Sexually Owned by Sister’s Husband

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This story is intended to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek. It is a letter, written by a wife, to her pitifully-endowed husband describing how her sister’s dominant and very well-endowed husband now owns her sexually.

Warning: Contains descriptions of MDom/fsub, MDom/msub, incest, bisexuality, homosexuality.

In reality, I have lusted for my own wife’s sister for decades. Her thin, slender, small-breasted body has been the object of my sexual fantasies many, many times and responsible for pints, possibly quarts, of my ejaculated semen. She, like the author in this letter, is married to a loser of a husband who is also poorly endowed. She’s shared as much with my wife, who in turn has over-shared the information with me.

It saddens me to think that my sister-in-law, as beautiful and sexually attractive as she is, has no sex life. It also fuels my fantasies about her because, from what my wife has shared with me, I know what vibrators she owns. I know where and when she masturbates, and I how cock-hungry she must be having been so sexually deprived all these years.

I would very much like to play the real-life role of “Joe” (with her as the author) in this letter.

My dear husband,

I want to start off this letter by telling you that my affection for you is and always has been genuine. I truly believe that you love me with all of your heart. Over the past 10 years of our marriage you have been kind, sweet, nurturing, and worked very hard to make a living for us. For all of this I am truly grateful.

We both know, however, that our marriage has been plagued by one major issue. Your inability to satisfy me sexually has cast a dark shadow over our somewhat normal marriage. I know you have no control over the hypogonadism that you are afflicted with. The underdeveloped size of your small penis and testicles, however, became more and more of an issue with me as time went by.

Feelings of guilt still plague me when I recall how I told you shortly after we were married that your genital size didn’t matter. I was in love, and I felt that would be enough to sustain us throughout our married lives. Little did I know that you would never be able to bring me to orgasm with your penis. The small amount of semen that you can produce, assuming you managed to ejaculate in my vagina, had little or no viable sperm. My dreams of being a mother one day were all but destroyed because of your sexual dysfunction.

You were the only man that I had ever been with before we married. I foolishly attributed your poor sexual performance and inability to “grow” due to nerves. Having never dated and slept with other men, I never had a chance to compare you with what other men had between their legs, and how they could have pleasured me with larger, even normal-sized cocks. My lack of experience with other men just added to my overall sexual misery during the course of our sexless marriage.

I’ve shared details of my sexual frustration with my older sister Melissa in the past. I only felt compelled to reveal our sexual struggles after she had been forthcoming, almost to the point of too forthcoming, about her sex life with her husband Joe. After hearing so many times how wonderful their sexual relationship is, I had to tell her that I could in no way relate. Once I had revealed our troubles to her, she and I started talking about sex almost all of the time. During these conversations I shared my sexual fantasies, and revealed my own sexual interests and kinks.

My sister and I found that we shared many similar sexual kinks.

I know you’ve always thought very highly of my sister’s husband, Joe. As you’ve said before, “What’s not to like?” He’s a man’s man, a good guy, and has helped us out on more than one occasion when there have been things to fix or projects around the house to complete. You have the utmost respect for his intelligence and success in his career. I believe you have a lot of admiration for my sister’s husband because of all of this.

One of the sexual kinks that Melissa and I found that we shared during our discussions is that of sexual submissiveness. She explained that Joe is very dominant in the bedroom, and that she receives a lot of satisfaction by submitting to him as his sex slave when they role-play. Of course I explained that I could never imagine you ever playing the role of a dominant lover, a Master, or a Dom, in the bedroom. You have neither the assertive personality nor the adequately sized genitals between your legs that being a dominant male requires.

Melissa explained to me that being dominant comes very naturally to Joe. Not only does his personality support his dominance, but also my sister revealed that Joe is well endowed. Very well endowed.

When she told me this, I had never seen his exposed cock. I am not blind, however. I’ve noticed the bulge in the front of his pants before. I’ve seen the outline of his cock going down the leg of his pants or bathing suit when we’ve been with them at pool parties. Sometimes marks head bobbers porno I found myself staring at the outline of his cock through my sunglasses, biting my lower lip, and fantasizing before stopping myself out of respect for my sister.

Shortly before my birthday last year, Melissa and I were having one of our discussions about sex over lunch. Out of her love and concern for me she boldly presented me with an offer to solve my sexual frustrations.

She invited me to be a sexual participant in their role-play.

Of course I was shocked. I’m sure my facial expression revealed as much.

She explained that her invitation wasn’t one to participate in a threesome, or menage a trois. She said that I would be, like her, a sexual submissive to Joe. A sex slave, devoted to obey and fulfill his every sexual wish and command.

I refused at first. How could I cheat on my husband? How could Joe possibly find me, who is skinny, waifish, and has practically no breasts whatsoever, attractive? Melissa told me that Joe did indeed find me attractive, girlish figure and all, and that he, with full permission of my sister, would be more than willing to help me explore my submissive side.

This very indecent proposal fueled my imagination. Thoughts of all of the possibilities were quite enticing to say the least. In my mind there would be no way that I could go through with such a lurid activity with my sister and her husband.

Remember my birthday last year? I tried to initiate sex with you that night? You told me that you were too tired and refused my advances? I left the bedroom and you fell asleep, remember? While you were sleeping, I became more and more hurt as I thought about your refusal for sex. I became angry.

I texted my sister and told her I accepted her invitation. I told her I wished to submit sexually to Joe, and be his sex slave just like her. What did I have to lose?

The very next day, she invited me to go shopping with her. What I didn’t know was that we would only be shopping for me. Specifically, we went lingerie shopping.

I’ve never really worn sexy lingerie before. Melissa took me to where she usually shops and chose some very interesting, yet very sexy lingerie that accentuated my slender figure. A black cupless bra to showcase my small 32-AA breasts, black silk stockings, garter belts, and black panties.

Joe’s favorite color of lingerie is black.

She also bought me a black, leather collar with a D-shaped ring attached to the front. The prospect of wearing a collar was very exciting, yet very nerve inducing.

That following Friday night Melissa and I went to the movies. Do you recall that night? I lied to you. The first of many, I’m afraid. We never went to the movies. Yet I’ll never forget that night. Not because I lied to you about my whereabouts. The night is forever burned into my memory because is was that night that my life changed.

I went to their house. It was late in the afternoon. Joe was not yet home from work. Melissa said it would give us plenty of time to prepare. I’m not going to indulge you in the details of how she prepared me for my first meeting with Joe as my master. What I will tell you, as Melissa instructed me, that when my collar goes on I am a different person than who I am in real life. I’m not her biological sister. I’m not a wife. I’m a sexual servant whose only purpose is to please my master.

Yes, I was wearing my new lingerie when Joe first saw me. Melissa was nude, and let me into their bedroom with a leash attached to my collar. I avoided eye contact with him as instructed by her. I stood with my arms at my sides, my head tilted down, looking at the floor. I was so nervous I was shivering. My small nipples were as hard as diamonds, as was my clit. I could see he was in a white terrycloth robe, having freshly showered after work, as he walked up to me. His hands and fingers explored my shoulders, my breasts, and my nipples. He walked a complete circle around me, his finger tracing a line down my spine and between my buttocks as he stood behind me.

Melissa stood beside me and whispered, “On your knees,” in my ear. I nervously complied. Joe walked back around and stood in front of me. She instructed me to look forward, and I watched as he began to untie the robe and remove it from his nude body.

Joe’s cock was, is, a thing of beauty. It is indeed quite large, even while flaccid. It’s thick, low-hanging shaft is accentuated by the most perfect pink, mushroom-shaped glans. Honestly I never thought that a man could have a cock as large as Joe had hanging between his legs.

If Joe’s cock doesn’t perfectly exemplify his masculinity, his testicles unmistakably do. All I had to compare them to in my mind were yours. Joe’s balls hang pendulously between his legs and I swear are the size of small plums.

If your small genitals have an exact opposite, my husband, they would most definitely be Joe’s.

By this massage porno time, as I knelt in front of Joe and endured the initial shock of seeing his massive cock and balls, Melissa had knelt beside me, facing me. She placed her hand on my chest and whispered in my ear, “This is your new master’s cock. Worship it with your mouth. Lick, kiss, and suck every single inch of it.”

I did.

Lust and desire fueled my eagerness to please Joe with my mouth. Melissa coached me, telling me to slide the tip of my tongue all the way up his shaft to his glans. She told me when to take each sperm-bloated testicle into my mouth and gently suck it. Having only experienced your much smaller penis and testicles before this, I found myself in a very unfamiliar situation. Through her gentle whispers my sister lovingly taught me the art of fellatio when servicing a very large cock.

I barely noticed her hands and fingers massaging and pinching my breasts and nipples as I concentrated on sucking Joe’s cock. But I did notice her touches enough to have become even more aroused as a result.

I’m sure you’re wondering how it ended. No, he did not fuck me that first night. I demonstrated my willingness to be his new sex slave that night with my mouth only. That was all that he intended to do that night with me. I’m sure you’re also wondering if I brought him to climax with my mouth since you’ve never managed to ejaculate from my blowjobs, not to mention to even stay hard.

Yes, Joe demonstrated his masculine superiority to you. While I knelt in front of him, on my knees, with my lips wrapped around his thick, hard cock he ejaculated in my warm, wet mouth. And yes, my dear husband, you know as well that this makes Joe the first and only man to ever cum in my mouth.

The magnitude of Joe’s ejaculation matched the massiveness of his genitals. You usually spurt semen two, maybe three times when you have an orgasm. Even then, the semen essentially just slowly flows or oozes out of your penis when it does. Joe’s ejaculations, as forceful as they were copious, filled my mouth with cum twice. Yes, I swallowed twice while his cum was still shooting out of his cock. The salty, musky taste… the thick, ropey texture… his cum was unmistakably masculine.

It was probably the sexiest experience of my life. Up to that point, at least.

Do you know what I did when his orgasm subsided? I thanked him. Profusely. I thanked him for the privilege of sucking his cock, and for the privilege of being allowed to taste and swallow his cum. I turned to my sister and thanked her as well. She kissed me. Not a sisterly kiss like a peck on the lips. She kissed me passionately, with open mouth, her tongue seeking mine as we shared the lingering taste of her husband’s seed in my mouth. Our hands explored each other as Joe watched. By the time we stopped Joe was already erect again from observing us, two sisters, kiss and fondle each other with such sexual abandon.

I had never had any sexual urges or attraction to my sister before that night. Now we are lovers who pleasure each other to entertain our shared master.

I was told to stand up, to walk toward their bed, and to kneel back down beside it. I watched as Joe took Melissa to bed, spread her legs, mounted her, and fucked her. My face was perhaps two feet away from their joined sexes.

Oh yes, I watched the big mushroom head of his cock part the lips of my sister’s pussy. I witnessed those delicate pussy lips slowly envelop and tightly grip his hard thick shaft as it sunk all the way inside her. I saw, and heard, his massive balls slap against her ass as his cock pistoned in and out of her. I observed his anus and perineum contracting as he climaxed and inseminated the deepest recesses of my sister’s pussy with his hot seed. I smelled the combined aroma of his cum and the feminine nectar from her pussy as his softening cock slowly withdrew from her.

At that point, I did something that you could not possibly imagine that I would do. Before that night, I wouldn’t have imagined I could, or would, do something as bold, either. In my heightened state of lust I lost control of myself. I stood up, crawled onto the bed, and began to assault my sister’s wet, swollen pussy with my mouth. I licked and kissed every wrinkle and crevice between her beautiful, sexy legs. I think the shock of feeling her sister eat her out aroused her. My tongue brought her to orgasm rather quickly.

Yes, dear husband, my own sister came in my mouth.

As the combined fluids of their lovemaking oozed out of her, I licked, kissed, and cleaned every drop of it from her pussy and what leaked down across her sensitive, pink asshole.

I swallowed every delicious fucking drop.

You know what else I remember about that night, my husband? When I came home late that night I had the taste and smell of Joe’s cum (and my sister’s pussy) in my mouth and on my breath. I kissed you passionately when I got home. You asked what had “gotten meet-suck and fuck porno into me.” I guess you never noticed the taste or the smell of another man’s cum in my kiss that night, but it was there.

By now you may be feeling sick, even nauseous upon learning all of this. I know – it’s a lot to take in. This first event, the first of many, happened almost a year ago. You may be wondering why I am just now telling you all of this, and why I chose to do so by letter instead of in person and face to face.

The primary reason for this letter is to declare Joe’s sexual ownership of me and my body.

Over the past few months I have been “wearing” a butt plug daily. I even sleep in it at night. Sadly, since you never initiate sex, you never had the chance to notice. Every few weeks I graduated to a slightly larger size.

Having a very thin, petite body means that I also have a very small and very tight anal sphincter. A few nights ago, while you sat at home and thought I was out shopping with my sister, Joe successfully penetrated me anally with his big, masculine cock. It felt fantastic. I never thought that I would ever be able to accommodate his large length and girth anally, but I did. He penetrated me, fucked me incessantly, and flooded my bowels with his usual copious amount of cum.

Thus with this anal insemination he completed his ownership of my body. Every orifice of mine has been used for his sexual pleasure. He has “marked” all three with his seed. As I detailed in this letter, I have serviced his cock (on numerous occasions) with my mouth to ejaculatory completion. I always swallow his seed – it would be insulting to him to do anything otherwise. It took some time, a few attempts, and some oral “assistance” from my sister but he also penetrated me vaginally and inseminated my pussy as well. Having experienced vaginal orgasms from a man with a large cock and the skill to use it, I am decidedly hooked.

Never had I imagined just how wonderful it would feel to have the walls of my pussy stretched and distended by such a thick, hard cock. I believe my pussy is now permanently stretched to accommodate him as I can now do so quite easily.

You and I will, therefore, never have sex as husband and wife again. Never. I still love you, and I know you love me, and I am content to continue our marriage and the social contract it entails. But Joe has forbidden me from initiating sex with you, and he has forbidden me from accepting should you try to initiate sex. Don’t even try – I don’t want to see you emotionally hurt when I have to tell you no. I don’t even believe I would be able to feel you inside me having been stretched by Joe’s cock so frequently.

There is, however, an alternative way that you and I can continue to interact sexually.

The three of us have discussed you at length. Based on the small size of your genitals and your passive personality, we believe that you are what is classified as a beta male. Beta males can have fulfilled lives and relationships, but this normally requires the beta male to service an alpha male.

As a courtesy and reward to me for my sexual performances, Joe has given me permission to extend an invitation to you. You are invited to receive a collar and submit to Joe. Yes, sexually submit to Joe. Even though you don’t consider yourself as homosexual, or even bisexual, we believe that you will find that sexually submitting to an alpha male will be a very natural, sexually fulfilling activity for you.

How is this for motivation? I’ve seen you stare at my sister’s breasts before. Can you imagine getting to see her naked? You’d finally get to see what her nipples look like, and how long and hard they can get. I will attest to how sexy they can be. I’ve sucked them – maybe you can, too. Or imagine yourself seeing her shaved pussy in action while getting fucked by Joe’s large cock. She’s as sexy and erotic as any porn actress you’ve ever watched. Perhaps you’d enjoy seeing her perform cunnilingus on me, or me on her. Perhaps you can even taste her pussy by licking Joe’s cock clean of her juices…

There’s so much that is possible if you decide to accept a collar and join my sister and me in sexual servitude to Joe.

If you choose to do so, know that there are no sexual limits to what Joe will require. Your body will belong to him. I have no doubt that he will allow you to pleasure me orally, and I will be allowed to pleasure you orally as well. You will have to earn these privileges, however. You will have to prove to Joe how eager you are to be a part of these sexual activities with me, and you will do that with both your mouth and your anus.

You will also have to come to terms with watching Joe fuck me. I will willingly and eagerly suck his cock in front of you. I will affirm verbally how much larger his cock is than yours. He already has me do this. You will also have to witness me in the throws of earth-shattering orgasms while his cock is buried deep inside me. He makes me climax every time he fucks me, usually multiple times. You will also have to be prepared to watch him deposit his seed deep inside me. Melissa has taken video of this so that I can see the powerful contractions of his prostate, visible through the pulsing of his anus and perineum, as he inseminates me.

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