Sex, A Second Language

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Looking in the mirror, Katie started getting ready for the day. She could barely believe that she had been at the institute for twelve years. More unbelievable was the fact that she would soon be turning 35. She took a moment to take stock of her appearance: dark auburn hair (she obsessively kept the grey at bay with a hair appointment every six weeks), still a size 6, boobs still perky and her ass still in decent shape. All in all, she really didn’t have much cause for complaint but still – 35 was only a few days away.

Now, having a birthday on Valentine’s Day is an interesting thing. Double cool if you have a significant other and double crappy if you don’t. There would be no candy heart chocolates and roses this year. Katie had broken up with her long time boyfriend right before Thanksgiving. In hindsight, she realized that it was foolish to break up right before Christmas and to not wait until at least after her birthday because now she had to deal with all those “poor girl” sympathy driven people.

Leaving those thoughts behind, Katie finished getting ready for the day. While she enjoyed her class and the people that were in it, she was still happy that it was Friday. She didn’t have specific weekend plans and doubted many of her coupled friends would want to get together with single Katie over the romantic weekend. Valentine’s Day fell on Sunday, which meant the single people would be desperate to hook up and the coupled people would be engrossed in one another.

Walking into the classroom, Katie noticed that she had a new student. She smiled at him as he silently stared at her. He was interesting looking but not quite handsome: dark hair, dark eyes and square features; she couldn’t tell how tall he was, as he was sitting, but she assumed he was at least 6’2″ or so; she guessed he was around her age — definitely doable.

Laughing as she set her supplies down on her desk, Katie realized that she simply must find a date soon. More and more, she had been checking out every man she came across and lumping them into “would do” or “wouldn’t do” categories without even exchanging words. Granted, she would do such anyway, but now she was doing it with more intent even if she hadn’t worked up the courage to act upon any of the thoughts she had been having.

“I see we have a new student. Would you please stand and introduce yourself?” Katie asked to start the class.

He continued to stare at her but didn’t get up or acknowledge her question.

“Ms. Katie, I don’t think that he understands you. We . . . a couple of us, have tried talking with him without him understanding.” Maria, a fairly new student herself, said this.

“Thank you, Maria,” Katie said with a smile, though inwardly she was rolling her eyes and making a mental reminder to talk to Lisa about letting Katie know when enrolling students that didn’t even have a basic grasp of the language.

When the class ended, and everyone was leaving, Katie patted the new student on the back to get his attention. He paused and waited, looking at her. She smiled politely and asked, “Do you know any English? Do you understand what I’m saying?”

He narrowed his eyes and shook his head, negative. Katie had to look up at him, confirming her earlier assumption of height; she was certain he was close to a foot taller than her.

Moving to stand beside a chart with many different languages on it, Katie pointed to it and then pointed to him. He moved closer to examine the chart and pointed to one in the middle.

“Russian? Really? Crap, one that I’m completely unfamiliar with,” Katie said while wrinkling her nose as she pondered whose class might be better for him. Off the cuff, she couldn’t think of anyone at the institute that would be familiar enough with the language to pawn him off on. Pointing to herself, Katie said her name and waited to see if he would respond in kind.

“Alexei,” he said in a warm baritone voice that gave Katie a small, undetectable shiver. Well hell, she thought it was undetectable but the way his eyes changed as he was looking at her made her wonder. Smiling confidently he continued, “?? ????? ??????????. ? ?????????? ?? ???????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ? ?????? ????.” (You are very beautiful. I would enjoy licking your body from head to toe.)

With each word his eyes made a journey down her body and back up again, so with the last word he was looking into her eyes awaiting a response. “Ah, well, hmm. I’m sure that I, er, we can accommodate you in your request.” Katie said, hoping that she was on track with the conversation. Then smiling with the knowledge that he wouldn’t understand she added mischievously, “Just between you, me and the wall I would be willing to accommodate you in many ways. I bet you look damned sexy without all of those clothes on.”

When his smile turned wicked upon hearing the word “sexy” Katie could feel her skin getting hot and wondered if maybe there were a few words he did understand. Alexei moved closer, leaning toward güvenilir bahis her to run a solitary finger down the side of her face. “??, sexy. ?? ???? ?? ????? sexy ?????????.” (Yes, sexy. We would be very sexy together.) Katie’s breath caught and her pulse quickened, oh he definitely understood the word sexy.

The bell rang signaling that the next class was soon to begin, breaking the tension between them. Alexei stepped back and moved to make way toward the door to exit. When he reached the door he turned back and smirked, “? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ?????. ? ???? ??????? ???, ??? ? ??????????.” (I will see you again soon. I want to see all of you, naked and panting.)

The remainder of the day’s classes went well, with no surprises. Walking home, Katie gazed at the colorful Valentine’s Day decorations on display in store windows. While Valentine’s Day is a suck-ass commercialized holiday, it sucks even more if you don’t have anyone to share it with. Katie thought about stopping to buy herself a gift, however that would be a bit on the pathetic side so she decided against it.

It is funny how fast a weekend can go when you don’t do anything; Katie spent most of the weekend lounging around in her pajamas. Being single, it didn’t take much effort to keep her apartment clean and doing laundry for one doesn’t take all that much time. Normally she enjoyed her quiet, homebody life; the ability to masturbate day or night, as well as walking about nude are wonderful things. An overabundance of sappy movies on cable was doing her in, and by Sunday afternoon she decided to get dressed and take a long walk in the park.

“Damn!” After an hour of walking around Katie decided it wasn’t much better in the park than in her apartment. She sat on a park bench, leaned back and closed her eyes to enjoy the feel of the sun warming her skin as well as to block out all of the happy couples enjoying the day. Fucking people. Couldn’t they stay home and just bone each other all day? Lick chocolate off of each other and play that stupid game of ‘Who loves whom the most’. No, I’m not bitter, just lonely and horny. It happens to the best of women. Right? RIGHT!?

The hair on the back of her neck tingled as she became aware that someone was watching her. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but a gut feeling had her opening her eyes to look around. She saw her new student Alexei walking on the path toward her, staring at her intently. Her pulse jumped and she couldn’t help giving him the once over. He had long muscular legs in tight, well-fitted jeans and a white T-shirt that fit snuggly across broad shoulders. Oh, what is it about men in white? So yummy!

She continued to watch him watching her as he moved closer. She noticed that he walked as if he had a purpose; long, confident strides that ate the ground beneath him. He stopped when he reached the park bench and waved his hand in front of the empty part. Katie gave a sideways smile and nodded. Alexei sat and turned toward her. She continued to smile at him as she tilted her head and raised her eyebrows. Katie wasn’t sure what to expect yet remembering those last moments in class the other day, she figured it would have to be entertaining to some degree.

“Hi. Hello. Yes?” Alexei said uncertainly.

Katie nodded and said, “Hello.” She kept wondering what he wanted.

He was fun to look at and it put some testosterone in the air around her, so really, what did she have to lose. She had nothing better to do and nowhere better to be. She sensed a sexual under current between them but wasn’t sure if it was her own ramped up sex drive or a figment of her much too vivid imagination. No one needed to know that she had spent the morning masturbating to the idea of tackling Alexei and having her wild way with him. Something about him being so much bigger than her made her want to challenge herself against him. The bigger they are and all. Mostly, it just upped her amusement to have him sitting by her now.

The silence between them was starting to feel uncomfortable. Alexei slowly moved closer, as if he dared move too fast she might run away or disappear. This captured Katie’s curiosity and she waited to see what he was going to do. Alexei raised one hand and lightly stroked his fingers along her arm, while gazing at her to gauge her reaction. His fingers felt rough on her soft skin but Katie couldn’t think of a reason to ask him to stop. She knew it was inappropriate on some level but as they were both adults, what was the harm? Truth be told, she wasn’t all that inclined for him to stop.

Goose bumps appeared on Katie’s arms and Alexei’s expression changed from questioning to knowing and he became bolder with the caress. His fingers moved up to tease along her neck, circling the delicate skin around her ear before curling under to graze her jaw line. His other hand came up and he ran a finger down the side of her face before combing the sides of her hair back, away from her face.

“???? ???? ????????? ????? türkçe bahis ? ???????????. ?????? ? ????? ?????? ??? ?????????. ? ????????? ???? ? ???? ????? ??? ?????, ?? ? ???????.” (Your skin is so soft and tempting. The look in your eyes so inviting. I wonder if I could have you here, in public.) Alexei said in hushed tones.

The sweetness of these gestures sparked more than simple curiosity in Katie; his light touches were making her ache and long for so much more. It was a tease and Katie knew she wouldn’t have the patience to continue sitting passively while her body started humming to life. She had stopped looking into his eyes and was now focused on his hard but full looking lips saying words that she couldn’t understand but hoping she was getting the gist of it. As he continued to stroke her arms, shoulders and neck Katie was wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Her tongue darted out and she licked her lips in anticipation, in readiness.

“? ???? ?? ????? ????. ???????? ????.” (I know you want me. Show me.) Alexei said more firmly, offering encouragement.

That’s it! Katie knocked his hands to the side as she leaned up and forward, placing her hands on his shoulder and placing her mouth a mere nod away from his. She was close enough that she could already taste the mixture of their breath. She hesitated, starting to doubt the situation. What if she had misunderstood? What if he was being nice and thought she simply needed comforting. Oh my God! What if he thought she just looked sad sitting all by herself and wanted to be kind to a fellow human?

Firmly, Alexei locked his arms around her torso resting his hands on the small of her back. He inclined his head, placing his lips on hers and Katie let out a small sigh of relief. On the inside, Katie started doing the happy dance. She couldn’t help but be hopeful as the little chant the preludes all of her sexual adventures started going through her head. “I’m gonna get some booty, I’m gonna get some booty, I’m gonna get some booty.” Ok, that’s enough of that. Focus on the kiss before he loses interest!

At first, they kept their lips soft and pliant, simply rubbing their mouths together and enjoying the small electrical feelings it induced. Katie was the first to break this pattern. She moved her hand to the back of his neck, pulling his mouth down to hers, forcefully with intent. This seemed to give him a signal he had been waiting for. He began stroking his hands along her back as he opened his mouth wider allowing his tongue to engage her tongue in the time old dance.

Oh, he tasted so good. Katie couldn’t define it exactly, but she couldn’t get enough of it. He made a sound that was definitely growl-like and then pulled her up so that she was sitting sideways across his lap. Katie started running her hand over his shoulder, digging her fingers in here and there, marveling at just how big he was, a foot taller and twice a wide.

The kiss deepened; Katie started panting into Alexei’s mouth when she felt his fingers on the bare skin of her back. His hands were under her shirt. Wait a minute! They were in the park; a public park at that and this might not be such a good idea. Alexei must have had the same thought at the same time because suddenly he pulled back, looking down at her with surprise and regret.

“?????-???, ???, ??? ????? ??? ? ????? ? ???????? ???????? ???-?? ??? ????? ??????” (Ah, so that is a no to sex in public? Perhaps somewhere else then?) Alexei said, waiting to see what Katie would do next.

Katie sat for a moment, taking it all in and weighing her options. She was utterly confident that if she wanted she could lead him back to her apartment. It would absolutely beat a night home alone. Considering it was her birthday as well as fucking Valentine’s Day, well what if this was her gift from the Fates or whoever was in control of chance meetings and coincidental hook-ups? Hell, what if it was a gift from the romance-meister, Cupid himself? Not that Cupid existed, but damn it sounded good as far as justifications went.


He looked at her expectantly as she stood and started patting her pockets to find her keys.

“Look, I know you don’t understand what I’m saying but I’m wondering if you would like to go back to my apartment with me and pick up where we left off?”

Katie said all this, using exaggerated hand motions. She pointed to herself, then him, simulated the kissing, pointing to her keys and then just stood with her hand reaching out to him. He seemed amused by her ministrations but quickly stood and placed his hand in hers. His eyes lit up as he squeezed her hand, showing her more than telling her that he understood. “Good. Yes?” He said, causing Katie to laugh with him as they started walking toward her apartment. He seemed quite content to follow her lead.

Funny, Katie no longer noticed the couples in the park as she walked home holding Alexei’s hand. She was completely focused on what was to come. What was to come? güvenilir bahis siteleri Did she have condoms? Were Russian men circumcised? Was it a good idea to contemplate fucking someone you couldn’t exchange more than three words with? Did she even care? Nope, not really. Onward hormone soldiers!

They reached her apartment; Katie had no more than taken the key out of the door when Alexei pulled her roughly to him, using his shoulder to force the door closed behind him. Oh yes, exactly, yes. Gone were the searching kisses and light touches that took place in the park. While Katie was unsure about what he had been thinking about on the walk home, she definitely liked what those thoughts brought.

Something about what she was doing unleashed a feral, primal urge in Katie. She didn’t know this man from Adam, knew nothing about him and she wasn’t going to be able to tell him what to do, how to do it and what felt good. Katie was used to communicating those things verbally, coming to an understanding about what would happen long before clothes came off. This, it was outside of that comfort zone, increasing the excitement level, making it more daring and naughty.

She felt his fingers digging into her ass as he aggressively bit the side of her soft, willing neck. His thumbs hooked the top of her work out pants, waiting not-so-patiently for her to signal that it was acceptable to remove them. Her arms wrapped around his middle so she started tugging at his shirt, wanting to see his chest and arms, wanting to feel them against her body.

His shirt was half way up, when he stepped back a pace. He nodded and then knelt, taking her pants and panties down to the floor. He raised his arms, allowing Katie to pull off his shirt, which was still grasped in her hands. She looked down at him, a bit dumbfounded at how easily that had worked; normally taking off clothes didn’t happen that fluidly. Granted, it wasn’t all of the clothes and damn it, what does it matter? Kick the pants away and just look at all that skin and muscle, right there.

Alexei stayed in his kneeling position, his hands wrapped around each of Katie’s delicate ankles. Katie could see him looking at the dark red curls of her pubic hair. He appeared transfixed for a moment and Katie wondered what he was thinking. He looked up to her and smiled before leaning forward to nip at her silken belly. He ran his large, rough hands over her shapely calves, pausing at her knees to push her legs wide apart.

“????????? ??? ????. ????? ??? ??????. ? ???? ??????? ???, ?????? ??? ? ??????? ?? ??????.” (Open for me. Give me access. I want to see you, taste you and breath you in.) Alexei said as he began tickling his way up her soft, muscular thighs. He growled again, as he had in the park. The scent of her arousal became stronger. He could see droplets of moisture forming on her mound of lush curls, near her slit. He ran one finger over the curls as he leaned closer and used his other hand to lift her thigh and place it on his muscular shoulder. He rested his chin on her mound and looked up at her. Katie caught her breath in anticipation.

“Touch me, touch me, touch me. Now, now, now!”

Grinning to himself, understanding the intent if not the words, Alexei ran his forefinger up and down her moist slit, teasing her pink lips. He continued looking into her eyes, wanting to see just how long she could be teased and enjoying the growing tension in her body. His finger circled around her hardened clit without touching it directly and then moved back down to her snug opening again playing without penetration. He did this several times; each time he followed the pattern his finger was wetter than the time before.

When he ascertained that she was about to get pissed off or take matters into her own hands, he grabbed her other thigh, and cupping her ass in one hand, he placed her other leg on his other shoulder. He then placed his hand securely on her taut stomach and pushed her back so that her head and shoulders rested on the floor with the length of her silken body against him. Her legs were spread wide over his shoulders leaving her pussy open for him.

No longer was he teasing. One hand rested on her tummy to hold her in place as the other accessed her pussy from the side, under her thigh. He immediately clamped onto her hard and protruding clit with his hot mouth, sucking on it as he kept his tongue flat and wide to rub over the end of it. At the same time, he twisted his first and middle finger deep into her ready cunt. Katie yelled as the pleasurable assault took place.

“Yes, Alexei. Yes! My God that feels good. Don’t stop.”

My goodness, he does know what he is doing. She thought as he finger fucked her with the same rhythm he was using to suck on her clit. When Alexei felt Katie’s body start to tremble and her thighs tighten around his head as well as her plump ass clenching against his chest, he worked her clit harder with his mouth, leaving his fingers deep inside of her and rubbing upwards to hit her G spot. Her hips rocked shamelessly against his burning mouth and skilled hand as her body began shaking uncontrollably. Her hands fisted and released on his thighs as she began to scream her orgasm.

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