came up to allow him better penetration. And I came again, my pussy spasming and my clit throbbing.

Andy slowed his strokes as I recovered from my second orgasm, thrusting further but slower, and he began to rub my clit again. He leaned forward and kissed me, whispered in my ear that he was very close to coming and wanted me to come with him. Then he began to thrust hard and fast, fucking me good, and pinching my clit. I felt his cock go rigid and begin to throb as his orgasm started and then I crashed into my third orgasm, my pussy throbbing and clamping down on his spurting cock. He groaned loudly, but continued to thrust until we were both spent.

We took a shower together and then I drove him back to the base as the sun was coming up. On the way home, I heard that song by the Cure and I just had to laugh. You know the one…”Show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream, she said…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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