Sharing Eve Ch. 04

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I was starting to rack up a long list of sexy experiences with multiple guys; being fucked on a pool table, in a locker room and passed around a car of horny guys. Jared was facilitating this pleasure whilst having his own way with me. He is happy to share and watch, knowing how much it turns me on but Jared keeps ultimate control; having final say on who fucks me, when and where.

I was accompanying Jared on a business trip in the City; he had started working for his Dad’s company and they had planned a dinner and drinks to impress and schmooze with new wealthy clients. I’m studying an arts degree at college and have no knowledge or interest in business; so I didn’t know what Jared expected me to contribute to the meeting but I suspected he had a plan.

Late on the Friday evening, we arrived at a big hotel; paid for by the company of course, it was one of the biggest hotels in the city and looked to be very expensive. The staff escorted us to our room. I wondered if I would be sharing a bed with Jared. We weren’t exactly boyfriend and girlfriend; I liked the idea of spending more time with Jared alone but wasn’t ready to give up my sexy ventures with multiple guys just yet. As we stood in the elevator, going up to our room with one of the hotel staff and our bags, I leaned in towards Jared and rested my head against his arm. The female staff member glanced over and smiled, I wondered if she thought we looked like a good couple.

Our elevator arrived at the 45th floor, it wasn’t the highest floor by 2 storeys so I wasn’t expecting the penthouse but it was an apartment suite. It was huge, with a living area, kitchen and 2 separate bedrooms with en suites. Jared tipped the attendant and she left.

“You’re in here,” Jared said to me, leaving my bag outside the first bedroom, “You can stay here tonight, I’m meeting my Dad to prepare for the meeting tomorrow. You can order food and do whatever you like, I’ll see you tomorrow”.

I unpacked the few things that I brought with me and checked out my room and en suite bathroom. After about 20 minuets, I heard Jared leave the apartment. I had an evening to myself in this huge place so I ordered room service, ate strawberries and drank champagne. I was enjoying my own company, and certainly appreciated the rest after a long afternoon of travelling and fucking in the car.

I decided to run myself a hot bath before bed. The hotel provided soaps and salts so I sank into a relaxing trance, enjoying the warm water and bubbles. My mind started to wonder; who might I meet tomorrow? I wondered if the business clients were good looking; did Jared want me to ‘entertain’ them like I had for his friends earlier that day. The thought excited me again, the water around me suddenly felt hotter; I was turning myself on.

I remembered that I’d packed my dildo and reached out of the bath to my wash-bag. My dildo was pink silicone and water-proof, ideal for my bath-time pleasure. I switched it onto a low vibrate and placed it under the water, positioning it between my legs. I let the tip of the dildo rest on my clit, stimulating it softly. I imagined Jared sharing the bath with me, fucking me; his hot body wet and writhing on top of me. I plunged the dildo into my pussy; I was sore from all the fucking earlier but the warm water and vibrations soothed me. I flicked the dildo onto a higher vibrate setting and it started to pulsate inside of me. I imagined Jared’s hard cock in the place of the dildo, pounding my pussy hard, sliding easily in and out of my wet lips.

I arched my back as I lay in the bath, grinding down on the dildo, trying to reach my G-spot. Warm water and bubbles, washed over my glistening breasts; now exposed to the cooler air in the room, my nipples erect and aroused. I switched the dildo to the highest setting as my orgasm took hold, I rapidly pushed it in and out güvenilir bahis of my pussy; picturing Jared’s cock violating me and filing me with hot cum. I breathed out sharp sighs of pleasure as I came, feeling euphoric and pleased with myself.

I drained the bath and left my dildo on the side. I got ready for bed and slept a long and restful sleep.

In the morning, I woke, showered and walked to the kitchen to make coffee. Jared wasn’t there; his bedroom door was ajar and I could see his bed still made and unslept in. I wondered if he’d stayed out last night; perhaps he’s hooked up with another girl. I felt an unfamiliar wave of jealously sweep over me. I thought that maybe I was starting to fall for Jared, I was starting to think of him differently but our little arrangement wasn’t exactly a healthy foundation for a relationship. I wasn’t ready to start an exclusive relationship, I wanted to carry on having fun but I couldn’t help feeling attached to Jared.

I made coffee and sat at the counter in the kitchen, looking out through the tall glass windows out to the city. It was a dull, rainy day; I watched the busy street below with people and cars rushing about.

The lock to the front door of the apartment clicked and I heard men’s voices entering. It was Jared and his Dad.

“Ah you’re up. Sleep well?” Jared said to me as he and his Dad entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, thanks. This place is great,” I replied.

“This is Neil, my Dad,” Jared said as he picked up the coffee pot and started pouring two more cups, “Dad, this is Eve”.

“Pleasure, Eve,” Neil said, I noticed his eyes dart quickly down to my legs then back towards his cup of coffee.

I was sat on the bar-stool in my t-shirt and a pair of black panties. I’d made myself at home and wasn’t expecting company. Neil’s glance didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, in fact, I felt that familiar sharp wave of excitement I get when I feel guys check me out. Neil was in his mid-forties, a smaller build than his son, dark blonde hair with flecks of grey and short stubble; he was attractive.

“Nice to meet you,” I smiled, “Where did you guys get to last night?” I felt like I was prying a little.

“Jared met me for a few beers and it turned into a lot more beers,” Neil laughed, slapping his hand on Jared’s shoulder, “This poor fella had to crash on my couch”.

Jared smirked and took a big gulp of coffee.

“Son, take it easy and make sure you’re on the ball for tonight. Rayson and Tykes will be expecting us by 7:30, we have reservations at 8,” Neil instructed, “Eve, see you there doll”.

Neil finished his coffee and left.

Jared remained silent, clearly suffering from a hangover.

“Soooo, good night last night?” I inquired sarcastically, amused by Jared’s worse-for-wear state.

Jared approached me as I sat on the bar stool, he leaned over me and gripped my hair tight in his hand. I looked up at him, a little confused and slightly frightened. He smiled at me and kissed me hard, still holding my hair but softening his grip. He attempted to lift me up but staggered back in his hungover state. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at him.

“Okay, okay, I need to lie down,” he admitted, laughing at himself.

“Come with me,” I said, holding his hand and leading him to his bedroom.

He lay down on the bed and covered his face with his arm, clearly fighting a headache. I closed the shades on the window and began to untuck the bed sheets to help Jared into bed to sleep.

“Nope,” Jared said, as he grabbed me and puled me on top of him, “Do you think you can flaunt yourself in front of my Dad and get away with it?”

I was straddling him; he put his hands on my hips and kneaded his hands down over my ass cheeks.

“Walking around my apartment with barely any clothes on? Letting my Dad see you in those tiny türkçe bahis panties?” he scolded, with a little humor in his voice, “I told you you’re not allowed to be a slut around anyone I haven’t approved, that includes being a tease in front of my Dad.”

“I – I – um,” I stammered, clearly flustered and lost for words.

Jared snagged the sides of my lacy panties and ripped them off me. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out.

“You’re going to ride my cock until I cum, this isn’t for your enjoyment, you need to be punished for disobeying me,” he commanded, “Do a good job or I’ll be taking matters into my own hands.”

I grabbed Jared’s hardening cock and bent down to take a taste, opening my mouth. He quickly put his hand on my neck and pushed my head up.

“My little slut enjoys that too much. I said ride it,” he demanded.

I obeyed this time and hovered over his stiff cock, resting my pussy lips on the tip. My pussy had started to get wet already. I eased myself down over his cock, trying to take the full length inside me. Jared’s cock always felt so good, it was thick and long and always stretched my tight hole.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned, enjoying being on top, “Fuck, this feels good.”

I started grinding down, rubbing my clit against Jared’s skin and rocking my hips with his huge cock inside my now soaking wet pussy.

“I said ride it, slut,” he scorned “I told you; make this good and I won’t have to punish you further.”

I liked Jared’s demanding tone, I could tell he was being somewhat playful and I almost wanted to be naughty to see what he would do to me. I did as I was told for now and started riding his cock, shifting up and down and feeling it slide in and out of me. I was nice and wet but Jared’s size meant that there was always some pleasurable friction. It felt amazing, it was driving me crazy, all I wanted to do was be selfish and get my orgasm. I slowed down bouncing on his cock, easing the full length of it out of my pussy to the tip, then pushing myself back down, taking as much of it as I could. I rocked my hips again, grinding my clit and felt very close to coming.

“Uhhhh, bitch,” Jared moaned, clearly enjoying the ride but not getting what he wanted, “I warned you slut.”

Jared pushed me off him and onto the other side of the bed.

“Take you’re top off and get on all fours, now,” he ordered.

I took off my t-shirt and did as he told me, I was facing away from him, awaiting his cock.

“I see you had some fun without me last night,” he teased, but maintained a stern tone of voice, “I’m not sure that it’s breaking the rules but it shows me what a little slut you really are.”

I wasn’t sure how her knew I pleasured myself in the bath last night, but I was feeling a little embarrassed that he knew. I stayed on my hands an knees and didn’t move. I heard something ‘click’ behind me.

“I found your friend in the bathroom,” he said. He’d found my pink dildo, I must have left it on the side of the bath in view.

I felt him approach me from behind. I wasn’t sure whether to expect him to plunge the dildo or his cock into my exposed and waiting pussy. I heard the vibrating toy behind me, he pushed it against my ass cheeks and eased it into my little asshole.

“Ouuuch,” I yelped, in pain from the surprise invasion.

“I told you, you were going to be punished for you’re slutty behavior,” Jared taunted, “I’ve seen what you let men do to you, don’t act like you don’t love this.”

He pushed the dildo into my ass a little further and turned the vibrate setting up. He then grabbed my hips and slammed his cock into my pussy. A sharp pain rippled across my ass cheek as Jared slapped my ass making me tense all of my muscles, clenching around the dildo in my ass and the cock in my pussy. Jared began pounding me fast, giving me the hard fuck I güvenilir bahis siteleri deserved.

“Mmmmm uhh ohhhh,” I moaned, it was the right amount of pain and pleasure.

Jared’s hands were pulling on my hips, giving leverage to fuck me deep. He reached round to the top of my thighs and pushed my legs farther apart, he was kneeling lower so I was almost sitting on his cock again although this time he had full control.

He twisted the dildo in my ass making me cry out again; “Oh fuck! Fuck! Please,” my orgasm was building.

Jared pulled the dildo out of me and continued to pound my pussy. His cock slid easily in and out, covered in my wet pussy juices. His thrusts became shorter and sharper but he maintained his speed. I pushed back, eagerly seeking more friction.

“Mmmm mmm, yes slut, take this,” Jared said between thrusts.

“Pleaase, don’t stop, I need more, please fuck me harder,” I begged, loving the fuck but desperately wanting more.

Jared’s cock throbbed and burst inside of me, loading my pussy with hot cum. I pushed back, trying to get my orgasm but Jared clenched my ass cheeks harder and pushed me off his cock.

“Go,” he demanded.

“Mmmm please, just,” I pleaded, looking back at him.

I was so horny, Jared had never left me without making sure I came before but our fucking session had been so rapid, he got his fill and told me to leave. I reached down and started playing with my own clit, hoping he would take interest and finish me off.

“Nope,” he said, pulling my hand away, “This is still your punishment, go to your room and think about what a naughty, dirty slut you are.”

He snatched away the dildo that was on the bed so I couldn’t take it and use it.

“Don’t touch yourself, I’ll know if you do,” he said as he lay back on the pillow, closed his eyes and turned his back to me.

I went to my own room, desperately horny. I thought about fingering myself, playing with my clit and finishing my own orgasm but Jared’s words rang in my head. It turned me on, how I felt under his control, I wanted to obey him and maybe he’d reward me later. I showered but resisted the urge to play with myself.

Jared slept for most of the afternoon so I ordered lunch and watched TV in the living room until about 5pm. Jared had woken up and showered, he entered the living room with a large glass of water and half a sandwich I had left out from my lunch. He was still completely naked, stood at the threshold of the door watching me sprawled out on the sofa watching trashy TV.

“How’s your headache?” I asked, glancing back over at him.

“Much better,” he replied.

I smiled and made no attempt to avert my attention from his naked body and flaccid cock. He was a beautiful man, I loved being him around him so comfortably. Knowing about his demanding and controlling side made him even more attractive.

“We’re going out at 7, make sure you’re ready,” he said, taking a bite of his sandwich and looking out of the window. The sky was getting darker and the city was coming to life.

“Tell me about this ‘Rayson and Tykes’ your Dad mentioned, are they the business clients?” I asked.

“Yeah, Leonard Rayson and Stephen Tykes. They’re ready to make a big investment in the company but we need to seal the deal,” he said, “Five courses with copious amounts of champagne should be enough to impress them for now. Dad’s got a way of charming these types of clients.”

They sounded like interesting men, I wasn’t used to expensive dinners, nice restaurants or business deals, but I was glad to experience it, especially at Jared’s side.

I got up from the sofa and turned off the TV.

“I’ll start getting ready,” I said, fluttering past Jared in the doorway.

A sharp snapping pain whipped across my ass cheek again, Jared slapped it as I walked past. He grabbed me and pulled me into him.

“Have you behaved yourself little slut?” he asked, stood over me.

I glanced up at him and nodded; “I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Good,” he replied, “I’ll make sure your reward is VERY pleasurable.”

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