Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 14

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Chapter 14

Illustrated version available on request. PW

A Visit Home & Incest with My Sister, Ashley

After two weeks of meandering around Athens and having completed the assignments for my classes, I decided to go home and pay a surprise visit to my mother and sister that weekend. I had been feeling guilty about not going home to see my mother, especially since she’d been receiving the Chemo treatments on a regular basis.

Ah, but being nineteen and surrounded by all that Athenian pussy it was easy for me to forget about my responsibilities now that I was the man of the house.

I arrived home and discovered that Ashley was about to take mother for her cancer treatment and I was invited to join them. Ashley was dressed demurely in a white blouse and gray skirt with black hose and shoes. Her hair, cut short, still had a portion tied in a short ponytail and she was a woman in every sense of the word–and beautiful to boot.

I was taken aback on seeing my mother, for she had aged ten or more years in the two months since I had last seen her. Chemo had ravaged her system while attempting to cure her of the cancerous cells eating her body. I tried to hide my shock but failed as my mother knew me as did my little sister, who told me later I looked as if I’d seen a ghost.

What followed changed my perception of people with dire diseases for the rest of my life. Please allow me a few words on cancer and those unfortunate to be victimized by it. Cancer is an insidious disease, the patient tries one treatment and if it appears to impede the cancer’s progress, feels a measure of gratification that is hard to measure for in fighting the cancerous cells the chemo destroys and /or weakens other, vital cells putting additional strain on one’s bodily system. Then in all too many instances, the patient learns the disease has returned to attack their body in a different part, or even the same area it imperiled before.

In mother’s case, the cancer returned following an all too brief hiatus after the first rounds of chemo. The second round elicited several side effects leaving mother worse off then she had been earlier. That is not to imply that she shouldn’t have undergone the second round of chemo. Everyone involved thought or hoped it was the thing to do at the time.

Now Mother’s cancer was in an advanced stage; meaning it was not under control and had spread from where it started to other parts of the body, the goal now was to improve the quality of life, for Mother had only months to live regardless of the chemo treatments.

“What do you recommend, doctor?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you or your family what to do, only what’s available to your mother. Remember it’s your mother that will make the decision.”

“I understand, but what would you do if it were you in her position?”

“Mr. Clark, I cannot make, or suggest a decision. I hope you understand that. Furthermore, it is your mother that will make any decisions with respect to her treatment or lack of treatment. It’s the law. I will tell you that I’m not overly fond of the law, but I will follow it. I have many patients like your Mother; to those having reached similar stages I give them the available options. Should they choose not to avail themselves of any further treatment; or if further treatment is not going to help, there are hospices that will help the patient and their loved ones through her final days. Your sister has those names in her possession already. I really think you should discuss this with your sister and possibly your mother. Quite frankly, I’m puzzled as to why you haven’t done this already.”

That put me in my place and I could only mumble that I had only just arrived and had not been kept up to date while away at college.

The doctor nodded in understanding and took me aside. “Look, Mr. Clark, your Mother’s cancer has spread throughout her body. Further treatments won’t help and would probably

weaken her further. I have already talked with your sister, who by the way, has a good

head on her shoulders and has done your family proud in the way she’s taken charge and handled matters.

“Just make your Mother as comfortable as possible these last few days and you’ll have done her a great service.”

Thoroughly shaken after absorbing the truth of Mother’s situation, I thanked the doctor and returned to sit with my sister and silently waited for mother to return from having her blood taken.

We returned home, with Mother asking me about school and Ashley about a dress she was fixing up for a dance the following week and not a word about herself. I deliberately failed to mention my dismissal from the swimming team, and talked about my grades, which were straight A’s.

That delighted Mother, and wanting to preserve the moment, offered to buy them lunch at a local restaurant. Both rejected my offer, maintaining that there was plenty to eat at home and our maid would have a sumptuous repast waiting for us when we got there.

There was a very nice lunch awaiting us, but Mother begged xvideos porno off and Ashley helped her to her bedroom where she lay down for a needed nap.

Ashley returned and we ate quietly until she broke the silence by saying, “You know the worst of it now I expect.”

“I do. I want to say thank you for stepping in and taking charge. I should have been here. Maureen could have been here …”

“No!” Ashley said without raising her voice, but firmly enough to keep me from disagreeing with her. You’re both concentrating on college–it’s your future. I’m a senior in high school with A+ grades and accepted at three different schools. I have the time, the right location and therefore the means of caring for Mom. And I have the maid as well as Mom’s caretaker while I’m at school.”

“Oh,” I said softly. “Well I’m still bothered by being left out when major decisions are being made without any knowledge.”

“That was Mom’s decision, live with it. I have. It’s not pleasant and it inevitable, according to the medical specialists at the Cancer Center. Mom has told me time and time again to live my life and she’ll live hers as long as it lasts.

“Okay, okay, so how have you been; I mean, this being your senior year and all?”

“The truth? I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in such a short span of time. I feel I’ve grown in almost everything …” Ashley paused at that point and looked at me. “Have you spoken with Maureen lately?”

“No I haven’t. I’ve been meaning too, but I’ve had a lot going on at school, although not anywhere close to what you’ve had to deal with.”

“Okay … well, Maureen’s told me about what the two of you did the last time you were home.”

I was too stunned to respond. Fortunately Ashley took it as my needing proof of what she had just implied and elaborated.

“She told me that she and her boyfriend got drunk and you carried her upstairs, leaving him sleeping on the living room couch. You must have undressed her and then raped her. What I don’t understand is why. Mo had told me several times she’d willingly put out for you. For God’s sake, I would have too. If only …”

“Just a second, Ashley. Before you go any further, let me stop you right there. I don’t want you saying something that can’t be taken back–maybe you already have–but I need to set the record straight.”

Ashley appeared confused. Apparently she hadn’t expected a rebuttal on my part. But I wasn’t going to allow my older sister to lie about our incestuous activity.

“First off–and I have a vivid recollection of what happened that night …”

“I bet you do!” Ashley spat out at me.

“Maureen got her date, a poor guy named Barney, drunk as a skunk. I will admit Mo can handle the booze pretty well, for she matched Barney drink for drink while I nursed my drink. I need to add that I don’t drink to excess at any time. I’ll have a drink or two but that’s it.

“You were there, Ashley, you saw us. But it was a late night for you and I recall you yawned and said goodnight and went off to beddy-bye.”

“No need for sarcasm, Donald,” Ashley said sharply.

“Sorry, I am kind of pissed off at what Mo told you. It’s not true, none of it. And here’s the truth, so help me … Mo plied Barney with a couple more drinks, but stopped drinking herself. I asked her where he was sleeping, and Mo replied, ‘Not in my room!’ But good old Barney snickered at that and I knew they’d been sleeping together.

“Something just wasn’t right about the situation, but while I was puzzling it out, Barney spilled his drink and announced he was going to throw up. I hustled him into the bathroom and left him vomiting to confront Mo, who was on her knees cleaning up the spilled drink. I accused her of deliberately getting him drunk. She looked me right in the eye and said, ‘I did, because I didn’t want to fuck him tonight!'”

“She didn’t!”

“Yes, Ashley, she certainly did.”

“She followed up with: ‘Did you think I was a virgin? Barney isn’t the first either …are you?’

“I wasn’t, but for some reason I told her I was.”

“Oh, brother!” Ashley said letting out an overly long pent up breath.

“Mo crowed, ‘I knew it! I fuckin’ knew it!’

“Suddenly we were like close confidents: ‘What have you done, Donnie? I mean, you can tell me, I’m your big sister,’ she purred as she ran her fingers over my arm.

“I knew Mo might have had one too many drinks, but kept my mouth shut about it. That led us into a you know … a you go first game. Mo enlightened me: ‘I kissed a bunch of guys my first week on campus. The second week I jerked a couple off. I let a few finger me and suck my titties. And remember Calvin Jones, the black kid whose mother worked as our maid a while back?’

“Yeah,” I replied with a dry mouth.

‘I sucked his black cock, and loved it! And then I fucked him. I’ve fucked twenty two guys since going off to college.’ Her voice was slurred somewhat. ‘Do you think I’m a whore?’

“What did you tell her, Donnie?”

“The yerli porno best I could come up with was: ‘”No, maybe a bit on the slutty side, but not a whore, Mo. That is unless you were charging them.”

“she didn’t blink an eye at that, but plunged ahead with, ‘So … so who did you do it with? You do it with Alice?’

“I told her Alice and I have made out a couple times, but other than a few kisses and a little grouping here and there, nothing I’d want to brag about.”

“Oh, God, so you’re still waiting for the right girl?”

“Are you kidding? I’d have done it with anybody! I mean, not really, but I don’t … I don’t get on with girls all that well … you know what I mean, Mo.”

“Would you like to kiss me, Donnie?”

“C’mon, you’re my sister,” I said.

“I asked you a question, Donnie.”

Ashley’s eye twitched nervously at his words. Of course Donnie was quoting his older sister, but all the same … kissing one another?

“Did you?” Ashley asked.

Donnie smiled at her. “Yes, we kissed.”

Ashley’s mind was racing … I’m prettier than Maureen, everyone says so … I’ve got blonde hair, Mo is more personable sure, but my breasts are just as big as hers and my ass is much nicer.

“And when it ended,” Donnie continued, “she held me there and sent her tongue into my mouth.”

He looked at Ashley. “You do know about Frenching, right?”

“I know more than Frenching, brother,” she replied unknowingly lowering a barrier that her brother had set for them.

“Mo began to tease me then …”

“Then? What the fuck do you call what she was doing before that?”

“Truthfully? I thought it was the drink talking, not my sister. I was wrong, but didn’t realize it at the time.

“But when she said, ‘I saw you in the shower once. You were beating off.’ I knew we were in forbidden territory.”

“She commented about my privates and I knew she was telling the truth. Then she touched me. I mean she really touched me, you know?”

Ashley felt her own nipples tingling and realized that she was holding her breath.

“Mo said, ‘Do I excite you, Donnie? Are you going to cum for me?'”

“But … what about Barney?” Ashley inquired heatedly.

“That’s exactly what I said too, Ashley. Mo was ready with an answer too. ‘He’s of no use to me. He’s passed out, drunk, but you are!'”.

“She didn’t!”

“Oh, but he did! And more–‘Ever think you be close to fucking your sister?’ she breathed hotly in my ear after we’d kissed some more.

A glimpse down at Ashley’s white blouse told me she was as excited as I was at the moment. Her nipples looked like they were going to burst through the cups of her lacy bra at any moment.

“I don’t …” Ashley gasped in disbelief.

“The next thing I knew, she had me by the hand and led us to her bedroom and locked the door.”

“Oh, my God!” Ashley said trying to absorb what I’d just told her.

“So you two did do it?”

“Ahh, yes; several times in fact. And I want to go on record as saying Maureen initiated the whole thing, start to finish. She took my virginity. I mean, just ask her.”

“Mo did that?”

“I’ll never forget the lust in her eyes as I hopped from one leg to the other, shucking off my trousers. When I bent down to remove a sock, Maureen unzipped the rest of her dress and let it fall away. She wore no bra, just a pair of lacy panties and left her shoes and thigh-highs on.

“Her thigh-highs …” Ashley said wondrously, obviously completely caught up in the telling of my virginal seduction.

“Then she whispered, ‘Now show me that cock, little brother!’ and I did.”

“Ooooh,” Ashley gasped and I saw that she was having trouble breathing normally.

“Are you all right, Ashley?”

It took a moment for her to reply–“Yes–Yes, I’m all right, brother.”

“I won’t belabor what happened next. Let’s leave it at we fucked and then fucked some more, okay?”

“Okay …”

Then she seemed to change her mind and asked, “Did you two do everything? I mean like oral too?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” I was surprised that my voice had gone hoarse. “Yeah, that’s how she began … she threatened me not to … not to cum.”


“I told her I could do it more than once. She thought I’d lied to her about being a virgin.

“Well hadn’t you?”

“No, Ashley, and I’ll tell you what I told Maureen. I was just eighteen and jerked off several times a day. I could do it three times in thirty minutes or so.”

“You can?” She was both surprised and impressed by this admission.

“What you want me to prove it to you?”

“Oh, no! No!”

“She asked me if I wanted to look at her pussy and I did.”


“Come on, Ashley, Mo had already had us both naked on her bed. She had my penis in her hand or mouth at the time, I can’t recall which; it must have been her hand, because she asked me if I wanted to see her pussy up close.

It was a first for me, and I was curious as well as horny, and curiosity won youjizz porno out. You want to hear all this?”

“Yeah … sure.”

“I guess Mo decided to act like a gynecologist–I’ve been with a few girls at college since and examined several–anyway, she spread herself apart and I saw the inside of my first vagina. I even went so far as to part her ass cheeks to look at her anus. I blew light into it. I don’t know why, but it was the right thing to do at the time. Mo shivered and came. She told me so. So don’t challenge me on that Ashley.

‘No one’s ever done that to me before,’ she said, and before I knew what was happening she shoved my face into her pussy and demanded that I lick and tongue her there.”

“Jesus Christ!” Ashley gasped and pressed a hand into her groin.

“I won’t claim I was a natural, but gave good head with Mo’s guidance throughout. Suddenly she went berserk, rocking the bed, moving it an inch or so every few seconds as she humped my face until I was forced away from my original target. I didn’t quit, but found myself with my mouth pressed against her asshole. She begged me to do her there. It felt so dirty, but I did as she asked, and she loved it!”

“Get out! Go away from me!” Ashley hissed.

“But you insisted …”

“I’m not angry with you, Donnie. I just … give me a minute. Just leave me alone … I need to process, then come back, okay?”

“Sure, okay, Ashley.” That said, I left her


When I returned, perhaps two minutes later, I found her almost nude lying on the couch. Her blouse was fully opened, but still covering her shoulders. Her bra was on the floor a few feet from the couch. The skirt was neatly folded over the back of a nearby chair. I couldn’t see her breasts as her back was facing towards me. The hose I’d seen earlier turned out to be a pair of black thigh-highs. In my eyes she was the sexiest woman in the world at that moment.

I found her even sexier a second later when she raised her left leg a few inches providing me with a view of her naked crotch. Ashley was as completely hairless as a new born baby. Her pussy opened up like a beautiful flower, layer by layer, and I could actually see both her clitoris and the small opening of her vagina.

My cock responded as it usually did, by Swelling to its full size as my brain sent a series of lustful images to my manhood. I looked down at Ashley shamefaced.

I found myself straddling the end of the couch, and then sat facing her with her legs over mine. Both of us were spread wide and once again she was totally exposed to my eyes, including her small pink anus. I fumbled my erection from my pants and could only gasp when she reached out and took hold of it.

Ashley stared at it while hand began moving up and down, seemingly entranced by the very fact that she was holding my penis in her hand.

I now knew two things for certain. My sister had held a cock before, and that I was going to taste that peachy looking cunt of her in the next minute or so.

“You’ve done this before,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Mmmmm, yesssss,” she hissed. “Some boys at school…” Her voice trailed off as her hand sped up.

“And?” I said forcing her to elaborate.

“Some boys at school,” she said oblivious to having already told me this.

“What boys, and where did you do it?” I said as my fingers trailed along the nape of her neck.

“Ohhh,” she said dreamily, “Karl Schelling, and Robert Girtin.”

“Mmmm, and what did you do with them?”

“Ohhhh, handjobs and Robert fingered me.”

“That’s all?”

“Ohhhh,” she mewled, seeming distracted. I took possession of my prick, prying her fingers open and said, “No more until you tell me.”

Ashley’s mouth opened much as a baby bird looking for that worm from its mother.


“Have you given and blowjobs?”

“Mmmm, yeah …”

“Has anyone put their cock into you?”

“Mmmmm, yeah … David did.”

“Did you blow him?”

“Let me have that …” she said, reaching somewhat frantically for my cock.

“Answer me, Ashley,” I said as sternly as I could.

“Yeah, I blew him. Wouldn’t let him take my cherry though.”

“You just told me David fucked you?”

“Mmmm, in the ass. Wouldn’t let him get me pregnant.”

“You are a darling girl, Ashley.”


“Yes you are,” I said and licked her earlobe.

She shivered. I think it was the first time anyone had kissed her there. If so she was in for several firsts before we were finished with our playing around.

“You are also very beautiful, Ashley.”

“Prettier than Maureen?”

Wow, instead of accepting the compliment, Ashley seemed to be in a competition with her sister. But I let it pass and said: “Decidedly so, and Maureen is very pretty, but you are more so.”


“I’m going to kiss you now, and touch you too. Is that all right?”


I had to reposition myself somewhat to make this happen and found her waiting with lips pursed. With the greatest care, I moved my mouth to a scant millimeter from hers then brought our lips together in a feather like embrace before moving away.

Surprised, Ashley’s mouth moved after mine but I didn’t allow it to catch me.

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