Sexting Pt. 07

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Its two weeks since Jennifer and Major Johnson were at the ski resort. Jennifer contacted her instructors and got concessions on her exams. Since she had to report daily for duty at the Center, she could sit for the test with a member of her unit proctoring. She and a few other members finished their finals for the semester with the unit’s Master Sargent glaring at them keeping time. One day she was called into the unit commander’s office.

Jennifer was sitting in Col. Harvey’s Office in the reserve center waiting for him to get off the phone. She gathered that the conversation was about transportation for the deployment. The Colonel put the phone down and looked at Jennifer.

“Major Connolly, someone at headquarters seems to like you.”

“I am afraid that that doesn’t sound good, sir,” replied Jennifer.

“I have been asked to leave you at home for this deployment, and it solves two problems. Your current billet does not require a person at your rank, and I need someone to lead a small planning section that will remain at the center to handle logistics and family affairs. So Major you are back in school,” said the Colonel.

The Colonel went on to explain the duties of the office and whom she will be leading. She could finish the last semester but she would need to fit school in with the office work. Jennifer was dismissed and she walked as if she had received a stay of execution. Before she got too excited she called a meeting with Lt. Cindy Osborn her deputy to inform her that she would be leading the headquarters company in the deployment.

There was a combination of happiness and envy for Jennifer as she moved from the headquarter company to the planning section. The unit would move over to Germany two days after Christmas so the families had the holiday together. The Major and Jennifer got on the road two days before Christmas and spent the night in Austin. It was Christmas Eve and Jennifer and the Major were on the road heading out of Austin

“She doesn’t bite Major, and we will be in a B I am just nervous about spending the holiday with family since both of my folks are gone and I am estranged from my sister,” said the Major.

“Now I am finding out things about you; you have a sister?” asked Jennifer.

“She is a stepsister, and is very anti-military, and told me that she did not want to have anything to do with a warrior,” said the Major.

Two hours later Jennifer pulled in to a parking lot of an old Victorian house that was a bed and breakfast inn. The Major carried the two small bags into the house and Jennifer registered them and the host showed them to the room. The room was painted in shades of light blue. The room was dominated by a king size bed. Through a door was a bathroom. The host explained how the keys worked and that breakfast would be available at 7:00 in the morning. The host left and Jennifer and the Major embraced. The Major attempted to put his hand down Jennifer’s pants. She gently pulled it out. “Dear, as much as I would like to jump on you, I don’t want to meet my mother smelling like a cat house. Don’t worry we will have time later.” Jennifer kissed him.

Jennifer pulled her phone out and called her mother; “Mom, we just checked into the Hill Country Inn and we are heading over to your place. See you in a few minutes.”

Jennifer pulled on the Major’s arms “Come on Major, I am not trapping you but you need to meet the family,”

They got into Jennifer’s car and she backed out and started heading to her mother’s house. She turned up a small road and climbed a hill. The road ended at a one-story ranch house clad in the local fieldstone. There was a long porch that ran the length of the house. A door marked the center of the house. They got out of the car and Jennifer lead the way to the door. Just as they hit the porch the door flew open and a tall woman came out and hugged Jennifer.

“You are looking too thin dear, doesn’t this man feed you?” said her mother.

“Major, this is my mother Betty Barns, mom meet Major Charles Chip Johnson, but he answers to Major.”

Well Major Charles Chip it is a pleasure to meet you, but I think that you are not taking care of my daughter she is so thin, what do you feed her MRE’s?”

“Ma’am, I have heard a lot about you, as to taking care of your daughter she is responsible for her own care and upkeep.”

They all went inside and soon the smell of roasting meet filled their noses. “My husband is smoking half a cow so I hope that you are not some kind of vegan like my daughter.”

“Ms. Barns I can assure you that I will eat anything you put in front of me, and I have never seen Jennifer stick up her nose at any meal that I provide,” said the Major.

“I experimented eating vegan and ever since then mom thinks that a. I am too thin and b. I am a food freak,” said Jennifer.

“Well come on you two let’s go see what güvenilir bahis Dave it torturing. And Chip please call me Betty.”

“Yes ma’am, uh Betty,” said the Major.

They moved through the house and went outside to the patio. The weather was temperate so they only needed light jackets. There was an older man sitting between two large smokers. Jennifer walked over and kissed Dave and introduced him to the Major. Dave stood and saluted.

“Major this is former Command Master Chief Dave Barns,” said Jennifer.

“Chief Barns it is a pleasure to meet you,” said the Major.

The two warriors shook hands. Betty produced a tray with wine glassed filled with red wine. “It is from a winery from town.”

Dave opened one of the smokers and showed the three briskets that were cooking, he opened the other and there were thee pork shoulders. “Your mother invited the whole neighborhood tomorrow so I needed to get started today,” said Dave.

“It smell’s good sir,” said the Major.

“If I was still serving I would tell you not to call me sir as I use to work for a living. But it has been four years since I was on the Bush, my last ship,” said Dave.

“So when will this be ready?” asked the Major.

“Some time Christmas afternoon, I have a crew that will come over this evening to monitor the cook through the evening.

Jennifer and her mother slipped away and now they returned, “We are having Tex-Mex for dinner and it is ready in the kitchen, everyone come in and grab some dinner.”

The Major and the Chief followed Betty and Jennifer into the kitchen and loaded up their plates. They all went into the dinning room and sat down at the large circular table. Jennifer and the Major paused as Betty said a blessing. The Major raised his glass and toasted the hosts. The Chief asked how they got together. The Major explained that they knew each other in the Tenth Division but didn’t date. When he arrived at the University to take over the ROTC unit he noticed Jennifer walking around campus. Her residence hall is near his apartment. “I don’t think that she noticed me but I noticed her,” said the Major.

The major explained that he did some digging and got her cell number and sent her a mysterious text inviting her to meet. The Major left out the Sexting parts. “So are you serious or just good friends?” asked Betty.

“Mom we are still feeling it out but we are more than good friends,” replied Jennifer.

“Major, when she gets the law degree, grab her and take her to Mexico and marry her, you will not hurt our feelings if you elope,” said Betty.

“Mother!!” cried Jennifer.

“I just meant that he needs to strike while the iron is hot Jen, because if he waits for you nothing will happen,” said Betty.

“I will think about it ma’am,” said the Major, as Jennifer looked at him with a weird expression.

“Betty leave these folks alone they will do what’s best, and no prodding from you will change that,” said the Chief.

Chief Dave got up and walked outside and started to look over his smokers. Jennifer followed as Betty and the Major started to clear the table. The chief gave the Jennifer his advise on the best way to smoke meat. “Jennifer I am not your real father but if he is a good man act on it,” said Dave. Nothing more was said about the future. The Major came out and put his arm around her. She said that she wanted to show him around the little town. They walked into the house and the Major hugged Betty and whispered, “I think you are right.” Betty smiled. Jennifer gave both of them another weird look.

The Major and Jennifer got in the car and Jennifer pulled around and headed back down the road. “What did you say to my mother?” asked Jennifer.

“It was a private conversation nothing to be concerned about,” replied the Major.

“Major let’s not keep secrets,” responded Jennifer.

“I told your mother that she was right, i.e. I should marry you after you get your degree.”

“Major do I have any say in this?”

“Of course, but your mother want’s the best for you at least in her mind,” said the Major.

Jennifer pulled in to the Hill Country Inn and they got out. Their room key also opened the front door. They made their way to their room. Jennifer turned to the Major and kissed him. “Thanks for coming Major Johnson, I love you.”

” You know, Major kisses are always appreciated.” The Major embraced his lover and kissed her gently on the lips. Jennifer reached down and grasped his shaft and pulled him into the bed. She whispered “I want a real good fuck major, I almost jumped you in front of my mother.”

Johnson split her legs exposing her bright pink cunt topped by the well-trimmed blonde muff. Kneeling at the end of the bed he began foreplay of kissing her thighs but not her pussy lips. He put one of his thumbs at the entrance to her vagina and traced the outline of her türkçe bahis vulva.

“Major either kiss it or put your cock in there but do something,” said Jennifer.

“The one thing the army didn’t teach you is patience; I am having some fun at your expense. I thought women wanted foreplay,” said the Major.

“This woman wants your cock in her cunt right now.”

The Major stood and positioned the head at the entrance to Jennifer’s cunt. He pressed forward and soon he was lodged in her vagina. He leaned down and kissed his lover.

“You feel very good sir. I have one question that has bothered me since our thanksgiving trip,” said Jennifer.

The Major started to move his cock in and out of her. So she suspended the interrogation. “Fuck me Major, give me all of your love,” The Major leaned down and kissed her. Jennifer moved in unison with the Major when he went down she came up. He kissed her nipples. Her movements caused him to cum explosively. He pulled out and replaced his cock with his mouth and tongue. He wanted to make sure that she was satisfied. He felt Jennifer climax flooding her cunt with her cum. He moved up and kissed his lover.

“Major let me suck your cock so you can fuck me again.”

“No you had a question and I want to hear it,” said the Major as he kissed Jennifer again.

“Major you quoted the army cliché of “Remember your training” what did you mean by that?”

“Major Connolly the Army trains people to not to loose their head but think through problems, that is what I meant. I wanted you to focus on solving the problem not feel sorry for yourself.”

Jennifer used her hands on his cock she bent down and put the head in her mouth. She bathed his tool with her tongue. He responded to her actions. The Major had regained an erection and he slid into Jennifer’s cunt “God you feel great sir,” said Jennifer.

“Now I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before,” announced Major Johnson.

“Major you promise but rarely deliver,” said Jennifer with a laugh that was stifled by the Major’s mouth covering hers.

The Major put his hands on her shoulders and began to move his cock in and out of her cunt. He felt Jennifer cumming and he paused until she finished. He started again hoping that she would climax again. Jennifer put out a muffled cry every time he hit her clit. He felt a release of warm fluid on his cock and felt her vaginal contractions milking him for his cum. The Major strained and shot a load of cum. He collapsed and kissed her.

Jennifer struggled to get out from under him and moved down and put the tip of his cock in her mouth. She drank the last drops of his cum, and then kissed him.

Christmas day

Like clock work Jennifer was awake sometime around five. This time the Major was sleeping next to her. She kissed his cheek and slipped quietly out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She was sore from last night but feeling good. She ran the shower until it was almost too hot and climbed in. The hot water cascaded over her shoulders, falling on her breasts and down to her pussy. She found the small bottle of shampoo and applied some to her muff and lathered it up and worked it in to her pubic hair. She took the hand shower and rinsed the soap from her muff and her vagina. She shut the water off and got out of the tub and wrapped a large towel around herself. She walked quietly in to the main room. The room included a small gas fireplace and she started it with the remote control. There was a couch in front of the fire and she lounged on it. The heat radiating from the fire felt good. She soon felt dry and slipped on her jogging sweat pants and her unit sweatshirt. She slipped back in bed and snuggled next to the Major, who seemed oblivious to the world. Jennifer fell back asleep.

Two hours later the Major woke up and found the fireplace going and Jennifer next to him dressed in her sweat pants and shirt. He kissed her cheek and she woke up. Major Johnson kissed his lover again.

When did you wake up,” asked the Major.

“My brain gets me up at five whether I need to or not,” said Jennifer.

Her hand found his cock and she was pleased that he was ready for action. She got on her hands and knees. She felt the pants being pulled down by the Major. He spread her legs. Instead of the Major’s cock she felt his tongue tracing the entrance to her vagina.

“That feels nice, darling,” said Jennifer.

The Major moved her to her back and he finished pulling her pants off. Her pink pussy was in contrast to her white thighs, and blond pubic hair. The Major went down on her pussy and he found her clit and his tongue brushed over her pleasure nub, causing her to catch her breath. The Major moved up and kissed her.

“You are a very beautiful woman, Major Jennifer Connolly.”

The Major got up from the bed and found her sweat pants. He put güvenilir bahis siteleri them back on her and kissed her pussy before he finished. He walked over to his bag and found his workout clothes, and pulled them on.

“Get your shoes on lets go run before we have breakfast,” said the Major.

“What kind of man are you that has a woman willing to have sex and all you want to do is go run,” replied Jennifer.

“Yea I want to prove to you that my feelings are more that just the sex we have. Come on Major Connolly get your butt out and let’s go run.”

They both left the room and went outside. It was about 08:30 when they started. The Inn was in a residential area and as they ran; they saw little kids trying new bikes and trikes. “Don’t get any ideas Major,” said Jennifer.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Major Connolly.”

They turned up a hill and Jennifer sprinted to the lead. They followed the road to the top of the hill and turned right and followed another street. At another intersection they followed a road down to the street that the Inn was located. They started another lap following the same route as before. Again Jennifer took the lead on the hill. When they finished the second lap they headed for the Inn.

“I will let you have the shower first,” said Jennifer.

“I was hoping that we could use it together,” said the Major.

“You had your chance earlier. You could have fucked me this morning but you decided that we needed to run,” said Jennifer.

They got in the room and the Major pulled Jennifer’s sweat pants down to her ankles. His hand got between her legs and he inserted a finger into her pussy. Jennifer slapped him away.

“Major what has gotten into you?”

He retreated to the couch and became silent. Jennifer pulled up her pants and stood in front of him.

“Major your actions were unexpected, and surprised me,” said Jennifer.

“Jennifer, we need to talk, I lost my head I apologize. I took liberties that I should not have.”

“All is forgiven Major, I enjoyed the run, I don’t know. I usually do the seducing and it was just a surprise.

“Will kisses work Jennifer?”

“Major they always work, said Jennifer

Jennifer sat next the Major and he leaned over and kissed her, “I am sorry if I was out of line. I don’t want to loose you,” said the Major as he kissed her again.

Jennifer looked at her watch, they needed to be over at her mother’s house by 1:00 and it was 10:00 now. “She stood in front of the Major. “Seduce me you fool,” she said.

The Major pulled her pants down to her ankles again. He stood and kissed Jennifer and placed his hand on her pussy. He pulled her top over her head and stepped back to admire her naked body. He kissed her again and led her over to the bed. He again split her legs and kissed her pussy. He lay next to her and brought his cock up to the entrance and guided it in.

” I can’t be mad at you for too long, now fuck me,” said Jennifer.

The Majors delighted in each other and Jennifer climaxed several times before the Major let loose. Jennifer kissed him as she got out of bed and went into the bathroom. She was in the shower when the Major joined her. “I told you we needed to shower together,” said the Major.

Jennifer turned her back to the Major and he scrubbed her back from the neck to her butt. Her skin was alabaster and soft. He took the hand shower and rinsed off her back. He then took some shampoo and lathered her hair and massaged her scalp. Again he rinsed her hair down. He turned her around and using a washcloth he washed her front paying special attention to her breasts and pussy. Jennifer started to wash the Major’s back; when he turned around she soaped his cock and balls. She rinsed him off with the water turned up as hot as they could stand.

They got out and wrapped each other in towels “Do you want me to unwrap my Christmas surprise,” said Jennifer with a laugh. The Major went out and dressed in the room, and left to see what was left of breakfast. Jennifer dressed after the Major left and quickly followed him down to the dining room. There was some left over pastries and juice so they were able to have breakfast. After a trip to the room they left for Jennifer’s Mom’s house.

Jennifer pulled in to the parking area and there were several cars parked in front of the house. “Looks like the party has started,” said Jennifer.

The door opened as they hit the porch and Dave, Jennifer’s stepfather greeted them.

“Like I said yesterday your mother invited the whole neighborhood. We were wondering if you got called home?” said Dave.

“Twinkle toes wanted to go running this morning so we were a little late getting going. We miss anything?” asked Jennifer.

“No your mother put off opening the presents until you both got here. She asked me to tell you that she wants to see you privately and I am to keep him busy. So go find your mother,” said Dave.

Dave directed the Major to the back patio and introduced him to the gathered guests. Jennifer found her mother in the bedroom, “Dave said you wanted to see me?”

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