Shanti as Concubine Ch. 02

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The Escort stuff had taken off- and darling Shanti was on to a fabulous start. She had her strings of learning and series of new things to go by – and of course Kamesh taught her a lot – most of it to do with salivating on a cock and raising the tempo in a client while using the tongue on the balls – scrotum- the most erotically sensitive part of a man.

She was now on her way to Delhi – Kamesh was insistent that she visits Delhi – and this time not as Someone’s concubine but as a paid escort from the Resort. The night she reached was a memorable one and Kamesh took her on a long trip of sensual experience of a different kind and just did not leave a single moment with her.

She was his obsession and still continued. He was just preparing her for the following day – she was to serve a very important client of Promolite – Vivek Suri – Expat – head of business at a very important concern in Gurgaon. He was in India for sometime and was identified as a very influential person for Promolite.

Shanti dressed for the kill. She made her self really exotic and alluring – she divided her hair into two separate plaits like a school girl and wore a shimmering light green colored over the waist down to the knees gown. The dress was excellently made for the occasion and it clung to the body. And since it clung to the body – she did not wear a panty and just a bra.

The night in the five star hotel was cool and the handsome man Vivek stirred in his sleep. The midsummer night was warm and humid. The slowly creaking exhaust fan in the bathroom barely moved with the Air conditioning taking care of the temperature which was pretty high for Delhi in the month of May at around 45 degrees Celsius. On the bed it looked like – the man had been pretty active even before she had arrived.

The bed sheets were flung back. In the soft light from the slumbering city streets beyond the window, the man’s bronzed, naked body glistened lightly with sweat.

In his mid-forties, he was astonishingly, almost impossibly, good-looking and his features even and regular, utterly masculine. He was clean-shaven, with firm hollows in his cheeks, and had a square, hard jaw with a sexy cleft in the chin with his aquiline nose, slightly hooked, adding to his aura of power.

His hair was thick and strays of grey, especially at the temples and his mouth was wide and firm. His eyes were set in deep color they were powerful with an animal’s sensual ferocity.

With the body superb, sculpted like a Greek God where the neck was powerful but not squat, and led to sprawling broad shoulders with thick sinewy muscles. The chest spread wide and deeply cleaved, like two slabs of rock.

His torso, smooth and hairless, with even the armpits shaved, in a stunning V from his shoulders to his hips. The bronzed skin was smooth and clear, stretched taut over his frame.

His buttocks were exquisitely small and taut.

Between his powerfully muscled thighs, his penis curves limply over his heavy balls. His cock was enormous; even in its flaccid mood and it was at least eight inches long and an inch and a half thick. His pubic hair- short and springy sprayed with grey.

Shanti was sitting beside the man and was studying his beautiful body – in her sexy and extremely exciting shimmering gown.

He would have liked her to be as naked but even otherwise she looked very lovely, as if in the full bloom of youth.

He knew all about her – a woman who just a few months ago was an extremely pious chaste person and would not think of sex even during the most of the outrageous moments.

Shanti’s recent training had managed to hide her age brilliantly. The 30+ woman was looking not more than 20-23years of age and looked very sexy.

She was looking extremely slender and the texture with her looks being dusky, she had an elegant face, with high cheekbones, a straight nose, perfect teeth, a lovely smile and dark, elongated, mascara rimmed eyes.

Her skin was extremely was smooth, sensual and oozed sexy and her mouth looked sexy with a slender upper lip, the lower full and straight. The chin and jaw were beautifully sculpted and firm. The best part of sex was the dress up of her tresses, her shoulder length hair plaited into two dollops were dark and silky smooth, held by a plain cotton ring on both ends.

She wore small diamond earrings, finger-rings and toe-rings and a gold chain twinkles around her long and graceful neck. Her breasts – full and ripe, tipped with dark aureoles and stubby nipples. Her belly firm and flat, her hips are flared, and her buttocks with delectable curves.

Her limbs spread slender and well-turned with shapely legs and slender ankles and wrists.

Her fingers and toes shaped long and well-manicured. Between her legs, the dark delta of her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and to the client’s taste, the pubic area was not shaven.

A thin rivulet of sweat coursed down the client’s chest, trickling through the deep cleft between the chests and güvenilir bahis sliding lower. Slowly, she bent over the man and, pushing her tongue out, lapped the thread of sweat, tracing its downward path. The man murmured and stirred awake. She was tempting him.

“I don’t believe it,” he mumbles drowsily.

“You better believe it,” she whispered.

The man laughs softly. Shanti’s face was soft and gentle against his hard chest. She dragged her tongue up his torso, lapping at the tacky flesh and swirled her tongue around his hard nipple. The man sighed in pleasure.

Shanti fastened her lips around his nipple and sucks gently. Her teeth scraped across the hard knob, and her tongue whipped it gently.

It was a delicate, exquisite feeling. Her fleshy breasts brushed against his body and he slid his hand up and down her back, caressing her tenderly around her anus and slowly puckered the hole, while fondling her pendulous breasts. Slowly, she dragged her lips and tongue across his body to the other nipple. He was totally aroused.

“How about now?” Shanti asked innocently.

His eyes smiled at her in return, bathing her in their limpid, fluid warmth, beckoning, irresistible. She looked sexy in the designer shimmering gown with a ‘bindi’ dotting the middle of her forehead. Now they were very close, their bodies almost touching.

Silently he took her by her slim waist and drew her to him. Her back never failed to give him pleasure with its superb posture and erotically hollowed spine, the smooth skin, like satin, the hollows above the collarbone.

His fingers were warm and strong on the naked flesh of her bare midriff and she felt her innermost being throb with pleasure at this merest of touches. Her breath shortened, and she leaned her forehead against his chest, fighting for control. Even after all this time and her days in Chastity, this man could make her feel like a wanton, desperate slut, craving flesh in flesh.

She slipped her long, slender fingers under the lapels of his robe and pulled it wide open, tugging open the knot, slipping the robe off his massive shoulders.

Her bare feet climbed his and now she tingled in pleasure as she felt the enormous size and weight of his penis against her belly. Her magical fingers glided over the magnificent contours of his torso as, at last, she tilted her face up to his, her lips fluttering open.

His eyes held hers for a long moment and the fires of her lust danced in her eyes.

Her nostrils were slightly flared and her breath was warm and sweet on his face. She slid her arms up and around his neck and arched her head, rising on her toes and he bent his head to hers.

His lips met hers and she stiffened at the first, electric touch of his lips and then his tongue slid past her lips and met hers in flickering reply.

She sucked on his tongue, on his lips, met his kiss in measure. His hands were on the nape of her neck, caressing, sliding up and down her slender frame, cupping her breasts.

He slid the gown off her knees and ass, unraveling it expertly and amazed at the naked lust in her buttocks. It rustled to her waist and he tugged at the girdle on her navel, letting that, too, and jingle.

She was naked beneath that, her cunt fuzz neatly trimmed in anticipation. She murmured softly, her eyes closed arms taut about his shoulders as he tongued her ear and sucked and nibbled on her earlobe.

Her nipples stiffened through the gown against his chest and she moaned softly when his big, strong hands cupped her breasts with infinite tenderness. Her aureoles puckered and her nipples grew longer and stiffer in his fingers, her body going hot.

Shanti took Vivek’s face in her hand and kissed him hungrily, already burning with lust. He had that effect on his women.

Possessed of a rapier-like mind of considerable renown in several distinct fields of endeavor, he was also devastatingly handsome and impossibly muscled.

Clean-shaven and square-jawed, with a wide, clear brow and a fine, aquiline nose he was often mistaken for a film star.

He had wide-set, deep, gentle eyes of a dark brown that could change from ice to fire in minutes.

His merest look could do to women what lesser men – and his women had yet to meet one not lesser – would have spent a fortune and hours, if not months and years, to achieve.

His mouth was wide and sensual without being fleshy, the teeth very strong and white and even.

He had high cheekbones and slightly hollowed cheeks and a cleft in his chin. His face was that of an outdoor man, used to long hours in merciless sun, doing manual labor – rugged and tough, with every feature honed, filled with strong sinew and deep reserves of strength and power and speed.

His body matched his features in every respect. His shoulders were immense, broad and deep and bulging with muscle. His back was a superb, deeply sweeping, swooping ripple of musculature from shoulder and arm to spine and beyond again.

His türkçe bahis neck was thick and bullish with strength. The chest was immensely deep and heavy, the pectorals like two huge slabs of rock, the cleft between them deep and ridged with veins and muscles, the taut, dark nipples pulled wide and low on either side.

From his triceps, a continuous ridge of muscle flew down the immensity of his chest in a mighty W to its counterpart opposite.

His belly was flat, and like a washboard, the flesh marked with the rectangles of muscle. The waist was narrow and small, the hips high and arrogant, the buttocks taut and firm.

His arms and legs were long and thick and rounded and bulging with muscle, the feet and hands big and powerful. His forearms were thick and ridged with veins, the calves and thighs stronger than oak. There was no hair on his torso anywhere; even the armpits were dilapidated.

He took good care of his body, and used it well – in combat, in play, in work.

Above all, there was his penis. It was a thing of beauty, a joy to behold, a greater joy still for a woman to stroke and caress and lick and suck and then be fucked by.

Limp, it was bigger and thicker and longer than most erections, it dangled the good nine inches in length in the semi state, over an inch and a half around more than what it was in a flaccid state a while ago, loaded balls that stored, she knew, an almost unending honeyed sperm sack of delicious semen. When erect, it would swell to an awe-inspiring length, over two and a half around.

It sprang from a mat of cropped black curly pubic hair. He regularly had one of his lovers shave the shaft all the way down to the base.

There were good reasons for this. For one thing, there were some women with whom he performed in Groups who could take his cock whole, when erect.

Then, the sight of his smooth, hairless penis glistening and throbbing, plunging in and out of cunts, mouths, and ass added to the eroticism. But, more important, he found it gave him greater satisfaction and allowed him to gauge his lover’s responses a fraction more accurately.

It was this attention to detail, to minute, that set him apart from the rest and made him their leader. She loved it this way. She loved him, every bit of him, and every inch of his cock.

True, Kamesh’s was a lot bigger – but, as she herself readily admitted, Vivek was by far sexier in matters sexual. Now Vivek smiled in pleasure as Shanti bent her head and began to suck on his nipples gently, her sharp, warm, moist tongue and fierce teeth nibbling and suckling and toying with his nipples, arousing them painfully. Meanwhile, her elegant fingers coiled about the shaft of his cock and began to caress it expertly and it swelled and thickened in her fist.

She moved to the other nipple, sucking hard, letting go, and sucking hard again. He moaned and murmured and caressed her face and the nape of her long neck, her dangling breasts, finding them swollen and turgid.

“Good…” Vivek replied, reaching down to run his hands through Shanti’s silky double plaited hair. Shanti added, “Is there anything else I can do for you while I’m down here? Anything at all?” She was almost absently mindedly jerking Vivek off with slow strokes.

“Well…,” Vivek was breathing heavily from the sheer pleasure the skilful massage Shanti was administering to his penis. “I understand you’re one hell of a cock sucker. I’d love it if you could give little Vivek here a good tongue bath.”

Shanti smiled at the compliment.

Shanti slid lower, her lips at his belly, then lower still. Vivek gasped when Shanti knelt before him, and, her breathing short, her fist curling lovingly around his cock, her lips parting, her long tongue snaked out over his cock-head and flickered across his glans.

Shanti felt a thrill of pleasure at his response. She began to jerk his cock slowly, licking and kissing his cock, sucking on his balls, not yet giving him the satisfaction of her warm mouth.

He held her head in hands and tugged her mouth to his rampant penis. She was good at this and was pleased word was getting around the clients. “It would be my pleasure,” she replied. He was uncircumcised, what Shanti thought of as a ‘lipstick dick’. She rolled down the foreskin, exposing the helmet.

It glistened enticingly in the light. Shanti’s tongue flicked out, and she licked his penis like an ice-cream, her tongue slithering across the smooth, sensitive head. Vivek shivered with delight.

Her soft hands weren’t idle during all of this, and Shanti continued to shake his shaft. Lovingly, she popped Vivek’s cock into her moist, willing mouth and began to practice her skills on him. Shanti’s head was soon bobbing up and down in his lap, as she fucked Vivek’s cock with her mouth.

Vivek relaxed back in the chair. He was in seventh heaven. All his life, all Vivek had wanted was for beautiful women to fuck him. When he got on his own that dream had come true. The power that güvenilir bahis siteleri he had overcome his less than attractive physique and now gorgeous young escorts like Shanti here were more than willing to use their nubile bodies to pleasure him.

He gasped in delight, as her silky mouth and tongue brought his cock to the heights of ecstasy never felt even by him. Shanti worked on the cock like a champion, like a blow-job princess without peer. He’d have to get her back soon again. Maybe she would be his regular escort as long as he was in Delhi.

Her own private apartment, right next to his, where they could fuck at their leisure right before going on. Vivek began to move his broad hips slightly back and forth in the chair in time with Shanti’s delicious strokes.

Shanti could feel the nearness of Vivek’s orgasm. She’d only been sucking him off for a short time, the saliva in her penis filled mouth was becoming thick and sticky from the emissions of lubricating fluids that seeped from the end of the lust-hardened cock sunk into the warm working depths of her throat.

She could see his slim hips straining before her face as though he were in the throes of a spastic seizure while the husky man’s strong fingers wound tightly in her shiny girlish plaits, pulling her wide-stretched lips back and forth over the entire length of his thrusting length of cock flesh.

The ravished young wife felt her own excitement mounting more and more as the granite-hard penis began to throb and thicken to greater hardness in her hungrily sucking mouth, ramming forward down to her tonsils as though it were trying to collide with the mammoth prick mis-tuning into her belly from behind.

She had never felt so utterly used and debauched in her life and yet every moment seemed to bring her closer to a brain-reeling orgasm. She sucked with her mouth and ground her buttocks back wildly as his peak approached. That would do. Yes. God, yes! Oh … quick!

Finally, Vivek bent to scoop Shanti’s swooning body into his arms and carried her carefully across the dimly lit room to the main bedroom. She clung to him, her breath coming in shuddering gasps, for he’d gotten her so hot and crazy she hardly knew what she was doing.

He kicked the door closed and deposited the wildly trembling woman on the king size bed. He worked quickly and quietly, only bothering to see her moaning. She was moaning very softly with her eyes closed, swaying where he put her as though she were waiting for him to do with her as he pleased.

He could see her furred cunt lips were wet with her freely flowing juices.

Slowly he guided his painfully throbbing cock to the wetly gaping opening of her pussy, fucking into her with his huge, cunt-stretching cock. The feel of her hot, juicy pussy walls closing over his prick almost made him cum right then. Gooooooooddddddddd!

Her greedily clasping cunt felt so good. Shanti could feel all of her client lover’s massively pulsing cock fucking deep into her cunt, its head nudging against and then pushing hard into her womb.

He lifted his muscular hips, screwing his cock even deeper into her excitedly writhing belly, her own juicy pussy flesh closing and clenching on its huge shaft with a hundred fibrous fingers. Vivek’s head dropped and she felt his hot mouth on hers, as he kissed her long and ferociously.

She was trembling and shaking in his arms as she closed her eyes, opening her mouth under his and taking his hard thrusting tongue into her throat, sucking on it with a gasping greed.

The Senior Manager could feel her soft, voluptuous body beneath him. Her hugely billowing tits throbbed hotly into the dark curling hairs of his chest.

He spread her thighs wider apart and cupped her trembling ass cheeks, pulling her pussy up onto his cock even harder. She was afire with the touch of his body on hers.

Shanti sucked his tongue deep into the hot cavern of her mouth as fiercely as his heavily pulsing cock fucked into her cunt. She could feel the hungrily devouring walls of her pussy drawing his cock ever deeper inside.

Vivek tore his mouth away at last and sank his teeth just hard enough into her earlobe for her to cry out, “Oooooooo!” Christ! This little blonde really loved it.

He screwed his thickly throbbing cock deeper in her tightly clenching cunt. Arching up just enough to look down the length of their bodies so lewdly intertwined, hers naked from the waist down, lean and excitingly fragile, the hipbones showing in sharp little wings, his, large, muscular. “Oh, God, girl,” he panted, his head still burrowed downward where he could see his cock in her cunt.

He pulled his massively pulsing prick out of her pussy all the way, wanting to see it as he fucked it upward. Her hand came up obediently, guiding his huge cock back into her greedily devouring depths. Oh God.

Yes. His cock was so big. The fresh escort arched her hips, spreading her legs even wider. Vivek was moaning now through gritted teeth as he watched his huge, pussy-stretching cock fucking into her tightly gripping pussy lips. He could see her hips rotate slowly, and he saw his huge prick disappear, and he felt her cunt mouth suck hungrily back over it again.

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