Sex Education

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“Jim, can you come to the living room please?” Dad called out to me.

When I came down the stairs, Dad was sitting on the recliner chair and Mom was sitting on the sofa. Mom was wearing a bathrobe, which I thought was a little unusual.

“Hey, what’s up Dad?”

“Have a seat on the sofa, son.” I sat. “Since you had your 18th birthday last weekend, and you are an adult, your mother and I are fully aware that you may partake in some…adult activities.”

“Dad…” I groaned.

“We’ve also noticed that you’ve been spending a lot more time alone in your room. We suspect you’ve been masturbating.” Dad said.

My face turned beat red. I had been jacking off at least twice, if not more, times a day. My sexual desire seemed impossible to satisfy.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed by honey,” Mom said, “it is perfectly natural for men your age to have sexual urges and masturbate.”

“We aren’t mad in the least, son.”

“Is this what you wanted to talk about?” I asked.

“Not entirely. Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a woman?” Dad asked.

“Ummmm…no.” I felt embarrassed by my answer.

“We didn’t expect you had. Has any girl ever given you oral sex?”

“Ummm…only once. Becky, that girl had had been seeing for a few weeks. Once, while we were making out, she gave me a…”

“A blowjob?” Mom said. Hearing that word come out of my mom’s mouth shocked me and sent shivers down my spine. I nodded.

“Did it feel good? Did you like it?” Dad asked.

“Well, it was ok. She didn’t seem to like it much. And she kept biting me. I know guys are supposed to like getting their dick sucked, but I’d almost rather jerk-off.” I said.

“Hmmm…sounds like a bad blowjob to me.” Dad said.

“Dad, why are you asking all these questions?” I asked.

“Well son, you mother and I have been talking and we think it is time that you gain more sexual experience. We think it is important to learn the ins-and-and-outs of sex before you meet a girl you really care about.” Dad said.

“That way you can really please her.” Mom added.

I was so stunned by what they said. And I was very confused. So I just sat there.

“Have you ever seen a naked woman, in real life?” Dad asked. I just shook my head. I had looked at porn on my computer, but I have never seen a woman naked before. Dad nodded at Mom, who then stood up in front of us both and dropped her robe on the floor. My eyes widened in awe. She stood before me wearing only a black lace bra and matching panties. I have never thought of my mother as attractive before, but at age 40, she had a smokin’ hot body! Her skin was tanned and smooth all over. Her waist was thin as she didn’t seem to have much fat on her. Her tits were quite large, D-cups, and filled her bra nicely, showing a lot of cleavage as they still hung high on her chest.

“Do you find your mother attractive, son” Dad asked. My cock twitched in my pants and I moved my arm slightly to hide my growing erection. I gulped then nodded. “Do you want her to remove the rest of her clothing?”

I was unsure how I should answer this question. My brain was telling me NO because this was my mother! I can’t have sexual feelings for my own mother! It’s sick. Isn’t it? But my cock was screaming YES!

My dad seemed to understand my hesitation. “I can understand what you’re thinking, Jim. But your mother and I think it would be best if she introduces you to sex.”

My jaw dropped and Mom added, “That way we know you are in a safe situation and it will really be the best experience for you.”

“You mean you want me to have sex with Mom.”

“Only if you want to honey,” Mom said

“So I ask you again. Do you want czech first video porno your mother to remove her clothes for you?” Dad asked.

Now that I understood the situation, I didn’t hesitate to answer this time. “Yes.”

With that Mom reached back and undid the clasp of her bra and revealed her breasts. Her tits were busty and still perky. Then slid her panties to the floor and stood completely naked in front of me. Her pussy was completely shaven smooth.

“Years ago I had your mother undergo laser hair removal all over her body, even her pussy, so now she is completely hairless all the time. She looks great doesn’t she?” Dad asked.

“Definitely! You’re so hot mom.”

“I can see that you like what you see,” Mom said as she winked and pointed to the obvious tent in my pants.

“Why don’t you help him out with that.” Dad said.

Mom dropped to her knees in front of me and started to unbutton my pants. I pulled off my shirt as Mom pulled my pants, boxers and socks off. My 8 inches stood fully erect as my mother licked her lips and stared wantonly at it. “You take after your father. Your cock is huge!” she said. I also shaved off all of my pubic hair, as did most of the guys in my school from what I could tell with my locker room experiences. Mom seemed to like this too. “And so wonderfully smooth too!”

“Most girls love a clean shaven cock. They’ll always be more willing to put it in their mouth. Do you want your mom to suck on your cock son?” Dad asked.

“Yes please.” I stuttered and Dad spoke to Mom, “Go easy on him at first honey. He’s not used to the intense feeling of a good blowjob.” And with that mom grabbed hold at the base of my cock pulled the skin taught as she lowered her head to my lap. As she was just an inch from my cock, she opened her mouth and formed her lips in preparation for my pole. I could feel her warmth of her breath as she stopped just short of the tip of my cock. She stuck her tongue out and barely flicked the tip of my head. I shuddered in anticipation and she finally took me in her mouth.

The sudden feeling of being engulfed in the moist warmth of her mouth was amazing. She put about half of my cock in her mouth before pulling back up. Her mouth, lips and tongue felt unlike anything I’ve experienced. She continued to bob slowly for about a minute before turning her attention to my balls. As she gave my balls a good tongue bath, I thought to myself, “If this is going easy on me, I can’t imagine what giving 100% would feel like.”

Just as if Dad read my mind he said, “That feels good doesn’t it son? Your mother is giving you a good blowjob, one you’d be happy to receive from any girl, but lucky for you, she is truly an expert cocksucker, possibly the best. She’s going to show you now. This will be far more intense than what you are used to. Hang on son, this will likely be the best blowjob you’ll ever get.” And without missing a single beat Mom put my cock in her mouth a second time but this time she swallowed it effortlessly all the way down to the base as if it were the easiest thing for her to do. She immediately started to suck her way back up my pole while her hand followed close behind. When my head was barely in her mouth she swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock several times before diving back to the base of my cock. She continued this fast-paced, full-pole stroking method for a couple minutes before I could start to feel the cum boiling in my balls. All the while her tongue was frantically lapping around my cock and driving me wild. I let out a moan.

“No need to hold back son, your mother will swallow every drop.” Dad said. “Once she starts sucking she doesn’t stop until czech game porno she gets her reward.”

Dad finished his sentence just in time for me to shoot my first string of cum into mom’s mouth. I screamed out in ecstasy and thrust my hips upward as mom moaned on my cock and shoved it to the back of her throat. She continued to suck as I pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop. After a few moments of soft suckling, my cock popped out of her mouth.

She smiled at me and asked, “How was that sweetie?”

“Fucking incredible!” I’m still trying to catch my breath as I wind down from my orgasm.

“Imagine getting one of those every day. Your mother truly loves to give head and has given me a blowjob nearly every day for twenty years.” Dad tells me.

“Wow! You’re a dream come true Mom.”

“Well, I do enjoy swallowing cum,” she says as she blushes. “If you’re a good boy, you might be getting a daily blowjob yourself.” She winks. The very thought makes my deflated dick twitch.

“Now it’s time you return the favor son.” Dad says.


“You’re going to learn how to give a woman oral sex. Eating pussy gives a woman immense pleasure,” Dad replies. “Besides, you always have a better chance at fucking a girl when you eat her pussy. It’s the key that opens their legs. If you learn to satisfy a woman orally, you’ll never be in shortage of pussy to fuck.”

Mom sat next to me on the couch and spread her legs wide, exposing her beautiful pussy. “Come get between my legs Jim.”

I got down on my knees and softly stroke Mom’s inner thighs while I stared at her pussy. “Don’t be shy honey, come get a closer look.” As I leaned forward, Mom pointed to her clit. “This is the source of a woman’s pleasure, focus your attention to this spot,” she said.

“Go ahead and spread her pussy and then quickly flick your tongue across her clit,” said Dad.

I did as he said and when my tongue came in contact with Mom’s clit, she let out a soft moan.

“That’s it son. Now it’s very important that you don’t stop licking and sucking on her pleasure zone. A girl may scream and buck her hips and even try to push your head away, but that is all because the sensation is very intense for her. Believe me, she doesn’t want you to stop, and you must keep going to make her orgasm.”

My tongue was in a state of fury as it lashed at Mom’s hardened clit. She began to grind her hips back and forth and her moaning became louder and more verbal. “That’s it baby, eat your mommy’s pussy! Make me cum!” This was exciting me and I put my hand to her pussy and pushed a finger inside her. She sighed with delight. Her pussy was so incredibly wet and warm and I could feel the walls of her insides clenching and releasing against my finger. I couldn’t wait to stick my cock inside her. I stuck another finger in her cunt and began fingering her hard and fast while my tongue went into overdrive on her clit.

Mom screamed. “That’s it. Keep that up. Mama’s going to cum all over your face!” And a few moments later she let out a loud moan and bucked her hips against my face and her pussy was spasming on my fingers. I slowed down my efforts as she calmed from her orgasm. She smiled at me, reached for my hand, and pulled my fingers to her mouth.

As she sucked her juices of my fingers, Dad said, “Well done son. You are a natural pussy eater. If you can manage to do that for every girl you are with, you will be one happy man!”

“Yes he will!” Mom said. “But I’m ready for more! And it looks like Jim is too!” She noticed my erection had returned in the midst of licking her pussy.

“Are you ready to fuck your mother?” Dad asked. czech gangbang porno I nodded. “How about you sit on the couch while she rides you first, so you can get used to the feeling.” I moved to sit on the couch. “Your mother has been doing exercises to tighten her pussy for you. She’s been very successful and if you ask me, her pussy is tighter than the day I met her, and certainly better than any teen pussy you’ll soon be fucking.”

As mom moved towards me she said, “Now honey, it is very important that you use protection and wear a condom every time you have sex with a woman. But since I am your mother, and we want to make this a special occasion for you, we won’t worry about that today.” She straddled me and brought the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I felt my cock be engulfed by the hot, moist insides of her pussy. She moaned as she slowly lower her hips until my entire cock was buried deep inside her.

She just sat there while I got used to the sensation. She felt incredible! Dad was right, her pussy was tightly gripping my dick all around. Then she slowly lifted her hips until the head of my cock was barely inside her and then slowly lowered herself to the base again. I had never felt pleasure like this before. “Oh my God, Mom, this is amazing!”

I could already feel the cum boiling in my balls when Dad said, “You have to hold back your cum when you are fucking, son. It takes a woman a while to have an orgasm, and a good man makes sure he satisfies his girl before he cums.” I regained control over my orgasm and Mom quickens her pace and soon began riding me like a true pro. She was bouncing on my cock and her hips slammed into my lap with a steady tempo.

Her busty tits were bouncing in my face and I took one in my hand and sucked on her nipple. Mom seemed to be enjoying her ride as she was panting and moaning and really getting into it.

“I’m getting close to an orgasm Jim, how about I lay on the floor and you finish the job for me.”

She lifted herself off my cock, which was slick with her juices, and laid on the floor. I got between her legs and quickly shoved my cock deep inside her, burying it to the hilt. She was so wet!

“Your mother likes to be fucked really hard and fast. She can take anything you give her so really give her a good pounding. As she approaches her orgasm, you must not stop fucking her until she’s cum. Understand?”

I nodded as I began thrusting my hips as hard as I could, driving my cock into my Mom’s tight, wet cunt will full force. She was wildly screaming now.

“Oh yes! Fuck me hard baby! Mommy loves the feel of your hard cock fucking her!”

After just a few minutes of hard fucking, Mom shouted, “I’m getting close baby, you’re gonna make mommy cum!”

I too felt my orgasm coming quickly and turned to Dad. “I don’t think I can hold back any longer Dad.”

“It’s ok son, just keep fucking her. Your mom can’t get pregnant, so go ahead and cum inside her.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice, and not a moment too soon as Mom started to cum just then! Her pussy was spasming all over my cock and I couldn’t take it anymore as I gave one last thrust and shot load after load of hot cum deep inside her womb.

I just laid on top of Mom until my dick was completely limp. I slowly pulled out of her pussy, my cock was covered in our juices. I looked down and saw my cum leaking out of Mom’s pussy. Mom scooped it up with her fingers and put them in her mouth.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Thanks for that baby! I hope we can do that again soon!”

I looked at Dad to see his reaction. “Yes, son, I think it would be best if you continue fucking your mother on a regular basis. To gain more experience. At least until you find some pussy of your own,” Dad said.

“Well I won’t be in any hurry to do that!” I said.

From that day forward, I received a blowjob every morning, either in bed or in the shower. Every night Mom came into my room and we fucked our brains out. We even started playing with Dad…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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