Sexcapades of the Stewarts Ch. 03

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All characters 18 and over.

– –

“Holy shit…” Roy moaned as Yolanda Green, his math teacher, rapidly deepthroated his cock while she looked into his eyes that Monday afternoon. She then removed him and began to rapidly move her tits up and down his shaft.

“Oh yeah…” she grunted, “fuck them baby. Fuck them good and hard.” She licked all around his head, teasing his cock slit with her tongue.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum…” Roy moaned as he began to fuck her juicy soft boobs even faster.

“Give it to me baby,” she begged, “give me hot load all over my tits.”

Roy yelled out as my cock exploded all over her, painting her boobs and neck. “Yes Roy baby!” Yolanda cried as she moved her boobs faster, “paint me in your seed!”

Roy’s nuts twisted and pulsed as he kept cumming, finally shooting one last round into her mouth, falling back onto Yolanda’s desk.

“Fuck baby…” Roy panted, his flaccid cock falling between his legs, “That was incredible.”

She smiled and stood, holding her hand over her pussy from the many consecutive loads he had shot into her earlier. She then licked her boobs clean, cleaning them of his cum.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Roy?” Yolanda asked as he pulled on his clothes.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Roy replied as he kissed her goodbye.

– –

Wanting a quick shower, Ryan rushed to the bathroom only to crash into the naked Marie, making them both fall to the floor.

“Easy big bro,” she joked as she moved her foot over his freely exposed cock, “you think you’re the only one who has to use the bathroom when they arrive home.”

She looked in the direction of the stairs, hearing Sylvia was still down in the kitchen.

“I have an idea…” she said with a devious smile. She then wrapped her hands around his cock and began to suck and lick the rapidly growing balls.

She began to lick under the head, stimulating every nerve in his body, making him moan loudly. Having cum not long before, Ryan’s balls began to churn yet again. She then began to jerk him off, making him fake taxi porno fire the hot seed into her mouth.

“Damn, that was huge!” she said with a smile, “your turn.”

She positioned her pussy over her brother’s mouth and he began to eat her out, knowing very well what would happen. She began to moan as she held his head in place, reaching back to stroke his throbbing boner.

Ryan began to aggressively eat out her cunt, tasting the sweet juices.

“Oh fuck Ry,” Marie whimpered, “I’m almost there!” She began to shake and gyrate her hips, groaning as her bladder walls opened, filling his mouth with her piss and cum.

Though the first wave was somewhat repugnant to him, the rest was good, strong and tangy.

“Fuck!!!” Marie cried as she slammed her hips into his face while speedily hammering his cock. He came again in large splurts, hitting her hand, the wall and carpeted floor.

She then dismounted and licked him clean until they heard the tap of a shoe on the top step.

“Just couldn’t wait huh?” Sylvia asked, “I believe I deserve a good oral stimulation more than either of you. Considering I work and you two slack off all day.”

A few seconds later, Ryan was moaning with his head against the shower wall as Marie voraciously sucked his cock as he sucked on Sylvia’s tits under the pouring water.

“Oh fuck…” Ryan moaned as Marie began to suck his balls while continuing to jerk him off.

“Yes…” Sylvia whispered as she washed his chest, “enjoy your sister sucking your fat and gigantic cock baby. Suck Mommy’s tits.”

Ryan wrapped my mouth around them again, biting them gently.

“It feels so good Mommy,” the hung boy said as Marie picked up speed. He tensed as his cock fired thick and rapid shots of his seed into his sister’s throat, filling to near full capacity before she could swallow it all.

After he was drained, his knees went weak as he watched his mother and sister kiss, sharing his cum. Sylvia then began to stroke him gently, bringing his cock back to life.

“Mommy’s family stroke porno baby worked hard,” she said softly, “Does he want to come and fuck Mommy now?”

His cock became fully rigid and she smiled as they headed into her room to continue their session.

– –

Meanwhile, Natalie was leaning over the table as her brother William fucked her brutally from behind.

“God yes!” Natalie screamed as she tightened her grip on the table, “fuck me harder Willy!!!”

“F-fuck you harder!!” her brother grunted as he fucked the living daylights out of her.

“Fuck I’m cumming!!!!” Her juices sprayed around the kitchen as she screamed, followed by her brother filling her chasm with his seed.

“Holy fuck that was amazing…” Natalie panted as he pulled out. William smiled as she kissed him.

As Natalie finished clearing the table from breakfast, the door opened.

“Good morning kids,” James’ mother Henrietta walked in, her gigantic P cups shaking in her blue nightie, “how’d you all sleep?”

“Perfect!” William shouted, mesmerized at the sight of his grandmother’s gigantic boobs.

“That’s good,” she said, leaning down to give him a full view, “Granny hasn’t showered yet. Have you?”

“No…” he said.

“Do you want to take one with me honey?” Henrietta asked to which William gleefully nodded.

– –

As Henrietta switched on the hot water, William hurried to strip off his pants and boxers, letting his cock bounce free. She then removed her nightie, letting it fall to the floor and watched as her grandson’s cock grew bigger.

After the stepped in, Henrietta got on her knees and soon felt William sucking hard on her tits while she stroked his masculine prick. It was almost like her son’s and late husband. Thick as a soda can and stiff as a wooden beam.

Henrietta lay back and exposed her slick cunt to him, seeing how his probe twitched. He wasted no time entering the well open cunt, easy to access due to her son’s midnight visit the night before.

“Fuck baby!” Henrietta female agent porno cried as he began to fuck her brutally, sucking and licking her mammoth sized tits, “Give it to Granny. Fuck yes!!”

“You feel so good on my dick!” William shouted as he buried himself deeper, Henrietta kissing his chest. He went faster, his small hips colliding her groin.

They called out for one another as he plunged his face into her cleavage, slamming his cock further into her. “Fuck yes Willy! Give it to me even deeper honey!”

William’s eyes shone as he groped her fun bags, licking and kissing them all over. “Fuck William,” Henrietta panted, “I’m so close!”

“Me too!” William replied as he picked up speed, anxious to give his grandmother his load.

She cupped his small ass and cried out as she felt him explode inside of her, coating her uterus in his thick cum.

“That was amazing Willy,” Henrietta panted, watching his excited face, “simply amazing…”

“Can we do it again?” William hurriedly asked.

“Of course we can sweetie,” Henrietta replied as she kissed him, “but this time, you can fuck my ass.”

She saw her grandson’s eyes light up as she wrapped her hard around his cock.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you sweetie?”

– –

“OH FUCKING HELL YES!!!” Nadia screamed as she wrapped her arms around Chester, her young pussy riding the shit out of his cock.

Her older brother moaned beneath her, unable to keep his hands off her ample rack. Nadia petite yet busty frame arched as her brother thrusted upward, crying out together as orgasms tore through their bodies.

Chester fired several thick wads of cum into his sister, the two of them lost in incestous bliss.

“Fuck that was amazing…” Nadia groaned as she pulled off of her brother’s throbbing meat.

“And you are one hell of a morning fuck…” Chester replied as he lay against the cool headboard.

“Morning?” Nadia retorted, “it’s 4 in the afternoon. We’ve missed school!”

Chester was about to respond but in the silence hear the screams and moans all over the house. Ryan was really giving it to his mother and Marie while William was pounding the life out of their grandmother.

“I don’t think it really matters,” Chester told Nadia. Soon they were at it again, adding their own sounds to the orgasmic harmony filling the house.

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