Services to a lady as her husband watched

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Dominic (Mr)Goodhead is my pseudonym as a mature male escort. Usually my clients are gents wishing to avail themselves of my personal services but. occasionally, requests come my way from ladies and couples.

This is the true story of a booking from a lady who wanted to be ‘serviced’ as her partner watched and filmed events.

I turned up at their ground-floor partment at the time and date requested to be met by a short slim brown-haired lady on her 40s dressed in a loose fitting blouse, with clearly no bra, and tight jogging bottoms with no visible panty line. Are you Dominic she asked…..come in..

She led me into the living room and introduced me to her partner, a big thick set guy who was clearly eager for this to happen. Over a cup of tea we discussed my services and the role I was to perform. By this time I was hot-to-trot and eager to get it on.

Ok..she said and disappeared into a bedroom. Her partner indicated to me that I should get my stuff ready. I was fully prepared with the usual tools of my trade – baby oil, lube, condoms and stripped to my pants.

I went into the bedroom and found her lying on the bed fully naked on top of a large towel. Ok she said, massage me. This is where i got to work on that lovely slim body. I asked her to roll over on to her chest (a very nice chest with lovely pert breasts) and worked on her shoulders and down her body to her legs getting rid of as much tension out of her as I could. Of course, I gently worked those inner thighs and slid a cheeky finger into what was becoming a rather moist pussy.

I turned her over and starting from the top gently ran my fingers over those beautiful tits and slowly worked my way down past her lovely, trimmed (not shaven) pussy…again giving it a cheeky fingering along the way before massaging her legs.

When I felt I had some this long enough I got to work with my tongue and licked that now moist and eager pussy while all the time gently stroking her breasts. As I got deeper and deeper into her she pushed my head down and groaned until I felt her tense and cum inside. THAT felt good she saId. I was so enjoying it I had forgotten I was being filmed until a voice said…can you move over to the right a bit mate?

I looked to where the voice had come from to find her partner holding a cam-corder in one hand and his erect cock in the other…

After a little time she asked if I liked her body and she wondered if she could be an escort. I thought that she cerainly could. If you were stuck in a hotel room dying to fuck and she turned up you wouldn’t feel short-changed I can tell you.

Anyway, by this time I was fully naked with a good hard-on and wondering/hoping if I would be called upon to make use of it.

She got up from the bed and disappeared in to the ensuite for a minute. While she was doing this Mr Cameraman says don’t worry you will get a ‘ride’ and true enough she came back in to the room and picking up my condoms said…here put this on before lying back down on the bed.

I did a little bit more magic with my fingers and tongue to get the mood rolling again before slipping my cock into that beauriful looking pussy and banging away as her partner filmed. No problem for me – I’m a born exhibitionist.

I fucked until I was ready to cum when the-man-with-the-cam asked if I wouln’t mind shooting over her tits. Would I mind! Not a problem. I withdrew, took off the condom and finished off with a glorious wank as my cock exploded cum all over her tits. Fucking wow!

After that, there was nothing else to do except pick up my cash, shower quickly and leave….

I always hoped I’d be called to see her again but never did. Perhaps she became an escort afterward. I’d loved to have been her agent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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