Sexual Sojourn

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Big Tits

Some people say that really hot weather lowers a person’s sex drive. The heat makes you tired, sweaty, and cranky. I used to believe that. I don’t anymore… The right person, the right place can change everything.

It is, after all, a very hot day in southern Spain when I meet up with you for a long weekend… We are staying at a little hacienda that is semi-private. We have been walking around the grounds all morning. Both of us are hot and slightly dusty. I take off my woven sunhat and swipe at my long sweaty tendrils. The light reflects off my hair, fire-red in the sun. We take a break and have some water from one of the bottles that we brought with us, chilled in a small insulated pack. We stand in the shade of a large olive tree to drink. Mmm, the bottle is cold and sweating in my hands. I rub it across my flushed forehead and sigh with contentment. There is a gentle breeze and the air smells of warm earth and flowers.

“I still feel hot,” I tell you. Before you can respond, I tilt my head back and pour some water on my neck, letting it wash down, down… into the shadowy place between my breasts under my white sundress.

You smile at me lasciviously and I splash some water onto you, drenching your white shirt. Now the battle is on! You grab up the second water bottle and I start running away, into a nearby grassy field near our hacienda. It is hard to run in the tall grass with my flimsy sandals, so you soon catch up. You grab hold of my bare arm, laughing, and pour half the bottle over my head! I am drenched… my dress clinging wetly to my pert breasts.

You are laughing really hard now at my expression and so I grab your shorts at the waist and dump in the remaining water from my bottle! The surprised expression on your face makes me laugh too!! Smiling, I touch your lips.

“I’m not so hot anymore… thanks very much.”

You lean over to kiss me. Your generous lips are warm and I open my mouth to yours… mmm…your tongue is cool. I feel your hands on my shoulders and our kiss deepens. I am swept with a wave of longing as I press myself against you. You press one hand over my wet breast, feeling the hardness of my nipple while your mouth moves to my neck. We sink down onto the long, soft grass.

Your fingers unbuttoning the front of my dress… You pull the fabric apart and draw back from me, looking at my breasts in the afternoon light. They are pale and unfreckled, topped with pink. You dip your head down to one damp nipple and your tongue flicks lightly across it. I press your head harder against me and you know that I want you to suck it…

You move your body to lay over mine and I can feel your erection pressing against my leg as you suck and massage my breasts. I can feel the wetness between my legs growing. Then you move up and start kissing my mouth again and your cock is pressing into my pussy. I stop thinking- only feeling, wanting you… We are kissing hard now; I can feel your teeth as our mouths devour each other. I am breathing hard and only manage to pant, “Fuck me… right now. Right here.”

You do not hesitate, but immediately unfasten your wet shorts, shoving them below your cock. I pull my dress up and your fingers push my thin, wet panties to the side. Your swollen head is at my entrance and I wrap my legs around your waist to pull you inside. OMG….feels sooooo good! You pin my arms up over my head as you fuck me- your head down close to mine… my warm breath in your ear. You keep your body close, rubbing yourself on my pussy and swollen clit with every stroke. I am breathing harder and moaning, bucking my hips up to meet yours You know how loud I am when I cum, so you fasten your mouth over mine just in time and you feel my cries in your throat.

My hip bones push up hard against you and the contractions from my orgasm squeeze your cock again and again as you thrust deeper into me and you bury your face in my warm, thick, burnished hair as you climax. I feel your muscles go slack and I sigh, completely satisfied for the moment…

You are trying to catch your breath after such a climax, and finally manage to do it. You slide out of me and roll onto your back. I am watching your face and I can see that something else has come into your mind. You sit up.

“Honey, how about we go back to the house and take a shower? Then we will go for a nice meal in town,” you ask, turning towards me with that look in your eyes that says it all. I think that it will be a very long shower…

“Sure, sweetheart, I’m following you,” I smile back.


The water temperature in the shower is just great. Water streams down my face as I pull my hair back, tilting my neck, and closing my eyes. You grab my face and start kissing my lips passionately. Your hands run down my smooth back, grabbing my round ass.

You turn me around, still under the shower, cool water flowing over both our bodies. You press against me and I can feel your renewed excitement. Your hands are grabbing my breasts and güvenilir bahis your mouth is kissing my neck. I moan with pleasure and murmur, “Again?”, as I reach up with my hand and stroke your cheek with my fingertips.

Your hands are slowly moving down my stomach to end up at my neatly trimmed pussy. You pull my ass against your hardening cock while your fingers make their way between my slick thighs, touching my already swollen clit. You begin moving them up and down my pussy lips. Even under the shower, you can feel how excited I am…and it makes you harder.

You slide one digit inside my pussy, probing gently until it locates my g spot and you feel a shudder run through my body… I manage to move my hips in a way that you are now between my ass cheeks and my movements are making you crazy too. Suddenly, you pull your hand off my pussy and bend me over.

I want to feel you inside me, but instead you kneel down and start eating my pussy from behind…. To give you more access, I rest one foot up on the tub edge. Your tongue is running up and down, teasing my clit and spreading my lips. I grab onto the shower knobs, pressing my face against the tile wall as I moan and breathe heavily. Your hands are spreading my ass cheeks and you bury your face between them, sucking and licking from my clit all the way back to my puckered pink hole. I shake and push my hips violently against your face as I cum, screaming… no reason to make it quiet this time.

You can feel my juices on your face and in your mouth… Before I can catch my breath or even think about what to do next, you stand up behind me and ram yourself deep inside my swollen pussy. You grab both my arms and pull them back, thrusting urgently into me. Your balls are slapping against my skin on each thrust. I want to move my arms but I can’t… I am at your mercy. You keep on hammering my pussy… in and out, getting more excited as you listen to me scream “yes, yes, fuck me harder” with every thrust.

Suddenly, you release my arms and pull out. You want this one to be “dirty” and hold your head to my inviting back door… I know what you want and I bend deeper, opening myself. Although your cock is wet from my juices and the shower water, you add some lube from the plastic bottle on the edge of the tub. Gently, you push your way inside… You move slowly, watching your length sink gradually deeper and savoring the squeezing sensations around your cock. Your hands tighten on my hips as I touch myself and you listen to my excited moans. Groaning, you thrust harder, feel yourself almost at the point of no return…

I know that you are on the verge of exploding and I let my body slip off and drop down, turning neatly to face you on my knees. Your head is so engorged with blood… huge and purple, with the water bouncing off of it. I gaze up at you, my green eyes dilated, and begin to soap your shaft and head. The shower water washes the soap away almost immediately. You grab your cock and stroke it hard next to my face. Your cheeks are flushed with color and your mouth opens with a strangled cry as your cum bursts out, spraying my cheeks and mouth. You shove your shining head between my lips, pumping the rest onto my tongue. I slide forward and press you deep… mmmm… savoring your bitter/slightly soapy taste. I release you with a kiss and tilt my face up into the shower’s spray.


Clean now, but definitely moving in an unhurried way after all that activity, we dress for dinner. I wear a mint green, silky top with a deep V in the front and back. No bra… it is too hot. I fasten my strawberry-blonde hair loosely on top of my head, then pull on a short vanilla skirt and sandals. You are wearing a blue linen shirt with buttons and white linen pants. We look delicious and cool, like ice-cream.

The restaurant is in town, but set apart from the other buildings. The sun has already set and the air is blue-gray twilight and smells of jasmine. My hand is warm in yours as the waiter leads the way to our table inside.

The interior of the restaurant seems dimly lit and I realize that the dark wood surfaces are absorbing the light. The main room is large and we pass several side doors along the way. I suppose those are the banquet rooms. The waiter shows us to a small table tucked away in a back corner of the room. The seats are thickly padded booths and when I slide in one side, you quickly slip in next to me, instead of across.

The waiter brings us some tapas, a glass of red wine for you, and a glass of sangria for me. My stomach is growling and the tapas disappear rapidly, as does the sangria. It is a novelty to sit so close to you in a public place and, as we wait for our main dishes, I find myself distracted by the feel of your thigh against mine, the cool, soft linen overlaying the heat of your skin…

I place my small hand on top of your larger one and slide it gently off the tablecloth and onto the bottom of my skirt. We continue our conversation with hardly a pause türkçe bahis as your long fingers stroke the bare skin above my knee. The brush of your fingertips sharpens my senses and I want more… Boldly, I move your hand to the inside of my leg, your wrist pushing my skirt fabric higher.

You bend your head down towards mine and murmur in a low voice,”You are a naughty girl… If you want to play this way, be prepared to follow my rules.”

My cheeks flush… We have not played this game before and I can already feel myself becoming wet.

“What are the rules, darling?”

“We must each keep one hand on the table, no loud sounds, and you cannot make me cum…. We don’t want to make a mess…”

I nod and your fingers slide all the way up to stroke my silk panties, feeling my juices already making them wet and slick. I gasp and close my eyes.

Your voice against my hair says,”Go and take these off now.”

I look up at you mischievously,”And yours?”

You gaze at me for a long moment, a smile playing about your lips. “Oh, I did not wear any…”

In the ladies’ room, the mirror reflects my face as I leave the stall with my panties tucked safely into my purse. My green eyes are bright and my cheeks touched with pink. I am astonished that after all of our “activities” earlier in the day, my body is so completely ready for more. I wash my hands and then, as I am alone, I lift my shirt and rub cold water across my nipples. Mmmm….so refreshing.

A moment later, I am back at our table and you get up to let me pass. Your eyes widen slightly as you notice the hard peaks of my nipples under the silk and I smile up at you. As I slide across the booth, I let my skirt sit high on my thighs.

You let the back of your hand brush across one of my stiff nipples as you reach across me to pull one of the linen napkins off the table. You drop it in my lap.

“You may want to spread this underneath you, darling… I am going to make your pussy dripping wet before we leave this evening…”

“Really?” I purr, pulling my panties from my purse. “Here you are, sweetheart. Something for you to wipe your mouth with during our meal, if you like…” I lift one eyebrow and tilt my head, smiling as I place a small purple and black scrap of fabric into your hand. I look at your eyes, the pupils so dilated, the smile that tugs at one corner of your lips. I can barely breathe, I am so turned on. How can I possibly eat?

And then the food arrives. It smells delicious… a cold seafood soup of some sort (I let you order our dishes) and salmon (my favorite). There is more sangria and more wine. We are distracted for a few minutes.

As my head is bent over my soup bowl, your left hand slips back under my skirt and rests on my inner thigh. I freeze for a moment and then nonchalantly continue to eat my soup. I shift a bit on my napkin-covered seat, opening myself to your warm fingers. I feel you stroking my outer lips and then running a tip up along my slick opening, stopping just short of my swelling clit.

“Am I keeping you from your food? Do you want me to stop?” you whisper teasingly.

Without looking up at you, I press your hand more fully inside my wet pussy and I hear you chuckle softly. You insert one of your fingers deep inside me, making me press my lips together in a silent moan. Your palm rubs just above my clit and I lift my hips a little. You can feel my juices flowing. I have one hand clutching your thigh as my breath quickens.

In one motion, you pull your hand away. I growl a little and shoot an angry look at you. You smile and suck one of your glistening fingers. Then you smear my cream onto my own lips and kiss me.

“Mmm, you are delicious!”

My turn. I glance around at the people dining. Everyone looks fully absorbed in their conversations, their food.

I pluck an ice cube from one of our water glasses (I am glad that I made that special request for it) and peek sideways at you to be sure that you are watching me. You are.

I lean my head back and run the ice cube down my throat and into the V of my shirt. I slide it across my nipples on both sides, arching my back a bit. I hear the hiss of your breath as you watch my nipples grow hard again. When I remove the ice, it is considerably smaller and I pop it between your lips.

My hand is on your crotch now, underneath your napkin, surreptitiously unzipping your fly. As I press my breast against your upper arm to murmur into your ear, “You are so hard, sweetheart. I know that you’re thinking about pulling my head into your lap and fucking my mouth, my hot little mouth…”

My fingers move inside and down to your balls, cupping and stroking them, as I continue to talk, playfully, next to your ear.

“Or maybe not- maybe you’re really thinking about pushing your face between my thighs, filling your tongue with my cream, rubbing my clit with your nose…”

You are rock hard now and my fingers encircle your shaft and stroke you under your loose linen shirt. güvenilir bahis siteleri Your cheeks are pink and your eyes half-closed as you groan, hoarsely, “Fuuuck…. you’re making me crazy…”

In truth, I am making myself crazy too. I cannot sit with you at the table any longer. I remember the doors to the banquet rooms and whisper my suggestion into your ear.

You leave the table first. I continue eating my food for a moment, then lay my spoon down and slip out of the booth. I retrace our steps down the long hall. As I pass the middle door, I notice that it is slightly ajar. I push it open gingerly. It is quite dark inside. I am framed in the light from the hall.

“Are you there?”

Your hand shoots out, grabs my forearm, and pulls me inside the room. The door closes as you press my body up against it. Your hands are on my hair, your mouth searching for mine… Your mouth is hot, your tongue tastes of wine. I wrap one leg around your thigh and your hand reaches down and under my skirt to cup my ass. Your fingers move between my thighs, noting how my juices have already made them slippery.

Breathing heavily, your left hand fumbles with your zipper and I hear the soft sound of fabric hitting the floor. I wrap both my arms around your neck as you push your cock into my moist pussy, lifting my ass up. My bare legs wrap around your waist. You pin my upper body against the door as you fuck me, the wood rattling in its frame, both of us gasping. It is too loud. Laughing nervously, you let me slip down again.

“I can’t see a damn thing in here,” you grumble. “I’m going to turn on a light.”

The light is bright and blinding. For a moment, I am struck by how depraved we look… your white linen pants down around your ankles, my skirt rumpled and uneven. Your cock juts out from beneath your shirt, the soft folds framing it in blue. My god, you have the longest, most beautiful one that I have ever seen! Every time that I look at it, my mouth waters. I drop to the wooden floor and look up… my tongue reaches out to stroke the underside of that long, hard rod of flesh.

Teasingly, I whisper,”Do you want me to clean you up? You’re all sticky…”

In response, you press your cock up against my lips. I hold your shaft with one hand while I give it a tongue bath. My other hand is gently massaging your smooth, swollen balls. Your knees bend a little and you place one hand on the back of my head.

“Aaaa… just suck it now… pleeeease,” you pant.

I smile up at you. “Make me.”

You growl a little in frustration, but you know that it excites me to have you do this.

Unfastening my hair clip, you twist your hands into the loose mass, pulling my head back until I am looking up at you. You press your cock against my face, rubbing it on my lips which remain stubbornly closed. You continue to hold onto my hair with your right hand, using your left to press the leaking head directly into my mouth, parting my lips with the pressure of your cock. Both hands on my head again, you start with short strokes. Feels sooo good…

Of course, part of this game is that I try to get away. I push at your legs and twist my head, trying to dislodge you from my mouth. You move closer to me, practically straddling my shoulders now and shove your cock deep down my throat. “Take it all, baby…” you gasp hoarsely. I gag and feel tears start in my eyes.

You pull my head back and I breathe again. My hands have pushed my skirt up to my waist and you look down to see my fingers moving beneath the fabric, my cheeks and the skin above my breasts flushed pink.

You start to fuck my mouth again, holding my head in place… shallow, shallow, and then deep… your tight balls pressed against my chin, your heated, musky scent filling my nostrils… I can’t breathe when you go that deep, but I find the discomfort incredibly erotic.

Panting, you too are into my game now. Tightening your grip on my hair, you rasp, “Choke on it! I want to hear you gag!” It is while your cock is forced down my throat, that I have my most intense orgasm of the day. I feel the waves roll through my body, fireworks settling into a magma flow. You watch my eyes close, feel my body shaking as my cheeks turn from pink to red. You gasp and pull out, unwilling to come yet.

I am feeling a little weak now and you grasp both my hands to pull me up and into your arms. Your fingers caress the line of my jaw as you kiss my lips tenderly.

“Come over to the table, darling… Rest your head on this tablecloth…”

I lean down and make a pillow of my arms on the snowy cloth. I feel your warm breath on my ass as you push my skirt up. My thoughts wander briefly back to our table in the restaurant. What must our waiter be thinking? We left our things there, but have been gone quite a while. My attention is captured again as your tongue reaches between my legs, your hands stroking the smooth skin on my ass. You nip me playfully with your teeth before standing and sliding your full length slowly into my newly tightened pussy. You press your upper body down onto mine, kissing my shoulders and neck, while you gently move your hips. I reach back to squeeze your balls and stroke that sensitive area just behind them…

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